Tresidle (NA)
: The problem I see with champion reworks.
Reworks are Riot's way of nerfing champions that become too powerful after a bunch of patches. Every champion I ever had fun playing has been reworked to some degree, and I have not fully regained the level of skill I had with their old kits. I started with Ryze, then Talon, Katarina, Gangplank, Galio, Shaco, and finally Sion. Each of these champions got major changes, and I hate every one of them. The only ones I still routinely play are Teemo, Vel'Koz, and Xerath at this point.
NexonKim (NA)
: If you want to make a new gamemode you should make it have the normal runes and masteries
Just bring back the Crystal Scar map but come up with a new game type for it. Or come up with a 4v4 map.
: Gangplank
New GP sucks. I hate the barrel mechanic. I can't figure it out. The old GP was so much more fun.
: " Can wear him down" LOl the he just sits under tower or extremly far away and regends with passive yep wear him down. I understand playing a range champ will allow you to actually fking lane but it will not make a difference in killing him since he will just sustain. You need burst to kill him but i dont see any range burst champions other than quinn but i dont own her
> [{quoted}](name=JST FF 15,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Lmqp3di7,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-07-24T20:03:27.100+0000) > > he just sits under tower or extremly far away and regends with passive Then you need to poke at him from a distance so he can't regain his passive. As I said before, **his biggest weakness is kiting**. If he's sitting under his own tower, then you're pushing the lane too hard. If he's pushing you, you're not wearing him down enough. A weapon with Grievous Wounds (debuff) will keep him from regaining health as quickly, and there are plenty of other items that work based on the target's max hp...{{item:3151}} for example. A more practical approach is to wear him down with poison. It completely counteracts his ability to regain health and can wear him down quickly if he thinks he can chase you. The top three for this, of course, are {{champion:69}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:17}}. But you need to make him come out from the tower's protection. Make him chase you.
Garen's main weakness is kiting, so any champ that can hit him repeatedly from a distance and keep the distance open can wear him down with relative ease. I highly recommend practicing some champions that counter him. Since it strongly sounds like you don't have a lot of experience going against him, I can understand your frustration. Don't give up or stay frustrated. As with anything new, you will not feel very talented at the beginning. Since you are still trying to figure out Garen's counterplay, it will seem like he's powerful, but every champion has their weaknesses. Once you learn to exploit them, then Garen should be pretty easy to beat. Good luck, summoner.
: > When Shaco was scary. I miss what his clone used to do when it died. Now it sucks. This was my first crazy memory in league. Was about level 16, and I faced a shaco jungle who was defnitely smurfing XD. He went like 30 and 1 and we were all terrified running around the map trying not to die XD His clone would come out of no where and 1v3 people then he'd clean up the rest. Was hilarious and terrifying
: If you say best season was season 3 and hate this meta, you didn't actually play during season 3
There are a lot of things about Season 3 I miss: 10. When a fed Yi/Kat on the enemy team made your team run in vain for dear life. 9. When it was possible to stack Warmog's Armors and lose the ability to die. Especially on Volibear. 8. When Karthus could stack Archangel's Rods and ult your entire team for roughly 2-2.5k damage per person. Unless you were a tank, you were going to die at full HP or lose about 2/3 of your total HP. 7. When a fed-enough Sion (old kit) with the right gear could stand in the enemy team's fountain and kill each person as they respawned. 6. When both teams had a Xin Zhao and both maxed lifesteal, and would spend the rest of the game trying unsuccessfully to kill each other. 5. When Shaco was scary. I miss what his clone used to do when it died. Now it sucks. 4. When Teemo was scarier than Shaco. Now Teemo's a mild nuisance. 3. When games were not as snowbally as they are now. 2. Dominion and... 1. Force of Nature
: I think it's the other way around myself.
: Thoughts on Volibears ultimate?
How about reworking the ult to something like this: upon cast, a lightning bolt hits Volibear to deal initial AoE damage and applies a slow to each enemy, and each of his abilities gets a buff for a few seconds. His Q gives him 50% more running speed and extra distance. All enemies he passes through are thrown over his back. His W gets the chain lightning effect and more powerful bite. His basic attack speed increases. His E stuns in an area for 1 second instead of a slow.
Nhifu (NA)
: I'm in favor of keeping the game at BELOW 25 minutes.
Every one of your reasons for keeping the game less than 25 minutes seems to be incredibly selfish.
: What is the MOST OPPRESIVE champion for you to face in each role and why?
