: what's Dominion? I've been playing 3 seasons dont know what that is
you didn't play back during the time of seasons 2 3 and 4. dominion was taken away from us. It's the same map with Ascension but with different objectives where you would have to capture pylons in order to get your opposing team's points down to by capping the pylons. One of the original League of Legends trailers actually shows Dom with Teemo, Ryze, J4, and others
: how about old ascension? No? Only me? okay {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
how about just having Dominion come back in?{{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Dragon Maid Shyvana
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: I know my input probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I'd love to have this feature in the game still :) Item sets have been a huge part in my experience learning this game, as well as teaching new players champions. I think the only reason people didn't use it as much is because the whole system itself was more or less neglected. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen anything in the patch notes for years about item sets, and items from Nexus Siege are still in there from devs just not bothering with it. I know RIOT is trying it's best to cater to as broad of an audience as possible, and I won't criticize you for being busy or not catering to everything **_I_** want from the game, but if even a basic item set system could find it's way into the full launch of the new client, I'm sure a LOT of people would be happy. Bonus points if you can maintain and care for the system, and maybe even bring attention to it every once in a while :) Thank you, Huevo! :D
believe it or not, your input does matter. riot has changed things due to what the community has said about it before. like Lux's original form. It was super horrid. Anyone that was in beta remembers that.
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: When we choose the champions for arcade we get together and talk about how we see them fitting into this world, and then depending on how the idea is shaping up make a decision about where they fit. Right now there are actually three sort of 'factions' within the Arcade theme; There's the Gamers that are jumping into these worlds (Tron style), the Natives of the game worlds (Wreck-it-Ralph style), and the rogue bosses jumping around causing havoc. Even then among those there are differences; Sona, MF and Riven form something of a holy gamer trinity; the goddesses of RGB destined to 'save the game' while Ahri and Ezreal are more rounded 'players' who have only just arrived in the game-verse. Another example is Veigar and Blitz, with Veigar being clearly on his own level - messing with the code at will, fully conscious of where he is and what he can do, while Blitzcrank charges around driven solely by a copy of Poro Roundup. Sometimes champions are selected for a theme and then designed, sometimes a theme is chosen then champions are explored, sometimes there's a great idea or concept we get excited enough about that we just go with it. I remember Corki came up this way - as a really solid pitch in a meeting that made too much sense to pass on, while Ezreal and Ahri were chosen for the Arcade patch this year a long time ago. As for the Bosses, I agree that next time around I feel like we gotta have at least one. I suggested a few at the last ideation meeting and there was a world in which Corki ended up being a boss a'la Eggman, but the Bullet Hell theme was too great to ignore and all that remains is a mustache.
Was PAX Sivir the Prelude to the whole "Tron Esque" "Players"? After all, she IS the most 'Tron' out of all of them. Her blade might as well be a disc from "Tron"{{champion:15}}
: Hell why not ultimate? Every time you Q all your comments get one upvote, on every website. When you fatally Q an enemy champion it deletes a game from their steam library at random. When you ult you get bigger AND everyone else's models get smaller (including turrets and jungle camps) like the lightning in Mariokart. If you ever die your opponents get gold/exp and a randomised loot table - maybe your support gets an IE or your warlock gets an account-bound epic bow. If only.
Isn't the account bound epic bow a little.... DotA ish?
: The last Lulu changes hurt both support and solo lane Lulu, even with the attack speed bonus on W. Her Q just can't poke and pressure nearly as well anymore, so her winrate dropped in all roles. This patch's buff is okay for support; though it doesn't really solve the problem, it's a step in the right direction, and it's nice to know Riot is trying to working on Lulu. Also I love the Nautilus buffs. More plays = more fun
In my opinion, the world of Runeterra's oldest Suppordle needs a rework! They've given Ryze{{champion:13}} 3 or 4 reworks now. Why not our favourite Suppordle? {{champion:117}}
Akaash (NA)
: Why isn't the tribunal back yet? The game has actually gotten increasingly more toxic without it.
Toxicity is a true concept. It's players being rude and just negative. It happens in most games, and it's a thing, The tribunal was a great concept that RiotLyte said they would be bringing back during 2014 and it hasnt been back since. I Hope it happens and it needs to come back. If players took their time to do the tribunal reviews the game really would feel a little less "Toxic" or "acidic".
: Dino Gnar will eat you up!
I will nom you like {{champion:31}} I will drunk you like{{champion:122}} I Will run faster than {{champion:17}} when he gets spooked. I will trample you like {{champion:106}} But i am none of these. I am {{champion:150}} {{champion:150}} :D

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