UniSect (NA)
: When you know the loss was genuinely your fault...
Always flame the jungler! It’s always their fault! Oh wait... that’s me ....
: League of Legends is not the game, I knew..
I’m not going to disagree with your statement but I want to take a moment to remind you that this isn’t uncommon. When you’re doing something new, a new game you enjoy per example it’s very easy to get lost in those times and play for hours and hours and play with friends and focus on having fun. Most new players won’t care that they died 10 times or if they won or lost. It’s a new exciting experience so it’s fun and seems stressless. As you get to know the game however and that honey moon phase ends, you start to notice the flaws that were right before your eyes because your understanding of the game is better than when you first tried it. You said that the issues weren’t as big as they are now. When I first started playing they had champions like Leblanc and Ahri one shotting with DEath fire grasp or later on they had the rework of Darius and Garen who were so strong they were unkillible but did so much damage. Back in earlier seasons they had AP yi getting free Penta kills or Sion being super tanky and doing massive damage. In conclusion, you’re not wrong, you are right that ythere are issues that should Be addressed, but remember that you’re lack of enjoyment isn’t necessarily because the games gotten worse but also because you’re more aware of the games issues.
Moody P (NA)
: You don't miss strategy nearly as much as you claim
Thank you. Someone had to say it. You earned my upvote
: Opinions on PBE nerfs for Akali, Irelia and LeBlanc?
The Akali nerf is okay. She has less time to stall and wait for her cooldowns to find a way to escape. I think increasing her cool down ( giving her the zed treatment) would be better because it gives junglers and Laners a bigger window to punish her In lane. The Irelia nerf missed the mark for me. I don’t know how much of a difference her W makes in high MMR but From my observation at best this makes her not dive as easily as she pleases. She still output plenty of damage and have great mobility in team flights. The Leblanc nerf is good. Having a longer cool down will force her to be more weary of her trades verses escapes in the early game at least. If her damage and burst is going to be high her ability to use it should get the Zed treatment. ( Zed treatment is his W cd is around 22 seconds early game. )
EdwardrV (NA)
: The higher I climb the more pissed off I get when people play like absolute chimps
You always have to be weary of being matched with higher ranked players. If you’re gold 3 getting matched with plat players typically that either means you’re on a mean tear and your MMR is higher than usual or the plat player is on the meanest losing streak and while they’re ranked high, thier MMR is super low compared to what it should be.
Madsin25 (NA)
: I mean look at phase rush, one of the best keystones in the game that can completely invalidate certain champs. It is viewed as worthless and garbage by most players because why? You don't see the impact.(damage) If they got rid of the damage and replaced it with utility reddit would go up in flames about "useless runes with no impact."
Well the idea would be to add runes that players could feel impact aside from damage and damage reduction. They would have to get creative in making runes with decent utility that aren’t too op. I could see reddit complaining no matter what though xD Damages runes <—- DAMAGE IS TOO HIGH Utility runes <—- TOO MANY USELESS RUNES WE NEED MORE DAMAGE
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: Any meta would be better than this ultra high mobility one shot assassin twitch shooter meta.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dâiki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yWKXGAeE,comment-id=001a0000,timestamp=2018-11-10T20:03:43.454+0000) > > {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:157}} are you sure about that? Yes. I am. And there's nothing you can say or do that will change my mind.
Fair enough. I don’t ban them either personally. Only malzahar and Talon onxe every blue moon
: Fun fact, but the biggest mistake any player in any elo can make is letting Kai'Sa through the ban phase.
{{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:157}} are you sure about that?
: LeBlanc needs her escapes nerfed, not damage
They could just nerf her teleportation on her R just like Zeds where she Has to wait a certain amount of time before she can go back. So if she W ‘s then R’s she can’t go back for say 1-3 seconds and then can press R again. Though at that point I guess she might as well be the reworked Leblanc they reverted
Jaspers (EUW)
: Ban Rate shows something is unhealthy for the game/champ, not how powerful they are.
