: If you close the client and log in again, you will see the chatlog (if the chat restriction is still valid). Also, yes, this is how the punishment system works. Gameplay altering offenses are treated lightly, but do not dare to say a word, or you will be punished.
: have you also looked into your spam folder? If you don't find something there, I'd suggest you submit a ticket. How else are you supposed to analyze what you have to change in your chat behaviour? ^^ Just telling the enemy that someone in your team is intentionally ruining your game does definitely not immediately end up in a chat restriction. I've already done this several times (without calling out to report that person though!) like "Just letting you know our mid lane just admitted to intentionally not helping in teamfights to make us lose...whelp, another Dark Souls difficulty game" etc. This draws the attention of the enemy to what he's doing. Whether they report him for that or not is in their hands. It feels like it's helping though, got more pop-ups from reported people being punished than before. Talking about "only one report is enough" I call bs on that. Things you should not do though: Calling out for reports. Don't do the "report X for inting". If people admit to what they're doing, it's over for them. You can jokingly let the rest know by saying something like "Hah, she just said she's going to afk farm jungle, guess who's getting more exp on bot now? Beware of my level advantage!" You're keeping it cheery, your adc is probably pissed because he expected you to get mad and the enemy probably also has a good laugh. 2 possible outcomes: 1. Your ADC gives up because no one cares about him ruining the game and plays normally again (this sometimes actually works) 2. Your ADC proceeds to ruin your game, the enemy is as aware as you are, they'll probably even report him after this. And guess who shot himself in the knee by admitting to it, which makes it a hundred times easier to punish him? Hah. Cheering everyone up by doing some ridiculous (non-insulting) jokes always helped lighten the mood and prevents you from getting mad yourself ;) I'd write more right now but I'm on a train and I'm 2 stations away from my destination, sry ;)
Nothing in spam folder either, but I did re-log and the message log is there. Posting it now.
: Heyho! As far as I know you should be able to grab your chat log from the email you received. :)
I have never received an email for chat restrictions. Just checked just in case, but there is nothing
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: Sounds like his passive is registering as a spell. If so, what else might this activate?
Its intended to activate spell effects, but the fact it only activates spell effects around the AA target and not the actual AA target is really bad. It should affect everything around him including the AA target
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: What if the "Chained Champ" is actually the "Chaining Champ"?
Ahh, so theyre finally using my champion concept back in 2012 Oh the cringe http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1732594&fbclid=IwAR1vFZ4fUJtl3nBdXeQ9OWRLOtvHlidnMmgeyZZ8mAHSVCOCJUObTAXRooE
: His ult does some damage too, you know, not much, but sometimes enough to bring someone below the margin. His ult activates if either the target is below 25% **and** urgot recasts, or the target is below 25% health at the end of the effect.
Yeah Im very aware of how the ability works. Basically, I will ult someone not in kill range, bring them down to what looks like a visual 1/5th max hp and then attempt to recast, and it wont recast.
: Preseason Development Update 1
Maybe Im a little late to the comment party, but I hope my comment is seen. It would be cool to have those options to really fine-tune your champion for the early game. Like GP/10, Flat max hp, Life steal.... Some options i think would be cool to see: Maybe bring back Fortify in some fashion? It would be really cool to have a summoner option that really punishes a dive heavy team. Now that you have unsealed spellbook, you could switch it out in the late game for something a little better. Also gives more of a reason to build Ohmwrecker. Rally would be also neat, now that we dont have banner of command to push waves, rally could be more of a static option in the early game to help your caster wave deal damage to a tower, and then later in the game be used as a nice overall buff for the team in a fight.
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: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.22
So, with this patch I have lost alot of FPS, is this due to wanting to iron out the performance issues later or is the game becoming slowly more intensive? I averaged 150fps but now I drop down to about 58 - 70 After a few minutes in game
: Patch 7.2 Notes
So are we never going to see snowdown showdown again? 100% best gamemode. Or maybe I missed it this year, but you should still put it in rotation.
: Logitech Esporting looking for teammates - Bronze+ 10/24/2014


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