: not bannable things to call people
gj Nice WOW you're so good wtf you're smurfing is that faker?
: That’s because G2 doesn’t rely and cater their game to the Gold lead. I feel like there is this misconception that a team “shouldn’t” fight while down in gold and they “shouldn’t” be proactive when down in gold. That thought process opens the door for the gold lead to just balloon because a team isn’t doing anything about it. Every time SKT got Baron, G2 attacked them and voided it. Most teams would have Just turtled until the buff was gone, but G2 didn’t care and fought them anyway. I think SKT lost those fights because they didn’t expect G2 to attack them because they had Baron! It was a glorious display of saying “screw your gold lead!” I especially loved it in game 3 when SKT had Baron and a lead, and G2 just pushed into their base and took it... I imagine SKT went back to their room after that and was like... “can they do that? Are they allowed to do that?”
I don't think that's a misconception. If you watch the team fights they won when they were down or behind, they won them because someone on SKT mechanically misplayed quite dramatically every time. The blame is spread around the team, but in game 3 in particular that you referenced go watch every baron team fight and focus on Effort. Those team fights were close *with* Effort whiffing every spell, taking 50% of his hp to baron, then dying to random AOE without doing anything. He didn't even give his team value by absorbing a good ult. 4v5 in a close gold game is always advantage to the 5. It's still quite the accomplishment to say that G2 essentially never mechanically messed up in any team fight in an entire series. But they were clearly worse at teamplay that series.
: Unpopular Opinion : I think Bloodrazor is hidden op and underestimated
Jungle is 1v1ing you because red smite is too strong, not bloodrazer. It's exhaust + ignite combined into one item. It's dumb.
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Niyumi (NA)
: "Hurr durr Zoe's broken 'cause she one shots!"
Jumping on the 'ADCs are assassins' meme train for likes is one thing, but there are many champs you linked that do not one shot, or even kill with a full combo, unless obscenely fed or are 6 items vs someone with no defensive items. Not only that, much of the hate around Zoe isn't just a generic 'she's broken', it's the way she's broken. Some people may be old enough players to remember when AP nidalee was a midlaner? Zoe is essentially that same champion, except instead of a heal, she gets an equally long range CC to make sure she doesn't miss her actual damage. Add onto the frustration of that game play style, they also decided to throw in RNG really powerful effects on her w. She's just a terribly designed champion in terms of all the things Riot has said they're trying to move away from with repeated reworks of older champions.
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SpyKayle (NA)
: I would prefer ad caster varus
No, no, no, no. The meta was absolutely atrocious when you couldn't play anything but lethality jhin and varus. Varus blasting you for half your hp from quite literally off screen with max range arrows is not fun, and the only 'counterplay' were flanks or flash long range engages, and even then in most elos people couldn't pull that off. At least with the on-hit build he has to maintain a reasonable range to be engaged on or killed by assassins and whatever else. This is much better than how it was a few metas ago.
Xelote (EUW)
: Weekly reminder that Nautilus is the worst champion in the game
Naut is good top lane still. Good enough to be played at Worlds even.
: "GG just build armor and we win"
That's probably because you've got kiteable tanks who didn't build the proper armor items[not deadmans and sunfire, get thornmail and randuins] and then could never adequately close on the enemy ADC who had an ardent and janna sitting on him all game. Also in two standard tanks/mage/adc/support comps, you have to go front to back. So your tanks need to keep their tanks still and it's just a gear check. Which backline has more damage and kills the other front line first. If you do weird stuff like try and ignore the tanks and walk past to threaten backline you will probably lose.
: I would like to know what about Morde bot made him go there besides Dragon and become a melee Marksm
They made him take less of an xp penalty for having someone else near him to try and encourage him to be with a support.
: Dynamic Queue Season 6 VS. Solo Queue + Autofill Season 7
It's not popular, but I actually started this game in Season 1 and I preferred when the highest elo player was put as first pick and no one had assigned roles. I hate picking a role before I q up.
: Don't you think Ornn is anti-offense?
