: Honestly if you cant get out of b5-b3 you should play norms a bit more. b1 and b2 are very hard for many people bc thats the cesspit of trolls imo. Idk just try harder or try again next season and stick to norms for now. Trolls are in every elo
: If you're in Bronze you belong in Bronze. End of story. Everyone in Bronze is either unskilled, tilts a lot, new the game, or just doesn't understand the game in general. Silver is a much harder place to climb because the skill and experience levels vary wildly, not only that but people get first time ranked players in their placements quite often in Silver. Still I climbed out of it twice now. Second time as Soraka and Janna support. Eventually you do end up where you belong. If you aren't getting out of Bronze this season it is because you belong there.
1v1 me bet ill whoop your ass.
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: Last day: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
Been waiting all day, still no mystery champ :o Please hurry riot!


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