: having {{champion:143}} plant on bench was kinda cool till u realize its not able to be sold and it takes up a champ slot
Same with Daisy from elementalist buff from the OG set
: Never happened to me in Gold divisions, but I know it happened to plat a lot.
I got into plat by ranking 5th in a game and lost lp on a 4th place ranking my first game in plat
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Forbidden Siren,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=ETjpirT2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-24T15:11:59.251+0000) > > Not surprised it's {{champion:266}} but was really hoping it was {{champion:201}} or {{champion:37}}. Our babygirl :] {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Jaspers (EUW)
: My only issues with current TFT is how long it can take Wild to ramp up and Katarina obliterating my entire team. A level 2 with any AP item will just delete my team as she's an assassin and isn't targeted at first. I hate Kat in it. :P
have fun playing against an eve then
Malfury (NA)
: Yes! This happens all the time and not only to me. I see usually 1-3 ppl per game move after the carousel is almost finished... bc they dont connect as fast
That can be chalked up to pc performance issues which is something Riot is very picky on. While i'd like to see this change i'm not entirely hopeful for it.
: Honestly very happy with these changes. The early void nerf may be a little much considering the reasoning was because of the introduction of a 5 cost unit, but they are strong to begin with so we shall see.
Void Nerf + kassadin Nerf + Reksai AS Nerf makes it unplayable imo
: Lmao why are you buffing Yasuo? He's already good enough to fit into any comp without any synergies
Yasuo is his own synergy MonkaS
006 (NA)
: I liked the enhanced loot :(
Enhanced loot is still fine imo, what wasn't fine was one game where I got a reksai on opening carousel and then my first uncommon box dropped me a chogath.
: I think they mean, you are less likely to run into the same person over and over.
Or maybe some queues taking ~20 mins with a 35s wait time
crabekah (NA)
: Do Glacials and Wilds even have any bonuses that work together?
Brawler and thats about it. you'll need like, 3 spatulas in one game to get anything close to a full glacial wild comp bc RFC buff added to wild only affects 4 wild not 2
Statikk (NA)
: Champion Subclass List
this hasn't been updated to include casters yet
: Looking for a Gaming Community? Try The Nudles :D
We're really friendly and open to all :D
: but its not really a tooth, its just a glowing yellow sword. i would say that the old item could get a modernization
no, the item is supposed to literally be one of baron nashor's teeth.
: thwonk thwonk SMASH
: Looking for a Gaming Community? Try The Nudles :D
Harizin (NA)
: Looking to join gaming community as blog/article writer
Hullo there! I would like to cordially invite you to, The Nudles! We're a fairly small but growing gaming community and we would simply love to have you write for us. If you are still interested/have yet to find a gaming community feel free to join here, https://discord.gg/7kDDnN, and simply dm a mod upon arrival and we will get you all set up. thank you for your time, ~Daggerman28(A.K.A Mod "A Bag of Flames")
: Looking for a Gaming Community? Try The Nudles :D
As well as all of my sub-par at best morgana q's
: Bronze ADC LF Duo Sup for ranked ( Draven Main)
hey :D im a morg main and am totally down to supp you.
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: By using Cleanse you pay nothing to remove the CCs while QSS has a price.
you pay for cleanse with the CD as well as having cleanse rather than other summ spells such as ignite for kill pressure or tp for global presence.
: Wait, there is a vote? Where?
: So HOW exactly this is balanced?
> [{quoted}](name=Janna X RubicK,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=V85EgEep,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-18T00:23:58.924+0000) > on top of it, the arm time is somewhat low as she can **WITH BLACK MAGIC** place them instantly unlike jhin who has to throw them {{champion:67}} BLACK MAGIC???? Vayne is best counterplay then :D
Danjeng (NA)
: Both of those suggestions sound pretty good. The second one could be considered gameplay, but I think it can be implemented without breaking Shaco. It could make for some pretty nifty trickery. I don't know though, I never played Shaco. I prefer {{champion:103}} nice {{champion:37}} and {{champion:21}} wholesome {{champion:92}} champions.
> [{quoted}](name=Danjeng,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pYVweEQB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-19T02:36:03.373+0000) > > I don't know though, I never played Shaco. I prefer {{champion:103}} nice {{champion:37}} and {{champion:21}} wholesome {{champion:92}} champions. Have you not seen dem thighs??? Shaco is T H I C C.
: I mean, I'm all for trying something new especially in normals, but riven has absolutely no AP scalings so that person was legit just trolling. Trolling creates a negative experience for all the players in the game, so yeah, I suppose that's reportable... people have been banned for less
She wasn't trolling, if she kept the ap items all game then yeah, she definitely would have been but the post says that the riven went and bought ad items so she coudnt have been trolling.
