: Riot admitted that they force the 50% winrate with their hidden mmr.
Riot "rigs" it so that when you feed you get easier opponents and when you carry you get harder opponents, this is called climbing or falling the ladder and isn't malicious
Gramps69 (NA)
: Just gonna be devil's advocate here, you might slow her attack speed slightly, but Randuin's comes with a good chunk of health, so you're also making her damage more bursty on you as well. Not going to run numbers on that cuz I'm a brain-dead boards poster, but I believe it to be true
that means that % max hp damage does more damage, but only because it gives you that HP. Build 100 hp into 12% max hp damage simply makes it so that against her, it counts 12% less. And it still has an effect on regular, non max-hp damage
: > [{quoted}](name=wuthappen,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cun7vjnB,comment-id=00010000000200000001,timestamp=2019-02-08T17:09:03.194+0000) > > Lets assume you build the armor items mentioned in OP, then most likely you are a tank. Killing vayne is not you job and never wll be. Your job is to survive slightly longer than everybody else, soak dmg and CC her, so your team can kill her. "2ndly the game you played as riven vs vayne top" "your team had nothing for armor out side ninja tabs no one built {{item:3110}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}}" Most likely a tank, not your job Talking about {{champion:92}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Also, it's quite often the tanks job to match Vayne in a split push when Vayne is played top.
Thats what he is saying. If the team has no tanks, and nobody builds tank items, then they will outscale you and beat you later in the game because of it. he isn't trying to argue for frozen heart on riven, but the fact that you had nobody who could build those items reliably is the roblem
Zardo (NA)
: Wait what? Who downvoted you lol
: To build on this no, damage wasn't the problem in the tank meta. The problem was that durability was insane and fights devolved into ham-fisted noodle fights where nobody dealt any real damage and nobody was punished for poor positioning. Damage was so utterly low that "outplaying" and "strategy" weren't actual things. You just got tankier than your enemy and were allowed to make as many mistakes as possible. At least now you have to have SOME strategy because if you fuck up, you're dying/getting push out of lane. Tank metas are perceived to be skillful but in actuality tank metas are just lazy button mashing where no mistake is punished because eating a full rotation would take away a pretty meh amount of HP.
I agree. Every tank meta I see tends to come with the fact that *tanks* are everywhere, able to withstand damage, and utilize cc without being stopped. It may come about from higher level 1 stats for laning, but it creates an issue of too much tankiness, not too much damage. I think the boards are just trying to find a reason to explain why they hate damage meta and tank meta together when the answer is simple: 1) Different people come to rant, some like damage some like tank, they get upvoted in their meta 2) metas suck in general
SirHydro (NA)
: There is no logical fallacy in my argument. It's a stated fact the way the match making system works. Once again, you're winning fictional arguments.
Facts need evidence to back them up, feel free to back yours up and I would be happy to have a discussion ;)
SirHydro (NA)
: Strawman argument.
But you do have an influence on the game. It isn't incredibly pronounced, but it is still there. You are 20% of the reason your team wins on average. you are also 20% of the reason it loses on average. If you play well, you can skew that in your favor. Sure, you can't win them all. Sometimes everyone will feed and you cant carry no matter what. But the chances of everyone feeding are just as high as everyone winning lane and carrying you no matter how poorly you do. If this wasn't true, how would account boosters exist? How can they push people out of low elo's in a matter of days or weeks? And how do elo's always end up showing an accurate level of skill over time, making a diamond player objectively better then a silver player? How would a fixed system push those people to the top? Sure, you may get bad luck for 10 games. But logic shows that over time you are more likely to have average luck, pushing your win rate to depend partially on you, allowing you to carry a strong win rate if you truly deserve it. And don't call people out for poor arguments and logical fallacies when your entire argument is a logical fallacy. Saying "my experience proves it" and making silly analogies that explain the victim complex and not the actual issue of win rates is an extremely poor argument. That's just bad manners
øHaruø (NA)
: Okay, but let's also look at this. It's a Malphite. Assuming Malphite has more items that Vayne but Vayne carries conqueror, bork/guinsoos. And Malphite is completely shredded down. His just gave away free gold.
