: Why I am quitting Mordekaiser
The way I see it, Riot is doing more of a "Who do we want to adjust?" instead of a "Who do we **need** to adjust?". It's been like that for a long time time. Like you said, your pal is being neglected for far too long. I can say the same for a lot of other champions, though I can't name any others from the top of my head. The memory I can remember about Mordekaiser is how they forced him to bot lane and then he gets shafted and forgotten afterwards. Recent posts show me that Riot prefers picking specific champs to buff/nerf, perhaps the more popular/used ones, instead of looking at the whole roster. It's sad to see that some champions get left behind, though 100+ champions is a lot to manage.
Skorch (NA)
: This needs to be said every once in a while.
I don't think you understand even a little bit of why those people are upset. I think you're just swinging blindly, hoping to hit anything. If anything, you don't know the passion those people feel for the game. Angry for no reason? I think their reason is much more valid than your "reason" on making this post.
Proxy345 (NA)
: Disney made EA bend over lol
Respawn will eventually regret their decision when EA eventually destroys the Titanfall franchise and any other series they make. Willing to bet that the next Titanfall game that is published by EA will have some sort of crap microtransactions system and we might even have to pay for DLC.
: Proof of the summoner icon frame on the profiles MUST BE CHANGED!
All these squares make a circle. All these squares make a circle. All these squares make a circle.
: The New Blue essence system is terrible
The fact that the new currency is now based on RNG rather than pure grind has me concerned. I leveled up to 31 and got a Taliyah shard that I can disenchant into 1260 BE. What did others get from their level-up to 31? Much less than I did. Consistent currency is highly valued for this type of game and the amount of currency you get based on RNG does not resonate with this community. Even if they did implement a first win BE bonus, that doesn't change the fact that BE is still gained inconsistently unless something is changed.
: Riot says Losing Lane is INTING, no matter the ranks you're against. They deleted my post.
Bottom line of this thread is to not say something along the lines of what you said about it being fun inting (even when it was a joke). "Context" is very lackluster with Riot at times. I believe the suspension wouldn't have gotten through if you had not said anything. But hey, this is League we are talking about. You could have been suspended either way, especially with your teammates flaming you for something they believe you did.
: > [{quoted}](name=3SheetsTotheWind,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B4d0jLBc,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2017-10-18T13:40:23.186+0000) > > In my opinion, if Riot insists on keeping his free crit stat in his passive A passive that you need to buy stats to even use is not free, and it also comes with a crit damage penalty. Very few champs get stats that can truly be described as "free" and Yasuo is not one of them.
"Buy one, get one free." Maybe it's like this?
: EA has destroyed another studio
If I remember correctly, EA rushed Dead Space 3 and it turned out to be an action-shooter than a horror-survival. It was originally supposed to be a masterpiece but EA decided to fuck them over. Besides, EA is highly known for bringing microtransations into their games and most of the time, ruining them. Even on mobile, EA has been making apps for cashgrabs, such as Real Racing 3.
: What games are you playing?
Right now, I'm getting into **The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt**, **Gundam Versus**, and **Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain**. Eventually, I'll play the **Jak and Daxter** series on PS4. A longtime favorite. Recently, I've played **Fallout 4**, **Titanfall 2**, and **Rainbow Six: Siege**.
: The problem with ADCs is they do too much damage full stop
Remember that their items are also cheaper than other classes. A lot of crit, sustain, damage, and mobility are at their disposal.
Drugoth (NA)
: Permabanned? There are reasons Riot tells you you're 0.006% of the community.
Sure, 0.006% of the community is permabanned. What you probably don't account for is the amount of daily trolls/toxic people that ruin people's League experience. That amount is much larger than the amount permabanned. Those who are trolls or toxic may not get banned/suspended at all, if not permabanned. There's no reform in people who gets reported and doesn't get flagged.
: Youtube is fucked, we need to start actively pushing for a change of platform
I believe this was last week. All of a sudden, Youtube started to demonetize FPS gaming channels. Rainbow Six Siege, in this case. Perhaps some others popular FPS games as well. You wonder when nothing much is going on and then all of a sudden, Youtube decides to fuck people over with their vague policies _cough_ excuses _cough_ .
