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: As far as changes this week, the only thing I have a dislike for is paranoia. Nothing fun about it. O also am still not a fan of buffs like BF shield and GA being awarded from the cart. I like the cart event, but giving a team a turret+either GAs and a giant shield? That shit is nigh impossible to come back from.
Paranoia actually seems kinda of fun and balanced it makes the game interesting up close and personal Actually its easy to comeback just make sure your team build right and make sure there isn't an ap mf on your team
: whats wrong with top laners?
Just because you can pull it of in low elo doesn't mean you can pull it up in high level gameplay. That just absolutely makes no sense.
: a 1300 g item isnt gonna stop his oppressiveness
it will absorb a lot of his damage and it also scales off your own mr giving you a free 200-500 damage shield with its self and merc treads
: I find it funny how Riot tries to say that they don't balance the game around pro play
I mean stop watch was never fun to begin with not being able to kill anyone after 5 mins. Also that patch is really old 8.4. We also had people 5 man diving with stop watches in solo queue and that was never fun either snowballing the game for the side with the most stopwatches. It deserved to be nerfed it was not fun at all.
: it's not a cultural thing, it's a practical thing. Most Koreans play in PC bangs, and PC bangs get special accounts for their users that have all of the champions unlocked for free. Punishments in Korea are worthless, because making a new account is no issue.
It is a cultural thing you never really say hey lets go to pc bangs here in America we just play at home. Also the attitude between each region is different because of how they grew up.
: right let me just grab hex drinker as an ap champion. Makes sense. its all 300g more.
I mean you could build it on kat just build some MR
: Some reasonable buffs/changes for Nidalee to be meta again...
What are you talking about she is still strong and still picked she doesn't need a buff shes at a 52% win rate
: Let's tone down fizz buffs (BEGONE FIZZ V2)
Wanna just build hexdrinker
: Malzahar tips for ranked?
Malzahar has the lowest skill cap ceiling champ wise its just you need to understand how the game works better
: Riots pairing is flawed
You literally only play support, you could fix the csing problem by playing adc. Or better yet, get better at the game your just stuck in gold right now there not really good players in there so what do you expect 7-8cs/m? How could you expect that to the top tier of casual players (gold). Also why don't you carry your lane partner better?
koshkyra (NA)
: Why did we remove sightstone
Saves an extra slot for me as a support main
: Why does Riot give champs cool gimmicks only to remove them soon after?
Talon and kassadin point and click silences where extremely toxic. Heal did remove ignite that was just stupid as ignite countered heal in the first place. The other things are just easier quality of life changes
: Why I'm Toxic
NA can't adapt like how korea is, its a cultural thing lol. I do agree with you people that keep trying to drag out the game when its most likely a lost are kinda more toxic then toxic players. But since American culture always believes in comebacks and miracles it'll be impossible to be like korea.
: Riot: want to know why people dont like playing support? Read within
Support pretty much should just be helping the adc to ramp up and you do have to die to keep the team alive sometimes. I don't know about your experiences but i can tell you just play normals all day and is scared of ranked and don't want to better improve yourself to understand how supports work or the game in general.xd
: Is this considered toxic?
Yes, you're literally typing insults. You should have been not typing and focusing on getting better and not wasting your time. Just like your last ranked season where you wasted your time playing this game only to be placed in bronze and silver.
: ***
How is smurfing sad examples of humanity. And how does that singed player relate to shooting a school. There's literally no correlation. It's a just a game even though you have a negative win rate in ranked, there's no reason to be heated over smurfing. They're not the cause of why you are having a tough time in ranked. It's your gameplay.
: Passive Aggressive "smurfs" pls go back to your mains, I don't need your opinion every time I die
Literally they don't need to be a smurf, to flame you on your mechanics. That's just how any game is like that requires human interaction is. Also I don't think you have been playing long enough to actually understand that if you play bad you will get flamed 70% of the time. Literally ranked games over the seasons are the same in toxicity, you get some you don't its RNG.
Krinu (NA)
: What's worse is that they don't *want* her to be the passive healbot, but because of how powerful her healing is, every time she can do more than heal she ends up nerfed to keep her from being oppressive. I personally think she needs a mini-rework. Not a design change - her overarching design works well - but some stat and build path alterations to keep her from being too one-dimensional.
Literally all soraka does is heal to full point and click silence toxic btw thats it legit. Also she is still oppressive cuz she just heals the adc to full with 3 casts of w in lane. She doesn't need to do more when just lets the ADC do what ever they want in lane while the other team has to figure out ways to dive her early game.
Nebby (NA)
: Mage Meta
You know you just buy Zhonya's to counter zed right like literally zhonyas.
: Riot, if you want mage botlanes to be a thing..
I'm pretty sure riot does not want that to happen legit.
: These changes reek of #LC$
Aren't you like in silver like you can play anything in that elo. You're not really at a pro level so why complain at all when your gameplay isn't getting affected
: PSA to ADCs from a support main
Man you must be playing in low elo lmao
Jaygo41 (NA)
: Fix the Ridiculous Dichotomy You've Created with J4
Why would you want to change him when people played him like 3 different ways in every other season. Makes the champion diverse and fun rather then becoming brain dead play only one way
: Duskblade is literally causing the same problems Deathfire's grasp did, yet it still exists.
Man you make no sense legit dude. DFG and Dusk blade are not even the same. First off DFG you had to do your combo while duskblade you just auto lol


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