: @Riot, Can we get a red post on why the "Hidden MMR" system is > "just play against your rank"
If your MMR is higher than your rank and you are matched with people with the same MMR as you, winning rewards a lot more LP, and losing costs you a lot less LP. So if you maintain 50% win rate you'll still climb. This seems fair to me, at least in theory. On the other hand, playing with people in your division regardless of MMR creates more unbalanced games. Not only that, the "worse" players you may be matched with will be on your team, not just the other team. And we all know how infuriating playing with subpar teammates can be.
: Uhhh Riot, is this ok? Lex the Lucian clone?
: PSA: If there's a Karthus on your team, PLEASE let him farm.
This can also be said for a lot of the late-game champions. Give {{champion:268}} farm and he will give you elo.
: What does a programmer do in League?
What should a programmer who is bad at league do? "git gud" ...Someone?
: Thoughts on Aatrox
I like your idea and I think he should be better at splitpushing too. My suggestion to buff Aatrox without making him overbearing through better numbers is this: Make him gain incremental attack speed (1/5 the blood rush bonus) for every blood rush stack, while keeping the bonuses during blood rush the same. Also, increase the time it takes for Aatrox to not deal or take damage before his stacks start falling off so he has a better chance charging them before a fight.
: A buff to gamelength is a major buff to Azir tbh. Played him in my last flex game and after I hit 6 items I literally 2-shot every squishy on the map with Q+AA. He's like Nasus in Bronze 5. Let him get farm and give him time and he'll rape you HARD.
True, in fact Azir's level 1 and level 18 are the same as pre-nerf (level 18 is even better now with lower CD soldier charges). It's the dip in damage in between that hurts.
: Stop trying to balance the game around what's most fun to watch in E-sport.
I agree, and I have another example. {{champion:268}} shouldn't "have 42% winrate in soloqueue and be 5W 16L in competitive" level of weak, just because it's too boring to see him every game in competitive according to Riot.
Fegone (NA)
: Lot of text with no value whatsoever. My 50c: 1) Lethality is fine. Finally a way to counter tanks. Maybe don't build all AR if the enemy is stacking Lethality, maybe go with some Health items instead. 2) Items: Edge of the Night: Maybe don't whine about the item, but try to outplay the guy using it. He has it on? Maybe attack him with something other than your CC first, to pop it. All you want is for LoL to revert to a dumb point and click adventure. Let LoL evolve....
Lethality does not really counter tanks. It counters low armor targets. The percentage damage increase from lethality against low armor targets is massively bigger than against high armor targets. So if you don't buy armor you will die much faster. But it still makes tank killing easier anyway, especially when combined with Black Cleaver, hence damage creep. Also Edge of Night is broken. It has enough defensve power without paying at all in offensive power. There usually isn't enough window to outplay when you get one-shot instantly. And it can be used again after 30 seconds anyway.
: "ADC in 2k17 lul"
Yeah "ADC in 2k17 lul" is still a thing, although it's not as big of an issue as it's made to seem. Anyway, ALL ADCs you mentioned are just lethality abusing picks. If the only way for ADCs to be relevant and to get picked in the majority of games (compared with non-lethality abusers), or to have a good win-rate, is by abusing a broken stat, then there is a big problem.
Hay5eed (NA)
: "They know he's strong but unlike certain individuals they do not just want to gut that champion" If only Azir got that treatment {{item:3070}} {{champion:268}} {{item:3070}}
Right in the feels {{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}
: "ADC in 2017 LUL" meanwhile ranged ADs being played competitively in 5/5 roles LUL
And they build Lethality 5/5 times they are played LUL (or MPen if Corki). Crit ADCs still suck most of the time.
: Low elo is f'king disgusting
> like... seriously. open you eyes people Doesn't matter when their minds cannot comprehend what their eyes see.
: Renekton bullies lane and falls off hard
{{champion:268}} _used to_ bully lane then turn into a teamfight god, except he actually needs much more skill to play. And he was deemed oppressive and nerfed to do no damage early to mid game.
: half lethality for ranged
What is this guy {{champion:126}} considered though? How much lethality would he get? 75% for compromise maybe? Or maybe 0% cuz lethality Jayce is dumb af.
: Sounds fun and all, but what are the downsides? I might just save the IP and buy him so once he gets buffed I'll already have learned him.
His damage is kinda low before items and before level 10, then he starts ramping up to the same power level of pre-nerf Azir afterwards. He can do work if play him well, but in some games the burden of overnerfed low damage can be felt and it hurts. But at least you'll have a lot of fun getting better at him.
