: No room for casual play in League of Legends. You are forced to commit to LoL or Uninstall
: Probably one of the objectively bankrupt characters the lore has to or could have to offer. Like I'm not trying to be a dick, but seriously, of the roster of characters with even a basic notion of depth, emotion, personality, aspirations or even the slightest bit of agency within the very universe he supposedly exists in. Gregas is a piece of cardboard. The remnants of his old lore has arguably nothing substantial to offer nor a foundation that might have compelling potential. At least compared to other champs who hardly exist at all in their universe (Malphite, Zilean, Shaco etc) all have a captivating fantasy baseline. On a character-level, what amazing potential could be tapped into from Gragas? I can't see anything. But I say a huge pay rise to whichever writer takes up the challenge and thoroughly pulls it off!!
My guess is he'll end up being a braum-like, folktale character. A wandering brewer with magic grog or something.
Zeanix (OCE)
: What happened during the first year of Battle Academia?
Have yall read the bio for Kat's skin? "The assassin club is the only club permitted to **kill** opponents in **school-sanctioned** duels." That shit is dark. What kind of shitty hogwarts-ass school do they go to?
Rαy (EUW)
: This game isn't enjoyable anymore. And the reason is too much damage.
Still better than watching a Maiokai and Nautilus top slap each other to death
Reav3 (NA)
: We haven't pegged down the exact date, but it should be sometime shortly after MSI is over
Will there be development posts about the process of reworking the chosen champion like the voted skins have?
: Dodging the joke/topic, some really interesting game news should be coming out around that time. Morde and Wu's reworks should be getting a test run on the PBE (hopefully), supposedly they were doing some work on Diana, probably get the results back on the 5 rework vote, we'll all be back to flaming Riot for failing to straight up nerf S(+) picks w/ no compensation buffs for the 10th(?) patch in a row, maybe see if Kayle'll finally get balanced (she seems really close atm)...
Tarnex (EUNE)
: Please make champion based on character from comics x MARVEL
I don't know, I like that they're making a lot of cool non-champion characters. Remember, Champions are supposed to be the absolute best in all of Runeterra, hence the "Legends" so making every character who looks even remotely cool a champion isn't a good idea imo.
Atgo (EUW)
: A bunch of people are pointing out the magical thing, but I want to point out some quotes from Fiora's lore: > As the youngest daughter of House Laurent, she was destined for a life as a political pawn, to be married off in the grand game of alliances between patrician houses... >...She declared before the assembled host that she would sooner die than be dishonored by allowing someone else to control her fate. Her husband-to-be was publicly shamed and his family demanded a duel to the death to wipe away Fiora's scandalous insult. > > ...Presented with so stark a choice, Fiora's father made a decision that would damn his family for years to come. That night, he attempted to drug his opponent with a draught to rob his blows of speed, but his attempt was discovered and the Master of House Laurent was arrested. > > Demacian law is notoriously harsh and unforgiving. Its justice allows no leeway, and Fiora's father had broken its most fundamental code of honor. He would suffer public humiliation upon the executioner's scaffold, hanged like a common criminal, and his entire family expelled from Demacia... > > An ancient and all but forgotten code of honor allowed for a family member to expunge the shame of one of its number in blood, and thus avoid the virtual death-sentence of exile. Knowing they had no choice, father and daughter faced each other within the Hall of Blades. Justice would not be served by a mere slaying, Fiora's father had to fight and be fought... > > Some still speak of her House's disgrace or decry how standards have fallen that a woman should dare call herself ruler of a noble House, but only in private. For when such gossip reaches Fiora's ear, she is quick to call out those rumormongers and demand justice on the edge of a sword... Tell me, do this really sounds like "morally white" to you?
Yeah, Demacia is clearly pretty sexist, xenophobic, conformist etc. Most of their problems seem to be societal, while Noxus seems to have little to no prejudice.
: {{champion:136}} ?
I'd argue that he's more of a "higher being tricked into service", but I agree that this theme already exists in League, most notably {{champion:163}}.
