: teemo rework when?
I'd say teemo is honestly fine and the W itself is fine i do think though that maybe give him an AS boost when he w's as well? that could be a solution for you i mean i play him constantly and i usually do well over 70K per game and i find it very easy to solo carry you can even solo defend if you set up shrooms correctly the play style of him has changed though the more troll idea of him has because the viable strat just picking 1 area to fuck over for a while like for example if elder is coming up and your on blue side jsut go to red side red behind dragon pit and shroom the shit out of the entire jungle and there is nothing they can do if they don't give up near to all vision.
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Hotarµ (NA)
: The reason I'd argue for it staying is that: * Teemo's shrooms are very frustrating to fight against as is, but more so on a narrow hallway like the Howling Abyss. * There is no other reasonable alternative to Oracle's Extract. Duskblade isn't up that often and your minions won't even cover 15% of the area that's covered in shrooms. * If the item were to be removed, Teemo's shroom duration would have to be heavily nerfed as a result. _Heavily nerfed._ * If the item were removed without compensation, Teemo would just dominate every game he's in. Shrooms cover such a large surface area and there's no drawback to using them. If there was no counter to it, I'm pretty sure Teemo would single-handedly kill the fun of every ARAM match he's involved with.
Like i said above it could also be nerved such as cost being increased and time being lowered im saying that because of this item the way it is it makes these champions and many more such as rengar and a lot more like him almost completely useless. The way it is now a good deal of champions become almost entirely useless because their core way of playing is completely removed. Although i agree with what you are saying i do feel as if SOME sort of change must be made. Whether it stays or it goes something must be done because its a very old item that was made for the game way back when and the way it is now is just insane. For matches to be most of the time roughly 25-30 minutes if your're lucky having a 300 gold item that lasts 4 minutes is absurd. I do however completely agree with your points but i also very heavily think that the item needs some type of change because the way it is now is just about as game deciding as Death fire was to tanks it completely destroys invis related champs.
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