But this isn't something that should be dealt with as an issue: vayne out-scaling and countering a malphite has nothing to do with it. Both are carries for their team, but malphite loses a 1v1 to a vayne, because both pose a threat to the other 4 members. Riot editing bounties to work around counters doesn't make sense
Ryzalin (NA)
: ***
They just said that for urf in general, including arurf. They told us that statistic to show why it isn't a permanent game mode, not to show why they swapped to all random
: > [{quoted}](name=PitchBlack4,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8N1rY7G2,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-05-05T23:29:15.321+0000) > > {{champion:105}} - can pass trough units and takes 4-14 less aa dmg counted before armor and has less armor than most champs because of it. Not all double passives are good. > > In contrast {{champion:38}} can pass trough units and takes 15% less magic dmg. > > > Both of them need the unit passive not to get constantly stuck in minions or monsters when they e/q or r. but their kits are legitimately interesting and have a place in their roles. there's zero reason to pick taliyah in any matchup IMO.
Taliyah isn't a bad champion by any means. If anything, she jut needs slight damage buffs and not a new passive
: Can taliyah get a second passive?
Some champions have there strengths in abilities, others in passives. Sometimes a strong passive is needed for a good kit, Taliyah does not need one
: That's up to you, regardless, games can't be carried. My currently P3 friend cannot carry / do anything in Silver. My other friend is climbing through plat now and he can't play his smurf because he can't get out of S3.
Dude you are silver and started this season. No need to join the random complaining when it is painfully obvious you are not a plat player
: And how is related to the travel speed? Again i have played more games than i can count with xerath, and im 99% sure that it takes more time based on the distance. Even the most useless at dodging where able to evade them.
Because it is coded like this (I don't have exact numbers, so please take my guestimates with a grain of salt) 1) 0.5 seconds: shot launched into the air 2)0.25 seconds: shot off screen 3)0.25 seconds: shot appears on screen, hits target It doesn't matter if you shoot right in front of yourself, because it is a flat rate of time to "travel", or fly off-screen, to get to the target you choose
: Im almost completely sure its not since i have noticed at max range it takes more time to land.
it doesn't take more time, it has an animation to go into the air, disappears, and has an animation reappear where you placed it. It is not like ziggs r in that regards
: How about making towers do % HP damage to champions as well?
But one of the jobs as a tank is to take damage, and turret damage is a part of that. While it can feel ridiculous to have a tank with 3 items tank 10 tower shots, adc's and mages also get a huge powerspike, just in a different way that allows them to do lots of damage. For tank junglers, their purpose is to lock down a target and take the damage for the laner, so obviously they will be able to tank tower dives better, as they have a large difference in damage
Azadethe (NA)
: That's because post 2 items in a game, he's winning ~60% right now. Yi's that don't get shut down 100% are completely mowing down all elos right now. https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/MasterYi/ If you look at "Triples" (where Yi finishes a game with 3 items), almost all of them are {{item:1419}} {{item:3124}} as the starting items. This results in an almost instantaneous Ginsoo's charge on Yi, because of the added "half stacks charge to full" on the Ginsoo's rework. In other words, with the current Ginsoo's he always hits for at least 2 On hit effects, and 3 On hit effects on his Proc. That means {{item:1419}} procs both of its on hit abilities to capacity on the second strike Yi does. In other words, -12% of their maximum HP. -140 - 378 true damage. He's much earlier on getting almost instantaneous kills now, and like with Jhin, Ginsoo's is recursively applying on him. _**Furthermore.... people have discovered that the new Presence of Mind rune allows Yi to basically keep his Ultimate permanently available and on. **_ If Yi has CDR, and kills 3-4 people, his Ult will extend out beyond the cooldown duration left. If he has no CDR, yet still gets a Penta, his ult will be up by the time the duration is over. _**In other words, now Yi always has an ult, can almost 1 hit everyone who isn't a CC tank, and has recursively applying AD with Conquerer, E, and Ginsoo's**_ Even if Yi gets destroyed by CC, the above combination of changes really is slanted for players who know how to be patient and wait off screen for an opportunity to kill a team that has their skills on cooldown a couple times. After that, he can just dive anything, because he has bought 4-5 items and has {{item:3139}} to ease the CC. Had a Yi yesterday literally Alpha every .5 seconds because Ginsoo's +his passive were just resetting Alpha that fast. No one could even CC him, because the second he landed, he was up in the air again. It took everyone but me dying to kill him, because I was {{champion:516}} , and that was literally the only way to win: reduce the targets available for him to attack, and be the one target left who is tanky enough to take a few hits, and knock him into a turret. **If you look at Yi's win rates at Quads/Full builds, the win rate gets even steeper atm. The only thing keeping Yi win rates down are when he has 2 or less items. Aka..... the only way to win is to successfully invade him and own his jungle, which many times his team will not allow at Diamond.**
TL:DR: Silver player lost to a fed yi
Terozu (NA)
: His winrate on average in 40+ minute games is 68%.