: Why so many champions use magic or technology, but not both at the same time?
Technically {{champion:115}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:42}} all fit this description since yordles are inherently magic. And hextech, which accounts for most of the technology in the game anyways, is directly powered by magical Brackern crystals.
Pale Mask (EUW)
: A lot of content came with this Nunu rework. I wonder if future VUs/VGUs will get something similar.
I think it depends on the scale of the VU. Ezreal for example, probably won't get much seeing as he's mostly getting visual stuff. Kayle and Morgana on the other hand, are probably getting a lot, mostly just because it's two at once.
Rioter Comments
: Gnar's Bio has been update
That monster better be Vel'Koz. I'm sick of every god damn throwaway void monster being a vel'koz ripoff. It makes him feel lame and less unique.
Xilixer (NA)
: on the fence with vel'koz's new lore
I kind of feel like they're making him feel less special. He just seems like a weaker version of the Watchers now, especially since every fucking voidborn we see who's not already a champion looks exactly like Vel (remember the creatures in Nami's comic and Ryze's short?)
Khâmul (EUW)
: What would happen if a conflict started between the undead and the void?
Maybe the undead would win initially, due to being impossible to kill, but eventually they would figure it out and adapt. Vel Koz's entire purpose is to collect scientific information and such to understand how their magic works. Once they do that, the undead is meaningless against them.
: It's a shame Voidborn can't look in-game the way they do in-lore.
Yeah, I kind of wish they would commit to either the cartoony, old style of the void, or the newer, eldritch style, instead of flip-flopping between both.
: Universe Update - Vel'Koz & Lissandra
So, if I'm to understand correctly, the Watchers aren't directly aligned with the void, although they came from it?
Espeon (EUNE)
: Awesome info from the new Nunu bio!
So, based on Nunu's described powers, I take it he actually inadvertently made all those stars fall in his teaser video when he wished for more wishes?
DearPear (EUW)
: The summoner's rift is NOT part of LoL's lore. It's been this way for years.
Isn't there already lore for it though ever since it's redesign (Which was after the retcon)? The whole thing about the two summoner factions fighting?
: This Friday will be the longest Blood Moon of the century. Also Vladimir's birthday.
Really though, how is there not a blood moon skin for him yet?
: Given that Chem Baron Velveteen Lenare exists, what is so revolutionary about Viktor again?
Everybody else it basically making steampunk prosthetics, Viktor is actually altering his mind and body with cybernetics, to make it perfect.
: Mordekaiser, The Iron Revenant: A character Study
I see Mordekaiser as the "big bad" of the Runeterra story. The void might be a little spooky, the Darkin might kill some people, but when it comes down to it, Morde is the ultimate evil in Runeterra (Except for {{champion:45}} of course). Rito should really just go all out when designing Morde, as a complete sauronish monster.
Rioter Comments
: This Noxus Lore is blasphemous ! We all know who rules Noxus !
I really am curious on Kled's place in the lore. Considering he fought an entire Noxian legion, and presumably won, Noxus is going to respond, right? They can't just ignore him. Hopefully at some point Darius meets him. It'd be cool if they let him keep the land just because he's strong, and that's their whole philosophy. Which brings the question, is Kled still fighting for Noxus? He's been in every war they've ever been in, so it would make sense for him to still be fighting.
: What do you call a leader of a Shuriman city?
Azir is reffered to as emperor right?
: New Xin Zhao Splash Art
This definitely fits Demacia a lot better, but looks nothing like he does in-game. He should just get a model or even a texture update to better align him to the splash (which is awesome).
: Deception...and age of the champions
There's no clear timeline set in place, but my guess is that it goes something like {{champion:150}} is encased in ice > Targon develops and eventually deceives {{champion:136}} into service > Fall of Shurima > Fall of the watchers > Cursing of the Shadow Isles > Darkin invasion >{{champion:82}} 's reign and subsequent fall > Rune wars > Modern Runeterra
: So we only have 2 out of 3 Noxian leaders in game...
