: I don't know, something about "rewards", "honor flairs", and "honor capsules, blah blah blah". Was honestly more exited about the "you've been promoted to silver" pop-up that I got so I forgot about the honor. :P
Congrats on silver! I'm on my way as well!
: Why does Rhaast have a 1 second knockup?
Why does Nunu have a feast on his Q, and Cho has a 60 second feast on his R, smh..
Rioter Comments
: I like both the Honor skins, but it is gonna be hard to choose between them or the skins I already have for Warwick and Twitch, being Big Bad and Kingpin respectivly
Same, I even just picked up his Omega Squad cause I couldn't resist
: No, but I did get 4 keyshards instead of 2 or 3.
Rioter Comments
Kivolan (NA)
: Why Did It Have To Be Riven and Yasuo...
I mean Lorewise, Yasuo and Riven have some rough tensions
: But it was immediately taken out of her splash arts: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Ji1cEU9wBWs/TLlCUtYCYgI/AAAAAAAAF_8/fqIJQyycLGo/s1600/LuxReimagined.jpg on her rework, why did her model retain it? And why does Elementalist Lux's splash actually give it back? https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-TKOveeiSMss/WCtoYqId02I/AAAAAAAAYVU/BoxOe4Gk9gw7KfoWqyoPGanleHw36u07QCLcB/s640/Lux_Splash_7.jpg
Cause Elementalist Lux is one sexy skin
Limrick (NA)
: If These New Leaks are True, I'm Going Bankrupt
: Skins coming out during patch 7.10?
Sukishoo (NA)
: Then that's a bug cause they aren't meant to change
That's what I thought Sucks cause I missed on some dope skins I wanted too
Sukishoo (NA)
: No. Once opened they stay that way till the end of the event.
Mine changed since the first day to now What's up with that? My friend did as well
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Jikker (NA)
: Still waiting for 50% off Arcade Ezreal sale I waited over a year for Death Blossom Elise though. I can wait again. Keeps my wallet safer =P
He's not even a year old yet
Rioter Comments
: not only this but tank fizz is hot garbage that deals 0 damage and has a terrible win rate according to leagueofgraph i seriously laugh everytime i'm against him as janna and see him autoing me 10 times while only removing 40% of my hp
Ehh. I beg to differ, I was doing quite a bit of damage using Tank Fizz the other day.
jeIlyman (NA)
: I was gonna say the same thing. Also, if its that much of a problem for you search up how to play against yasuo on yt or boards.
Honestly. i just pick Lux in to him and make him call me daddy. Burn his windwall, Q+E+AA+R ded
ButtBear (EUW)
: Remove yasuo from the game
Except high ELO players can actually win against him
Eunni (NA)
: [FANART] Star Guardian (Fallen Star) Ahri
Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
I am DJ Lucio and would love to play Xayah as the filthy ADC main I am. If you're willing to help me out, i'd appreciate it very much.
Rioter Comments
DJtron (NA)
: Thread for people with too much IP
Or just grind for it yourself like the rest of us
Slythion (NA)
: you can gift the champions with IP, no RP needed
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: Which champion will you play first ? ;D RAKAN ? OR XAYAH? [VOTE]
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Rofl... Low bronze and High bronze. Well, this made my day
: How stupid are people? Champions released on a patch are NEVER released immediately. It takes anywhere between a few hours to a day or two.
Camille took a fuckin week lol I remember how hype I was for her and the wait was horrid
: Not Lucian?!!
They take from a lot of games They've already taken from league
Rioter Comments
: I need to play these champs already X_X
Wish I could afford them lol
: Get Special Xayah and Rakan Icons When They Launch
Tfw you only have 2k IP and an ADC main who wants Xayah feelsbadman
: please dont be a riot fan right now -_- it is a legitimate request, people PAY money for champs deserve some sort of reward or compensation for that commitment and 100k IP is not easy to get, requires 1 year of game play or more and 8-10 hours per day. I play alot of games in the battle arena state, and LOL is the only game that does not compensate players with dailies or login awards.
You deserve more for paying RP for things? You daily is the IP bonus and you have weekly chests+monthly key frags You don't play the game for compensation, you play it cause you like it.
: Allow us to spend our 100k IP on Skins pleased
Skins would be too common as many people would just spam buy them with IP.
: Can you just revert the jungle changes?
Who can't jungle anymore? Name a few
Fasmodey (EUW)
: They said they will kill some champions in story, forever.
: It may seem suspicious, but her English could just be like my mum's (whose first language isn't English), and maybe she came across the boards after searching many places for help. This is the first ever post that this account has made on the boards so whoever this person is, they aren't well acquainted with the boards.
You can be 100% correct, but I come from years of time put in to online free games where the "child" breaks the rules and then the "parents" comes on and tries to mend the situation. I'm used to see this stuff being faked.
: Hottest LoL champion
I knew it was coming... but.. I couldn't the resist the hotness
aggelosmpa (EUNE)
: My sons account got permanently banned for using scripts hacks for no reason
I don't like to think the opposite, but i'd imagine a mother would have proper spelling and grammar at the very least. Also think it's funny the first thing she does is go the boards.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Excited you are?! Then play it. :D You have 0 games on ARSR at this moment. And it's been released for 3 days already.
Haven't been on that much this weekend
: Infinite Shaco Q (Bug)
Hey man I see you're a motion designer like me, would you mind ever teaching me how to do edits on clips? I absolutely suck at it. For the bug, it must be some type of problem with GA. Pretty sure I saw something lasting longer than it should have after a GA, can't remember what though.
: Eh, depends on how the other people receive it. Offense is always taken, never given. Keep in mind if the people in chat don't get it, then the Rioter who reviews the report probably won't get it either. I'd expand it out a bit and add some humor. {{champion:267}} : brb drowning myself in the bathtub ...well that didn't work {{champion:74}} : Perhaps I should invent a suicide booth, because the turrets sure aren't working today.. {{champion:17}} : I never noticed how tasty these mushrooms look
Almighty (EUNE)
: Petition to make new/reworked champions unbannable in Normal Draft games for the first week.
: > [{quoted}](name=DJ Lucio,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=aWpa4JXx,comment-id=005b0000,timestamp=2017-04-06T15:42:03.552+0000) > > shitty? > > Almost perma cc in lane Sure, but you can't reposition your ball until level 6, meaning your only real combat spell pre-6 will be shield. And even after 6 you can only reposition your ball on your old ult cooldown, meaning you're never going to do it unless you can guaranteed hit them. She's nearly 100% reliant on an ally getting into melee range so she can shockwave over and over again. A competent opponent will just shove the wave, which you will have a terrible time clearing. She might be a good top, into melee matchups. Probably best as a support for someone like yasuo or yi.
: {{champion:61}} Suddenly a shitty mid laner but a god-tier support.
shitty? Almost perma cc in lane
: {{champion:268}} Uh... I think having his current Q is better. Moving the solider around is too important. {{champion:41}} Would take a long time to get those Silver Serpents, just saying... {{champion:81}} ... not sure about this one actually. Would make him the best wave clear champion in the game, but would make him a lot less fun to play.
TCG Scar (NA)
: {{champion:202}} this seems kinda fun lol.
: Not really. His bonus armor/MR gain wears off right after it ends. AP gives you percent max health magic damage, though. :3
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