: Uh........no? Are you talking about me asking about how you come back mentally from a game like that? If so... Of course they're not going to just rage when they get a little behind. They're a professional League of Legends team who are not only the most decorated team in China, but one of the most recognizable teams in the entire world. Why would they give up so easily? My point is that a game like that is a massive blow to morale, and no matter how much you work on it, it could still affect your performance down the line. Also, EDG is a team that is very susceptible to morale, especially when it comes to Clearlove. In all of their interviews, it all boiled down to "We live and die by Clearlove". If he's not in the right mindset, the team stumbles on itself. If he is in the right mindset, they fricken dominate. So, its questionable as to how that game will affect them in the future. Will they be able to shrug it off, or is this effectively the end of their worlds run?
> [{quoted}](name=Paleo Electro,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=q0IqdwYH,comment-id=000f000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-06T20:42:59.003+0000) "China" *facepalm*
: The fall of a honor 5 player (EXTREME TOXICITY)
: Riot is an amateur business: Every single patch there's a new bug. Nvm the fact that the new client is a giant shitfest full of bugs, let's not forget how shitty champ select has always been with its bugs. Several years after they still can't get it right. Lmao, trash company. I could code endless rows of /if sentences and do a better job than these nutheads.
Joppalo (NA)
: What has happened to ARAM?
So the plague in SR has seeped into ARAM as well, eh?
Atuko (NA)
: Riot, for future reference, handing players icons is not proper compensation
"Compensation" in icons is just a terrible thing to do because people won't know of your achievements because you chose not to display that specific icon. I would prefer a ribbon or mark that will show on my profile that I achieved this or that over an icon that will never be used. I bought all the champs for the current roster and I get an icon? Nobody will know because I most likely wouldn't equip it. For those who received honor icons, you guys should have received some sort of old style honor ribbon on your profile. Even better. You could have a page in your profile for such achievements that can be viewed by others.
afmghost (NA)
: So my own team got pissed because i backdoored the nexus and won the game
How low have the player base stepped down? Deeper than the depths of darkness that Dark Souls tread in.
Doaenel (NA)
: Do Not Join ''Elite Classroom'' Tournaments Pt. 2
I wouldn't be surprised if they made the rules specifically to scam people out of their money. "Be active". Is it how many messages I send? Events I attend to? Games I play with the people in the discord? I have a feeling that I've seen this kind of bs before. First, make the rules vague. Next, finish the event with vague rule in place. Then, tell the participants that they have disqualified themselves from receiving the prize because they didn't meet said vague rule. Finally, scam them out by wasting their time, not giving them the prize they won, and kicking them out from any relevant groups with a grain of salt. They could literally play around with the phrasing of a rule and manipulate it to their own agendas.
Doaenel (NA)
: Do Not Join ''Elite Classroom'' Tournaments Pt. 2
I believe Riot should be more stern on these kinds of matter. It's already bad enough to have shady people use their game to scam/dox people and get away with it.
: omg riot.. this made my day, customizeable champ select
tbh, this should have been implemented long ago. it's not a particularly hard client feature to make, in theory.
: PSA: You shouldn't negotiate with champion select terrorists. Here is why:
It could be an option, but we should be able to report trolls in champ select. False reports will be flagged and punished for. They should have logs or recordings of the champ select if they can.
Rioter Comments
: remember when mordekaiser did this kind of stuff building full damage, required flash to do it, and had to autoattack something 2 times before he could 1 shot anyone and it was immediately nerfed the next patch
> [{quoted}](name=Latitoast,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=aaN3f2mK,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-09-04T16:09:07.972+0000) > > remember when mordekaiser did this kind of stuff building full damage, required flash to do it, and had to autoattack something 2 times before he could 1 shot anyone and it was immediately nerfed the next patch Ahhh, I remember this. Fun times. All you heard was HEAVY and METAL.
: Can people stop with the mentality that runes was some luxury that we "wasted our IP" on?
Some people do not know the struggle to grind for days just to get a couple of runes you need to build the way you HAD to. Some call us entitled, brats, complainers. People newer to the game didn't have to go through the constant grinding to buy 2000IP quints, 800~IP Tier 3 runes, expensive rune pages. They get the benefit of being introduced to a new rune system that doesn't put them through that as long as we've had. I saw the first picture for refunds ratios. and I was okay with it. Refunding a good amount for runes purchased the previous seasons while 100% refunds for this season, which allowed all of us to purchase runes this season to try out without being penalized in IP. Then, that video happened. "It's just a luxury." Then why are YOU buying them? It's just a luxury as you said. You don't need them. Save your IP for pages or champions you haven't bought. Perhaps those are luxuries too?
Salron (NA)
: What League sounds give you an eargasm?
: Why do people think it's cute to say gg ez at the very end?
: Balance team has got to stop revolving its world around ADC.