That is really some cherry picked data. Of course a late game carry will have a high win rate once everyone is full build. And considering his win rate is actually 47%, it honestly surprises me that you chose to ignore his low win rate and bring up his high win rate in extremely long games to try to prove your point
: It's really dumb that getting ride of a skin gives so little orange essence, but the skins cost so much. And buying a champion through its shard isn't that great either because you only save what, 1k essence? It's mostly a problem for me because I haven't got a skin in my chests for months now. I don't mind it too much because I don't own all the champions. And I'm trying not to complain about free stuff. It just doesn't make all that much sense to me? Why create a system that we can't really use. It's a great system so let us use it!
But to be fair, it is the premium currency of the game, it isn't intended to be easy to get a skin from it. I see it as a way to incentivize plaers to use RP to buy more chests, to bypass the "buy one once every 4 month" system
: No it dosen't, I have been consistently mediocre for 8 years, but I have a TON of experience with jungle and jungle changes.
But you are still silver, and have not improved in 8 years. If you don't have the game knowledge to climb out f silver in 8 years, your opinion on the topic is severely weakened
: > [{quoted}](name=JustaNewb,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0AggRQ5H,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-04-15T14:12:57.109+0000) > > As long as one champion is responsible for 80%+ of the damage in a game, then the rest of the players in that game are basically placeholders. Yes, a good tank and support will ultimately achieve victory, however a terrible ADC will instantly lose the game. how are they placeholders if they are needed to win the game?
the complaint is that the entire game is built around the adc. tank, cc, peel, the majority of that is simply to help out botlane. DO you need them to win the game? yes, but not directly. You need them so that your ADC can win you the game
when the actual comment gets downvotes but the dude who posts "^" gets upvotes
: Honestly yea. I have an autistic friend and he doesn't get offended in the slightest when people call things autistic. Honestly, I'll be telling a story and if someone is being stupid I might mention them as being autistic. He doesn't get upset and I don't catch myself. We just laugh. Because he isn't autistic. He's my friend and has a name tbh. In 100 words used to describe him I would not use autistic, even though he is on the spectrum. It's sad that it's being used as an insult, but it's kind of like 'gay.' None of my gay friends get upset when people use gay to refer to something stupid. In fact, 90% of the time they use that word it's for that definition. Again, my gay friends aren't 'gay.' They're people. Gay wouldn't be used to describe them at all because it's not their personality, it's their sexual orientation, and you aren't defined by that. I don't advocate it in the slightest but words kind of just... splinter off with time. If you call someone autistic, you should be punished because you're being a prick. Not because you're using a word. If you're calling yourself autistic because you missed smite, you might offend someone, but that shouldn't be punishable at all. (Example: Dammit. Report me for being autistic, I missed smite.) I wouldn't personally do that to random people, and would only joke around with that word if I knew everyone. But... it's the internet. Thick skin is a requirement. Words are just words and their definitions do change or add a new part to them. They don't have power in themselves. The power is in the intent.
so you complain that people misuse the word... yet say that you often use the word and don't care? I feel like your a part of the problem when you are solidifying the meaning behind the word in a negative manner
ampheon (NA)
: Isn't that the same for most battle mages?
His tends to focus on point blank q's and prolonged trades in fights for his ult.
: > which is what OP is doing, and what people like him do > and the same reason ur downvoting me Keep you delusions. I'm out. If you really think people are making threads just to get points, nothing I could say would change your mind. So, peace, I'm gonna go and spend my time more productively. P.S.: I did downvote you, but I also downvoted OP. Two wrongs don't make a right, OP being bad doesn't make your bad comments good.
