: What are the builds you use for new Galio?
Xysle (EUW)
: Unpopular opinion : why not make old and new galio two different champs
: > [{quoted}](name=DJ Lucio,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j6BTAKGo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-03-23T17:04:14.289+0000) > > rammus is balanced tho ya, but a aoe taunt isnt with its current CD. that shit should be 16 secs max.
: So, why did we give a tank a aoe rammus taunt on a 7.2 sec CD?
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: Whenever someone uses Locket, all I hear is "LETS BREAK IT DOWN!" I like Locket.
: And this is why people play galio in ranked
So you decided to ruin other people's ranked game because you wanted to try out a fucking champion in ranked and that you don't care about YOUR rank. What about theirs? Is their rank irrelevant to you? They potentially lost a game of ranked because of your ignorance.
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: True, though I was thinking more assassins in general who Lux doesn't have much to counter with. Seeing as her Q doesn't root until the dash is over and they can still use their bursty abilities, it makes it hard to actually stop them from bursting you.
Yea, I know what you're talking about. How you can Q Talon as he's mid Q but he still connects
: Did you know that if someone like Leblanc dashes at you while being hit by the root, she still gets to complete her dash before the root? Given Lux's lack of escapes besides the root, it makes it nearly impossible for her to counter the assassins who can also leap out of her E and dash away from her ult.
She's extremely easy to catch out
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: Because it's not fair for her to be able to every 11 do what other burst mages can do only every minute? And on double their range?
She still gets outclassed by most midlaners fuck you mean
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: Ultimate Kindred Skin Concept
: Sounds like a bug to me, unless there's a charge up time on sion's ult and she polymorphs that? He should be immune to cc during his charge.
He should be immune to CC, but the Polymorph needs to negate that effect and go through spellshields as well
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Dr Mercy (NA)
: Ha, nice name.
: More Elements!
She has enough
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: I was told to KMS for saying gj ^.^
I love when that happens It's just a big ball of happy feelings on League ;p
Quepha (NA)
: So your title should have actually been "Why don't we just use Overwatch's RANKING system" ? As to why Riot uses the league system: they thought it would be more fun than the elo system from previous seasons.
I suppose, not good with wording as you can see. It's an interesting system, but all I see on the boards is complaints on the matchmaking and ranking system.
: PBE Account singup not working
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004435727--Mar-16-Some-of-the-recent-PBE-invites-were-sent-in-error-including-but-not-limited-to-being-sent-to-banned-accounts Seems like it could have been accidental
Quepha (NA)
: This game DOES match based on MMR, leagues and divisions are a separate system that follows your MMR but doesn't exactly reflect it.
I understand that, but I feel like your MMR should reflect your rank, not your tier. You of course have the more LP per win less per loss if your MMR is higher than your division I just feel your rank should be represented by your MMR, not by the current tier system in place.
: Your thoughts on the jhin
1! 2! 3! FOUR! Jhin is one of my favorite champs, you should definitely get him He feels so rewarding to play well
: LF ADC silver/gold currently placed in bronze or low silver
You want an ADC that's higher elo than you?
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: hahahaha, No its none like Minecraft. it will have rounded shapes first of all. also java is a wide world, they can do it look similar to the real client in a way or another, just a bit less details. however by saying a browser client i'm not saying a real good client. its just a temporary lighter version of the game(replacement)
It seems interesting, but i'm sure a lot of work would have to be done to actually port the game to a version that runs from a browser. and we all know how rito is
: For {{champion:43}} would it be for the mantra'd ability? Cause just think about it...
Wanna kill my toplaner? Fuck you, shields all day. Chasing my jungler? Fuck you, snared from fountain.
Aeszarck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=QuickenedBlade,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=XAE385yj,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2017-03-20T01:36:26.336+0000) > > {{champion:41}} > o wait All the damage is applied at once.
: the files will sit on a server and like normal when you start the game they will be uploaded. i guess its kinda easy for people who have made a game of thousands of (oop) files. Java is at you service, it might not look as great as the launch client but it will be the (fine,good,simple) client;
When you say browser version I imagine that shitty browser version of Minecraft that was free to play on their website in like 2010
phoinix (NA)
: Muscular man erects in size smashing petite lady
: Browser Client
How in the actual fuck would the game run without the necessary files? The browser version would probably be horribly optimized and barely run
Aeszarck (NA)
: I got flamed so hard in URF for doing poorly with Ryze. In the post-game lobby, the guy said to "report ryze for being literal s&&&" I just acted positively the whole match, and that apparently pissed him off enough to flip out at whatever I did. I never even acted like I was good either. I admitted how badly I was doing, which just seemed to be fuel in the fire.
I was acting pretty passively too I even told them that I was completely dicked on by my laner and they had to say was that I was giving up and not trying. Guess getting oneshot by a fed Quinn is giving up feelsbadman
Lapis (OCE)
: This is the story of my life. It was once assumed that I was an aram bot because I died so often. Nope, just bad.
That would probably be me too
: https://jasontmalone.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/orcarcan.jpg?w=1200&h=800&crop=1
Haha. I suppose. Always room for improvement
: good for you i guess
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: One Knock Up - One Kill - A Refurbished Yasuo Complaint.
What? He can't just ult and one shot early game He has to poke you down first then ult Did you purposely just take his enhanced Q's and then let him dive you so you could QQ about how "broken" Yasuo is when he's actually relatively balanced and weaker than he was before
: I'd rather have any of them than Mr. "I get free double crit chance because reasons." {{champion:157}} At least those champions have conditions or cooldowns to their guaranteed crits.
Think about how useless Yasuo would be without the double crit chance His kit revolves around him criting and doing damage He's an ADC
: ADC's, what is your fave support to lane with?
Depends on which ADC I am Most supports usually work with my Jhin, but Leona is nice I love to have Braum when i'm more AA based like Jinx/Ashe I like any supp with a snare if i'm a combo(er) ADC like MF
: Really Riot??
You actually have the audacity to say it's RIOT's fault for them losing LP? They see the warning as clear as daylight and still go in to a ranked game, if anything, they're at fault for not heeding the warning.
: Why dont disable all rank game until the server problem solved?
You actually have the audacity to say it's RIOT's fault for them losing LP? They see the warning as clear as daylight and still go in to a ranked game, if anything, they're at fault for not heeding the warning.
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: Request for Super Galaxy Shyvanna chromas
: I mean, it is just comparing you to other players of Jinx. If you arent in the top x% of enough categories that the ranking system measures, you won't get S. Gold and CS are probably both measured, and since cs is a factor of gold, you take a double hit by having low cs.
Yea, I can see how CS hit the rating hard, it's just surprising on how hard it's weighted though.
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: You know who would be OP if they had a global ult?
1.) It's not global 2.) He can only target allies Do your fuckin research my dude
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