This is what I slightly believe in for the time being. Now that supports are receiving more protective items, it is about time that ADC items (or other items in general) receive a nerf to their protective/defensive stats. All that shielding and healing along with the ADC's own defensive stats makes it harder for the ADC to die. I remember when ADCs were vulnerable where supports are there to help them survive, not being extra like right now.
Meteora (NA)
: 5 tips for toxic people who want to change.
Another tip is to mute pings if you find anybody abusing it. Examples: - Spamming your respawn timer - The infamous misuse of the question mark ping - The anonymous blue ping that spams you and you don't know who is spamming it Whenever I see these things happen to me, I get frustrated. It makes me feel calmer and more focused on the game when I do mute abusive pings.
: This group won without a single kill and Riot bans them all for 14 days
They need to add a time limit so this kind of toxic experience doesn't happen. 30-35 minutes tops. Team with highest score wins. I believe that this way, the team who's receiving the end of this kind of play isn't forced to surrender to end the game when it's going nowhere. They can focus on getting more points than the other team if they want to stall it out.
: These Vayne buffs on the PBE lol
What the actual fuckity fuck?
: I love getting assassinated by ADCs
Sustained burst is what I heard.
: For all the complaining Ascension gets
People complain about it because they know that other rotating game modes are available as well, or that it is NOT available and we haven't heard any explanation yet, afaik. What we have now is Ascension, Poro King, Dark Star, once-in-a-while Doombots... and I feel like I'm forgetting one or two but oh well. What has not been available since a while now is One for All, URF, ARURF, Black Market(?), and some others if any are missing. Ahh, I miss seeing 10 {{champion:64}} s flying around and kicking each other in the shnoz.
: Wow, Good Thing Assassins Have Delayed Burst Now...
Game is revolving around ADCs recently and now.
: When Vi goes full damage
: Real weapons are overrated
What if his "imagine if I had a real weapon" quote was slight sarcasm and he enjoys using his brass lamppost to beat you to a pulp anyway?
: Make Honor level progress visible?
I've said before in a previous post when it came out. They should have a popup notification that gives you encouragement and that you're *insert progression* there.
: Why are people shocked when they are banned?
They normalize their bad attitude and when they don't get punished for it, it gets worse. They feel as if it's okay to be a little shii head with their keyboard warrior ego. "It's not my fault. It was theirs!" Deflection and denial.
: I think the Blackout passive on Duskblade is too strong
It should only grant vision of the ward that saw you.
Sinlaire (NA)
: Maybe. But i saw somewhere in one of the posts that came out in the last two days that Riot is currently shooting for 60 different runes on release. Now I don't know about you but 60 runes sounds like A LOT of potential min/max optimization on a champion by champion basis to try and just cram into 2-3 standard on the fly pages. Especially in some games when if you're playing anything other than ranked (or maybe draft) and you're struggling to decide on what champ you want. it leaves little room for totally overhauling runes when you only lock in 10 seconds until champ lock and skin select.
Eventually, you'll start knowing which runes you want to use in a game anyhow. You main a champ, then you figure out what you need for that champ and blaze on through the rune pages for it. It'll depend on how they lay out the runes though. Masteries are easy to click and point it in. Runes may be a list and you'd have to take the time to scroll through it to find what you need.
: [MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Rengar
Just going to emphasize {{champion:107}} 's fluidity/blandness on his Q using {{champion:121}} as reference, because they were released back-to-back with rivalry in mind. {{champion:121}} 's Q is a single target, point-click attack that has a very short cast time/animation time which can be seen as a pseudo-AA because you can weave it in between abilities and AAs. It gains utility when evolved and interacts with **isolated** enemy units. Meanwhile, you have the new {{champion:107}} 's Q that locks him in an animation that seems a bit too long to maintain fluidity. It is a skillshot, with one part of the attack 180 degrees in front of him while the second part is straight ahead of him. Both of these can miss entirely if the enemy just walks past him, away from his attack area. This ability gains **only** bonus damage when empowered by ferocity. No interactions whatsever. As I see it, {{champion:107}} 's identity does not shine with the new Q. {{champion:121}} speaks "I am going to rip YOU with apart with these claws, then the rest." {{champion:107}} should speak something similar.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: What champion passive would be completely broken on other champions?
{{champion:75}} passive into {{champion:119}} passive?