Top: {{champion:17}} Mid: {{champion:17}} Bot: {{champion:17}} Jg: {{champion:17}} Supp: {{champion:17}}
nm1010 (NA)
: Just an interesting observation about game times I noticed over the past few years
I think the survey is asking some moot questions. Game length can be very long if neither team has a coherent strategy, or short if one side just crushes the other. Time-sensitive games are like the Teemoing, where you race against the clock to beat the boss. So, I'm not exactly certain what you're trying to do with this survey.
Yokujin (EUW)
: assign more ward skins to your ward layout
Probably because it would be confusing as hell. There are already wards of different types and plenty of skins to go with them. The simple option would be to have chromas for the more popular kinds of wards.
Aeôs (NA)
: Can you give my boy, Talon, some love pls
Poke with W, then get in close and unleash ult. Hit with Q, then W again. Use Ignite to finish them off. It's not that hard... Talon is built now so he can't just appear next to you, kill you, and run away. I've been playing Talon mid and been doing fine with him.
: how to deal with veigar?
Don't get close. That's your first problem. He is most vulnerable to ranged poke, or sudden close-in burst. Pick a champion that has either of those abilities and wreck his face.
: Riot wanted malzahar off support lane and into mid lane. Well, nerfing him did the opposite.
The only reason no one else is posting to your discussion here is due to the block of text. Try revising the comment so your thoughts are more organized.
: If you gotta eat, can you just leave a Ranked game
> [{quoted}](name=0329013,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=d31aBjvk,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-31T07:37:27.928+0000) > > A freshly cooked steak and mashed potatoes were ready by 6:00. Without any malice in the middle of a ranked game, is it acceptable to just explain to your team you have to eat then leave politely? Because people get incredibly mad at this. Purposefully making it inconvenient for the other players on your team--no matter what excuse you have--is against the code of conduct for fair gameplay. You would be wise to start exercising more maturity about when it is appropriate to play. Starting a match close to dinner time is never a good idea. My personal time to play is 10pm after my kids go to bed. It's nice and quiet at that hour and I know I won't be interrupted by them.
Asamas (EUNE)
: Idk. Some champs are locked by default and you can't pick them because they are too strong on one for all. I know that karthus is in the list and maybe teemo is in it too and that's why you can't ban him.
Well since there are only 30 seconds to ban a champion, it is awfully deceiving to try and pick one that will not actually ban. There needs to be some indication that states which one will be banned and which ones won't be. Or maybe it's Riot's way to play an April Fool's joke? (Can't ban Teemo on purpose?) If so, that's a clever joke but not implemented in a way that helps players avoid the dodge penalty if they mistakenly try to ban him over and over.
Rioter Comments
: Why do i have to exit the game to dodge a game?
RedEve (NA)
: You've basically said the one thing that people are missing. **They don't need a damage buff they need to fire the blasts faster**
This is what I would change, honestly. Have their attack speed increase based on the number of minions that are near it, up to a cap. Have this rate increase faster if champions are close by. I would up the damage slightly as well--damage is a little weak but functionally the towers are just too slow for how much damage they actually put out.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Towers need a MAJOR buff
Towers aren't really that weak. Everyone just sucks at protecting them. No one ever clears minions unless its a huge group. Unless you get hit by an enemy team member, the towers will just keep shooting the little critters. This is why there is a perception that the turrets are weak. Plus the AI is terrible.
AmIWr0ng (NA)
: I actually always wanted to ask what tenacity means, I've actually not been able to understand it because not many people say it in layman's terms... And I guess you're right about Garen building some damage. Just correct me if im wrong, I just build 4-5 armor items and then 1-2 dmg items but I usually start with sterak's gage for my damage items because it has some shielding effect if i recall. Black Cleaver has that 24% armor reducer thing, but I don't think Im that good at landing 4-6 consecutive hits before backing out, does Garen's E do those stacks every spin? I've actually noticed, if Im not getting a gank or ahead on cs, I WILL loose against a Gnar or a Teemo, so if the opponent picks either, should I just dodge queue? I'll keep working on wards/escaping ganks. Thanks for the reply man.
Tenacity items shrug off both hard and soft crowd-control in different ways. {{item:3139}} lets you wipe clean if you get slowed or stunned. {{item:3111}} reduces all cc effects by 30%. All other items basically do either of these in some form. The main function of a Tenacity item is to shorten the duration of crowd-control in general. Melee champions probably need this the most because mages and marksmen can poke from a distance. Against other melee champions, Tenacity will give you an edge if you have a duel with a cc-heavy opponent.