I understand your point and I think you make some valid examples. I feel one point you should add is that some champions don’t feel fun to play against. Ima Qtiepie explained this perfectly in his Beyond the Rift episode with Dom. I’ll parahrase but he basically said: Xerath feels fun to play as because you’re owning your opponent with skill shots. Xerath feels fun to play afainst when you dodge all his skill shots (like Goku ultra instinct) Irelia feels fun as duck to play because you get to move everywhere and 1v2 and fuck everyone up. Irelia doesn’t feel fun to play against because she can miss her ultimate and her E but if she procs her passive and Q’s you you’re dead. Even if there are actual counters per example verses Zed it still doesn’t feel fun to players when Zed presses W E Q and they die even when he misses his Q’s ( though to be fair he has to be fed for that but that’s a whole other discussion). Bans are more based on what champions ruin their games the most not so much who is actually op. For me I ban Malzahar or talon right now.
: What do you want out of league in 2019?
Next season I would like them to rework the Rune pages again. I don’t think it’s the damage itself that’s the issue but between the way it’s organized and what’s actually offered I think it can be improved on for example: Precision should provide only runes that involve autoing / attack speed Domination should be the only damage rune. Inspiration should have more interesting and crazy effects Resolve only provides defense and resistance Sorcery maybe could be more about movement speed ( not too sure yet I need to actually look at the Runes list after work) And the effects / Passover picking a rune type should reflect that I feel like this would improve runes because then you can make actual choices with what you pick. You could have to choose what benefits you need against what match up. Proobanly wouldn’t work without massive change but just a thought, at the very least every rune should give you interesting effects.
: Do some main JUNGLE kill krugs?
To be honest I skip them for the first 2-4 mins unless if I get counter jungled or it’s the only thing to do
: Delete duskblade
I think they should rework duskblade into an item that actually rewards you for playing like an assassin. If you’re out of sight for x amount of time you can prod bonus damage for catching someone off guard but if you’re seen by an enemy it turns to damage that is less than youmuus and timer restarts. This way at least Champs like Rengar can’t just spam abuse duskblade and would actually have to hunt and get rid of wards properly ( the duskblade ward passive is another issue) Just to be clear: the time for how long you’d have to be out of sight could be 10-20 seconds while the time they’d have to attack them before it resets could be 1-4 seconds. This way it can still be effective when Used properly, adds a strategic element to it and no current duskblade abusers could abuse it as easily anymore
: Why does Duskblade get so much shit?
Tbh I like the concept of Duskblade but they should make it more strategic where you have to be out of sight for an x amount of time before you can get the bonus damage and if the opponent spots you for Y amount of time ( they should allow maybe 1-3 seconds so they can have a chance to hit you at least ) it resets again and it does less damage. ( maybe less than getting youmus so there’s a trade off) at least then when I play Rengar I feel rewarded for denying vision and catching someone stranding off verses it just being a must buy item Heck that would mean if Rengar is spotted by a ward while ultimg his damage would likely be less.
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: Anybody prefer it when they're champions are not meta
Yes remember when AP udyr was being picked in the LCS ( NA mainly) and everyone started playing him? Not only I couldn’t get him as much but when he was nerfed he was basically useless until season changes and Tiger buffs.
echorev (NA)
: "None" needs to be removed as an option for ban-phase, there is too much stuff that's toxic+broken
Ok so I get your argument and I 100% agree for ranked you should always ban a champion either that’s broken or someone you hate or someone your team hates facing. In Norms, I don’t ban as much because I don’t want to get used to facing everything. If I’m learning top and say I’m banning Illaoi every single time because I just get wrecked by her, and then another champion comes along that’s equally or more annoying to face, I’m not going to grow just trying to get them banned all the time. So I face the hard match ups and learn from it. If anything the only champ currently on my permanent ban list is Kaisa
: Mark my words, next few days aatrox win rate will rise madly then followed by over nerf
Yeah I know. but buffing him more than what he is now wont be good.
: Mark my words, next few days aatrox win rate will rise madly then followed by over nerf
I hope they don’t buff him like they did kaisa on release. He’s actually not that bad id dare say he’s pretty decent. If anything I’d be fine with a few QoL changes but right now he’s coool and he’s actually fun to play
Aekami (EUW)
: Alright so, I created smurfs twice already, I'm a DiaIV midlaner but I wanted one account to train only top, and one more to train only jungle, and see if I could make it. Upon placements, one of my smurf ended up silverIV for some reason, while the other got to g1. And guess what, I climbed. I carried my way up regardless how bad people were. I'll say it here once : **blaming a supposed "skill disparity" for your loses is lying to yourself**, simply refusing to accept that you are not (yet?) good enough. Don't blame others, they're not the ones who matter. You are. Silver and Gold are the two elos where it's the easiest to carry. Literally the only reason bronze is harder to carry in is because people randomly go afk there, and depending on how unlucky you are, it may take more games to climb.
