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: Looking for gold to plat mid lanner
Interested Champ Pool: {{champion:45}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:115}} ETC
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: D3 Top laner LFT
Hey man why you be trolling people again?
: Dawn Synergy Team. Community of Dawn esports is Recruiting. HighSliver/Gold elo Team
IGN: Cursedknightx Have a mic: Yes Role: ADC Top 5 most played champions: {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} Top 5 Worst Champions: {{champion:429}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:133}} Reason why i should let you tryout: Solo/Duo Que are full of inexperienced players that just want to chase and focus on kills over objectives and playing as a team. With a group there will be communication and more objective control.
: High silver- Gold
Rank: G4 Solo, G3 Flex Role: Jung Champions you play: {{champion:254}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:33}} Experience on a team: Played with teams before but, none were as serious as i would've liked them to be and they disbanded
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: gold player looking for flex team or duo add me in game
: 2 more needed for tp mission
I have me and another person
Jrmy (NA)
: Competitive Team Looking for Gold Level Players in All Roles
IGN: Cursedknightx Role: This season Adc is my main, Top i go tanks usually, and I have played a lot of mid this season but, I have main Jungle before in past seasons. Top 5 Champions: Adc: Jinx, Cait, Varus, Sivir, and Xayah Mid: Zed, Veigar, Ori, Morg, and Akali Top: Trynd, Dr. Mundo, Kennen, Malp, and Panth (Also practicing some games with Ornn Rank Solo: Gold 5 Rank Flex: Gold 3 OP.GG: Age: 20 Time Zone: CDT (UTC -5) Willing to learn more champs if needed
Shuuka (NA)
: Looking for Mid (for Gold/Plat Competitive Team)
1. IGN: cursedknightx 2. Age: 20 3. Role: Mid 4. Rank: G4 5. Main Champions: {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:115}} 6. Availability: Thurs-Mon 7p.m.-12p.m./ Tues. & Wed. Anytime 7. Why do you wish to apply for the team?: I don't mind solo que but, it seems like they always lack ward control 8. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?: Strengths: Listening to shot calls, warding, and communicate well Weaknesses: Map awareness when I'm focusing on farming or going all in 9. What can you give to the team as a whole?: Awesome guy and willing to practice even off schedule if anyone is willing to. 10. Anything else?: My availability is based off of my job so if they change it the team will know as soon as I know, I'm in CNT Time zone, and I have a few chat things I use.
: Looking for Serious 5s team
: Looking for Serious 5s team
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HT Helix (NA)
: Team HT LFM
Position (Main/Second): Adc/Jung Top 6 champs: Adc: Varus, Twitch, Mf, Jinx, Sivir and Xayah Jung: Vi, Zac, Amumu, Noc, Kha, and Xin Rank: Gold 3 Age: 20 Strength: Farming, warding, and focusing in teamfights Weakness: Map awareness if I'm getting ganked or not Time Zone: Central Availibility: Anytime after 6 but, I'm free all day Sunday and Monday Comms: Discord
Kéiro (NA)
: Competitive silver team looking for JG/Mid
IGN: Cursedknightx Role: Jg/Mid Strengths: Wards, Communication, and Listens to calls and sometimes make good calls Weaknesses: Over extending Top champs: Jung:{{champion:254}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:32}} etc Mid: {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} etc Timezone: CST A question: Any form of communication used?
: Silver 1 currently looking for a team to play with
I'm obviously down to do that. Schedules would have to work well too
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: looking for top/adc/sup silver+ flex players
Ht Rot (NA)
: Silver-Gold team looking for a Top laner and Jungler
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Fèd (NA)
Rank: Gold 3 Age: 19 Role: Jungle/Marksman(adc) IGN: Cursedknightx Strengths: Farming, communication, and using trinket wards as adc Weaknesses: Kiting, 50/50 with map awareness Reason to join: I love 5v5 teams and i want a serious team that won't stop playing if someone leaves we should replace the person not stop playing 5v5s because one person left. Why I should pick you: I am dedicated and willing to go far with the team
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: Ranked Team
: Sleeping Forest Gaming Recruiting for Season 6
League IGN: cursedknightx Soloque Ranking: G4 atm Role Your Applying for?: Top or Jung What are 3 champions you are the most best with in the role you play?: Top: Darius, Gnar, and Panth. Jung: Vi, Noc, and Kindred. What is your highest Ranking in Season 5: G4 Strengths: Farming, Communication, and warding Weaknesses: i overstay when i shouldn't 5's Experience: A little bit yes Communication in game (on scale of 1-10): 9 Most common playstyle: Playing safe until i know have the advantage or until i get a gank with top. When im in the jung i gank when im asked to or they are pushing in Are you willing to communicate and receive corrective criticism?: Yes Do you have experience at shot calling at all?: Not to much Tell me something about yourself: I've play since season 3 and made it to gold every season so far. I am very dedicated and tired of losing in solo que because people have no idea how to play as a team.
: Creating A New Serious S2-G2 Team. Apply Now!
