: You were banned for negativity dude. Yes it is a team game, but you also seem to give up and berate your team. Saying things like "this team deserves the loss" makes it sound like you quit and won't even try to help. Now in terms of Bronze. A lot of jungles don't know the best pathings to take, maybe try recommending something. You can basically play any support you want in bronze and be fine. If someone disagrees, explain the merit of that support. Ziggs; a slow to make skill shots easier, a knock back/turret kill move, and can assist mid with ult. Malphite; Atk speed debuff, armor heavy with built in shield, all in lvl 6 usually results in a kill. Reasoning helps. Before Sion support gained traction and popularity I used him as bronze support. High cc lockdown and death passive. Some weren't sure but after game still said good job.
I dont really quit, but I look at the match objectively. if players are so eager for thier own kills that they will completely ignore teammates because -their own- kills on the opposite end of the map is more important. As for "explaining it. Thats impossible because the meta has been turned into a weapon. If you arent conforming to the current meta of the week, then you are instantly labelled a troll. I have tried telling people and proving my point, but because it isnt "meta" (I have been told "Reporting support for not following meta") then they wont even hear what you have to say. THEY get to decide what character YOU Play.
: I think it is odd you state that people are playing as if it weren't a team game, yet your chat doesn't encourage teamwork. I don't see anything about objectives, or even a congrats on securing a kill. I don't particularly care that you play off-meta. Props to you for that. >game over man man...GAME OVER!!! I mean, that's toxic af. Unless it followed someone else saying "dude, you hear that Bill Paxton died?" :)
actually that "Game over" was meant as a joke, I was playing as BB Ziggs. and it was supposed to be a reference to movies. You see the person "freaking out" going "Game over man! GAME OVER!!" and as for encouraging Teamwork, what am I supposed to do when my adc is running in and diving in 2v1. And then they turn around and Blame Support for their deaths. I give compliments when its warranted. When someone makes a kill I WILL throw a "gj" or whatever but I get tilted when adcs are so hungry for kills they will abandon their team. Then when they die, they will turn around and say "its all supports/jungle's fault"
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Damagefox,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ErkrHy7I,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2017-08-15T01:32:02.783+0000) > > I did not ignore the warnings, I tried to keep myself from flying off the handle. But over 4 seasons being constantly berated with being told how "Garbage" I am because I am not cowtowing to every single whim the adc has. Yeah it kinda becomes a sensitive nerve. You have people who come into a team game, and then act like their team doesnt exist. I play Off meta supports for the challenge, I try my best to help my team. YES I have a bit of a fuse. But that comes from constantly being beat over the head, degraded, and flamed for not playing what everyone else demands. Its why I hate this LCS meta mentality. If you arent playing what the pros are playing, arent building what everyone else is building, then you are a troll. Who cares if you have different play styles, different ways of approaching the match. Its not allowed. You don't have to cater to your marksmans every whim, and yes it can be stressful and difficult at times to not want to lash out against a poor behaving player, but trust me, it's better to just mute them at that point than risk being tempted to lash out at them. For playing off meta and/or having a different play style than normal that's fine to do but it's not fine to behave poorly while doing so. Heck, I frequently play Jungle Malzahar on Twisted Treeline and have only been yelled at for doing so once. It does help to be flexible though and to try to adapt to what the team needs if possible. which sometimes may involve playing something on-meta. Again though doing something different is fine but being a jerk to your teammates while doing so is not fine. > So yeah seeing someone come to me and tell me that my support method is "Trolling" because its not how everyone ELSE does it, or because it isnt what the adc Demanded. yeah that shaves me a little raw. I have been supporting sinse Season 3, all this does is make me hate my adcs even more. It's unfortunate that you've had that experience. I've found in those cases actions speak louder than words, and that often they shut up once you prove that you know what you're doing. If they still want to harass you about it regardless then that's their problem, not yours. > And riot is genuinely confused as to why people hate playing the support role. > Its not The champs, its not the items, its the "ur disposable if you dont do what I say" attitude. Riot understands that players like to try off-meta stuff, which is why they don't punish if all someone is doing is playing off-meta. They do however punish those who are behaving poorly while also coincidentally playing off-meta. > Yeah I get frustrated, because I am trying to win matches while my adc just wants to sit around and poke minions for 1hr. I understand how you feel. I'm very competitive myself and hate it when I and/or my teammates do poorly in the game. However, I just yell and rage at the screen instead of in the chat. This way I can vent my frustrations without risking my account being punished.
