: The Problem with ARAM
So... to fix ARAM, make it not random?
Yenn (NA)
: This is some hard proof that this season has a serious issue with snowballing
I don't really consider this feeding. Because he clearly has so many assists, he's fighting with the team when he dies. Feeding would be 0/18/0, not 3/18/26. It's a lot of deaths, but it's not feeding. Feeding is intentionally dying to help the enemy team. He's dying to help his own team.
: Unpopular opinion: ~5% of your health per hit is one of the weakest steroids in a burst meta
: An Open Letter to Future Teammates
: > [{quoted}](name=Jamaree,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lA9hlnNn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-30T09:49:21.590+0000) > > Some reworks have to happen as with the game updating they just don't work anymore. Old Irelia didn't work, old Sion, didn't work, Old Poppy, Yorick, Warwick, didn't work. Old Akali was the only one that worked and that was just poor game design. Old Sion was fine. He was a meta dependent pick/ban who had presence at times during pro play without being as much of a pubstomper as stuff like yi or trynd. He was only reworked as a misguided attempt to remove point and click cc and his rework was only considered successful because his new kit is amazing. The old Sion is much healthier for the game than half of the recent new or reworked champions. Old akali and irelia weren’t that bad either, people just didn’t realize “stat check” champions arent actually inherently unhealthy for the game.
Uh... old Sion was not fine. He had two builds. Full lifesteal or full AP. Every three minutes you had one option depending on your build. One shot someone and turn into a squishy and useless minion, or be a big, squishy minion with some sustain.
mack9112 (NA)
: Idk he has pretty clear counter play
It's only clear when you can counter pick it.
: So I've always looked at the boards
I completely agree with you. I understand the reasons behind the anger and frustration, but what I don't understand is the mentality as if it's being forced upon someone. I continue playing this game because it's what my friends play. I don't find it enjoyable to play alone, if anything I find it painful to play alone. But to me, it seems that so many of these complaints, whether they have merit or not, are about things which are optional. "I hate ARURF and it's Riot's fault" Okay, have you tried not playing ARURF? "AD sucks and I feel useless all game" Okay, have you tried not playing AD? "Riot, your skins are overpriced and I hate them!" Okay, have you tried not buying them? "Matchmaking sucks, ranked is a shitshow!" Okay, have you tried not playing ranked? I'm not sure what it is, but it seems that people feel like they have no option, that they have to tow the line, individuality and personal choice be damned. On one hand, everyone is the God of their universe, and every opinion they have should be the law, and on the other, they are slaves, victimized by things outside of their control and it's at the hands of someone else they are forced to do something they no longer enjoy. Perhaps people feel a certain attachment to something they've spent so much time enjoying. One could say they've invested their time, but I don't consider that to be true. An investment implies you will get a greater reward in the future for what you _invest_ today. If one truly considers their time playing League an investment, yet they are only getting negativity in return, they're not that great at investing. It's time to take a break.
5050BS (NA)
: Games are now almost ALWAYS a full Stomp. One side or the other has ZERO chance to win no matter what.
The only time a team has a ZERO percent chance to win is when someone last hits the nexus. There's always a chance, however small it may be, until the game is over.
PreShot (NA)
: Match Making is horrible
It's always been broken. Every matchmaking system is. In fact, it's not even possible to have a truly balanced matchmaking system when one has to account for so many variables. It's exacerbated even more because of the inherent snowball nature of the current game. It's almost impossible to come back from a slight gold or objective deficit now. I'm paraphrasing, but last time I looked, first turret, blood, or dragon, not mutually exclusive, lead to a 65%-75% game win chance. I'm not saying these factors are the cause, it's possible that different circumstances lead to one team getting the first blood, tower, or dragon, but it goes to show how quickly the game becomes statistically difficult to win. But just knowing this makes it even worse, anecdotally, as I (and I'm clearly not alone in this thought) immediately know how difficult the game is to win after falling behind early, which makes the team even less enthusiastic in giving their best effort. Next thing you know, FF spam starts at 15 minutes. The team takes more and more careless risks, 0/11 full AP Amumu top starts running it down mid and everyone comes to the Boards to complain. I don't think matchmaking is the blame for all the problems, as there's always going to be five losers, but it, when paired with the many other problems, certainly doesn't help. They need to simplify the system and do away with the ELO system completely. No more hidden values when queuing, but queuing based on visible rank. I don't want to be Silver 4 playing against a Gold 1 in lane because an imaginary number says we're equally skilled. Queue us against our opponent based on our visible rank and if I am better, I should win, and move up. Eventually we would be in the rank we deserve, queuing against the players who are our equals. This average of team MMR for matchmaking is stupid. A 1500 MMR team could be five gold players, or an iron, a bronze, a silver, and two plat players. (Numbers made up for effect, but you get the idea).