I 100 agree. I made a post similar to this about not being able to climb and how I had to carry or lose until ... I just started carrying more and climbed out of gold
: Just a reminder that the skill disparity in silver and gold is disgusting
It’s funny because I used to think that silver was ok until I reached high gold and saw how ... much skill disparity there is in silver alone. Then when I reached plat the difference between gold and silver is disgusting. Its not even so much they don’t have the skill it’s just pure ignorance. Not mowing their limitations and enemy limits or what to do in different stages of the game. Now when I’m playing a silver game on my alt I have to play different than normal it’s so bizarre
: I definitely enjoy it way more than the last 1 1/2 years. Might be because i finally have some agency back now that ADCs are finally kinda balanced again. If riot now tones down the powercreep in the game and stops shitting on toplane in every other patch this game might actually be ´playable again.
Thats true, besides the jungle issue, Even if I miss playing certain adc's I certainly don't miss the entire game depending on a crit adc
: Is the new meta actually fun or terrible?
I have mixed feelings. I'm enjoying myself because I'm learning a new one trick and learning how to lane for the first time in the years I've played ( only 4 ish). On the flip side I think the new jungle changes affected how much I enjoy it. As an udyr main it's not so much that it's bad if anything the changes actually are in my favor but I don't feel like I'm having as much fun which is why I've been practicing laning ever since I hit plat. I don't know what it specifically is but jungling to me doesn't feel as satisfying anymore.
: Junglers Stop Smiting My Cannon.
perspective: One trick Udyr. Elo: Plat 5 ( high gold low plat) 1. I never tax a lane unless successful gank. 2. On successful ganks If they get the kill I take maybe 1-4 minions as tax and help them push the wave so we can punish opponent when it's appropriate. 3. If I get the kill I only tax via exp or just leave unless if again it's appropriate to push wave and even then I usually let the laner farm unless if they ask me To help push. 4. I never take cannon minions unless if said laner is dead or is roaming or I'm split Pushing and team is doing other things. 5. Unless if you're 3-0 or doing really well I never give out blue buff or red buff to my laners unless if comfortably ahead or you Helped me out a lot aka you're being a carry. 6. It doesn't bother me too much if you take scuttle but in terms of my camps it's all take and give. If you randomly take my raptors I might take a wave to compensate etc. > TLDR: I don't take my mid laners cannons and I still 1v9 carry
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Yasuo and his ult safety
No the worst part about Yasuo is having all these tools and players still relying on the 0/10 power spike :) In all seriousness we can only hope RITO looks at it I guess :/
: Ninja tabi is not the problem
I agree 100%. Even merc treads feels worse because so many champs have knock up or other abilities of that matter that mercs doesn't work on. Might as well take less dmg while displaced or in the air :/
: > [{quoted}](name=Dàizumi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hwR8QL96,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-04-14T20:47:26.211+0000) > > Let&#x27;s keep it simple, when it&#x27;s a normal game I don&#x27;t even ban champions. > > In ranked I usually ban a champ that gives me trouble ( currently Olaf ) unless if someone hits 3-4 marks > 1. I see a champion that&#x27;s well known for doing poorly in my current division > 2. The champion is new or recently reworked > 3. Such player has no history in ranked playing as that champion > 4. That player has no history playing that champion recently or ever. > 5. You pick a champion that according to your stats you perform poorly on. > > If you meet most of those conditions then I can&#x27;t promise you I won&#x27;t ban your champion. im a teemo main and have over 150 games on him...
