Daffodi1 (NA)
: client freezes (won't respond) during loading screen
On November 18, 2019, my client froze again. It was the first game of my promos. I lost (remake) marked as leaver.
Daffodi1 (NA)
: client freezes (won't respond) during loading screen
October 29 2019 around 10:45 EST. During a ranked solo-que game, my load screen froze at 100%. Had to restart my p.c. to fix the problem. Team was unable to remake, as I was detected as "connected." I never saw anything but the frozen load screen, and got back into the game around 4:00.
Daffodi1 (NA)
: client freezes (won't respond) during loading screen
Another bug: Client froze upon hitting accept. apparently the champ select lobby opened, but i was unable to do anything as i'm stuck with the accept/decline progress bar after hitting accept. This was marked as a dodge for me. I lost 1 lp, and was timed out for 5 minutes. [img]https://i.imgur.com/M3NrC7C.png[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/JWcyh4y.png[/img] you can note in the second image, i'm clearly no longer in the que, but the accept / decline is still present, as it's frozen and won't go away. The wooshy sound is still playing as well.
CenarX (EUNE)
Not endorsing the spam, but it's nice to know i'm not the only one experiencing this bug.
Daffodi1 (NA)
: client freezes (won't respond) during loading screen
Just happened again @3:30 p.m. EST on September 23, 2019. Load screen reaches 100% but then freezes and won't go into game. I restarted my p.c. There was no remake. It was approx 5 minutes into the match once i was able to reconnect. Prior to that, I never saw anything but the frozen load screen. I'm led to believe that my team was unable to remake, even though i was unable to connect to the game. This was during a ranked (summoners rift) match.
: Type "I Agree"
been playing 5 years. having same loading freeze issue. same frustration. I love the game, but i'm done for now.
Daffodi1 (NA)
: client freezes (won't respond) during loading screen
on monday september 16, 2019 my client froze during the load screen. I immediately shutdown my p.c. and restarted. My team was unable to remake because "i connected to the game" by the time i reloaded into the game, it was ~approx 5:30 into the game. I only ever saw the loading screen.
Daffodi1 (NA)
: client freezes (won't respond) during loading screen
Happened again to me yesterday. 100% load, freezes. have to shut down my p.c. to unfreeze. was in ranked flex with premade party of 5. on September the 8th. I'm going to document here every time it happens to me.
: i have experienced the same problem in ARAM and TFT. discord seems to be a factor for me - when it is running, i load up to 100, hear the game music, but it never starts. when it is not running, i only load to about 5-12%, but the ping wheel keeps moving and i am plopped into the game eventually.
good input! i wasn't running discord at any time when it happened (for me) that i recall.
Rioter Comments
: It's probably worth mentioning that you'd never see them because Yuumi should never even have boots.
i tend to get tier 1 boots just for emergencies xD
Tarquin96 (EUNE)
: Probably when yummi gets boots the icon just looks different
yep, that's what i meant. just appearance difference
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: alright, second place, not bad. We still got this. go united!
United, we stand. We are United.
: Send Cloud9 Your Worlds Energy!
Go C9!!! You can do it!
: > [{quoted}](name=Uber Deer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2BgFwoFE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-14T11:05:44.886+0000) > > But you gotta do that for each ally. And still, vision score provides no usable information. you could say the same thing about creep score...
you could say that, but you'd be mistaken. cs is helpful when calculating gold differentials and overall team gold.
: Ending soon: VS 2018 event
Who won???? Garen or Darius??
: S1 player here, getting fed up with automated mutes
"If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all." -Thumper, "Bambi" ^^^ Take it to heart. Keep chat to compliments, strategy, and tactical... and bad jokes, lol.
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: Patch 8.6 notes
I want to be able to honor as many teammates/opponents as I choose, like in old system please. It has almost become the "MVP" system rather than the honor system. :/
: PSA: If you're low elo and you give up before the nexus is gone
I hate it when ppl give up at first sign of trouble. You're preaching to the choir. When the nexus explodes, that's when the game is over. Til then, maximum effort. The only time I even will surrender is if I'm so thoroughly annoyed with the q_q's that i just want to play with a new team, lol.
: Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
I would like to see one or two additional tiers added below bronze :-) Leaf Tier 1-5 and Wood Tier 1-5. My friend and I play ranked, and I am Bronze 1 and she is now up to bronze 4 i think, but at one point, she was Bronze 5 and ran out of lp points, and she felt really sad, because she felt like she was "the worst rank possible." Anyways, i get that league is "highly compeitive, and all about competition" and what not, but some of us still just play because it's fun. :D Anyways, I would like to be able to que with all of my friends for ranked, even if they are leaf tier or plat tier. I have one friend that is also bronze like me, one that is gold, and two that are plat, but we can't all play together, because it won't let us que with ppl in such different tiers...
The3cho (NA)
: *Que the inspirational music* "No gold. No glory. Only victory." Such is the support motto.
Why can I not upvote this over 9000 times???
: KT sacrifices Nagne to defeat Team SoloMid
I think TSM is better than they play both as individuals and as a team. I'd like to see Dyrus back onto Sion, not olaf. Santorion on Sejuani. Bjerg on Xerath. WildTurtle on Graves or Kalista. And Lustboy on Lulu. Lol.
: Riot Pls
I wish I could tag myself as a "casual gamer" and have the option of only being matched on the same team with other "casual gamers." Specifically in ranked games.
: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, revealed
it's so crazy to see my favorite champion reworked. :)


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