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: ...... it has been. lol. Edit: Idk sometimes that link works and sometimes it doesn't -- anyway, just go to google trends, set it to 5 years, worldwide, and search "League of Legends" There's been a steady downward trajectory.
You are demonstrably wrong about Google trends being a reliable indicator of something's popularity. If google trends were to be the be all end all, then 2014 would've been the height of the player base and has been trending downwards since, but we know this isn't the case. Official Riot data shows that in 2014 the player base was around 67 million and official Riot data shows that in 2017 the player base was at 100 million, so the player base grew by 50% in the same time that google trends shows League of Legends losing over half of it's "interest". 2017 was the last year Riot revealed these numbers so it is possible that it has been going down since then, but I've seen no clear consensus on whether or not that's true.
: Mother of god...
Must be new here, lol.
: Pantheon new lore is amazing
So can anyone confirm if the Aspect of War is dead dead? Like no more reincarnations? If so, Aatrox is freaking nuts.
: My Only Request for Rework Pantheon's Lore
I always saw Atreus' story as a tragedy. You read his underdog story of friendship and perseverance just for him to essentially die, serving as a casualty in a story that ultimately wasn't his. I personally saw it as a statement on how little care these aspects have for mortals. If we were to get Atreus back, I'd prefer him to not be apart of Pantheon any longer, just completely separate. Like, have Pantheon somehow ejected from Atreus' body so that Pantheon can assume a "truer" form more equipped to stand against the dozen or so existential threats on runeterra. Hey, Atreus may even be able to keep some of the left over aspect juice.
: Tank meta was the lesser of two evils
Tank meta is the worst meta... except for all the others.
: Ofc she is not bothered. She is the empress, she a badass, she is so cool nothing can happen to her.
To play devil's advocate, I think he means that the splash doesn't feel dynamic. Like she was super photoshopped into the foreground. She doesn't seem to be related to the explosion neither does the explosion seem to affect her. Edit: more concisely her splash doesn't feel like it tells a story
Terozu (NA)
: Why are Battle Academia Lux's breasts so low?
I don't see how you are getting so many people downvoting you, are they confusing your edit for the original? I am trying my hardest to see a way that the original's breast position looks more correct. Lux's breasts aren't sagging either, her pectorals legitimately end at the bottom of her ribcage. Try making collarbone lines on the original artwork and it might make it more clear.
Kai Guy (NA)
: For a lot of idiots the games only good if they do well by stats. If they lose lane or feel outclassed they want it to end so they can get a better matchup to stomp.
This. The sad truth is that a large amount of people who queue up for ranked do NOT care about winning. They care about doing good, about _feeling_ good. If they are getting stomped in the game, yet the rest of their team is doing fine, then they aren't winning in their minds because they aren't feeling good and if they aren't feeling good, what's the point in continuing? They'd genuinely prefer a loss where they had great stats to a win where they didn't do well.
: When Wukong dashes, it sends 3 copies of him. I assume he is going to be randomly chosen as one of the three clones. If Morgana throws a bind at your right when you are the leftmost copy, I believe the clone will block it. Before, the three copies where just animation effects.
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Wow, that sounds really cool, I'm really excited now! A part of me wishes he got a VU to better fit him into the League world instead of just being "Monkey King", kinda how GP got a VU so the he wasn't just "pirate", but this sounds like a great start at least.
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
I am so confused on what Nimbus Strike does now. "Other images of Wukong are now interactable clones that look just like Wukong and can be interacted with like any other unit. That means enemies won't be certain which exact target Wukong himself is going to until he gets there. Clones can also block skillshots." Is this a passive that only activates when you put a point into E? Edit: I'm a dumb dumb
: My game effects are on very low. The house finishers appear to be unaffected by that setting. Meaning, the rest of my game is very low effect wise but the house finishers are on high effects. All of my peripherals are modified for my brain's cheap graphics card.
Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense now, I didn't quite grasp that from the original post, my bad. If the house finishers aren't adhering to the very low effects setting, then it really is an issue Riot should handle. I'm going to play around with the settings to see if I can see the same thing. Stay safe, dude.
: My mom has epilepsy so I do know the basics of it. The photosensitive kind works by having rapid change in colors stressing out the brain which causes the seizure. If you were to use shades that dimmed the light or made it monochromatic, depending on the severity of the epilepsy it could work. However, if the OP has an aggressive epilepsy case, s/he shouldn't even be playing video games, those are caused by rapid pattern changes and League is all about that I swear most people in this forums just downvote people out of context without even understanding what the person meant by the post. I've even had downvoted posts where I am not even talking in english....
