UnityOE (NA)
: Which region's Challengers are the scariest?
Korea is considered to be the best region so i'm guessing they would have the best challenger players too.
: **Nubrac:** "Split push roaming support Aphelios is freelo!" **Hashinshin:** "I lost top to Aphelios, therefore he is broken and needs to be deleted!" **Brofresco:** _:tumbleweed casually rolls around:_
I miss brofresco.
: I love how top lane is now completetly irrelevant and a meme 1 v 1 lane that has no impact in the game.
Hasn't it been like that since the {{summoner:12}} nerf?
Rioter Comments
It's almost like Riot knew what they were doing when they made it random.
You forgot to put the mastery emote above his head.
: What community of mains is the worst in your opinion.
{{champion:103}} and {{champion:55}} Those champs could have a 100% winrate and pick/ban rate and the mains would defend it.
Effwhy (OCE)
: TFT: Champion Pool Size.
One thing that no one here has mentioned is that just having a champion in your shop also removes it from the pool.
Sathelight (EUNE)
: So we can buy and sell units our enemies want just to deny them upgrades.... and we have no idea if the champion we need is still available. Well...
That's why you look at other players boards
PenPen (EUW)
: Ok so what I discovered so far is something like this: Yes when you buy a unit it decreases the pool and when you sell it it comes back (so always stack 1-cost champions when a lot of people are going for 1-costs and never do this if you see many others stacking 1-costs) Units come back in the pool when a champion dies. But this is the part I'm not really sure about: - If you sell a level 2 champion does it add 1 of that champion to the pool or 3? -Same thing if someone dies. I get the feeling that selling a 2 star champion actually only adds 1 of that champion back in the pool. Meaning that if you always stack pairs to get the best chance of a level 2 and later sell them you deny other players a chance of getting a 3 star champion and you still get full gold back. If anyone could test this as well and let me know the results :)
Selling a 2 star adds 3 to the pool
: If TFT has ranked mode then ARAM needs a ranked mode
TFT only has a ranked mode because autochess has one.
: What to do after consecutive losses when you try your very best?
: Is kyle worth learning?
Nah he keeps punching holes in drywall.
CLG ear (NA)
: I wish this was a thing
I'm a weeb and this is too cringy even for me.
: > [{quoted}](name=D3m37r1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=z2UuKpcP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-28T03:52:25.861+0000) > > champion.gg is pretty good. i notice most people use that. why that over op.gg? is it just preference?
> [{quoted}](name=XJ99999999999999,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=z2UuKpcP,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-28T03:53:14.477+0000) > > i notice most people use that. why that over op.gg? is it just preference? I use op.gg for player stats and champion.gg for champion stats.
: What website for stats do you use and why?
: If you could remove ONE summoner spell, which one would it be?
{{summoner:4}} People think it makes the immobile champs able to keep up with the mobile ones but what it really does is make the mobile ones way too mobile. Also alot of immobile champs are balanced around the fact that they might have flash. If it got removed the riot might really be able to fix the immobile champs.
Prozzak (NA)
: They penalise you for dodging so clearly it is against the rules. Or am I missing something here and not getting a joke?
You get penalized for leaving a game in progress but there's still a button for it. Dodging would be no different.
StigtriX (EUW)
: Please Update All Item Icons <3
The old ie looked better.
: After Rakan left the factory farm, his body was found in this state https://images.mummypages.ie/images/4302/215/10/7_5/Slow-cooked+chicken.jpg
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: It seems only pyke is allowed to have strong mobility for a support. Edit: downvote happy today are we?
USAstar (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=D3m37r1,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sOcwqXjs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-08T11:38:26.451+0000) > > Most fun i even had playing this game(behind old gp ofc). I used to 1v1 my pal's old gp with Fiora. I thought she has higher AD and I could easily win with exchanging auto attacks so I learnt W and engaged him at lv1. It turned out he got lucky with those critical shots and I lost while he had 20+ hp left. Good old days.
USAstar (NA)
: Fiora: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
Most fun i even had playing this game(behind old gp ofc).
: I think league of legends should have a more excited announcer
gatchi (NA)
: riot really stepped up with their ranked rewards this season
I'm out of the loop. What are the actual rewards supposed to be?