AmIWr0ng (NA)
: The first item, Spirit Visage, is a magic resist item right? Do I build that if there is a AP champ ahead on enemy or just in general? I don't see warmog's very often, can you explain what it is for benefit to Garen? Is it just HP regen as you say? Thanks for reply!
> [{quoted}](name=AmIWr0ng,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hK1UAeUq,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-03-14T13:48:04.525+0000) > > The first item, Spirit Visage, is a magic resist item right? Do I build that if there is a AP champ ahead on enemy or just in general? I don't see warmog's very often, can you explain what it is for benefit to Garen? Is it just HP regen as you say? Thanks for reply! It's worth building it for a few reasons--first, since Garen's passive grants HP regen, then Spirit Visage doubles that current rate (100% passive hp regen). Second, of course, is the MR which is useful against AP overall, especially when you have some mage that gets ahead, or if you're getting poked a lot. Third, the extra health off the SV is always useful early on. Now when you layer this with Warmog's, Garen has an overall base regen rate of 300%. When the Warmog's passive is down, Garen can regenerate around 50-70 health/5 seconds. When the passive is up ("Warmog's Heart"), he can regain all his lost HP in a matter of seconds. This is especially useful so you don't need to port back to base to heal--you only need to upgrade/buy items at that point. There is also a lot of HP off the armor itself for your enemies to chew through. A reason many players don't take the item is due to its overall lack of Armor and MR--all it has is just lots of HP and HP regen. There is a bit of a trade-off when taking this item--you have more HP for your enemies to melt through overall, but no armor/MR to slow down the rate by which enemies can melt it, and a lot of players can do that easily to you if they snowball early. If you forego the Warmog's, then the Spirit Visage passsive hp regen is good enough with the MR. I do this if the game requires a lot of magic resistance or Armor, but not both. If the enemy team has a strong, well-rounded team composition, HP is best with a little bit of armor or MR. It really depends on how the enemy team functions. I find that building proactively is better than being reactive. If they rely on the one teammate who is carrying everyone else, then you can do a full damage build and hunt down their teammates. On the other hand, if their team is doing well together, you should focus on breaking combos (so lots of tenacity items and active items for your own survival. They will focus all attention to you and theoretically buy your team time to take them all out piecemeal. Good luck.
I honestly thought this change to Kat was a nerf when first introduced. She used to be terrifying. I hate this mechanic where you need to run everywhere just to pick a dagger up. A lot of the time they land nowhere close to anything killable.
AmIWr0ng (NA)
: Need some help big-time for this game...
Layering {{item:3065}} with {{item:3083}} works with his passive really well, especially when the Warmog's kicks in and returns all your lost HP. Save your Q for soft CC because it breaks you out of slows. If you time your W well, you can mitigate a lot of damage. Your E combines very well with {{item:3068}} in the early to mid-game for farming so you can stay even on farm with your lane opponent. Garen's biggest weakness is rapid ranged poke. Play defensive and coordinate with a good jungler to take those opponents down.
: Ashe needs a little bit of love.
My main issue with Ashe is the Q active. Waiting so many shots in a row before it becomes active is not so reliable if the enemy team's mobility keeps you from maintaining the stacks. Her E would be more useful if it revealed stealth, but only if it passed within a close proximity to the stealthed target. Volley is fine mechanically, but I think its damage is a little weak.
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: Dropping in ranked due to afk's and trolls
Sounds pretty normal for Ranked. Lost my first promo series because of trolls two games in a row, and steadily lost LP ever since. Sitting at Bronze III currently with 1 LP. I don't want to keep going at this rate, I'll just end up in the Bronze V abyss with everyone else.
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: Riot, I ask from the bottom of my heart
Riot was going for "uniqueness" as far as champion design goes. Galio's old ult was mechanically the same as Nunu's without the ability for victims to escape. Honestly I miss the old Galio. He was fun.
: Trying to find a champ, Help please.
{{champion:245}} is what I suggest. {{champion:202}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:150}} are the next best I can think of. Good luck.
: Playing a game now where my connection keeps timing out.
Rioter Comments
Kakwane (NA)
: Remember to go to bed early
Santa is still a thing? Whoa!
Arsénal (NA)
: Nerf Ornn Now, he has everything
I've been playing him a lot in top lane. I think his early game is still a little weak.