> It's unfortunate that you've had that experience. I've found in those cases actions speak louder than words, and that often they shut up once you prove that you know what you're doing. But they dont even GET that chance. You see, Supports are treated as disposable, Not even part of the team. As soon as someone deems the support a "Troll" they are validated. THey can do what they want and write it off like "its ok he is a troll anyways" Or the fact that you are "Damned if you do, damned if you dont" on your KDA. -If you go 0/4/19 as support: "Omg this pathetic trash support, report for intentional feeding. So useless" (They will ignore the context of deaths AND the assists, just you died therefore you intentionally fed) if you go 4/0/19 as support : OMG this troll support stealing all my kills! Supports arent allowed to take CS or Kills. Report the support for trolling' So they use troll as an anchor and that gives them free pass to do whatever the want, say what they want to you. You dont get a chance to prove ANYTHING because its always looked at in the context of "ur support so you are just a troll and/or garbage" So they can stand around and leave you to die (you run towards your team, and they run away from you like you have the plague) and then report you for intentional feeding and tell you how much you suck. So please dont give me this "if you prove it to them". No because once they decide a player is a TROLL by their own standards, they have freedom to do what they want to you, and anything you do to try and stick up for yourself is seen as "griefing/harrassment" and grounds for report.
Prandine (NA)
: Playing off-meta is not reportable, but being a jerk is, and it's the latter reason why you got banned, and since this is a permaban it means that you've had multiple warnings in the past and ignored them. Next time if someone is behaving like a jerk then just mute, report and move on rather than add fuel to the fire. If you must rage then do so at the screen and not in chat, as you can't be punished for chat if you said nothing in it.
I did not ignore the warnings, I tried to keep myself from flying off the handle. But over 4 seasons being constantly berated with being told how "Garbage" I am because I am not cowtowing to every single whim the adc has. Yeah it kinda becomes a sensitive nerve. You have people who come into a team game, and then act like their team doesnt exist. I play Off meta supports for the challenge, I try my best to help my team. YES I have a bit of a fuse. But that comes from constantly being beat over the head, degraded, and flamed for not playing what everyone else demands. Its why I hate this LCS meta mentality. If you arent playing what the pros are playing, arent building what everyone else is building, then you are a troll. Who cares if you have different play styles, different ways of approaching the match. Its not allowed. So yeah seeing someone come to me and tell me that my support method is "Trolling" because its not how everyone ELSE does it, or because it isnt what the adc Demanded. yeah that shaves me a little raw. I have been supporting sinse Season 3, all this does is make me hate my adcs even more. And riot is genuinely confused as to why people hate playing the support role. Its not The champs, its not the items, its the "ur disposable if you dont do what I say" attitude. Yeah I get frustrated, because I am trying to win matches while my adc just wants to sit around and poke minions for 1hr.
: i can see how this goes Ez:Dude wtf why you pick{{champion:28}} support? its useless why you dont pick blizt so we can win Damagefox:Go KYS dude i do what i want if you dont like go hang you self EZ:Dude wtf are you? jesus you troll Damagefox:yeah go die in fire and burn your father too how dare you call me troll DA DA DA perma banned Damagefox:WTF RIOT I GOT PERMA BANNED BECAUSE I DIDNT PLAY BLITZ AND THIS GUY CALL ME TROLL AND I JUST REACT TO HIM
actually I would never tell people to go hang themselves, I have family who committed suicide. So I would never say such a thing.
Leylania (EUW)
: Ah the typical victim syndrom, cute. There is a reason why people play certain things, because they work. And your builds do not work. So your adc's repeatedly tell you that you are useless, probably every game even, and instead of asking yourself if you are maybe actually not that good you blame and insult them back instead of just muting them and then analizing your gameplay after the game. I did not see you play yet but looking at your builds the adc's are probably right with what they say (not that they are any better after all you are all low bronze).
Ahh the precious little meta sheep, how cute. Why bother thinking for yourself, why bother having any individual strategy. Just let your holy book tell you how to think and how to play. As I stated I have played Ziggs support and it got me to my series. Why? because it works for me. Because my Adc will sit there and poke at minions for 20 minutes, not touch the tower, then run mid first chance they got and never even look at bot lane again. I played ziggs support because when my adc runs off to go leech kills from mid after ignoring bot lane tower. at least I can do what they didnt want to do and actually help push my lane. But hey,Why should I actually think for myself when all that matters is who has "most kills". Its not like there are objectives in the game, just let adc go run all over the map chasing kills, then blame support when bot lane is lost. But as I said in another comment. all this game is doing at this point is teaching people how to rank-shame and hate their teammates. And throw some Blind meta indoctrination into the mix and whammo, instant cult.
: If anything that ezreal should have been punished. I feel for you man, I've had this happen to me several times. ADCs are pretty much all assholes if you don't treat them like they're kings who should have everything exactly their way. They wanna control everything the supp does and if you don't do what they want, they turn into salty little babies. That's why I don't supp anymore.