Nothing wrong with him being only good as a tank. The problem is he's a generally *bad* tank so he can't succeed as a tank in any places where tanks succeed.
: People who play Vayne top should be castrated
"Tanks go top" is not even true. Champions who regularly go top who aren't tanks: Jayce, Camille, Tryndamere, Fiora, Kennen, Yasuo, Rumble, Vlad, Teemo, Irelia, Lissandra. And that's just off the top of my head. There are probably more. When you play a binary champion like singed, you're bound to have lane match ups that just aren't fun. Either accept it or don't play the champion?
oldfk (NA)
: xayah is underpowered
Max E and don't go Bork, go BF/crit items. She's good in lane unless she's vs caitlyn and snowballs harder than Draven. She's not underpowered in the slightest.
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: Daily Reminder that Lee Sin's ult stuns you before it hits you for no reason
I dunno man. I already get salty as hell when I flash away from Darius but he happened to click his R at the same time and his jump and damage go off even tho he's now half a lane away from me and I die.
: Location wise, what's the advantage of top that mid doesn't have?
The advantage is in a solo q environment, outside of jungle which is OP right now, it's where you can create the largest gold differential between two players. It's a long lane so you can zone and build up creep waves when you get an advantage and then dive when they get to turret if you coordinate with the jungle. You can easily make it so you're not only fed, but the other guy is essentially a glorified support in terms of gold. Mid lane is too short. Even if you feed, you'll still get cs. The only thing you lose is jungle invade pressure and you can't roam first. Bot lane is long, but because there is two people there, it's much harder to completely shut out the other person. Plus with the value of bot tower, you rarely want to just freeze out your opponent anyway.
Flaherty (NA)
: I just used it to explain the extreme side of the spectrum and to further prove the point against that person who said she had infinite shunpos, even at 40% it's far from infinite
ah okay, gotcha
Cabruh (NA)
: The point is saying that her passive silver bolts proc needs to be applied only once to kill you. Basically one ability to kill you. Need to explain more?
Silverbolts isn't even what kills you and people who don't know the breakdown of damage have been crying about silverbolts since forever. Unless you are a heavily armor/hp stacking tank, silverbolts is a minuscule damage on your overall hp because it's % based on max health. She has a bunch of steroids right now that give bonus AD and the prevailing build is to chunk people with Q and a crit. So 1. It was a tongue in cheek joke about 3 autos not being a '1 shot'. At least Jhin actually can 1 shot people with an auto occasionally. and 2. Silverbolts isn't OP or most of her damage against most targets.
: First 3 yes, yoric and azir idk
definitely not azir, and I'd assume not yorick but it's possible.
Cabruh (NA)
: Assassins that "aren't assassins"
> [{quoted}](name=Cabruh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I5JjLp0c,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-11T20:36:50.851+0000) > She can one shot you with 3 autos. one shot you with 3 autos. one shot 3 autos.
Flaherty (NA)
: Well at lvl 16 shunpo gets a 96% reduction in cooldown if she picks up a blade. If she has 40% cdr that makes q be on a 4.2 sec cd, w on a 6.6 sec cd, and shunpo 4.8 sec cd (0.2 sec cd with the passive of picking up a blade). So she can throw a dagger up with w wait 1.25 sec to pick it up and shunpo, throw a q, wait for the blade to drop then shunpo again, and wait at least 4 more seconds for w to come back up to then wait another 1.25 seconds to shunpo again but it's already off cd. Or throw a q, wait for the blade to fall, shunpo to it, press w, wait 1.25 seconds for it to drop and shunpo again, then wait a couple seconds for q to come off cd to throw q wait for the blade to drop and shunpo again a few seconds later. tl;dr You can use it a few times in relatively quick succession if you do the combo correctly, but it's hardly "infinite"
Seems a little disingenuous to use 40% cdr as your example. I'll grant you 20%, cuz abyssal and hourglass are pretty core. But Ludens, Rylais, Hat, and void all don't have CDR. Unlikely to get CDR boots. I mean.. maybe you run CDR blues but for a character that already has an atrocious lane phase, if you don't run MR blues you're going to get smashed even harder so that's just an unrealistic expectation as well. I also think the chain of events you described might work on a non moving minion but no way in hell is a player going to just stand perfectly for your w bounces to line up real nicely to do *anything* or the hecticness of a moving team fight going to play out well for you. It just seems to me they added a complicated gimmick to try and give her the ability to go in and out and didn't notice that it actually made her worse at laning overall. Not to even mention that the damage reduction from shunpo was removed and you can't ward jump to dodge ganks anymore. I dunno, I still stand by that she just feels awful to play and has such a bad lane that she's in a worse state[strong/weak wise] than even the very first iteration of katarina way back before the reworks when you just built 5 bloodthirsters.