Rioter Comments
Junkο (EUNE)
: Yes it has. Where have you been? There have been multiple instances when somebody got banned unfairly and needed to start a pitchfork hunt on reddit just so a Rioter could show up and fix the mistake of their purely automated system. Now imagine how many undeserved bans have happened where the victim didn't manage to bring his case to light.
That's why they said they'll be re-implementing the tribunal sometime soon. they've already started to do so on the boards where they have the community as a whole vote on one specific case.
: http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/977/760/682.gif
..... bard? {{champion:432}} the stasis maybe?
: http://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5740vzlt21rvwq31o1_400.gif
Taric {{champion:44}} Because of those chiseled features :D
Salron (NA)
: Creep block is a valuable part of League of Legends that makes the game feel more interesting
: Never rat out people
> [{quoted}](name=VulDread,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kP2wZQue,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2017-06-09T21:09:58.713+0000) > > Never rat out people Scripters aren't people.
Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
Daggerman28 #2919
D3Venney (NA)
: trolled in a norm the other day with heal smite yi jungle
Why is a d5 player with bronzie's and unranked people?
: Ok then. Answer is yes ;) P.S. https://www.masterypoints.com/highscores/champion/elise Ur #4 highest mastery points.. ######*Plz boost me* :-;
> ######*Plz boost me* :-; Best part
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: a lot of people use cuck like fuck because it sounds like fuck but people don't complain when you say it in public. even though cuck is when your spouse is cheating on ya I believe.
cuck is when someone fucks your significant other in front of you.
: http://i.imgur.com/dJYKM0B.gif[/img] Happy 100k, laughing fish! Just gotta post 98.8k more comments till I reach my 100k because nobody upvotes me ever. {{item:3070}}
: its league CHAMPIONSHIP series... They should call bronze LAS, league amateur series
LNS League Noob Series
: Grammar and Spelling aren't the same thing. Grammar - Correct usage Spelling - Right letters
NiamhNyx (NA)
: They try that alot with me because im a support main. but then they realize im tanky and that focusing me only seals their fate faster.
Maybe their just suicidal and attack you so they die faster like me.
: I'm a Cloud 9 fanboy...
Alright let's get this going boi's, So i'm also a very huge C9 fan. And i've been fawning over FQ as well so this post is literally my blood speak and im so hyped for the series it's scary. I'm seriously looking forward to watching /literally/ every lane in this game, I'm psyched to see how contractz and Moon will play against each other because of just how damn good they are as junglers. However in terms of "on paper" I would have to say Contractz is the better jungler simply because his KDA is higher and he is pretty damn good at synergising with the rest of his time. As for the portion of "reading cloud nine" I feel as if that's not true simply because they can't predict which member will be saying what at any given time. And if it's true, then the same goes for Flyquest being able to be read. Sneaky himself said that they scrimm'ed a lot while flyquest was still considered "Cloud 9 White" so both teams already know each other /so well/. And even with Hai's shotcalling I feel like c9 will be able to read that pretty well just from past experience of playing with him. In lane, i honestly don't know who is going to win Hai or Jensen, just because they're both such damn good mid laners. Bot lane in the meanwhile, im insanely hyped for, probably more than the other lanes just because Lemonnation had been Sneaky's support for so long and I don't know who will have the edge there whether it be sneaky pushing smoothie to counter play them or if lemon will be so aggressive and predictive that c9 will just have to play safe. Im also really excited for the draft just because I feel like they won't do the standard pick/bans. Overall, I'm probably rooting for c9, but if FQ wins i'll still be happy.
Breaku (NA)
: I'm not a C9 fan personally, ~~because they switch out their players too frequently. I like teams that do their best to keep their rosters as static as possible.~~ So hopefully Fly gives C9 their first loss.
The only difference from them at worlds to them now is contractz in the jungle. And the only team i can think of that hasn't had a hard change is TSM but they lost doublelift and are having a hard time dealing with it.
: If C9 allows Balls to play a tank champion then this match up could be even more interesting than it already is. Balls is no pushover when it comes to top and when playing a tank champion he's in every fight/ play for his team at the right time same thing goes for Impact. We could have 2/3 45+ min games if Balls and Impact both play tank champions. In the past Hai would make plays around the map to help either keep C9 in games or just try to snowball their leads but it could cost him if he does so. Overall I like FlyQuest and Hai's shotcalling is what legends are made off but I see Cloud 9 winning this 2-0
"If C9 allows Balls to play a tank champion" I don't think Impact has played a singular top carry all season xD
: It needs to be a pun on Four or a Jhinteresting pun like (Jhin)tleman. It should also be released on the 4th of April next year, because 201(8) is divisible by 4 ~~Ignore the 2 left over~~ Either that or a Legendary skin in 2020.
: I need a team that is willing to do anything and by that not gameplay wise other help
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