chimiz (NA)
: LF Silver 4 - Gold 1 Top or Support player for a Clash Team
Pheret (NA)
: Are you guys experiencing this on mac only or also windows
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mack9112 (NA)
: Playing a game competitively is not an excuse to rage at people when they do not perform how you imagined
I'm not flaming them for playing bad, if they are having a bad game I am perfectly fine with that as long as you continue to try to win. But when you just give up, start griefing and intentionally feeding/throwing of course I am going to be upset, I am trying to climb if everyone on my team is trying to win idc if i lose that just means we didn't play as well but when someone is intentionally trying to lose us the game, how am i not suppose to get upset over them wasting time i can never get back?
mack9112 (NA)
: Your text logs clearly show you do not understand cooperation. You play the game for fun not to rage.
Then why have a ranked ladder composed of skill rating designed to be competitive?
mack9112 (NA)
: That is absolutely the most childish thing I have ever heard . Extreme toxicity exists in every pvp game experience but it's riots fault for how YOU act. YOU are solely responsible for your own actions.
To a degree yes, you yourself are the one who controls what you type into the chat, but you are taking out all context of some scenarios. Is flame ever warranted, sometimes yes but should it go unpunished no i don't believe so, but lets say you are being trolled in a game and you get a little toxic, when the person is clearly trolling/griefing your game, the idea that only the person who was typing is being punished is just stupid. But that seems to be the case for a lot of instances. I will gladly take my punishment if it was warranted but I will only flame if you are wasting my time by throwing my games intentionally or trolling.
rujitra (NA)
: Again, why? You're making a lot of claims with no reasoning or justification behind them.
You are missing his arguments entirely, does it justify being an asshole that you have this animosity, no of course it doesn't; but it is more likely to occur because you have that security, so the rates of toxicity are going to go up because of it. People don't wake up in the morning saying, "hey I am going to be an asshole today" people don't do that and if they do they are probably a sociopath, you are playing this card as if it is never alright to express your emotions during a game, which is ridiculous to say because that's what makes the person a person. If you are going to say to me that you aren't allowed to express your opinion in game whether it be criticism or actual flame, then why the hell do we even have chat? Both are punished equally from what i have seen on this board. You are basically donald trump and climate change in this scenario; the writing is on the wall in front of your face but you continue to ignore it, and dismiss it saying it has to be something else. It's pathetic really.
: If the state of the game’s punishment system has any bearing on your assessment of the game’s enjoyability, you’re doing it wrong.
: The tribunal hasn’t existed for four years
and those 4 years have had some of the worst seasons kappa
: The IFS notification system doesn’t alert You every time a report results in a ban. We don’t know exactly the rate, but a rate of about 10% is generally assumed.
i saw your other comment but thanks for replying on my thread too my guy <3
rujitra (NA)
: And why does that justify being an asshole?
because your wasting something i can never get back my time, i am never gonna have that time back, and you just wasted it for your amusement. Any sane person will be upset about that.
rujitra (NA)
: You'd be complaining even if they did get banned.
no we wouldn't holy crap thats just ignorant thinking, maybe some cases but a lot of times the people asking to have someone reported for trolling, griefing, inting etc. is the one who gets punished for asking for the perpetrator to be reported. the fact that the person asking for the perpetrator to be reported is the one punished not the other way around is just idiotic. That doesn't mean i condone his text about how they were bad and that flame but if another in a game is doing exactly the same as him, and just because that person didn't ask for reports they don't get banned. is bs and you know it
rujitra (NA)
: Why should "irl" be different from online?
one has anonymous security while the other does not you have to be present for an irl thing, meaning you may not lash out if you are to shy too. The term "keyboard warrior" was created for a reason you know
rujitra (NA)
: Why do you think you somehow must be notified for the system to be working?
so they just give out that thanks the assist notification at random then?
: Hate speech earns a 14-day ban on the first offense to firmly drive home the point that this behavior will not be tolerated.
then where are my notifications for the bans of the 7-8 people in the last 4 days that have just dropped the n bomb in a game and not gotten punished for it?
: Which is why my title is what it is a bot cant do this job correctly its already hard to do it as a human since you cant see body language or facial expression and could easily ban someone for a good hearted joke ment to help moral. i got a chat ban 1 year ago when i was drunk and i was the one who called some one stupid and i took that ban without argument even though i was honor 3. so im all for banning people who belittle others but i don't think you should get banned for telling people they were playing bad if your not actually insulting them. Being criticized is part of life my profession is very subjective and deal with criticism on a daily basis so maybe i can differentiate between critic and a statement made out of hate.
I don't know about that there is a line that can be crossed, what I'm saying is that their system is flawed, I only see people posting on this board about chat bans with logs a page or two long never once do you see someone ever get banned for saying a few things, and from what i've seen throughout my time playing this game, that stands true. You can say whatever you want to a degree, as long as its extremely minimal and you will somehow go unnoticed. Am i condoning flame no, but i believe trolls have figured out how the bot works and are now getting other people to get punished by abusing "typers"so to speak.