: She is BROKEN AF. Infinite Shunpo. 100% unpretictable Shunpo.
I dunno about infinite but is the general consensus she is broken? Cuz I can't see it. Any half competent laner on any *not* terrible champion will punish you so hard in lane, you will be super far behind. In lane your play pattern is super telegraphed and you have such bad wave clear, including under tower you will just always get shoved in. Sure, post 20 minutes if you have items in team fights you can do work. But she feels so awful in lane vs anyone with a brain I don't see how you get to a 20 minute point where you aren't insanely behind.
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: "GG EZ"
What should the immediate punishment be? Cuz there is no in game equivalent really to a slap on the wrist. And if you think people who type nothing toxic all game except GG ez at the end of the game should be banned, you need to grow thicker skin.
iLasVegas (OCE)
: Do you have to use combos with leblanc?
I mean... every champ can do decently for 1 game if you get lucky, even if you play like a monkey. Especially the lower elo you go. I mean at a certain level you really don't even need to play around annies stun if people are bad enough/you're fed enough. It's just about proficiency and playing a champ better.
Eman1326 (NA)
: I feel like riot needs to forget about assassins and give me my qss back so i can do something about a 15-0 zed that ulted me and all i can do is throw my head set against my computer screen.
A common misconception. Your QSS only defensive item ADC is not gonna live through a fed Zed. He doesn't need the pop to kill you, it's just a gap closer so he doesn't need to flash on you. If he's that far ahead, you're dead regardless.
: Taking care of queue times from a different angle
Support isn't as fun because they don't have a competitive gold flow and unless the map is drastically changed, that isn't going to change. Punishing mid lane and shrinking the viability pool[Which is what your first suggestion would do] is not a good way to help that situation at all.
: No, everything is not opinion. A skilled cait player can crush virtually any bot lane combo, provided his support isn't a potato. By knowing spacing, bush control, minion wave management, and taking advantage early[pre back and pre item completion] you can easily accrue over 40 CS advantages in every match up. More if they're certain champ combos[vayne comes to mind], or if you get kills. Caitlyn is a very lane dominant champ as long as you are a proactive laner.
As for things in your guild, you should take double edged sword. Cait is a long range adc, you shouldn't be hit if you're positioning properly. On top of that I don't agree with putting your other points in resolve. % damage increases are too valuable on a crit based ADC. Merciless is super strong.
Defended (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Buff Jax please,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jkRusxkc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-22T00:58:07.222+0000) > > Judging by your matchup list I would think Cait is a weak laning champion when she actually wins bot lane 90% of the time lol. > > Draven and Kalista are not hard matchups for her...infact Cait is really good vs both of them if played correctly. Everything is an opinion. You cant say ''this isnt true because i have an opinion''... Every guide is what their owner makes it out to be. Caitlyn doesnt win ''90% of the time'' Could you show me evidence to this? Otherwise she wouldnt be at a 49% winn rate nor a .6% bann rate.. Draven and kalista not being hard match ups is an opinion from my 500 games with her..