> Yeah In that case I wouldn't ban your Champion. One of my duo friends plays teemo and he's awesome af. I wasn't talking about your specific case but rather how I feel about the topic. I'm kinda suprised I got downvoted so hard... I guess you guys don't mind someone first time katarina mid against a Zed per example in your games
: Absolutely Zero Reason to pick Rengar over Kha Zix
While I agree with some of your points on paper, in my personal opinion, Rengar gives a more fun and fufilling experience. When I'm fed on kha zix sure it can be fun to go invis and find some unexpecting squishes and get easy kills, but when I'm fed on Rengar... I'm a apex predator. Nothing feels better than chasing down the enemy adc and one shotting them, or watching the enemy team cower in fear together while my ult is up. Plus unlike kha I can go Crit or heavy pen or even AP for luls. TLDR: rengar to me gives a more enjoyable experience when I'm fed verses Kha but that's my personal opinion.
Let's keep it simple, when it's a normal game I don't even ban champions. In ranked I usually ban a champ that gives me trouble ( currently Olaf ) unless if someone hits 3-4 marks 1. I see a champion that's well known for doing poorly in my current division 2. The champion is new or recently reworked 3. Such player has no history in ranked playing as that champion 4. That player has no history playing that champion recently or ever. 5. You pick a champion that according to your stats you perform poorly on. If you meet most of those conditions then I can't promise you I won't ban your champion.
: Junglers, if you're invading, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure your lane can support
Ok so as a jungler main I agree with you 100%. They should know what lane priority is and usually if I invade and I get cucked because my opponents had lane priority than it's my fault and I'm sorry when I do that. However, My only pet peeve is when it I invade when my lane does have priority and they don't at least ping mia. If you even ping mia then usually I'll back out if it's too late to get a kill or jungle creep ( smart jungler usually only invade when they have flash unless if they're massively ahead). It's when my winning lane stays quiet and let's me get suprise cucked that tilts me.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Yo boards, lets talk balance
I generally would need more time to think about this subject, but when I think of balance I think of melee per example. A game state where while there is a "best character" a player who is efficient enough on thier character can beat them via outplay and knowledge. So for me, I'm happy with the game when I can go into champ select and I have to actually think " who should I ban this game?" I'm not so happy when I'm thinking " oh I have to absolutely ban swain because if the enemy team picks him then my team maybe in deep trouble, but then I can't ban champs I may have trouble against such as Warwick or Shyvana" . TLDR: as long as it's not to the point there's one champ I have to ban because he's just too strong to allow through, I'm pretty happy with the game state even if there's a beat champion at this moment. That all being said, It's hard to really gauge it because it's not as simple as how strong champions are, certain roles also maybe too strong or weak in terms of impact. Which is a whole other aspect i can get into in another reply post.
130x (NA)
: Stop lowering Ult cds!
{{champion:77}} at least I get to choose which ability is at a 60+ second cooldown. In all seriousness I agree to a certain extent. I remember two seasons ago you actually had to choose between having 40 CDR or having more stats which was a delicate decision. Randuins omen or frozen heart etc. now practically everything gives CDR and it's so easy to reach the cap without sacrificing damage or any stats.
Cunky (NA)
: I'm honestly about to quit playing ranked, I can't fucking stand this matchmaking.
Honestly, It never gets better. There will always be players that are smurf vs hard stuck, players popping off vs tilted players, it never ends. But look at the bright side, at least ranked isn't like normals where your silver top laner could end up facing a diamond player
: No offense, but it sounds like you came up with an elaborate excuse to blame your bot lane instead of reviewing your own mistakes. Like you said, you did "so much research" and I assume that means you looked back @ VODs (otherwise, this post would've been pointless.) and you don't think you made mistakes; at least, none worth mentioning. I can tell that is the case by your statement "I'm hoping that its just me that's making too many mistakes in my games because then I could identify my mistakes and fix them to improve my chances of winning". But this is a total lie. If you wanted to improve you'd already notice the mistakes you made during your watching of the VODs. The previously mentioned statement would suggest you're ignorant of them. Let me just say: it's not hard to identify mistakes. Hell, it's harder to avoid making them again which is why you should understand that it'll take time. However, If you genuinely try to look back @ those VODs and watch yourself play then I can assure you will be able to identify your mistakes and that's 10x more valuable than suddenly discovering that it's been a bot lane meta since the season started.