Availability: EST Mon-Thurs: 5pm-10pm Fri and Sat: Whenever i wake up til we wanna stop playing Sun: Whenever i wake up til 10pm Summoners name: cursedknightx Age: 19 First name: (Optional) Brandon Role: Jung/ADC/Top What kind of player are you? (ex. aggressive, passive, team, ect.) Depends on the champ and game play of the person im going against Top 7 Champs for your role: ADC: Sivir, Ashe, Jinx, Cait, Kindred, Trist, and MF Jung: Vi, WW, Panth, Kindred, Noc, and Zac Top: Aatrox, Panth, Garen, Darius, Rumble, Gnar, and Dr. Mundo What can you contribute to this team?: I'm dedicated and willing to get on everyday whenever we have practice What can this team contribute to you?: Making me a better player Team name ideas: this one is always hard i believe we need everyone together to think of a name Biggest Strength: Farming and Warding Biggest Weakness: Map awareness if im in a lane because i focus to much on that lane sometimes. How do you handle pressure?: I take it as a chance to fix what i did wrong to become a better player Secret word: Blue??? Extra information: I've played since season 3 and made it to gold every season i've been playing
: Preseason 6 Rank team practice.
League IGN: Cursedknight Soloque Ranking: G4 atm Role Your Applying for?: ADC or Jung can play top too What are 3 champions you are the most best with in the role you play?: ADC: Jinx,Trist,and Cait Jung: Vi, Panth, and Noc Top: Darius, Gnar, Garen, Dr. Mundo and Irelia. I can play more but, atm i cant remember them all What is your availability(EST): : Monday - Thurs. 5 til 10 Fri and Sat whenever i wake up til we want to stop and Sun. When i wake up til 10 What is your highest Ranking in Season 5: G4 How old are you?: 19 Strengths: Communication, Following calls when i need to, and farming Weaknesses: i sometimes overstay when i shouldn't and some games my farming is off Are you willing to communicate and receive corrective criticism?: I am willing to communicate and receive corrective criticism (makes me a better player) Do you have experience at shot calling at all?: Not to much i concentrate on my lane to much. Tell me something about yourself: The highest I've made it in solo Que is G3 but people are just bringing me down most of the time and i live in the EST coast to i dont have to adapt to much to the time difference in the time zones whenever we play.
Karuka (NA)
: Making a team
Role: Adc and Supp Why you want to play for the team: We believe solo que gets boring after awhile and we've been looking for a team because communication is a must for a team plus we use skype/Crs voice/TS. Weakness: Rotating. Strengths: Already a duo, Synergy, and good communication. Divisions: Gold V and Gold IV
TheRieZ (NA)
: Looking for a serious gold mid laner and a serious gold adc for ranked 5s
I can mid and i have someone who can adc we're both gold
kfergy (NA)
: Start a Ranked team for Gold/Silver
SUM Name- cursedknightx Lane pref- i can honestly play every role but i have a lot of experience with jungle Best Champ- Mid: Zed, annie,akali, etc Adc: Jinx, trist, cait, lucian, and graves Top: Darius, rumble, garen, gnar Supp: Leo, Braum, Tahm, Morg, Etc Jung: Vi, Wu, Zac, WW, Kindred, Etc ELO- G4 atm Timezone- Est (just in case you needed to know the time I mained every role at one point so i can play all roles and i also have crs voice and skype I am stuck in G5 through G4 because these solo que people have no idea what they're doing Very dedicated and willing to learn more champs for team comps if needed
Kéiro (NA)
: Serious Ranked 5's Team Looking for Top Main
IGN: Cursedknightx Champ pool:Dr. Mundo/Garen/Panth/Ire/poppy/vlad Availability: Mon - Thursday 3-10pm EST Fri-Sat When i wake up til whenever Sun: when i wake til 10pm Strengths:I listen to calls, communicate well,my farming is decent, and as an adc i ward with trinket Weakness:I sometimes overstay and die Skype: Yes Curse: Yes
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: Need Top 5's Gold+ Pref
can play {{champion:266}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:36}}{{champion:54}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:58}}
: G5 adc looking for a serious team
Dr Tuf (NA)
: Looking for a support for my ranked team!
i can support if this is a serious team Support: {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:40}} and probably more cant remember them all
Jµngler (NA)
: Khaox Gaming
IGN: Cursedknightx Age: 19 Role: ADC Rank: G5 TimeZone: Est Availability: Mon - Thursday: 3-10pm EST Fri - Sat: When i wake up til whenever Sun: when i wake til 10pm Top 5 Champs: {{champion:18}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:104}} Playstyle: depends on the support. I can go aggressive or just sit back and farm Shotcaller?: I dont think im a great shot caller i can make decent calls then sometimes they are just terrible calls. I believe the adc shouldnt be a shotcaller either way Past Team Experience?: I've had teams but they'd stop playing after one day it's annoying :/ Any Other Info You Want Us to Consider: I've been playing since season 3 and i ended gold in all the season i've been playing. I can learn new adcs if needed for the team too
: Silver 3+ team looking for mid and top
Role: Top Rank: G5 Champ pools: {{champion:266}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:39}} Timezone: Est Availability: Mon-Thursday 3-10PM Est Friday i can after 3 til whenever Saturday When i wake up until whenever we get off Sunday Wake up until 10pm again How well do you work with constructive criticism: it makes me a better player What would you bring to the team: I love to TP gank when its called and im a skilled player, i've been playing since season 3 ended gold in the seasons i've been in
: G5 adc looking for a serious team
: G5 adc looking for a serious team
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: Tempest Blood Recruiting Players, and Analysts
Role: Adc IGN: Cursedknightx Age: 19 Ranking: Gold 5 link: Why are you looking for a team: solo que has no communication Why should we pick you: im dedicated What do you expect from the team: i expect everyone to learn more and get better as a team Any other questions: playing times pretty much im in Est
: Gold 5 adc looking for a team
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