As others have said, it's just Leblanc. Riot all but confirmed it in [this thread.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/ZMQ5Byae-dear-riot-i-dont-buy-the-faceless-character) They just aren't outright stating it.
: [Noxus Lore Update]: Mordekaiser & The Pale Sorceress
Mordekaiser's had that lore for quite awhile. It's still reflected in his bio.
: "The Faceless," Trifarix of Guile - Discussion.
It's all but confirmed to be Leblanc in [this thread.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/ZMQ5Byae-dear-riot-i-dont-buy-the-faceless-character).
: If equally matched, with one member of each against the others, the Dauntless Vanguard would win. It's been stated on multiple occasions that Demacia's army is lacking in warriors but elite in skill; they best most other more numerous foes. If every member of the Dauntless Vanguard fought every member of the Trifarian Legion... it'd be a close fight, and it's hard to say who would win.
Yup, this is the best response. It comes down to quality versus quantity.The Trifarian Legion is extremely skilled, the elite of the elite of Noxus, but that's only relative to the rest of Noxus.
: Any reasoning as to why these 4 were chosen? Not that I'm complaining.
Probably because these 4 are the most relevant to Noxus' story, although maybe not {{champion:55}}.
: The people of Runeterra need the World Runes, if they are to stand a chance against the Void, and possibly other major threats. This is why the first mission Zoe was tasked with was unearthing the World Rune hidden beneath that village. Of course being people, they are bound to use the World Runes to kill each other, hence the Rune wars, but that's the people's problem not Bard's, likewise Ryze sealing away the World Runes may or may not be of Bard's concern. Ryze actually has a quote toward Bard about this.
Do they really need World Runes if they have {{champion:136}} though? The only reason he wouldn't be able to incinerate any threats would be if he frees himself, and if that ever happens, the void will be the least of Runeterra's worries.
levey (NA)
: Is Kled Real in the Lore?
Kled is real, he has a short story. All stories on the universe page actually happened, although some of them (like Mundo's) are told from the perspective of the champion, which sometimes can be a little subjective.
Envonyx (NA)
: Swain's hand position
He wears his jacket on his back without putting his arms through the sleeves, so it's basically a cape. That might be what's confusing you. He has his left arm out by his side facing him, and his right arm is folded behind his back.
: What do you expect more from the Noxus lore expansion?
Stuff for the lesser used Noxian characters, specifically {{champion:92}}, who iirc hasn't been used at all in the new lore. I'm not expecting much out of anything they could give {{champion:240}}, but I would still like a short story for him. Considering how stoic and edgy all the other noxians are, his could be a nice comedic story like Mundo's was. {{champion:91}} and {{champion:14}} could also use some love, although I don't see what all they could even do with {{champion:14}}. {{champion:8}} probably won't get anything since he is likely in line for a vgu in the near future.
GreenLore (EUW)
: To be honest,Akalis character theme is incredibly bland. Every ninja has something that makes them stand out not only compared to the other ninjas,but to ALL other champions. {{champion:98}} is a spirit warrior {{champion:238}} is a shadow manipulator {{champion:85}} is the electro master And what has Akali?She is a ninja with boobs and thats it. Her only unique theme is just a female version of a theme that is already present several times in the game.
I agree. I think that she doesn't really have anything iconic or unique about her, so Riot could rework her entire theme without the backlash they got from Swain. Whether it's moving away from the ninja theme entirely or finding a better niche for her to fill, like a specific magical power, she just needs something to make her stand out.
: Who do you predict being the visual upgrade after Aatrox ?
From a visual standpoint, {{champion:36}} and {{champion:20}} are at the top for me. Story wise, {{champion:10}}, {{champion:25}} and {{champion:26}} are all horrendously outdated, and have basically no place in the current lore. Gameplay wise though, I think that {{champion:106}} and {{champion:82}} need it the most.
Terozu (NA)
: Riot is changing Annie's lore.
I don't really see how they can mess it up, they're not giving her a vu or anything. Everything iconic about Annie will stay the way it is, the only thing that's changing is her story, which has never been well developed.