But people do. Lot's up points makes people feel popular and successfull, it's the same with social media, our Brian's are hard wired to feel gratified when others like what we do, and upvotes are a way to go that
: He's sayin it traded flaw A for flaw B, not that it removed flaw A completely. I somewhat disagree, but I'm just clarifying what I think he meant to say
Yeah it almost seemed to shift the issues from playing against him to having issues playing with him, with the itemization issues and a kit requiring him to be at the front line yet also be an ap mage
kargish (EUW)
: I actually think it's you who don't understand the concept. I get that getting stronger magic makes the spells hurt more, but it doesn't change the fact that it's physical. No matter how hard you tear up a rock and throw it at someone, getting that rock smacked in the face is physical, even if the spell that throws it becomes more powerful with AP. Same with the bombs, they might get stronger with magic but the explosion is very much physical. Also getting clawed by a cat is as far away from magic as we can get.
Yes, the rock hitting them is in fact physical, but we're not arguing that. We're saying wether the champion should be AD or AP. yes, getting hit in the face with a rock is physical, but how would making the Mage who controls rock physically more powerful going to make the rocks any stronger? And considering that I literally have riot in my side, you are the mistaken one As well I would say that More of her kit and lore fit with AP and it was made that way for consistency so she wouldn't be forced to build some wierd mix of Ad and AP, which is why the claws are AP.
: > [{quoted}](name=KempyreanPirate,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=LXAMJtEG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-16T20:36:31.800+0000) > > As a Swain main, sometimes it turns out okay after a couple days. Have faith! I doubt she'll have a good rework like swain
Swain's rework was mediocre tbh, it took a flawed champion and changed the flaws.
kargish (EUW)
: {{champion:76}} how about explaining her then?
I feel like your entirely missing the logic behind this. The move isn't what is actually hurting the enemy, it is how it gets stronger. Adding AD makes no sense a bomb throwing Mage because AD would essentially be making him throw the bomb faster, because he holds the AD item, not the bomb itself. It's not that "oh, a bomb touched it, that's physical and thus ad". Unless the bomb itself somehow has a black cleaver on it and throws it at the enemy on explosion, it doesn't work. AP works though, by making a bigger, stronger, more powerful bomb. The same logic applies to the Nidalee and Taliyah argument. Taliyah is AP because she is magically throwing rocks at the enemy. More AP = stronger force to throw and larger rocks. Adding AD wouldn't add a cleaver to each of the rocks, it would give taliyah herself a black cleaver. Nidalee is somewhat of an expection and tbf could have gone with AD or AP, but AP still makes sense. She is empowering her spears when she uses AP, making them magically stronger. Building AD would make her physically stronger, and make her auto attacks do more, but her q is an empowered spear. She is also magically transforming, so having stronger claws with a more powerful shape change makes sense too.
kargish (EUW)
: But I mean it's still an explosion. Seems pretty physical to me.
But more magic = more powerful magic bombs = more damage More physical = no change to magical bombs = no extra damage
: Completely disagree. Tristana's theme is safety, and her passive fits in exactly with that. Her W is a great tool to start fights, but also ensures that once she gets the kill (or even pop her bomb), she can get out safely. Her E is a nice tool to deter people from fighting her in lane lest they be blown up. Her ult is the ultimate self peel, no pun intended, knocking back any threat a safe distance while also being able to finish people off who would otherwise out-dps her. Her passive fits perfectly into this theme.
Did you ignore the entire post? The guy is arguing that the passive is making her kit passive, while her lore suggests she should be a hyper aggressive carry. Saying "yeah, but her kit support she passive gameplay" is exactly the issue
: I mean... he was unstoppable which i think is an awesome skill expression. I mean I thought that Ornn paid for that unstoppable with simultaneous uncontrollable. Is it really that powerful now that he can't put move inputs in there? Was unstoppable really an issue? I don't play him, but I loved that he had that small thing.