Alright lets start from the top. 1. I didn't take offense but thanks for trying to be critical instead of harsh. I'm sure your statement comes from someone who doesn't like people making excuses for their own bad play. 2. I'm not saying this from the perspective that I play perfect and its my bot lanes fault all the time. There are games where I did poorly and we lost, there are games that I did well and we lost. Same thing when it comes for winning too. 3. I don't review my games as much as I should, but I do always try and improve on my mistakes. Part of the reason I don't review vods is because most o the time I know what mistake I did (Example: Oh, I went to farm gromp instead of ganking bot when I knew (Even without wards) the enemy jungler was gonna fuck my bot lane. Example:2 I split pushed bot lane when baron is up at 30 + minutes into the game. Example 3: I invaded the enemy jungle when both my mid and top are being pushed in). I already know those mistakes and I work on not repeating those habits. I make mistakes all the time I'm only gold 3 on my main XD. 4. I'm not so much talking about games that I carried and lost I'm talking about in general, rather if I did well or not, how my bot lane performed greatly influenced our odds of winning, more so than other roles. 5. I am also making adjustments to my gameplay since I made this discovery and I have been doing better as a result in my recent games. So that in itself is proof that I'm not ignorant to the mistakes I make. IF I can't carry I babysit bot lane. If I can carry i neutralize the enemy jungler and counter jungle him all game while pressuring lanes and getting objectives. So I've adapted.
Selec (EUW)
: Nothing weird here. Botlane has always been 2 players cause it's near drake, one of the most important objetives in the game towards the victory. Botlane tower is easier to destroy than toplane one, which will lead to an advantage in early game (if you get it first). After that a winning botlane will rotate to toplane and midlane in order to get both towers, and, as you can guess, most certainly win. But I don't see nothing wrong in here, I mean, this is how the meta has been going for years. Midlaners should prioritize rotating to botlane over toplane, and so they do. Toplaners have TP mainly because they can make a difference in a botlane fight. Junglers should be playing in toplane in the first minutes (to make them able to survive the laning phase) and rotate botlane fast to get the early game advantage. Anyway, this is probably the most efficient way to win a easy game, ofc it's not the only one and not all the games are like that. For example I see lots of junglers playing around toplane with a botlane that could carry the game way easier, which is maybe one reason cause they don't improve as players. What I don't really understand is why in NA (I'm from EUW) you guys complain a lot about how this is working. Like ADC is broken, or botlane sucks and should be deleted. I think this is a good and fun way to play the game, with a clear objetives and an enemy team that knows the objetives aswell. If the game is a clown fiesta, then it can be way more frustating I think.
See the idea of having clear objectives sounds pretty cool, but the issue with that is in the context of soloqueue it frustrates players that even if they do well, their chances of winning is heavily influenced by "is my bot lane not garbage" which is where the coin flip ideology comes from. in Esports it works fine because you have some of the best talent on your team, you're in mics, they work together everyday for a common goal and so on, but in soloqueue every game its a new team (for the most part). This maybe reaching a little too far, but its almost comparable to having RNG. will my bot lane be good enough that i can carry or nah. Thats where the frustration comes from, trying your best to win a game when your odds greatly decrease because of your bot lane. Carrying one person is hard enough, but two? that's really hard.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dàizumi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ew1b7uN7,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-11T08:23:16.384+0000) > > I played maybe 20-50 games of ranked What? It'd make more sense if it was 40-50 games. You can't tell if you played 22 or 48 games? I think you're lying bruh. On topic, out of my last 20 games, I found only 1 game where our bot lane smashed enemy's, but our top and mid had pooped so hard in that game that it was impossible to cover up their mess and we lost, every other game that I lost was with my bot lane having scores like 2-8 1-11, every game that I won has enemy bot lane scores like that. But that probably because normally bot lane suffers the wrath of super fed top/mid/jungler, ADC being squishy and such. I always go ham on ADC and their ~~pets~~ supports after getting fed elsewhere due to my general hate for their shit. About 4 games where top/mid stomped their lane and proceeded to dump on rest of them. But again, if bot loses, its two players that are way behind now. If losing lane means you're no longer in game, then lost bot lane means 3v5 instead of 4v5 if any other lane loses. So obviously, bot lane's impact is more.
I'm not lying about the trend I noticed. I just played so many games I didn't count how many I played on both of my accounts.