No, everything is not opinion. A skilled cait player can crush virtually any bot lane combo, provided his support isn't a potato. By knowing spacing, bush control, minion wave management, and taking advantage early[pre back and pre item completion] you can easily accrue over 40 CS advantages in every match up. More if they're certain champ combos[vayne comes to mind], or if you get kills. Caitlyn is a very lane dominant champ as long as you are a proactive laner.
: > [{quoted}](name=DaStruggIeEzreaI,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=BK0VEE1x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-10T00:36:19.986+0000) > > Got Renegades banned and happily crushed Monte's LCS dreams. He had to retire on a high note. Who is Monte? and did he quit or was he fired for something?
lol he's an LCK caster. OP just asked for rumors so I thought I'd make a joke.
: Riot Lyte gone?
Got Renegades banned and happily crushed Monte's LCS dreams. He had to retire on a high note.
Drehirth (NA)
: your reasoning is fair, but for some reason I'm really enjoying not knowing who will win at this point. I mean... clg beating skt and rng made it seem like anything can happen.. hopefully best of fives are just as back and forth.
I hope so because that'll be the only small redeeming factor for me. I really don't want to sit through 5 games of the same champs doing the same plays x.x
Rioter Comments
: Vayne with Talisman - Courtesy of MotherTeresa1910
You really needed a test game to see that'd be bad?
Kouhey (NA)
: It's kinda incredible how Riot made a league addict like me just stop wanting playing the game
You're literally in the exact same position as me lol! Diamond 5 last time, but between general bad luck and not wanting to wait 5+ minutes in q, so I pick fill and get support, I've got 5-18 this season. Only a few of these did I legitimately play badly. You shouldn't lose that much, even just based on statistics.
lolptwo (NA)
: Anyone notice anything for Aprils Fools day?
Expected to sign on and have every champ be Draven. Was disappointed.
: Ezreal and Deathfire Touch
It does not proc. Thunderlords.
They literally commented on this bug in the patch notes, saying it wasn't fixed yet but they're on it. Please read the patch notes.
: Top 5 hardest to play highest skill cap champions in the game
: Is Kassadin Viable?
Stale gameplay has no effect on whether or not a champion is viable. But he does okay. It's kind of a necessity to take TP on him now though which sucks if you just want kill pressure. His early game is just too susceptible to being punished by basically every champ in the game that you need the ability to take a bad trade for CS and TP back in lane with more sustain than the enemy so you can relieve pressure till you hit item and level break points.
: Why can't 90% of people accept compliments without being a dick.
I almost never get hostile reactions to compliments. So either you're coming off really sarcastic for some reason or I'm lucky lol.
Wulffrith (EUNE)
: Safest pick
: Why can't we get more cinematic league videos?
They're probably trying to figure out 'Hm, what should we even do with the cinematic this time since Summoners are out and all our lore is blah'. None of the old cinematics even make sense anymore.
Lokal (EUW)
: frozen mallet on lee sin ?
Too expensive and you don't need the sticking power on Lee. If you feel you do, you need more practice on Lee. Not to sound overly harsh.
: @Riot, what's the deal with Alex Ich?
Challenger and the bottom LCS teams are all wonky roster wise. So many subs and player exchanges constantly. The simple truth is there is not nearly enough talent in NA to field 10 solid LCS teams. There's a reason a majority of players even in the top 5 are foreign. So when you have a region that is set up to constantly be in the lime light but is actually comparable to a wild card region in terms of talent pool, odd things happen to make sure every roster can get filled.
: What Do You Do As A Jungler When Every Lane Is Losing?
Yeah, pick a lane or two that has good set up for ganks and try to help them. If that kog/Janna lane lost hard, don't bother to help them. What are they gonna do when you go in? Fking nothing. Go to where ever has the highest chance of getting an impact and help that person. Push objectives quick, don't gank then leave after you get a kill. Get that tower! Global gold is the fastest way to stop the bleeding.
: Yasuo gets two rageblade stacks per AA
: @ Riot Why was % hp on nid traps removed in the first place?
That was not the only thing that made her unable to go to other lanes lol...
ropidon (NA)
: Do Gangplank barrels crit by Barrel or by enemy?
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