But the issue is that he had no real counterplay during the unstoppable, and your never going to exploit or take advantage of the lack of mobility when he has damage, a shield, and cc
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: And your argument is also pointless. A chocolate company offers you a box of chocolates (a product) that has a variety of flavors in it and you just want either 1 piece of chocolate from the said box or a specific variety of chocolates with your type of flavor. So now it's the company's fault that you can't fish out every sprinkled nut and rum combination chocolate ball from every box of 30 pieces and make your own box out of it? Do you see how ridiculous this sounds? The whole bundles are a package for this year's Lunar Event. So you can't buy this stuff outside it and it's Legacy content until the next year. And you can't buy individual things either but for your effort, gems are also included in these bundles BECAUSE EVERY PLAYER HAS ALREADY COMPLAINED ABOUT WANTING MORE GEMS SO HERE THEY ARE.
But the difference is: A) they usually will offer a box with ONE flavour, you only get a mix when you choose the variety pack B)one chocolate is very cheap, like $0.50, so buying the ones you don't want is much cheaper C)chocolate is still chocolate. It may be a different flavour, but you can still eat it and have it as chocolate that taste similar. skins are different, because if you don't want it, you just don't use it. You can only have one icon at a time, and if you don't like the one in the pack you get no value comapred to chocolate where even if you don't like it, you still get to eat it, even if it is not as good as the other flavours.
: Well, let's see...bruisers are Melee champions {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:28}}{{champion:114}} Edit 1: hit post too soon, post under construction
A lot of those classifications are just flat out wrong. Amumu, alistar, braum, and chogath are all tanks. Alkali and Evelyn are assassins, and blitzcrank is too niche to be really be considered a bruiser.
Azadethe (NA)
: The problem is, it literally takes 3 months to drop 1 punishment tier, so if someone is on the "verge" of punishment, they'll be there for 3 months. it's not like they can behave for 2 days and then "let loose." And, back in the real world: People aren't generally deliberately toxic. They are toxic as a reaction to other toxic behavior far more often. When you're the only person on your team 5/0 while everyone else fed both 0/6 and their turrets, you're darn tootin' the 5/0 is going to react to 4 people going 0/6, Especially if they watch those fights from across the map, and just see a Vayne go up , walk into the opponent, and stand in 1 spot auto attacking. Or watch a Orianna push Zoe to turret 6 times in a row, only to have that Orianna ganked by Udyr 6 times in a row, giving the Zoe 6 free kills Your 5/0 Jungler's also going to get pretty mad when a team is pinged 1:30 in advance of an infernal drake spawn, and literally no one goes, no one even wards, or they commit suicide to a brawl 15 seconds before the spawn. Or what about the Support Nami who's timing every objective, is carrying 3/0/10, pings everything out, verbally telling team in type, and calling skills gets literally ignored on every single call in a 40 minute game, and you lose because your team just doesn't care about objectives? These rages aren't the result of intentionally wanting to be toxic. They are the result of legitimate responses to teams throwing a game every way they possibly can, not caring that they are, or actual inting (How do 3 lanes feed 24 kills by level 7 when Evelynn went 5/0 ganking them before 6? I've had it happen!). They aren't planned or something someone can just look at a report card and say "I need to tone it down and prevent from occuring." They may try. But the vast majority fail.
I know I'm not who you were repsongind to, but I totally agree. If people have to suck it up for 3 months and think, "oh right, I may get banned if I flame him" for 100's of games, then it will A) make 100's of games less toxic and B) hopefully make a more long term behaviour change
Pika310 (NA)
: No, it's **NEVER **good to be silent, but it is important to choose what you say very carefully. No, I don't necessarily mean telling them exactly what they want to hear, especially if it's a **LIE** as so many of Rito's statements usually are. If there isn't a good statement to claim, they **COULD **always pose an inquiry instead. It doesn't always have to be them talking **AT **us, Rito can pose questions as well. The point is, there **NEEDS **to be an open dialogue. Rito can't continue dotting the boards with sprinkles here and there. Every day that Rito avoids discussion is another day of disconnect between us forming, which in my case has gone on for over 3 years. At this point, I don't trust a single word Rito spews.
Are you really complaining? Riot probably has some of the best mods of any company. In most communities they have one account the mods use that gets used every 2-4 weeks. Some never respond or don't even speak English. Complaining that they don't respond to literally every single post is just stupid


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