Kazekiba (NA)
: Give his passive the Kench treatment. He heals for 50-90% of his grey health instead of 100, and grey health cap lowered from 800% bAD to 50% max health Q CD from 12->8 changed to 18->10 but with 3 seconds refunded if he hits a target. Now he's not outclassing Thresh so hard :)
This gets brought up in so many Pyke nerf conversations, but making Pyke heal for less of his grey health is pointless. Kench heals for a % since he can also convert it to a shield, but for pyke his grey health has no other purpose than to heal him. The numbers on his passive should be tuned though.
: Build your perfect team to win worlds
Top: Smeb Jungle: Score Mid: Faker Adc: PraY Supp: Gorilla it's odd that SKT only has 1 or 2 players considered the very best in their role, shows what good synergy and coaching can accomplish
: So your argument would be to get rid of black cleaver cause all tank tops use it? Or infinities edge because all ADCs use it? It's called a staple on that type of champion.
The difference is, not all tank tops use BC, plenty rush Triforce into full tank or are AP based so they don't buy BC. As for ADC's, Sure IE is a staple at some point in all ADC builds, but unlike locket you don't NEED it 2nd item, because choices are there. Ghostblade builds exist, and mainly essence reaver exists to give you an alternative to IE, where no alternative to locket exists for supports.
: Going 2-3 at MSI doesn't mean you can beat all LCK. Koo looks great right now, so do SKT so do Fnatic and they've all changed dramatically and improved. You need to compare them now, not 6 months ago.
Well it's also important to say that since they picked up Rekkles, which was after they 2-3'd SKT, the team has dramatically improved at possible the same rate as Korean teams. However it is impossible to say how well they would do against Chinese teams, as the only one they played was EDG and lost rather hard.
: How much would the Demon bundle cost if you only needed 3 of the champions?
However much those 3 champions cost + the bundle price
: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
So if i have less that 10 champions i don't own, will it kick me a skin instead? i remember reading something about not being able to recieve a mystery gift if there are less than 10 possible results
: I also agree that Gravity should be in the higher NA Power Rankings. Even though they lost to TSM, they put up a good fight against them. I am a little biased with Team Dignitas at #2 while they have easier weeks soon and harder weeks at the end of the regular split. Most of Dignitas' wins were sort of lucky IMO.
Yeah but you have to remember that the panel for NA are pretty huge TSM fanboys, its a miracle that dig was placed above them.
: Interview with Blakinola!
Yeah because ~~Keane~~ Bjergsen senpai played Urgot, everyone is playing him
: New player reform system heads into testing
dude got banned for saying "gj top"
: May bundles, Mystery skins, and the Mystery Chest returns
Remember the good ole days when almost every bundle was 50% off skins? good times.
Tronickz (NA)
: I have a feeling that the guy we saw in the ekko reveal trailer, may be urgots rework. someone asked if that was before recreation urgot, and they said no it is not. they didnt say tho, that it wasn't the urgot of today. if so, then i fully approve of the change.
they also said it wasnt the rework of urgot
Kieferr (NA)
: Are u fking kidding me?? High risk/reward? Tell me how a mage with 625 auto range is high risk. Tell me how someone with an instant aoe burst stun with no counterplay is high risk...
"As an avid annie user stop nerfing my freelo please"
: Patch 5.9 Notes
Some nerfs need hours or days or years, but me? {{item:3715}} {{champion:238}} i only need seconds.
: he only looks viable as jungler and there are so many retarded comments on top to bottom lmfao no wonder this is NA server XD STAY SALTY NA PJSALT {{summoner:1}}
: Dark Horses: Support Nautilus
The first few dark horses were pretty good, like Irelia jungle, but now ones like Naut support and Gragas jungle arent really dark horses.
: Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sugar Rush!
well, there goes me feeling good for having these skins.
: The Final Boss approaches
legendary viktor/blitz skin?{{champion:112}} {{champion:53}}
: LCS Preview Show - Summer Week 10
stop replacing your good players with koreans NA
: Rito I just bought{{champion:126}}
submit a ticket and they will refund you half of it :3{{item:3345}}
: Summoners icons should be paid with IP not RP. They do nothing to the game.
because they do nothing to the game its a perfect thing for rito to charge RP for, because cosmetics are what they charge RP for in the first place.
: URF will be re-released when Half-Life 3 is confirmed.
URF has 3 letters, half life 3 confirmed
: that would make me happy. cause urf wasn't /that/ great. i'd much rather have that skin~
logged in to downvote. urf was /that/ great
: obviously you arnt playing right, build magic resist/ap karthus and walk right into them using your slow wall and spamming q with e active after death people will cluster around your team who comes to join and then you spam q. always be a tank, it always works
then everyone dies no matter what because of his passive and nothing matters anyways until one team decides to surrender
: so im not the only one having velkoz and minions hit by E plain disappear from screen till i reset the game or die?
Mog Kaw (NA)
: Riot logic : Nerf a champion until he is in the worst 5 champions in game, then give a skin to try to make up for it.
Rengar is a top tier pick and ban in the higher brackets right now, people have learned to use his new kit right and he's still very strong.
: DOTA 2, STRIFE, Dawngate all three of these games have built in replays that save locally to the game servers for 24 hours and then are deleted unless you save them to your pc in the case of DOTA 2 and STRIFE you can also upload these videos directly to TWITCH or YouTube. Dawngate uses replays for reports so that the Devs can personally determine if a player needs banned or not. It's literally not that hard and riot has had replays in the works for a year now they just won't activate it for testing on PBE.
You have to take into account that league of legends has the most hours logged per week into any game, and therefore there are many more games than DOTA, STRIFE ect. and recording every game with their current number of servers would kill them
: Where would one find the game mode to fight those different dragons?
They're just shyvanna's in ult form lol
: and they probably didnt include battlecast xerath. if theyre not going to acknoledge xerath as battlecast, then change that skin name to its original "lockdown xerath". oh and also change the rework back to the old xerath
{{champion:101}} was in the bundle. Also i agree that the Xerath rework kinda sucks compared to how badass the old one was
: PAX East cosplay roundup
Amumu be lookin like E.T

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