Rioter Comments
: "why so salty in arurf"
It's weird. I didn't know they removed the option to... I don't know, don't fucking play a game mode you don't like?
: If a zed is roaming bot lane and your mid laner pings it (and actually tells you which lane...)
Yeah this only works when your mid lane, who pinged, kudos, also pushes the lane in. What normally happens is your mid will spam ping the enemy is missing, and then freeze the lane under their own turret, or in the middle of the lane. So really, if your opponent is roaming and you're not going to follow, ping... AND PUSH.
: Critical hit chance should be removed entirely, and replaced with an auto attack multiplier
I think it's a complicated solution to a complicated problem. Essentially, crit is already an AD modifier that stops at 100% chance, but made more complicated through items like IE. Spread out over an infinite span of time, a 10% critical strike chance would be the same as a 10% flat AD buff. (100(9+(1*2)))/10 = 110. A 100% increased critical strike chance is a 100% increase to your AD. (100(10*2))/10 = 200. Essentially, your proposed change becomes less and less useful as an AD gets closer to 100% crit.
faure (NA)
: playing league in the era of no agency
I feel your pain, but this has been the same complaint since... 2010. It feels worse now because you're never behind by just a little. You're either way too far behind to catch up, or giving the enemy a small gold advantage that snowballs very quickly into a large gold advantage. I remember way back when even a lopsided game didn't have a gold disparity as it does today (or if it did, it never felt this one sided), made worse by the fact that almost every champion builds along the status quo or is completely useless _and_ that a small gold advantage guarantees map objective control. Despite all Riot's efforts, we're still sitting behind first blood, tower, or dragon, giving an almost 70% win rate. It's possible that isn't the cause and it's the effect, but the changes aren't working as well as we'd hoped.
: Critical Strike Change Proposal
I get what you're saying, but of course a three item build with 100% crit would feel weak. You've built only a single damage item. You're doing less damage than you would with two damage items and one crit item, even if you're only critting 60% of the time.
: So Many Playstyles Now Impossible
On hit builds aren't dead. In fact, the most popular and powerful champions right now are champions that combine on hit abilities in their kit with on hit items. If anything, the champions without on hit itemization or skills are lacking substantially. In fact, 15 out of the top 15 most played champions on league of graphs all build on hit items, or double dip with both on hit items and on hit skills. {{item:3153}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3057}} {{item:3380}} {{item:3077}} {{item:3087}}
Dr Dog (NA)
: just go back to the drawing board with jungle solutions
You make some good points. The problems are multifaceted to be sure. The old jungle balance methodology was ganking came with the potential tradeoff that if unsuccessful, and you came out with nothing, or worse, you died, you would also lost out on the opportunity cost of keeping your jungle timer on cooldown. The opposite being, if you were farming and not ganking, you were cashing in on the free gold and experience in the jungle and gaining an advantage over the unsuccessful jungler. Now, and as had a big influence on the meta, Riot has created a time window for junglers to gank through the "mandatory" downtime as camps are easy, and clear speed is fast. There's literally nothing else to do but gank or counterjungle. A welcome change for playability, but a change that has led to a risky level 2 gank not having the risk of causing the jungler to fall behind, be it through lost and wasted time or because the camps are so easy, they pose no risk to the jungler, even on low HP. That means is that junglers don't fall behind for unsuccessful ganks as the experience granted by jungle camps has them already ahead to begin with. Though this opinion may be unpopular, as every supporting opinion is, this does create an incentive where a jungler has the opportunity to fall behind the enemy jungler if a risky gank is unsuccessful. Only time will tell. With so many flexible and different stats for each champion, and with the runes, it's really difficult to make the jungle difficult and rewarding for multiple junglers, while still placing junglers in a position to help get a lane the lead.
usul1202 (NA)
: I agree that it is a solid balancing lever, like for runaans, but I don't think ie or anything we currently have needs it. In fact, doing it with ie would utterly screw a couple of melee. If they make a direct counterpart, then they'd just do it like grasp, where the effect is different. That would also allow champs like gnar and kayle to efficiently use it. If they added a bunch of new ad items with utility and such it would perhaps work, but the biggest blocker for melee not building ranged items is making them lack defensive options, which means most melee cannot effectively use them, not a shop modifier.
I think the itemization issues are _the_ issues in the bottom lane. That is what I'm suggesting, not _changing_ current items to be ranged only, but to introduce _new items_ that are ranged only. Where there wouldn't be a balance trade for items and the need to make them both functional for melee and for ranged. Melee would have it's own set of items, ranged their own set of items. Future balance changes then only affect those champions.