: Azir
I can summarize Azir for you to help you make a decision. Fun Factor: Extremely fun and rewarding to learn and master. Learning Curve: High skill floor and very high skill cap. Takes a lot of practice to play decently and a whole lot more practice to master completely. He's even a bit harder to get into than he's supposed to since his numbers can make him feel undertuned right now. Carry Potential: Carries very hard starting in the mid-late game after 2-3 items if learned sufficiently. If mastered completely, however, he's an extreme hypercarry threat all game long, as long as he didn't lose lane and can get his items. Matchups: Azir struggles a lot in many matchups against long range burst mages and assassins. If he's compeletely mastered however, it becomes slightly easier to manage these matchups and sometimes win them even. Back when he wasn't as underpowered as now, an Azir master can win a lot more easily against every matchup. Power Curve: Weak early game but has good harass and is quite safe. Mid game is really strong with 2 items after level 9 unless enemy team is so far ahead. Late game is downright busted provided you can live long enough to melt everything. I highly recommend you pick him up, unless you want something that can be learned quickly and is purely for climbing elo. If he gets buffed again though (which he is supposed to), he can be top tier for climbing when mastered.
: League's Preschool Community and the "Solo Carry" mentality
I'm sorry OP, the game has a huge playerbase, and is no short of incomprehensive kids, and people who are usually so tilted they get mad and toxic at everything. The ranked ladder is full of them, so stay strong.
: Riot stating that Flash is too integral to the game's balance is a farce.
Flash removal would make snowballing an even bigger problem. Flash is a tool that allows you to have a chance in surviving a bad situation that you otherwise couldn't. If your champion is immobile, then a mobile enemy champion (like Lee Sin or Ahri) have all the agency in the world to engage/disengage you even without Flash, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You don't have a chance to escape. Immobile champions would never ever dare walking past half the lane or shove.
Eedat (NA)
: PSA: You main doesn't need a 55% win rate to be viable
My main certainly doesn't need to have a high winrate, but definitely not as low as 41% either. {{champion:268}} :(
: sory, but your math is off. If you deal 105% damage, and i take 102.5%, the overall increase in damage campared to 100/100 is 1.05*1.025 = 1.07625, so 7.625% increased damage comapred to without the mastery on both sides.
So if it scales multiplicatively like you're saying, that's even more than 7.5%.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: There should be a tank version of it in the resolve tree. Take 5% less damage but deal 2.5% less damage.
I disagree. Tanks are too tanky at the moment and this will take them over the edge. Double Edged Sword allows some of them to go over the edge of damage for how tanky they are. So I would say the best solution would be to have none of these 2 masteries in the game, and balance items better to accommodate.
Quepha (NA)
: People SHOULD stop complaining about how much damage they take when they opt into a talent that makes them take more damage. On this we agree.
All I'm trying to say is that the mere presence of this mastery is one of the biggest causes of the phenomenon known as "tons of damage everywhere", which most people find it to be the biggest reason this game is unbalanced at the moment. Also let's say I'm an ADC and I don't opt into this mastery. Let's say they have a tank that took this mastery. The tank does 5% more damage to me and I'll feel it cuz I'm squishy. He takes 2.5% more damage but is so tanky I'll barely do a dent in him for the first 30 minutes in the game for that 2.5% to matter. Still problematic.
Rioter Comments
: My ranked experience explained in one gif
This season has barely started and I barely played ranked and yet I've witnessed more salt than full past seasons.
: Everyone with their username relating to their main, come here.
: You zone yourself. Farm as usual and dodge it. It has such an obvious animation.
Not if Yasuo uses it on top of you mid dash. He can always do it and get out safely as long as there are minions around. Which is pretty much all the time in lane.
: > [{quoted}](name=DEmperor95,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cdTIOnkv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-10T22:15:33.615+0000) > > I know right? It's the other way around; 4-5 man bot lane ganks happen because ADCs are weak, so when they are set behind they become useless for a very long time. Yeah... sure... Ganking for your weakest team member by setting the enemy's weakest team member is a GREAT STRATEGY in league... Wait. No. That has literally never been a good idea. The jungle meta has been *gank for the guy who is going to carry your team* for about 5 years now with no sign of change. But sure, the meta becomes gank bot lane, and suddenly "no, no, guys, they're only ganking us because we're weak hehe xD buffs please"
Dude ADCs are definitely weaker now because junglers; bruisers and tanks, do more damage and have more survivability due to masteries and healthy clears that also allow them to keep up in levels with solo laners. They also can gank more often and clear the jungle with more health. These junglers would definitely prioritize bot lane ganking (and they gank them more often this season than usual because they can for the reasons above), because bot lane tower is the easiest to kill without fortification and gives 400 FB Tower Gold. This sets your ADC ahead and theirs behind. And when an ADC is behind, they are useless because of the reasons above that makes bruisers and tanks more overbearing than normal.
nep2une (NA)
: "ADCs are weak because of 4-5 man botlane ganks." ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
I know right? It's the other way around; 4-5 man bot lane ganks happen because ADCs are weak, so when they are set behind they become useless for a very long time.
: The new client looks great, but its functionality and usability is terrible
To be honest the new client feels cluttered with oversized menus and buttons and a lot of missing features (where are my ranked stats?) It looks cool, and the visual effects are nice, BUT it couldn't be further away from being "slick" you know, it feels oversized and complicated with a bunch of stuff being misplaced or missing. But hey that's just my opinion.
