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: Reportable for saying "gg" xD Whats next? report for saying gj?
this leaves me to report this dude and people like him these guys are obviously trying to get rid of the positive side of league
: Riot states that it is reportable, although a single instance is "unlikely" to be punishable. However, unlikely means it can happen, and it also means that multiple instances would have a high rate of punishment. Periscope says nothing about any OTHER unsportsmanlike conduct having to occur in order to be punished. Additionally:
: Why do people think it is remotely okay to say "gg" when a player ints down mid the entire game?
I just wanna say that saying "good game" or "gg" is not toxic or in anyway trying to be rude or mean to the enemy team im a swimmer andi swim hard and and samsh on other people and i shake their hands and say good race only because its sportsmanship and meaning you tried your best and i respect that. Saying "gg" or "good game" doesnt mean they are being rude or toxic they are saying "Good try i had fun and you did your best to win the game" they are jsut trying to keep hopes up and let them know that its not their fault
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Eddy1304 (NA)
: is posible hack the chat in a game?
um currently mine is saying meow and woof and i dont like it riot for hacking my chat
: Is saying we can't win considered toxic?
its negative attitude/griefing highly un-acceptable and reportable you may surreder but dont say anything and give up
: If you do or say nothing wrong, people can report you 9x every single game and it would not matter at all. Also,
they can report you as many times as they would like it is will count then if it racks enough of them up it will go deeper adn deeper ive had an account banned for something i did in season 2
: Is it right to kill an inting enemy laner?
id say keep killing them get super fed use it to your power then get the free S
: would you play a vintage league ? one of the first versions of the game.
can we go up to xerath please? then the game is good
: This is almost certainly not allowed. From the terms of use: >Using any unauthorized third party programs, ***including mods, hacks, cheats, scripts, bots, trainers and automation programs that interact with the Software in any way, for any purpose***, including any unauthorized third party programs that intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games and any unauthorized third party programs that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information;
Wait "trainers" um does that mean we cant buy a coach? NOT A BOOST! But a coach to help teach us and learn the game?
: If you have never been banned or chat-restricted previously, I think this was an unfair ban. You have to understand though that Riot does not recommended becoming vulgar to deal with vulgar players. I don't think they revert permanent bans, but you can try opening a support ticket for more information.
tbh i dont mind leveling a new account but literally the fact of this happens the day i buy brand new skins....i would rather jsut like my skins to at least be transfered or something
: Have you been chat-restricted or temporarily banned previously?
as far as i know that is a no go but this account is pretty old so could have been a long time ago
: Logs?
Game 1 Pre-Game DamItEzreal: focusing bottom for ez drags In-Game DamItEzreal: actually no need DamItEzreal: ganking bottom then drag DamItEzreal: lee top jungle DamItEzreal: gj jax DamItEzreal: well then DamItEzreal: ima just stay farming adn getting dragon DamItEzreal: great job guys DamItEzreal: they get dragon now DamItEzreal: nah not your fualt DamItEzreal: i missed ultiamte DamItEzreal: can you stop 1v2'ing please jax DamItEzreal: dragon DamItEzreal: omfg DamItEzreal: i told you DamItEzreal: its theres DamItEzreal: neeko fed how? DamItEzreal: omfg DamItEzreal: where am i suppsoed to go as a jungler DamItEzreal: fucking idiot DamItEzreal: i cant do shit DamItEzreal: then stfu and let me figure it out DamItEzreal: cant exactly do that either DamItEzreal: nobody has map awarness witha lee sin counter jungle DamItEzreal: push now DamItEzreal: push DamItEzreal: PUSH DamItEzreal: they own second dragon DamItEzreal: no vision DamItEzreal: see DamItEzreal: great to know you guys dont wanan win this DamItEzreal: strenth? DamItEzreal: what is that DamItEzreal: okay? DamItEzreal: and? DamItEzreal: bottom DamItEzreal: team game DamItEzreal: cool DamItEzreal: so are you DamItEzreal: ok dont caree DamItEzreal: eh dont care DamItEzreal: yup totally DamItEzreal: lol okay DamItEzreal: lol DamItEzreal: we should probabyl focus down that corki DamItEzreal: then DamItEzreal: neeko DamItEzreal: we cant afford fighting without anybody DamItEzreal: GREAT JOB DamItEzreal: Great job guys DamItEzreal: nicely done DamItEzreal: reset and get baron DamItEzreal: ward DamItEzreal: i will solo drag DamItEzreal: stay mid DamItEzreal: great job guys DamItEzreal: cant baron DamItEzreal: start it DamItEzreal: i bet DamItEzreal: tilted af lol DamItEzreal: g DamItEzreal: g DamItEzreal: w DamItEzreal: p DamItEzreal: e DamItEzreal: z DamItEzreal: GREAT GAME DamItEzreal: great Game Post-Game DamItEzreal: eh DamItEzreal: reporting lee sin DamItEzreal: toxic DamItEzreal: trolling DamItEzreal: i wasnt even toxic what? Sad thing i dont like about logs is you only see this side of it and it makes no sense and its stupid they either need to show both sides of it or it is proiven to be faulty and targetting
: We both know you didn't say that, and even if you did you probably said other things during the game, nitpicking random messages will get you nowhere lmao I bet it was something along the lines of (soraka u useless do something dont just stay behind)
quite saldy youd be shocked that is what i said im not a very toxic person i do tilt but im not toxic theresa difference
: This game is pretty good, there are a few issues, but all in all I think riot does a good job.
you gotta be new lol
: Have you tried not being a moron to others in your game? I can tell from your comments that you're part of the problem if you ask me.
lol i got perma banned for being toxic when i asked a soraka to engage how does that lead to being toxic though? literal word for word "Soraka mind being a little more aggressive in lane for me please" how is that toxic?
: Yeah, clearly they want their playerbase to hate playing their Free to Play game and to make them quit, that is the way to run a company!
they ban for literally anything you could report someone for no reason and they would get a perma ban riot games is a joke
: Can you really get banned for bad games?
from falling victim to this yes actually you get hard perma banned and they dont release it trust em ive been perma banned because of everything and yet ive done nothing wrong lol
rujitra (NA)
: Getting tilted and having less fun are two different things. This is a video game, the primary purpose being enjoyment.
for riot games its money not enjoyment or fun dude and its obvious
: Not all people who got permabanned deserved it though... I got one of my accounts perma banned for saying the words "you suck" 1 time to a troll that went 1/18 nasus support that said he was trolling ingame along with his duo 2/25 diana mid laner.
gotta be honest i have many accounts perma banend and i fought for every single one of them and it honestly quite pisses me off
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