: Would it be possible to take a look at Liandry's in response to these changes? I'm not so much talking about its power level here (though there's clearly nerfs coming with tank item changes) but its actual purpose in the game. Liandry's was added to dissuade health stacking and give mages another tool to help kill tanks, but with health stacking basically being made impossible, the MR tanks have access to being increased and an MR item being added that is specifically effective against damage over time effects, it feels like the item no longer exists as a "safety valve" against high HP/low MR tank builds emerging. It's also arguably no longer actually a desirable pickup against a tank that needs killing because anti-magic damage tools now focus specifically on reducing sustained damage, meaning "just get as much burst as possible" feels like it might be the best response to tanks now. This basically means that the item is pushed even further into basically just being a poke amplifier/raw AP + MPen stat stick and I feel like that's a really poor space for the item to exist in, particularly as alongside Void Staff it was the only thing really pretending that mages had access to any kind of effective anti-tank tools in the shop. Are you guys considering/would you guys consider any changes to the item to help it make more sense in this new high MR, low HP environment, whether that be outright stating that it's not supposed to be a tank melter anymore (perhaps shifting it away from a %HP paradigm?) or making changes to it to allow it to fill that niche more effectively? Ever since I've played this game Liandry's has been an item with a confused identity but I feel this rework finally pushes it to the point of just making no sense altogether. This feels like a good opportunity to put some work into improving that situation.
Well unless I misunderstood the text on the item the helm only affects spells doesn't it?
: I can understand why you removed Randuin's Crit reduction as a way to help marksmen. I just don't think the compensation is enough. There's no reason to buy it now. It's not a unique item and it doesn't create any high impact moments. Putting too much power into the active when it generally doesn't matter to tanks anyway (since they have large amounts of AOE cc already) is counter-intuitive, unless you're planning on Randuin's Omen being purchased more by divers and juggernauts than by tanks, and if that's the case, why is it being messed with now?
The item is still incredibly cost effective. It has the most defensive stats compared to the other armor items (sunfish and dmp) it's more likely to used by supports overall as well as jungles
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: What about champions that are "always in the meta" so to speak? Thresh/Lee Sin are examples. Why does it seem, that they are allowed to stay in a meta while other champs (like Sej for example) get their spike and then dropped off?
Correct me if im wrong but that prolly due to the fact that they are never at the top just consistently higher up. There is always something better than them
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