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: When Hextech Crafting was introduced, disenchant rates were 33%. When last preseason hit, Riot claimed they would be giving out more free loot and because of so decided to cut disenchant rates down to 20%. Now, I have absolutely no clue where this 'more free loot' was supposed to be coming from, but now'a days it takes roughly 4/5 disenchanted skin shards to simply upgrade 1 permanent skin. The system is overall a free rewards system, so you can't complain too much, but it's definitely a (super, mega) long term free rewards system. Feels kind of bad considering you're encouraged to have a smaller champion pool, meaning you likely won't be getting too many S' and chests on various champions.
I can reasonably complain in one way... I sympathize with my friends who had no means of knowing. My friends purchased plenty of hextech chests for shards. They left for the military and served, varying deployments and duties. No internet or even an e-mail from Riot about OE / BE changes. Nothing of the sort was ever an option to Riot and its plot. Many friends came back, and the values of their purchased shards they paid for, and were saving for better days, were reduced. Imagine going to the casino after dinner You can spend your hard earned dollars on whatever you please, free market capitalism at its finest You gamble on a few prize boxes and win, "your printed ticket for your winnings sir, gratz" You go to the hotel bed satisfied, then wake up the next day and the casino employee says it's worth 45% less The changes came from corporate and the casino floor didn't know until 2am last night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5QGkOGZubQ Except it wasn't clear, and no correspondence from Riot EVER specifically mentioned OE was changing like BE. The US offices actually only heard about the OE changes 2 weeks before the client changes occurred and many Riot employees were under order to specifically avoid mentioning it. The only legit post was made at 4 and then 3 months before the changes. Legit. I documented the entire ordeal for as many available perspectives with no personal bias to this story in a historical timeline at the Reddit post linked earlier.
: Did they nerf Orange essence again? Or is it really that bad in general.
Used to be 33% Now, disenchant values are 20% Quick breakfast based math for perspective: 1 dozen eggs (skin shard) 33% = 4 (how many eggs you used to get out of it to cook with) 20% = 2.4 (how many eggs you get to cook with now) 2.4 is 60% of 4 you lost 40% of 4 so -1.6 to bring it to the current diseggchant value you lost 1.6 egg for every dozen because Riot sold to Tencent (greedy af Chinese tech giant). In reality, you lost roughly 40 - 45% of your shards' original OE values compared to league's current values. They also did NOT alert anyone of the true OE value gutting (see reddit link for Riot's sleazy correspondence / timeline / history / huge collection of community reaction) TL;DR military friends leave 20+ shards in loot pre-deployment military friends came back "my shits worth half as much WTF" I've written several EXTENSIVE posts and offered several formal and fun solutions... all lost to time, greed, indifference and indignity. Even I don't want to re-read it. It contains every significant community response, quote, opinion, etc. from some of our oldest community and legitimately concerned members as well as all the math, etc. ... but it is brutally long and in-depth. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7fruyc/massive_list_of_varying_opinions_on_oe_be_shard/ "In Hollywood .. it's not important if it's of high quality, only if it makes money." -Mark Hamill *** Skins were relatively 33% OE (pre nerf) of the price, then to 20% OE (nerf) resulting in the current values. BUT... Remeber, this is an EXPONENTIAL disenchant value change since we're dealing with a fractional value of a fractional value... They reduced OE a percentage of a percentage in a system-wide nerf.
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: Laughing Fish's 200,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Season's greetings and happy holidays to all! Thanks Laughing Fish for sharing and celebrating with the community~ Still my fav holiday meme edit(s): did everything to try to get it to embed, followed forum guide to a T, 5+ times, failed miserably, yielding to unrelenting need to sleep after spending an hour and a half failing this single post to have an animated cat make y'all's (holi)day >_< final edit: wow... it worked... just pasted some random reverse google image as my last hope... neat :D https://78.media.tumblr.com/fadd85f47256bdaf752560750c4a6438/tumblr_oiqtbozfi51u7gnm9o1_250.gif


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