I agree. The house finishers don't seem to be more colorful than any other of the more vibrant or flashy things in league. Ideally there would be a preset that mutes the more colorful effects akin to color blind mode, but asking for a toggle for every effect seems a little much. As cruel as it sounds, at a certain point it may have to be your responsibility to watch out for your own safety if you have one of these conditions, whether that'd be messing with the presets on your monitor or wearing glasses that you know help with these things, though I'm not educated enough to know if these are options.
: Malphite Should Remain A Celestial
I only like the celestial thing because the idea of malphite being a living meteor and crashing onto runeterra is metal.
Jaspers (EUW)
: There are 4 champs who still refer to summoners in their voice overs. MF, Sona, Nocturne and I forget the other, guess they don't need updating. And let's not forget nose for a head {{champion:54}}. I understand they they are slowing down but seems some champs need something and not just new skins.
Is it weird that I always saw Malph's head to be a pointy chin?
: You really telling me Camille doesn't have "normal day" legs?
This kinda urks me too. If this mysterious gray lady left massive cuts in the walls then I saw this woman with giant scissors for legs, I think I could put two and two together.
: I'm curious, what is Pyke's 3rd form of CC? Because as far as I can tell, his passive isn't CC, his W isn't CC, and his ult isn't CC. This means only his charged Q and E are CC, which is 2. As for the question of why Pyke should have CC, he's a support champion, and he cannot be played like a mid laner or a top laner(at least not without extreme difficulty). He doesn't have waveclear without building it, and he relies on kills to actually get damage, of which, he can't get kills without CC. He pays for his CC with less damage. Also on his ult, it only resets if he kills someone. You can heal someone about to die to it and he loses all kill potential. Pyke as a support RELIES ON HIS ADC more than other supports. If he goes in without his ADC as backup, he's just gonna die unless he's fed.
I believe he was counting the slow you get from his uncharged q as a separate cc.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aphid Man,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qRGolO2Q,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-02-20T14:28:11.945+0000) > > No, i'm just downvoting you because you bring nothing new to the discussion. A discussion where people more mature than you were able to voice their opinions against the rework without devolving into the simple "Sexist pigs" argument. If you aren't a horny preteen who demands only sexualized anime characters, you shouldn't feel offended. If you are a League player and are offended..... you probaby got so angry because you know it's true.
: First encounter voice lines change
This should have more upvotes. I think this is a pretty massive change.
: Why is Sylas so BLAND
>He wears no real identifying armor, gear or clothing Except for the massive white gauntlets with the gold colored chains attached to them? I don't like Sylas' design, but not because it isn't identifiable. The problem with Sylas is that he's juggling too many archetypes that can't all be reasonably expressed in a single character design. Sylas' in-game design is expressing this "unchained" "escaped prisoner" trope as Sylas' in-game design seems to be Sylas mere moments after breaking out of the demacian prisons. The problem is that Sylas' personality is much more characterized as a revolutionary and a charismatic mastermind of an organized rebellion, which that aspect is almost entirely absent from his in-game design. So there is this really jarring mismatch between what he looks like and who he actually is, it seems like they chose to define Sylas through one moment in his story (him breaking out of prison), but I don't think even Sylas would consider that to be what he should be known by, he should be known by his movement to end the oppression of mages and topple the demacian hierarchy. So it feels like in-game sylas is just a snapshot of him in a very specific time and location, to the point where the Sylas I think of when I read his lore is a different image than the one in-game. Feels like one person drew Sylas then another person wrote his story.
Falrein (EUW)
: Well Noxus isn't far behind Ionia as of now :p
Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. It's better this way, it'd be no fun if there was no land still left to conquer! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
Falrein (EUW)
: Nations of Runeterra- popularity contest
Before I vote. What I expect the most popular to be: Ionia What I want the most popular to be: Noxus
: Nagakabouros, because you never said "Champion", you said character. She is more powerfull than Aurelion Sol.
>she is more powerful than Aurelion Sol. Why do you think so?
: Which champion lore wise is your favourite and why
{{champion:27}} Mind you that this is more headcanon than actual lore. Singed probably has negatively impacted more champions than any other "Villain" except for maybe new LeBlanc, but none of it was done with malice because he doesn't seem to weigh actions in any moral sense, rather he weighs them in how much it will help him continue his research. He needs funds and resources for his research and that is all that matters to him. To Singed there wouldn't a difference in taking 1 million Runeterra bucks to make a medicine that cures sickly children vs taking 1 million Runeterra bucks to make a toxic gas that will be used to kill children, as long as the work was about equal. Whenever they get around to making his BIO, I don't want there to be any sad backstory to make him more sympathetic. I'd him have a completely average upbringing, he was just always obsessed with chem as if his brain was programmed to be that way, end of the story. The best way I can think to describe it would be "Forrest Gump gone wrong" in the way that Forrest Gump is completely surface level with his motivations and always does what he says he is going to do, except now he doesn't have a moral compass. That's how he is in my headcanon at least.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Not really? Xerath is able to kill Olaf, which he can kill him- but he will never have the chance to kill him. Not the same thing. Aurelion Sol will never meet Ahri, does it mean he can't kill her?
