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Mellõna (NA)
: p2 support main / Have smuf in P4 promos if you're interested
: New Conqueror Changes
One of the things I think they should get rid of is the 10% true damage, because I know Conqueror for top into tank just destroys them completely, if this were to be the change, I don't see how that changes for top lane tanks to make them be able to survive the lane more against that rune.
: Burst is already so much for favorible than consistent damage. when I'm playing a mage I can typically wait for my combo to come up before getting in range of an ADC and going for a trade/all in. You guys have zhonyas to stall for more CDs as well as over the top stat sticks that give hp/AP/Mana. It is the ADC who is in the position where they need to dodge abilities to get consistent DPS. Assuming you are good at mage you either are forcing them to dodge or hitting your spells. Are you guys maybe a bit more sad you can't go in for the 100-0 off of 2-3 spells now? Sure I can see that. Was that healthy gameplay? No not at all. Also many many mages have much longer ranged spells than any auto attack range in the game. When I play anivia I have no problem against adc's since I can control them so well. Also I get Shields(archangels) and zhonyas and ROA and banshee all the best defensive items in the game that just so happen to grant lots of AP but adc's can't have 1 defensive crit item or else other roles cry hmmmmmmm.
To try and add to this conversation as best as I can, someone from Riot( I believe it was Zirene, I could be wrong) Stated that if assassins can consistently one shot someone in the game, then they're unhealthy for the game. Because yes for the assassin player it is fun, but everyone else it's not. They're cool to watch, but not cool to play against. This is while also compared to a solo lane of mid where a mage/assassin is pretty reliant on how they do themselves besides some jungle pressure and roams here and there. ADC is one of, if not the one role that is mostly dictated around by the team you're playing with. Support dictates on how well your lane tends to go, and usually you can't walk up to attack anything unless you have a front-line or are stupidly ahead. Yet. we've been at the point to where mages are so strong that they can do ADC's jobs better in the botlane than normal ADC's. This has fluctuated of course, but if you have a Vladimir bot that goes untouched in lane phase who has insane scaling and burst potential with a support behind/in front of them to back them up it tends to feel worse playing against compared to an ADC.
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Simurgh (NA)
: We're working on it. Sorry its taking longer than expected.
It's cool. Thanks for responding. Appreciate knowing that it's still being looked at :D
: Compensation for what?
For being honorable and sportsman like before the new honor update
: They have not forgotten about it. It was added into the Support FAQs page just the other day. > **What do I get for my old honors?** > > We're prepping a small parting gift for those who participated in Honor 1.0. We’ll share more details once Honor is live around the world. It's a bit vague, so there's no real indication of what that might be, but they should be letting people know in the other regions soon. According to the Twitter feeds, it looks like they were still working on setting the go-live dates for some of the servers.
Alright. Cool thanks. I thought they were like releasing it as soon as the new honor went live.
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: Patch 6.24 notes
Still no 10 bans in sight...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Patch 6.23 notes
Where are the 10 bans though?{{champion:105}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:56}}
RiotBok (NA)
: 4/27 Live Maintenance [Possible DCs, Ranked Disabled]
I'm still getting the same problem with not being able to log in.
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: Silver 3 support main LF awesome adc main (Silver 3+) to climb to gold with
Hello. I'm an adc main attempting to at least hit plat this season. Most of my supports began losing interest in the game as I am trying to find someone who I can work well with to replace them. I tend to be a bit aggressive in lane, but I tend to do well. I was only Gold V last season and I just made it back into gold two days ago. I'm interested in seeing if you'd maybe like to duo. :) Stat: If interested add me Cursedgamefreak


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