: Midlane she seems pretty balanced except her powerful ranged waveclear, heavy cc, heavy damage, and crazy safety. Toplane, on the other hand...She's a ranged top, with all that brings, but instead of being a normal ad ranged top, she's a mage, so she has aoe wave clear, which makes her even _more_ safe, and means she scales better into teamfights. Her Q is actually fairly short ranged, unless there's a minion wave present, and that never happens in the laning phase. It also has a high mana cost, so it's considered fair for it to have an incredibly low cooldown for a 0.7 ap ratio ability with a respectable slow to the primary target. If a melee champion ever actually closes onto her, she presses W and then they don't. Also she gets another free q onto them. Probably another while they back away. If she's facing Irelia, Renekton, or post six Akali or Kassadin, and pressing W does nothing but 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 40% AP) damage + 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 (+ 70% AP), she presses e, which is not only a ground targeted blink (really really strong for escaping) that can't be blocked or interrupted easily, but also benefits from Leblanc Syndrome thanks to the delay (which admittedly makes engaging harder for her). Leblanc Syndrome occurs when an ability, such as Leblanc W, or Ryze Ulti, or Lissandra E, has a delayed, targeted blink. The player of the champion insists that the delay makes the ability harder to use, and in some cases, they are right. However, when escaping an enemy without heavy cc or sticking power, the ability says "Pick a location: Either the place I have telegraphed I can blink, or the place I am now. You are only one enemy, you can only chose one location. Ok, picked it? Wrong!". The player of the Leblanc Syndrome champion gets to feel super tricky and clever, often crowing about "THE JUUUUUKES!!!" while only the enemy champion knows that there was no real choice all along and no way for them to win. Anyway, back to Lissandra. At level 6, she gets to chose between a targeted Sejuani Ultimate that has damage scaling with her primary stat, or a Zhonya's with damage scaling with her primary stat and hp gain.. No, no, not like Kayne or Kha'zix gets to chose, not at all. No, she gets to chose each time the ultimate is up. Whichever one she chooses actually further aids her ability to not have to pay attention to melee champions in the laning phase. In teamfights, she's a huge damage and cc threat with short cooldowns, and powerful utility, which doesn't sound that op until you compare her to the shivering, underfarmed wreck of a melee top that is her counterpart on the enemy team.
Hahaha. In ARAM, I would hit them with my snowball, throw my E backward, tele-snowball to enemy, W, E back to safety.
: It's really sad being 1-shot by an ADC as an Assassin.
When you all-in a fed Draven as a fed Zed, hit all of your abilities, and you die because he bursts you harder than you to him while sucking up your life force. feelsbadman{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
AhmCha (NA)
: Diversity which keeps viewers interested. If the same 20 champions are juggled around, it gets boring and viewers become uninterested which hurts Riot as a business.
On that note, how many times have I seen Cait-Lulu bot, to name one? If I do see it, I'll just tell myself that it's going to be such a boring match, seeing the same kind of action again. Focusing on bot lane, that is**
: Stop blaming your Mid-laner when they call MIA and you still die!
These kind of people are disgusting. They are what makes the community known for; its toxicity.
: Why is the league community so toxic?
I am sure there are positive people in this community. Yet, I have seen people do the most toxic/negative things ever without them even saying anything in chat. Here is a list of some few: Ping spam harrassment. (We've all seen it.) Spam-champion-icon-on-Tab-menu harassment. (You know, when you click their picture repeatedly on the tab menu) The question mark ping The spamming-summoner-spell-cooldown Here's a few that requires chat: Asking for 9x report Someone lying that you said something offensive in postchat or allchat (Recently had someone lie in postchat that I called him a n***** when I haven't said anything all game. I was mindblown.) The usual bs they spew out at you I've played this game ever since its early seasons (2-3), and it's been getting worse ever since. The retention rate of troll/toxic players and those who do not reform contribute to this. The rate of which new players join League and the chance of them being a toxic person also contributes. As I have discussed with my brother many times, "The IQ and attitude of this game's general playerbase has been dropping with each season." Having a good game is great, but there are those games where people are the absolute worst and it's just very frustrating to deal with. **You should also look at the fact that this game is a free game as well.
: What the fuck do you want me to do
Players such as that makes me want to facepalm myself repeatedly and rip out my scalp.
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: So if Spellvamp was unhealthy...
This issue is the epitome of Riot's hypocritical values. "Let's remove AP spellvamp items because Vlad and Swain are too strong with it." Then you have AD champs who lifesteal the shit out of enemies and minions, in which some of them just autoattacks. I would also like to mention a good number of items that has lifesteal/physical damagevamp, including those that have defensive stats.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Thresh is nearing 40% pick rate with a 53%+ win rate...
To be honest, he has a LOT in his kit. He can do so many things for his ADC, let alone for his team.
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