: You say that, but you play Rengar. Generally, if I can do well on {{champion:62}}, I can delete the ADC and we have good odds of winning. I would assume Rengar does the same thing?
He can do the similar things Yes, but usually if the enemy bot lane is better they're pretty decent at protecting their ADC. In the games I do win in those situations It usually is because I am able to kill their adc and then help win the rest of the fight.
: Dude its bot lane meta most high elo "informative" streamers will tell you this. So as a jg your job, at least rn, is to gank bot asap or at least counter gank/ keep the turret alive. Even if you have to babysit for 5 minutes and the enemy top/mid gets fed its well worth your own bot getting ahead.
Yeah I guess so. Maybe the optimistic way to look at it is this is me growing as a jungler and realizing what's really important or key to winning games.
: Dude its bot lane meta most high elo "informative" streamers will tell you this. So as a jg your job, at least rn, is to gank bot asap or at least counter gank/ keep the turret alive. Even if you have to babysit for 5 minutes and the enemy top/mid gets fed its well worth your own bot getting ahead.
: I'm sorry, but you're silver. You are clearly making too many mistakes to climb and carry a lot of your games. I started my account off in silver this season and went from Silver I to Plat II in two weeks (granted I'm smurfing, but that's my point--I'm not making mistakes that matter in Silver/Gold/Low Plat). Most games can be carried, IMO. If you aren't good enough to carry a losing bot lane, then you don't deserve the higher ranks. Granted, SOME games, you can't do anything about. the 0/20 bot lane, for example. I'm talking about games that people want to win, but are losing. They are still at least trying. But again, trolls aside, most games are winnable.
Well on my main I'm gold 3 but that's besides your point. I'm not denying that I'm making mistakes which is why in my post i said you either have to smash your opponent or basically play perfect or get your bot lane ahead because if they lose, your chances of losing is much higher. The other issue I have is the fact that you are smurfing. If I'm playing with people relatively around the same skill level it's harder to carry if part of your team is doing significantly worse while your opponent is playing at your same skill level. If I were playing in bronze or low silver I could carry a lot easier because of what you said, but do you consistently carry and climb on your main account on your main champion? Plus it's not like I'm not pulling my weight especially when I play udyr as my stats suggests.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dàizumi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ew1b7uN7,comment-id=00250000,timestamp=2018-03-11T18:27:18.983+0000) > > No I didn&#x27;t. I checked my games first, then checked my friends. and when he argued against it, I checked a Diamond players games as well (such as Trick2g). And I also said that it doesn&#x27;t happen 100% of the time which doesn&#x27;t make it 100% true. But IT IS a noticeable trend that happens more often than I think it should. Still a very very very small sample size How many players did you check all together 20? 50? 100?
That's true, I didn't check that many players just about 50 or so games. When I have time I'll aim for 50 players, 10 of thier last games, and choose the games they pick their main champion ( or I can just pick the last 10 games they played 5 losses and 5 wins. I don't know which would be better) and edit this post when I'm finished
: you only used your own game to facilitating a "statistical fact"
No I didn't. I checked my games first, then checked my friends. and when he argued against it, I checked a Diamond players games as well (such as Trick2g). And I also said that it doesn't happen 100% of the time which doesn't make it 100% true. But IT IS a noticeable trend that happens more often than I think it should.
: Choosing games where I played my mains only, summoner's rift only I found: 14 games that follow the trend 6 that don't 70% follow the trend 30% don't follow the trend Seems to be consistent enough with your findings. --- If we equate chances of victory equally across each team member, so 20% contribution per person (0.20). Going even in role would equate to a 50% of success applied to that one person. Winning we role we could assume a 90% chance of a win, and likewise losing to 10% chance. [Keep in mind these are purely hypothetical and are mere guesses so they don't equate to credible statistics] So... Top/Mid/Jg winning: 0.20*0.90=0.18 Top/Mid/Jg even: 0.20*0.50=0.10 Top/Mid/Jg losing: 0.20*0.10=0.02 ADC&Sup winning: 0.40*0.90=0.36 ADC&Sup even: 0.40*0.50=0.20 ADC&Sup losing: 0.40*0.10=0.04 So... Winning vs losing bot lane should equate to a 32% difference in winrates between the two game conditions. I will now try to calculate with the aid of a tree diagram whether the trend is close to what it should be (have to convert winrate to trend percentage). [assuming other lanes go even for simplicity] https://imgur.com/a/hTX7c [wouldnt keep my format, so image] Games that should follow the trend: 0.2178+0.17+0.17+0.2178=0.7756 Games that shouldn't follow the trend: 0.1122+0.1122=0.2244 [assumption that even-ish games will be assumed as winning lane when looked back at if the game was won, and that they will be looked at as losing lane if the game was lost. Based off how we didn't include separate category for even lanes when we did first statistics] So 70-80% of games following that trend is surprisingly how it should be if the game roles are balanced.