: So your cool with someone who called someone else a moron reporting you for telling them they are both bad cause we are in silver meaning we are inconsistent players with bad habits? sorry but that's just stating facts silver does not have good players in it unless they are smurfs. never once said i was better or they they were stupid or anything actually insulting them as person. so you just are not allowed to critic your piers in this game got ya.... The biggest point is the fact that we were not treated equally and not all 3 of use got chat bans is my issue as a whole. i should of been notified they were banned for their actions as well. Don't get how he can call someone a moron and i cant tell him they as a lane both played bad and to stop blaming eachother.
I agree with your statement on they shouldve been punished as well, but here is the thing, Riots punish system goes of how much you type, the person with a lot more chat logs is going to be punished 90% more of the time then the guy who just spews out the n word and doesnt say anything else. I've reported about 8 people who just flat out said the n word in all chat, not once were they banned or was i notified if they were banned. The way to be toxic from what i have seen is just don't a lot lol
rujitra (NA)
: But... when I go to McDonalds, and they take 10 minutes to make my order, and get it wrong, I don't just start cursing at them and telling them what a shit employee they are. I ask for their manager and report the problem, to be dealt with after I leave the store. How is it different in a video game?
The reasoning behind your statement is fine, but what you have to consider is the amount of time this will take up, your example of the mcdonalds thing can last maybe what 10 minutes at most, a league game can go up to 40 minutes and that is time you will never get back. So for someone who is trying to climb /etc. the fact that you are being held hostage and forced to have your time wasted, can piss people off.
rujitra (NA)
: You do not get punished for being mad. You get punished for flaming, harassment, or verbal abuse. Other players violating the rules does not excuse you to do the same.
I get that but i expect the other to be punished with me since the game was taken under review since i got reported as well And i gurantee you the only reason i got punished was because i typed alot. I have reported people who have said the n word and various other verbal slurs and never got a notification saying they were punished :)
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: Not exactly. Good players know when to stop chasing kills and start hitting objectives and being mobile. If the player's good enough, he won't get his bounty taken all that often. The game has a lot of problems, but I feel like this isn't one of them. Well, not a _big_ one. I do think you have a point about the shutdown gold reset. I see why they have it this way (a good player generally doesn't start sucking after one death), but I also see why it's problematic.
I don't believe he/she means it by the good player will start to play poorly after the first death; I think he/she means that a team can just cheese out the champion with the bounty still on their head to get back 1.6k gold that they were down by just focusing the ahead player. There are times where you cant really outplay no matter what you do without giving up advantages. So it basically just turns into a focusing of the guy with the bounty and no other strategy involved.
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: Need a Under Lvl 15 Friend to get the icon >.<
are u still looking cause i have an under lvl 15 account but if you do it for me ill do it for you
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: This ARAM patch is the best you've made in a while.
I would have to disagree and say this patch ruined the fun of ARAM, warmogs was used to sustain tanks against poke champions and with the new reroll system its extremely easy to get poke champions so tanks just get shut down. Also the dark harvest nerf in my opinion was not needed in the slightest and ruined alot of the fun about ARAM for me and a couple other people who enjoyed ARAM, ARAM was designed to be a fun game mode for non-stop fighting and mayhem, but its not really mayhem and fighting when its just a one sided stomp. ARAM is just a coin toss now, which sucks because it is super boring. This patch ruined ARAM entirely.
InTheory (EUW)
: My ARAM feedback
I have to disagree with the warmogs part, so many tanks are useless now especially since its so easy to get good poke champions. unless you have a built in regen passive you just get chunked constantly from poke and have to fight with half hp.
: No. Everyone actually wants to be able to kill tanks. Maybe some Warmog's-like item will come back in the future. But as it stands, it's an incredibly unhealthy item for ARAM.
it wasn't a bad item for aram in the slightest it honestly is required considering how easy it is to get good poke champions with the new rr trade system. As well as that only 2 tanks have built in regen systems (mundo and garen) all the other tanks just had warmogs to rely on to not be completely useless. Warmogs is a required item for ARAM, it is needed for tanks to not be completely striped of all usefulness. before this patch I have won games against mainly poke teams with a team of tanks/bruisers but that was only because of warmogs that we could even get close fights; without warmogs it just makes it a dice roll like how ranked is from what i have heard. If you get unlucky with rr's and get 5 tanks/bruisers you are basically autolosing that game because you have no way to sustain against any form of poke.
: Feedback on the new team healpacks in ARAM
I would have to disagree with the team healing part, but the damage part agree. I think it helps other teams without no healers or a team that has to go up against a poke heavy team to be able to not just get utterly stomped as hard.
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: Talisman of Ascension Passive
Yeah its quite hilarious and 200% passive move speed is kinda op don't you think :^)
: Road to Pre-Season: Gameplay Systems Update
ummm did you mean Athene's unholy grail riot instead of ardent censer?
the sword one is aatrox its the exact same sword design in the mecha aatrox skin already, the second one is malphite, the third is khazix and the last new one is velkoz maybe?
: Xerath (Ultimate move 'R')
try unbinding and rebinding it if it his hotkey'd that used to be a common problem with sions q
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