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: after reading threw I can definitely can say I 110% agree with you on this and how bullshit of a system riot has in place that people have to live in fear on typing in chat because you can get banned for just about anything and it really caters to the over sensitive people who can't handle criticism on their own gameplay getting flamed by someone for playing but it is not always fun but it can really make you want to get better and prove those flamers wrong BUT what isn't ok in this system is how blatantly ok it is to HARD INT and SOFT INT as long as you don't type and buy like 6 tears riot really has dropped the ball on a lot of things this year and this system is one of them. Every day we hear about how inting and win trading in HIGH ELO is a persistent problem but of course we better ban out those people for using words when they put in a way for people mute them.
**I have wished death to toxic animals already like 8 times and still didn't get penalized. ** (ScoundrelRuffian (NA). That guys is a hero! Better keep him in the game! ---Riot
Gabresol (EUW)
: People acting like it's a award worthy deed to reach honor lvl 5...
It is, but it is a whole different story when it comes to the skill of the game. You shouldn't have to be good at kissing ass to show that you are good at the game.
: One of the main goal of Riot is to reduce toxicity. Any additional penalty for toxicity, that can later on get rid of it is good. And btw honour doesn't dictate ranked rewards, you just need to have minimum level of honour, which is ABSOLUTELY NOT HARD to have. If you are an animal that can't control itself you must be controled by external agents.
A passive aggressive line of text versus an actual feeding/verbally abusive/troll, who will win! I've seen the person defending themselves get taken down more than trolls lol
: I've reached honor 5 like a few months ago. all I had to do was not type in chat.
And how long ago where you ranked 2 in honor? lt takes such a long time! I have been playing this game regularly and I am still in honor 4. And that is from starting from the lvl 2 honor. I cannot imagine how amazingly long it would take to even get to lvl 3 honor from honor rank 0 (you have to unlock your honor levels and then start the climb back to just lvl 2 to claim _any_ ranked or honor rewards). It is pretty ridiculous. Now--Imagine you are playing in your placements; you have _finally_ gotten enough blue essence to acquire the right amount of champs, you have completed the feat of topping your account's level at 30, you have held your tongue so nothing bad happens to your hard worked account, and something is then typed into pre game chat: "im plat 4 on my main." Cool! This should be an easy win for low gold/high silver elo you've been playing in! He then feeds. Sits under tower to give first blood. AFK dances at dragon pit while enemy team gets baron etc. You show your distaste in chat, "I can't believe you are plat, you're playing like you must have bought this silver 2 account." He and his now feeding duo report you and you report them as well for throwing/inting in your placements. Somehow, _you_ now have chat restrictions and _your _honor lvl is now demolished. Your climb to be placed in at least Gold now means nothing. You get no rewards and the trolls get away with inting/negitive behavior/afk. Why would you continue to play the game? **TO SUMMARIZE ** Why is this how the system works?? Why do the feeding trolls get you demoted and punished while they get the reward of that pop up window--"Your report has lead to action." Where is your justice for singling out their bad deeds? It seems the only 'answers' are round abouts of, "Well no one should be toxic and that's final! Yours must be a one of a kind case!" This is _not_ an abnormality, so please, do not say that it is. Just like a cancer, I'm sure it has happened to you or someone you know, so why does riot let this continue? Why arn't the trolls being punished for doing something much worse than a line of passive aggressive text? They made a game much worse than you did.
Chermorg (NA)
: Yes, it is terrible to say, and the fact you think it's okay even after you were punished for it tells me we will likely see you here again soon enough complaining about another punishment. You aren't some victim here. You are the asshole who flamed others. It doesn't matter why, flaming is **never** okay.
He isn't saying that what he did is okay. He is saying since they did something that was equally against the rules, they too, should be judged as he did. Flaming isn't okay. Why are they getting away with it AND feeding??
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