: It's a really cool idea, the problem with that style of kits we're very appressive to new or weak players while being hard stomped by mechanical players. Is it that raid boss feel that you really like? If champions couldn't have that kit would you be okay having item builds that gave that feel? Let me know what you think, I'm really curious if it would help
See that is the thing I get that as of now league is in a state where these things are difficult to accomplish as you have mentioned with the kits being too niche and either too oppressive or exploitable. Mostly what i think is necessary is a kit that plays around it. Almost everyone agreed that right before the rework Old Aatrox{{champion:266}} was at his most prominent position in the game not only because his kit received the necessary changes to be viable but because items eventually came into play that helped him; most notably the godly changes to rageblade{{item:3124}} So here is my proposition, introduce a champion that took the best parts of old Aatrox's{{champion:266}} kit (Passive, W, Ult) use it as inspiration for creating another champion that is darkin based (or undead since the thematic of Drain Tank is usually darker/evil) make them melee AD with range increasing abilities (Why i think a legitimate Whip weapon could work) and implement a steroid system Something that gives room for counter-play but also makes the player playing as the champ feel good or a sense of Strong so heres my thoughts on how the abilites could go Passive - Rend the Weak - Gain stacks of fury as you harm the opponent with abilities at max stacks you gain bonus base ad while in combat with enemy champion Q - Break the Weak - Dash (More like say Shen{{champion:98}} dash) in any direction; dealing small damage and passing through units and surfaces; Whip the Meak can be cast during break the weak W - Feast or Famine - Toggle Every third Auto Gain bonus range (not exceeding a maximum amount) to heal for 33% of you missing hp; or every third auto deal massive bonus physical damage E - Whip the meak - Part 1: release whip in a circle around you dealing damage Part 2 return whip dealing damage a second time after a short delay slowing champions hit R - The Slaughter - Part 1: Innate Gain more Attack range(Minor amount say 25 per rank for a total of 75) per rank of the Slaughter while remaining a melee based champion; Active for x seconds gain massive attack speed, range, and lifesteal This isn't to say its a finalized idea (I am always open to suggestions because this is something i would legitimately like to see return to league but in a balanced way) but more so the desire to re include some aspect of old aatrox{{champion:266}} and sion{{champion:14}} into the game maybe in a champ that isn't as tanky in combat and can be burst down but in longs fights will be the victor. Overall i think the thing i would like to see most of all is a champ who is just an auto attack life stealing god lots of damage and lots of return on that damage but not a high hp pool or resist stats
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: It says in like the first paragraph of the notes that since it wasn’t pushed to the player clients, tooltips and such will be incorrect.
After re-rereading the patch notes i found that line, thanks man.
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: Tool-tip is faulty, they function in an additive manner.
Also if you haven't noticed they buffed his Q and E base damages in patch notes; in game they aren't buffed.
Bo Mirell (EUW)
: Aatrox passive doesnt scale with the passive ad from Steraks Gage
Tool-tip is faulty, they function in an additive manner.
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: Patch 4.14 notes
Please look into Jarvins model being inside his health bar please, just a little peeve.
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
Riot please, I have the entire line of Blitzcrank skins except Rusty Steam Golem, riot please give a day for us to buy the golem please good sirs I do not care if its almost like the default I would just like to complete my collection of Blitzcrank skins, I mean how can I strut in my j's if I am not carrying the whole collection.....

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