: You know, people complain about his jump range, but why does no one complain about his damage? I mean the dude jumps into my back line starts doing shit while I am f*cking their backline and I look back and see in a 1v4 he has killed 3 of them. Then I try to kill him and he smashes my face and just heals back all the damage I do. Not calling him OP, just saying, why the f*ck does he need to do so much damage? HE BUILDS PURE TANK!
It's because of cheap tank itemization that does damage like Cinderhulk/Sunfire, or even Runic Echos / Abyssal Scepter with tank items for even more damage, combined with pretty good base damage on his abilities. This, combined with his CC and the stupid Courage of the Colossus keystone, allows him to live long enough to do a lot of damage.
: Varus: thunderlords vs Lux: thunderlords
Agree 100%, fix Varus please, or remove this from Lux. If you think about it both do an auto/ability and place a mark. Both use an auto/ability to do damage again, and detonate such mark for a third instance of damage. Only Lux gets to proc TLD, why? There should be no discrimination between autos and abilities when it comes to procing TLD, as long as the mechanic is the exact same.
Bârd (NA)
: Nope. If you nerf his crit passive, he will just go tank instead. Nerfing this will cause his build to go from this {{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3026}} to this {{item:3046}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3102}} Tank Yasuo is bad for both parties. It's cancer to deal with and it doesn't fulfill the "Nimble Samurai" fantasy that Yasuo players want.
If he can build tank later, he can build tank now. It won't be any better, since he's not getting any buffs. Except now he can build tank and have tons of crit from a PD, but with this change he won't have nearly as much crit until later levels.
Rioter Comments
: Use a gif to describe your main's ult.
{{champion:268}} http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/2875491/faceplan.gif
: But Twitch and top lane Rammus, shhhhh don't talk about that
Except Vayne is played n 10x more matches than those 2.
: And Riven. Don't forget Riven.
Except with Riven you click your mouse at least twice as much as you press Q to animation cancel.
Rioter Comments
: Ok vayne really does need a nerf
Make her crits not apply on her Q bonus damage. As a start.
Rioter Comments
: Syndra can lift up Rock Monsters, Tibbers, Daisy, and a huge frog
I honestly expected you to say: "But she can't lift this little shit {{champion:17}}".
Rioter Comments
Meep Man (NA)
: Would Anyone Be Interested in More "Peak of Power" Legendary Skins?
King of Games Twisted Fate http://img14.deviantart.net/e5e5/i/2012/153/9/f/duelist_twisted_fate_by_toresky-d51lxiw.png
Pupel (NA)
: Confessions of a Nasus main
Confessions of a Riven main: * I am not toxic League player and won't call out anyone or ragequit (!) * I know the limits of my champion and will not overextend, and I'm confident in my ability to win most lanes. * No matter what you do, you will never ever convince me to use Battle Bunny Riven cuz it sucks. * Unlike what you think, I will cooperate and play for the team, and try to make TP plays. * And lastly... this is NOT a kappa post. I'm actually confessing to those who stereotype Riven mains as bad people.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: Why is Amp Tome (still) so expensive?
Blasting Wand is 850g and gives 40 AP, so Amp Tome which gives half as much AP should be at least half the price, which is 425g, which is almost exaclty the same as 435g.
: Petition to make Malphite immunes to Cassio's ulti
He may look like a rock but he is soft on the inside.
: They should just change the passive from: UNIQUE: Blocks 8 damage from basic attacks and single target abilities from champions. to UNIQUE: Blocks 20 damage from basic attacks and single target abilities from champions. *Half for melee basic attacks. ____________ With that they will give a small buff against melee champions, +2 reduction, and a huge buff against ranged champions, +12 reduction. Thus making laning against a ranged top laner beareable.
There is a problem with this idea though... if this happens watch as (tanky) supports start with this item and block all harass from enemy ADCs and ranged supports.
garren9 (NA)
: What does Riven say when she loses to a Yasuo?
: > [{quoted}](name=DEmperor95,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aAcAkREI,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-09-19T04:44:04.686+0000) > > 12 year old kids are definitely going to play video games and I'm totally ok with that. That doesn't apply to all video games though, and definitely not MOBAs. The depth and complexity a MOBA has in addition to the knowledge, skill, and **mature behavior** this game requires just makes it very inappropriate for the younger audience like 12 year olds to play it. Was playing starcraft effectively at 10 years old. I see 50 year olds who have no more comprehension and worse attitude than some kids.
Well every rule has its exceptions of course, I'm not gonna deny that at all. However young kids are much more likely to act immaturely or play worse than other demographics playing this game, due to its nature. It's kind of a correlation thing.
: "12 year old kids" will always play video games.
12 year old kids are definitely going to play video games and I'm totally ok with that. That doesn't apply to all video games though, and definitely not MOBAs. The depth and complexity a MOBA has in addition to the knowledge, skill, and **mature behavior** this game requires just makes it very inappropriate for the younger audience like 12 year olds to play it.
: Use a champion move to describe how you are in bed.
{{champion:245}} E: Phase Dive {{champion:136}} W: Celestial Expansion {{champion:26}} Q: Time Bomb {{champion:236}} R: The Culling
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