Yeah its not 100% (thank god). 70% still feels like too much though{{sticker:sg-soraka}} I should check how often does this happen with other lanes.
: Doesn't this kind of just make sense? The lane that has 2 people in it winning is a better predictor of win rates than the lanes that have 1 person in them? Having 40% of your team ahead is more impactful than having 20% of your team ahead? It's not like you can't have an impact on your bot lane by ganking for them, and like you said it's not like every time bot gets ahead the game is over. You also cannot queue up for the game as bot lane. You get to be the adc or the support. If you're the support your carry will be inept at csing and not follow up on any of the setups you make or the harass you do. If you're the carry your support will sit back and watch you 2v1 while criticizing how little cs you have.
What you said makes sense to me. The only thing you're forgetting is that If say I camp top lane and get them ahead, I'm also getting myself ahead along with top lane by doing this, thus its really 40% of my team vs 60% of my team (Bot lane and myself). so yeah, if you put it that way getting 60% of your team ahead does make more sense than 40%.
: > It feels pretty bad to me because I love jungling but it feels like going ADC instead of jungle despite not being super good at the role i feel like that's the main mistake most people make. Yes, matches get decided mpst of the time by which bot is ahead, but getting bot ahead is not as much in the hands of the adc as people think. Support usually has more impact on the early lane(if the adc atleast is somewhat decent), and they synergie between adc and supp is even more important. if they are on the same page and their opponents are not, they will stomp that lane even if they are worse players individually. Jungle and Roaming mids can also have really high impact on botlane, though they need to play around it rather than playing for them selfs. Only Top is really left out and relys on the heavily telegraphed TP to get any impact on bot side. It sounds paradox, but botlane(especially adc) beeing more impactfull for the game than other positions doesn't mean that the adc-player has that much impact and can easily solocarry(though grabage adc's can solo loose)
Maybe that is my problem. I did learn jungle with the Trick2g mentality of having to 1v9 every game or lose. I'll change up my rotations to prioritize bot lane over everything else and see if that nets me more wins
: > [{quoted}](name=Dàizumi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ew1b7uN7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-11T08:38:14.121+0000) > > I feel ya dude. I got pretty upset when I realized it. I hope during the mid season patch they fix this because if they don&#x27;t I might as well main adc. I&#x27;ll probably start playing it a lot more now. If the jungler's going to camp a lane, it will be bot lane because most junglers realize that the AD (carry) has the biggest impact on the game. If you get a Vayne fed and she's good at the game, its basically game over because what is everyone else going to do? Mid and top can win lane, but if their bot lane is good they can easily carry. Especially if they have someone that builds ardent like Janna, Lulu, etc. I HATE ARDENT SENSER. I HATE HEAL AND SHIELD SUPPORTS. It's so annoying because the ADC can play as reckless as they want and still be able to live out of it. And what does Riot do? They buff champions like Jhin and say "he hasn't been very good". If you've got a good support bot lane, you can easily carry. I play Darius a lot and if I'm ahead, I can 2v1 the enemy top and jungler no problem. But if the bot lane feeds, I can't do much. They will just kite. And if I pull them, their support will be there, either using crowd control or shields to help them. Sorry for this wall of text, but I really do think this is a major issue and I want to write about how much I hate it. Thanks for reading this, if you did.
I read it and thanks for your comment. I can relate to how you feel.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: A lane with two people getting fed better at carrying than a solo lane,huh,who knew that 40% of the team can carry harder than 20%...
I didn't, it took me 2 seasons to fully figure this out {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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