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: landslides
Thats a real shame then for it being a "low elo" problem because a sup main will never get out. That being said...the bulk of LoL players are "low elo" so theyre just causing the bulk of their playerbase to lose interest. Game not fun anymore...Fix it.
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: Oh. Riot is commenting on posts now because there is a survey and they want positive feedback
Or...they wanted positive feedback from their survey. Will never know the true motive. Just an observation that they decided to be involved in the forums the day a survey pops up.
: Oh. Riot is commenting on posts now because there is a survey and they want positive feedback
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: Dear Riot
Shitty company is shitty.
Im Zyzz (NA)
: 1-5 games a particular friend and i play.. one of us cant connect
No...this isnt a priority for riot. Players losing their promos and getting pissed off is not a priority. This has been going on for weeks now for some. Just started happening to me last night. Not a router problem. Not a modem problem. I can play 4 games fine. The 5th will do this...Then another 3 fine games.. then black screen. It has no pattern...and its nothing the player is doing wrong. This is riot.
: So.....can I opt to lower my rank somehow?
i wouldnt worry about it if youre silver 3 and you arent silver (which is nothing special) then youll lose your matches and get demoted to silver 5. At that point you can play with all the bronzies you want, as s4 and 5 play with b1 and b2.
: Can't connect
Yeah there was another thread just like this opened a few minutes ago? Riot taking it down? They sure do like removing threads that make them look incompetent.
: Failed To Connect/Game has Crashed
Same issue herre. Restarted league 4 times still doing it. PC doesnt suck...i was just playing 2 hours ago. I go afk watch some tv come back (league still running on my pc while afk) and its doing this. Nope...its rito
: So, "Hey, we review these systems to be sure they're accurate; we manually check bans to be sure; we have chat detection algorithms that are more and more capable of recognizing the difference between joking and arguments," somehow translates to "if you get reported enough you automatically get punished?" Sounds to me like you don't really care *what* they say about it, then. In which case, I suppose there's no point to me being here any further - if Lyte's statements aren't going to convince you, nothing I say would. Although I will note that I think shifting their systems in the way you describe would be kind of pointless - it'd require more work to set that up than otherwise, and be less accurate than is reasonable, leading to a drastic increase in the one thing they have so far worked to avoid (false positive cases).
Well yes. Saying they are using chat detection algorithms that detect the difference between joking and arguments...that kinda sounds like "We have a program that does the work for us"...Yep im sure they do actually look at a few. But somethings telling me that the majority of these poor souls are getting bans when theyve done nothing wrong.
: Not according to Lyte. See my post [here]( for relevant quotes regarding what was meant by an "automated" system, along with contextual links.
Read it...looks to me like they dont want to admit its automated...but its automated. My last comment of my previous post still stands. Never thought id say this but I cant wait for heroes of the storm.
: Chat restrictions
This is truly saddening...from what I have gathered from these posts...Since the tribunal is down right now im being punished based on the number of times I have been reported. Regardless of whether or not they are legitimate reports or still being punished? Fuck this game.
: Chat restrictions
Nothing im not sharing. I simply decided that me getting the satisfaction of telling someone to eat a peepee isnt worth chat restrictions. So I decided to not say mean things to communication in game is far more important than me feeling better about telling someone off. The only thing I know I have been reported for is ...picking non traditional junglers. Such as teemo or lulu. While I get that people may not like my choice I generally do good unless they decide they dont want to help when i gank their lane...or things like that. In which case its not me trolling. Im still there trying to win the game, its the person thats on my team that isnt wanting to help win the game because they dont think people should get to teemo jungle or lulu jungle. Then who is toxic? These are the only times I KNOW I have been reported since my last restriction. I find it unfair to punish someone for picking a champion that is capable of doing the role, but is not traditionally picked for the role. That would be like me reporting the next person that plays Xin support or ...hell even Annie support.
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: Terrible lag spikes since 5.1 (tested)
Amazing. I actually just posted about this and my post was deleted by riot. Its as if theyre trying to keep it hush hush. I didnt talk bad about them at all i was just wondering if they were aware of the problem and working on a fix.


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