It's a semantics game of "can" vs "will". The argument is If something **will not** happen under any circumstances, then you might say that-that thing **can not** happen. Even if Xerath had the express desire to kill Olaf, he would not be able to. Is that the same thing as saying that Xerath can not kill Olaf? Idk, man.
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: {{champion:72}} {{champion:421}} are monsters without some attractive trait.
>reksai isn't attractive EX-fucking-CUSE me?
: So I haven’t read those books in years so I might just be completely forgetting, but could you elaborate how she’s like Rue?
Shes nice and... empathetic and... I guess shes also a girl? Yeah, I'm not seeing much similarity either.
: is Cat Lady Yorick still a thing after his change?
I still want Quarterback Yorick. He only throws interceptions with his E and his ghouls "tackle" who ever caught it.
: You know what would be really cool? The atmosphere looking stormy in the background when volibear is nearby; like swain's ravens sitting on the scenery. Not like noc ult but above top, for example.
I think in general League needs more character specific effects; Jhin's ult music, how it sounds like you are underwater when you get ulted by Pyke, chain's on your screen when getting pulled by Urgot, Illaoi's whispers when her E condition is completed, all of these are pretty cool in my opinion and make a champion feel alive rather than a move-set swap.
Sukishoo (NA)
: No, he needs a {{champion:14}} tier. {{champion:19}} was a modernization which worked cause he had some very iconic abilities. {{champion:106}} s arent nearly as iconic.
The direction for his eventual VGU has already been laid out in Ornn's lore. He is multiple stories tall giant war bear with hundreds of spears and swords sticking out of him. Pretty metal.
: Snowday Soraka's icon should look more like Soraka
I think the bottom one looks more like Soraka tbh.
: She could, but she's also more well off than several other champions. This is, however, one of the benefits of mVGU's if they become a more common thing for Riot to do, champions who are solid but could fit todays visual design choices better.
I would love a Ezreal tier VGU for MF. All she needs gameplay wise is _maybe_ a W or E change.
Velivolo (NA)
: Better Female Champions. NOW.
*Checks OP.GG* *Nami, Sona, Soraka* Every. Time. Looks like you are the market they are after famalam.
Manxxom (NA)
: Symbolizing the champions and reworks this year so far.
: Riot Games and Marvel work together on a Comic Serie - League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother
Damn, this is really going down, isn't it? I feel like League of Legends and Riot Games is on the precipice of really, really big things. Next year or two is going to be interesting.
: What did you expect, some groteque grandma? The only alternative to this is a hot dude or a cool monster, delude yourself more. Riot doesnt release ugly champs anymore because ugly champs dont get played and ugly champs dont sell skins.
Name checks out, lol.
saltran (EUW)
: Teleport Nerf coming on Preseason Patch (MapleNectar twitter)
I do think that teleport is too strong, but this is too big of a nerf in my opinion. How about we keep tele-canceling and just remove the cooldown refund when you cancel?
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=zaire90,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=V1EAGu9k,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-11-13T17:16:33.139+0000) > > honestly I think we're at the point ith champions that we wont be getting traditional anything anymore like every new champ is going to bring something new to the table each time whether it be new cc or some map altering mechanic because as much as people say they want a traditional champ its just going to be compared to some other champ in the game and be seen as a better X champion or a worse Y champion. And people will use that as a reason to justify a rework or buffs/nerfs Kai'Sa and Pyke weren't too unfamiliar. Kai'Sa was specifically designed to be an alternative to Vayne's assassin mobile ADC playstyle, and Pyke plays like a lot of assassins, just with enough cc and the gold share on his ultimate to work as a support too.
I sorta agree with Kai'sa, but Pyke is pretty damn unique, probably the most distinct character weve had since Ivern. Even Kai'Sa has the distinction of being a true hybrid adc as in you are actively encouraged to dip into both damage types.
: I'd be so down for a League MMO.
While I would greatly enjoy an MMO from Riot, I saw someone make an argument that convinced me that Riot likely would never do one. MOBA's and MMO's are both games that dominate someone's "gaming time". MOBA and MMO developers don't want it to just be a game, they want it to be a life style, as in the amount of hours you put in to these games are usually pretty absurd and this doesn't leave much time for other games. So if Riot were to release an MMO, it'd be directly competing for the time of League of Legends players. If/When they make another game, I think it would be more of a casual game, something that you could conveniently play in between games of League of Legends if you wanted to, like a mobile game or a card game.