: Swain - Champion Insights
Jesus, thank god they ended up going with the Raven theme, and not cutting it out like they originally had. This might have been the most hated rework if they had gotten rid of the core idea of his character.
: {{champion:45}} Veigar "Evil" Its literally in his tittle. I dont see Jhin being called "The Evil Virtuoso" or Mordekaiser being "The Evil Iron Revenant" Because, at least from their point of view, they are doing something good... But not Veigar, he does evil because he IS EVIL, stop laughing.
I like to think that Veigar is the "final boss" of League's story. Sure, he's tiny and goofy, but as his gameplay suggests, he grows in power infinitely. Laugh at him all you like, but during the void invasion he's going to oneshot Nashor and assert his dominance as the dark lord of Runeterra.
: Zoe's other trinkets in the splash are one of Bard's Chimes and a Moon Stone (you know that thing Nami is searching for?) just to give you an idea of Zoe's general level of power in the lore. To her they are just shiny doodads that are fun to fiddle with.
What _is_ her general level of Power? Obviously it's not {{champion:136}} levels or anything, but is she on the same level as the other aspects, or more like the Freljordian Demigod level?
: Aurelion is up to something and she must stop him? please no step on space tadpole he cool
Well, we know what he's up to. He's trying to free himself from Targon so he can blow Runeterra the fuck up. There's not really anything anyone can do about it though.
Niyumi (NA)
: I'm kind of confused on how I should feel about it. The game is nice, and the animations are pretty, but the game is so, so easy... I don't know how I should feel. And then BOTW is just watered down Skyrim with a Zelda skin tacked onto it and was a huge disappointment since I was expecting a Zelda game, not some shitty sandbox. Splatoon is fun, Rayman Legends is a classic, but I'm kind of worried about the Switch. >.>
> [{quoted}](name=Niyumi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=kp1maJM3,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-10-29T05:54:39.541+0000) > > I'm kind of confused on how I should feel about it. The game is nice, and the animations are pretty, but the game is so, so easy... I don't know how I should feel. > > And then BOTW is just watered down Skyrim with a Zelda skin tacked onto it and was a huge disappointment since I was expecting a Zelda game, not some shitty sandbox. > > Splatoon is fun, Rayman Legends is a classic, but I'm kind of worried about the Switch. >.> It's fine if you don't enjoy the Switch's games so far, but you should definitely not be worried about it. The games have all been doing very well. BoTW, Splatoon 2 and Odyssey have all been massive successes. The system is doing great.
: Cool. A katana still ain't gonna do squat against a breastplate.
It will if it's attacking an exposed head.
: Garen Vs Yasuo Lore battle
People are saying that Garen has anti-magic armor, so therefore he wins. However, his armor is a Sunsteel-Petricite alloy, not pure Petricite like what Galio is made out of. Anyways, the only magic Yasuo actually uses that Garen's armor could negate would be his tornado thing. He mostly just used magic to make himself faster and more powerful. He still attacks mostly with his sword, which or course it purely physical. Garen may be better armored, but his head is still exposed. With how fast Yasuo is, I would bet that he would be able to quickly go for Garen's head before he knew what hit him. I do like this thread though. It'd be neat if we had weekly or bi-weekly lore fight threads. Would be fun.
: Garen has anti-magic armor. Yasuo’s best move is magic. That leaves the sword skills and equipment of both to be the deciding factor. And unless other information comes up, always bet on the guy in armor. Armor is amazing. That’s why people wore it.
Yasuo uses magic to move and strike much faster than a normal human. He doesn't directly attack people with magic, besides his hurricane.
: Demacian steel has a magic nullification effect. Wind skills won't have much effect on Garen.
It negates magic, but Yasuo is more magic assisted; His magic simply allows him to move and attack faster. His actual sword strikes aren't magic at all.
: Who's your favorite bro? Mine is probably the Brode because when you punch people they EXPLODE!
Predabro. Those spears are satisfying as fuck to throw.
: When I'm in champ select
Broforce is my shit
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