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: One of the comments on Meddler's post suggested allowing Quinn to move while channeling. He said they looked into that, but it would require reprogramming how the skill works and was a larger scale change than they were looking at for her. I imagine something like this would look similar. The goal of these changes aren't to fix Quinn, they're to make her feel better for a while as she waits for her turn to get updated.
Just copy paste Sion's code lmao jk oh well I tried :x
: Quinn Changes Coming Soon - Strike from the Sky!
Is it possible to remove the channelling on her R? Maybe make it into something like Sion's R where she starts really slow and ramps up in speed instead of channeling for a full second and then going super Saiyan movespeed after? I feel like with this change she'll feel more fluid and might remove the "getting into the taxi" part of the ult. Same mechanics can apply when she gets hit by non-minions, extend the ramp up duration when hit while ramping up, and when Behind Enemy Lines is active she'll be slowed and ramp up accordingly. I know you guys can work out the physics such that she'll be able to cover the same distance as she did when channeling and then receiving the full movespeed boost vs ramping up. I'm really excited with this QoL buffs, thanks for doing this! Cheers!


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