: Aurelion Sol is not even close to Nagakaborous level. But yes, it seems that Kindred is an entity higher than the spirits we know of.
Out of curiosity, why do you think that? I was always under the impression that Nagakabouros was more likely to just be an extremely powerful spirit. Is Nagakabouros really a universal constant that dwarfs Asol?
: A rule of thumb for statistics is np >= 5 for binomial distributions. If you have 10 games (n = 10) with 5W 5L then p = 0.5. Which means 0.5 times 10 = 5 and you do have enough games to claim that 50% is a reasonable representation for that champions win rate. Do the math on the probability of a 50% event happening actually 80% of the time over the course of 20 trials. The chances of flipping a coin and getting heads 16 times out of 20 is quite low. There is an indication that your original thought that the chance was 50% was actually wrong. My stats class was a while ago now but let me just tell you this. Kai'sa and irelia are broken and the stats give a very strong indication of it, even with only 25 or so games
This would be the case if it were actually a 50% chance for a win or a loss at worlds, which is certainly untrue. Getting heads 16/20 times is unlikely, but the chance that the best worlds team beats the worst worlds team 16/20 times is extremely likely.
ZER0 2 (NA)
: Camille might be modified but she still looks old, so I will call her elderly, same with Lissandra. To answer you specifically, I don't like Zilean either, he's lame. But he floats, so I don't have to watch him struggle to move at least :^) I think everyone knows the archetype we're talking about here when you say "old, decrepit, witch". It's the hunchback with walking stick druid type thing. I'm not talking about just strong magic, I'm talking about a strong body. I don't want to watch some hag hobble around my screen. That's lame as hell.
>Camille/Lissandra >Looking old Nah fam, don't be disingenuous. They don't have even a single wrinkle on them, and their bodies (of what we can see) are perfectly healthly, toned, and wrinkleless. I don't need for her spine to be in the shape of a parabola for her to be old, but I'd think it'd be cool to have a woman who is noticeably over the age of 25 to hit on either that "crazy old-lady" or "sweet grandma" vibe or even both at the same time.
: Isn't {{champion:164}} as well? I'm guessing cause of her hair. Give us a cute granny like {{champion:26}}
Camille has the body (uh... well, upperbody) of a 20-something year old because of her hextech heart that slows her aging.
: A few thoughts on mini VGUs
{{champion:21}} is a perfect candidate in my books. All they need to do is tweak her E so that is something more engaging to use, it is so clunky right now. Also, they might make he ultimate skin worth purchasing.
: Riot just gave me a reason not to try and climb above Diamond next season
I really like the idea of the rank emblems representing the regions of the lore, but I don't think I like the execution here. I'd really be in favor of a redesign to make them standout from each other more.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: On the topic of Vlad's personality
Number 2 Please. Vlad always struck me as someone who loves himself unconditionally. He loves the way he looks, the way he sounds, and the way he behaves himself. Any depraved or sadistic act is par for the course. When in a crowd, Vlad should be the first person you suspect of being a crazed hemomancer.
: We're trying to figure out a switch that would make this possible without going back and re-hooking up thousands of taunt lines by hand. It's actively being discussed.
I'm just happy it is being discussed, thanks!
  Rioter Comments
: Since Quinn and Valor was reverted to Quinn because of technical problems can we have it back now?
Not to say that anything has to be proven to me specifically, but I don't believe they deserve "Quinn and Valor" because they represent the tag-team thematic poorly. Quinn is a rare case where a "newer" champion design was just completely dead on arrival for most people, both thematically and gameplay wise, and I think she'd do well with a good Aatrox'ing.
Rioter Comments
Elohaven (NA)
: Just feels a bit insulting since it's not. You can compare the images side by side. It's based on a reference - so it looks very similar but you can see the mistakes due to pencil markings, shading, and proportions.
Cmon dude, I'm literally looking at them both side by side, they are nearly the exact same. And the edit to your post saying that the drawing is "comedic"... cmon dude, there is nothing even remotely humorous about your drawing... again, cmon dude. I'm not saying you literally held a piece of paper to your computer screen like a child, but you certainly didn't take any creative liberties whatsoever and it is disingenuous to say it is "your" drawing when you don't credit your reference because it implies that this was a original creation and design of yours when that clearly isn't the case. Edit: And the fact that it is from a hentai none-the-less gives pretty humorous implications for your intentions in not mentioning your "reference", but that is besides the point lol.
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