: plus he gets kill credit for anyone he hits, essentially built in kill stealing from his DOT. this is not only unfair to his team mates but being an auto-carry power levels him even more easily. i play mostly ARAM and he will get kills after hes dead all the time. so dumb
Brand literally has to land every single ability as a combo to do any sort of meaningful damage. He's the type of champion that gets worse the better his opponent plays. He has long cooldowns and very poor AP scaling, you should dodge his abilities and punish him while his abilities are on cooldown.
usul1202 (NA)
: What kind of items do you think they should add as ranged only? I think {{item:3085}} was a healthy addition with that modifier, but can't think of much else beyond wave clear options that would need it.
I'm not suggesting any specific items, just the idea as a solution - a tool for the balance team to modify specific cases without negatively or positively affecting champions through the downstream effects. For instance, they can't make changes to Infinity Edge, with the goal being to bring Ranged ADs out of their lull without also dealing with how it would affect the melee champions who rely on the same item. If there was a 'ranged only' Infinity Edge, only used here as the concept, not the actual item, it could be tuned specifically for ranged classes without worry that it would make or break Yasuo or Yi.
: The Plat Experience
This is the experience everywhere, not just in plat, and it always has been. Of course, there are plenty of anecdotal cases where people will point out the times they remember a single champion solo 1v5ing and carrying their struggling team to victory. But this is a team game and having a team that (minus you) adds up to a KD of 6/30 probably shouldn't win. It's the uncomfortable truth of multiplayer games, and as painful as it is at times, would feel even worse for the team that is extremely far ahead to lose to a single fed champion. The matchmaking system is broken right now, as it always is right before the season begins. I'm currently getting 10-12 points for a win and losing 22-24 points for a loss - it makes no sense. I'm hoping that this will be fixed when the season starts, but only time will tell.
: Can Riot explain ranked logic too me?
This is the primary issue with an ELO system. It queue's you versus an invisibly number where the only thing you can see is your and your opponent's actual rank. The fix, though with its own issues, is to queue players against their visible rank and make adjustments based on that.
: Is there an ability in the game that you, personally, just can't dodge?
Morgana Q :( It's become a joke now between my friends and I.
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: The reason why I think Lucian is dominating bot lane
Lucian is dominating bot lane because his item synergies are great, all game long. Where the majority of other ADs rely on their attack's damage as multiplied by their attack speed and crit modifiers, Lucian excels because his auto attack speed is multiplied by his passive and his item's on hit effects - paired with his high ability damage and mobility. It's not easy to fight an AD that gets four auto attacks, and their on hit effects, for every one of your autos, which one could argue would be balanced by your kit and skills, but with Lucian's mobility it's difficult to land said skills. This is why champions with powerful on hit effects are difficult to play against in bot lane at all. Vayne, Kai'Sa, Lucian, etc., not only have a kit that adds damage to their autos or adds extra autos, they have great synergy with runes and high mobility. Unfortunately, Riot is right when they say that itemization changes have wide consequences across a variety of champions, and the same goes for the runes, but that said, they have refused, be it for the lack of effort or willingness or something else all together, to just add ranged only items or ranged only runes. Then we wouldn't have to worry about changes that would affect both ADs and assassins. There's no thematic or logical reason for them not to do this. A BF sword doesn't make a gun stronger. It won't fix it all, but it would be a good start, but given the history of the game the last few years, they'd rather have an unbalanced game that is fun to watch than a balanced game that is fun to play.
: Azir has a bad winrate because they nerfed his stats down a hill. Why did they have to do that? Because if his numbers are anywhere near reasonable, he is unstoppable. Exactly because of the reason that got mentioned: mobility, damage, range.... Azir has too many qualities in his kit, if he has average numbers, he dominates everything. They have to keep his numbers weak forcing him in a really weak state, so he can't warp the entire game around himself.
Not only this, but because his kit is so easy to abuse. If the Azir plays perfectly and makes no mistakes, he can win. If one (literally any champ) plays around his cooldowns and out of his range, Azir has no ability to fight until he is able to move one of his soldiers or summon a new one. With the current meta where mobility and high damage reign supreme, Azir has no chance. The enemy champion is in, doing damage, and out, before the 1-3second window where Azir can counter.
Eedat (NA)
: PSA: This abomination is about as close to a hard reset as you can get
My favorite part is losing twice as many points as I gain for a win. +12 ... -24.
: ADC itemization
Better yet, why not release ranged only items. Not only is it weird that I shoot a bow or a gun and a sword makes it stronger, it would make balancing champions a lot easier through item changes instead of worrying about the consequences of every other lane feeling the pain or the gain of said change.
: Zoe is not balanced. Its not the one shot that pisses people off, its the "I win lane because I get free summoner spells and item actives" That makes her unbalanced
That's not the only thing that makes her unbalanced. The bigger issue is that if you do not play perfectly, and miss a single dodge, you are forced out of lane. There is not enough forgiveness. It's aggravating to play against a champion that only needs to land a single spell on you, that can be cast out of vision. I'm not saying she's overpowered, but she is anti-fun to play against, especially if you don't win the draft order lottery.

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