: Just looked at all the new skins. Does anyone else think the IG skins look like claymores?
They look like genos from opm
: I always had a feeling that the ninja fucker half healthing me with a Q was some fuckboi who's father was a lawyer... thanks Riot. Never reveal Jhin's face please, I couldn't handle it if he was one too.
According to the lore jhin looks(and acts) like a totally normal person in public.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Why isn't Kai'Sa an on-hit champion?
Crit is better than on hit so she builds crit. On hit hasn't really been a thing since devourer got removed.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Anyone realized that Jinx has 55% win rate and 18% pick rate?
She's always been strong even if her winrate didn't seem too high at the time. Back when games weren't decided as early, stalling for your jinx to get farm was a viable strategy.
wolvius (EUW)
: How Riot designs champions
This is nice but still not as good as dbz abridged.
: Mordekaiser Has Almost Definitely Never Eaten a Taco
where does it say that noxus invented tacos?
: The worst thing you can do to a champ is to break them on account of pro play
People are saying hots balance is better since they killed the pro league. Wonder what would happen if the same was done here.
: A Message to all my hardstuck brothers and sisters
Master YI is op because he has sword boots.
: oh fuck
Atleast we have urf.
: No thanks, I'll rather take a bullet than Talon being meta. Revert his W? So he can freely push wave and hoppity hop arond whole map without any danger, no mana cost, no cd? Being jng vs good Talon is pain, being adc vs good Talon is pain and mid lane is just resident sleeper, "Hehe, lemme just braindeadly push and hop around", following him? Good luck. No, I'll rather lie down on the ground full of bullet ants. Never understood why otps want their champs op, git gud I guess. > Talon gets punished easily in high elo for roaming Huh? What? W + tiamat and then he diappear for another 20 secs while losing nothing, putting out so much pressure, then he gets duskblade, bb vision... What's next, Kata mains will come out from their holes and state Kata is weak...
> > What's next, Kata mains will come out from their holes and state Kata is weak... That happens every other week.
: Then you realize the art style is overall too dark, everything is hard to locate, and god forbid you don't minion block because it took you forever to find your starting items.
Not to mention every other patch breaks almost all custom games.
: AIDs champ that will never get touched because too many people play her and will bitch and moan when she gets the nerf she deserves. Gotta sell those skins, amirite? xD. I guess its back to permabanning her.
Áery (NA)
: Repertoir on Riven “Frustration over her current state seems to be an especially western phenomenon.
Doesn't seem to be near the strongest option in the game. Since when has Riot ever only nerfed the strongest stuff?
: Why not convert to Type damage
This is not an rpg or rpg style game so no. Also riot said they don't want people to have to read up a bunch of stuff to be able to play properly. Can't remember where exactly but the example they gave was bloodseeker's ult from dota 2.
: The boards sidebar is bugged.
They needed smaller words for all the {{champion:157}} and {{champion:92}} mains. Gameplay will probably be phased out eventually.
: What's the weirdest/worst reason why someone flamed you, ragequit, or trolled in any game?
A long time ago I made an EU account. In one match I had my 4 teammates quit because they weren't having fun. Thing is we were winning. I never played on that account ever again.
: Ah. So this explains why Mordekaiser has 3 less base armor at level 1 than Sona... Wait a sec, what is Sona's dress made of? o_o
Manxxom (NA)
: Your boy lord apex has began a twitch channel. crowofjustice
Normally you're supposed to also post a link to your twitch channel.
: Am I the only one slightly disappointed that they didn't try to really rework Morgana?
Morg didn't get reworked because nothing is wrong with her.
: This game makes me cry
If it's making you cry then go play something else. This kind of stuff happens in every team based pvp game.
: anyone else miss the old gangplank?
I miss him everyday. Both gameplay and VO wise. Ah the good old days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFS4kqOYbAk
: How the frick does King Crimson even work?
: Galio nerfed to 45% WR cuz of Aftershock then Aftershock gettin nerfed and Galio isnt getting buffs?
Jamaree (NA)
: Gen 8 of Pokemon just got announced
> > The Fire Pokemon's bandage gives me fighting feels so we might be getting another Fire Fighting starter. I would hope so.
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