: I just finished doing a PowerPoint
Oh yeah, you kids still go to school. I've been working a job for the last five years. And my loans are already paid off. Suck it!
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Ventais (NA)
: I hate this game!!!
> [{quoted}](name=Ventais,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=y0zAeOiV,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-16T21:36:53.380+0000) > > yeah I left 5 games Um, you aren't supposed to leave games, no matter how frustrated you get. That's your first problem. And I don't think leaving was the only contributing factor to your ban. Take some time off from the game, enjoy life, and come back to it refreshed. It's what I always do whenever I get frustrated. I've been playing since 2011 and have never been banned once. Cheers!
: This happened to me too. I just got out of my game and am looking on the boards to see if it's happening to anyone else. The game says my ping is 55 and when i check my cmd i'm not losing packages, so I assume it can't be me. Also when i switch to team fortress 2 and overwatch I don't have ping problems
Happened to me as well. Loaded in fully and waited on the last guy. The client rebooted and tagged ME as the leaver post-game. It was in Normal mode.
: Veigar
He's easy to beat. You need to close distance on him quickly and beat him down. Plenty of champions can do that.
: Buff their attack speed
Something like that would give an overall damage increase. Not a bad idea...
: [POLL] What towers need... (mostly applies to SR)
Interesting results so far. Most replies are in favor of just a buff. I prefer a rework, honestly.
: The main thing that towers need is a mechanic that protects champs in their range, some small regnerateing shield, def stats buff, or some flat damage reduction. Just something that makes it harder for opponents to harras or even all in you underneath the tower. Increasing the tower damage wouldn't be sufficient for that, as many issues come from high ranged champs harrasing you underneath your tower without ever getting aggro, or some melees comboing you and only takeing one shot. the other big issue is how easy it is for many sololane+jungle combos to towerdive once they get a bit ahead, and unless you really overtune towers, more damage would not do much as most of the time the victim just dies to fast while usually one of the both can easily drop agrro after the kill. Some buffs to their KI would be nice aswell. If for example fizz drops agro with his E and there are minions nearby, the tower will switch on them till the next time some deals damage to a champion, allowing to corner your opponent while waiting for CDs while also reseting the tower rampup. If towers instead would stay alert and auto focus champs for some sec after dropping aggro it would make dives much harder to execute already. Those are mostly things that are needed for the early. later on it should be well possible to dive and tanks should be able to tank it easily, it's supposed to be maybe worth a 6man in a lategame fight and not more. however, they need to be more resilent later on, it's absurd how they can fall in mere seconds come to lategame. Same with other objectives aswell, Dragons and Baron dropp awfully fast so you have to guard them 24/7, even 10 sec with no vision can allow an opposing team to rush it later on. though both those things are mostly symptomes of the overall damage creep...
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gfidd2g (NA)
: veigar nerf
IMO I think his ap is kind of weak but it's offset by the fact that his Phenomenal Evil passive has no cap. He can gain more than 1500 ap if hes fed enough. It's best to keep him gold-starved by putting pressure on him with a high-mobility jungler, because once Veigar farms, then the game is pretty much done.
Samdei (NA)
: I'm about to try Ranked for the first time...
Something that might help also is to browse sites like or lolcounter to figure out which champions counter others. The data on both sites is quite different. I find to be better, but that's a personal opinion. Try not to take Ranked seriously. I've only ever tried it once back in season three and gave it up after about a week. I don't need the vitriol that everyone likes to toss around. Play to have fun, and get as much practice as you can with at least one champion in each role. That way if you don't get to play your lane of choice, you can still do well with another champion elsewhere. Good luck.
Feathermane (EUNE)
: It's been almost a decade. Introduce camera flip.
I completely agree red side laning sucks. It's because of the camera angle. A while back (around season 2-3) I asked the Boards if there could be a way to switch the camera angle. The response I got by the community was something about so many graphics issues that would be difficult to manage--you'd have to change the orientation of the Baron, the Drake, etc.. Blue side is "easier" because they have the Drake, but red gets Baron, and Riot's justification is that Baron is harder to kill. So, for matchmaking purposes, supposedly if you're on red side, you are being challenged by lower MMR blue. But what do I know?
Rioter Comments
: His rework lowered his early game damage to give him more damage late game. He doesn't hit his old level of damage now until at least midgame. EDIT: Also would like to point out, that all the armors that give cd are mana based and no health so feel really crappy to build on garen.
^^ Basically this. I think the cape helps his early game tbh.
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