I have been having alot of good games as Ziggs Support, It got me to my series a few times. Ezreal decided Ziggs support wasnt "meta". So he demanded I play Blitz, which I dont play, Never really played at all. But he didnt like my choice so went out of his way to stand there and repeatedly watch me die, would not lift a finger to help. and then turned around and reported me. They do this as a way of "punishing" their teammates for thinking individualy. I mean cant have people having free thought. cant have people having their own strategies, Not when you have the LCS dictating what and how you play. So far all this game does is teach players how to hate and despise their team. People cant work things out because someone's ego might get bruised. So if someone doesnt treat you like royalty and bow to your every whim, just report them and the automated system will take care of it.
: You should mute everyone who annoys you. This log looks like you spend more time writing in chat then playing the game. For example (I'm support main): Level 1, I autoattack the minions and push the lane to get level 2 earlier than our opponents. My ADC pinged me that I should stop that. I know that's the right move in this situation, but I don't argue with him, it makes no sense to to that; I immediately muted my ADC and his pings and do what I have to do. I never got chat restricted or banned. TL;dr: Mute people if you think they distract you from the game or from your optimal playstyle. EDIT: Sorry for any mistakes, english is too OP for me.
I just cant help but be amazed at these people who come into a TEAM game, then act like the rest of their team doesnt EXIST. I have lost so many games because when we had a chance to win, usually its the adc that decides they DONT want to end. They want to make sure they get ALL dragons, EVERY baron, and 3 Pentas before they actually end the match. Its not enough they win the match, they have to completely and utterly humiliate the enemy team to the point the enemy team has to turn on themselves. So yeah, I type sometimes, but its because I am dumbfounded at how arrogant and self-centered this game makes people
archerno1 (EUNE)
: You do realize u are banned for your toxic chat. Not for your playstyle.
so they can repeatedly call me a troll, call both teams to report me for "Trolling" and yet I have to sit there with a smile "thank you may I have another?" Someone stabs you in the gut, you arent allowed to get angry at them because it might give them a "negative experience"
Leylania (EUW)
: I know that this wasn't in the game we talk about but just a general thing: If I had a Ziggs in my game that builds Maw I would refuse to help you aswell. I mean wtf is that build dude...? And just a general thing aswell, Deathfire Touch sucks on Ziggs and you sure as hell don't pick a tank support item on him aswell. If you wanted to keep Ezreal alive why didn't you pick a real support like Soraka, Sona, Janna, Taric or smth like that? You never ever build Ziggs with tank item like ever. You pick Ziggs for pure and disgusting dmg not to heal your adc by killing minions.
I ddint pick them because a) I already get hung out to rot so that adc can leave me to die then turn around and tell me how "useless trash" I am. Its easier for the adc just to dump all the blame on support if their ego gets bruised. B) I am already mastery 7 with soraka, sona, Bard, and personally, I played them so much they BORED me. I prefer a champion that actually requires strategy to think around. But Riot keeps catering to these LCS kids who throw a tantrum if they dont get a Penta every 5 minutes. AS for Deathfire touch, it helps to leash them down but I am not TRYING TO TAKE THE KILL. It allows me to leash them down to low health without taking it because adc will throw a tantrum and cry "Omg this troll support KSed" again, I have my own way of doing things, My goal is to get my adc fed but because I dont play "exactly the same as everyone else", that apparently makes me a troll. and if My adc just wants to sit around and do Nothing, Ihave 3-4 other teammates I can go support. I often get adcs who tell me repeatedly how they "dont need a useless support" and so when I call their bluff and go assist other lanes, they throw a fit after they die and cry "where is my support?!"
: u where ziggs support with a random ability upgrade order a single support item that wasnt even the corrrect one death fire touch and went 0/5/2
I went ziggs support for poke, because I do pretty well at skillshots. I chose the item as a Healing method to help keep ezreal alive. I go deathfire so I could help LEASH the enemy down and I went 0/5 because Ezreal wanted Blitz (which I dont play) so when I went Ziggs support, he refused to actually help me. As Is aid he would just sit off to the side when they start chasing me. If I moved towards him he would back up and out of the way. He wanted validation "ziggs support is bad" so goes out of his way to sabotage me to prove it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Damagefox,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ErkrHy7I,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-08-14T23:10:12.205+0000) > > I will admit I have a bit of a temper, But I have been playing support sinse season 3. And I find with my play style I do BETTER playing off meta supports, like ziggs and velkoz. But people are so busy berating me for playing a "real" support which will likely just bore me. Rather than playing a champ I can think around. I have My OWN play style, I play My OWN champs in a support role, even if they are off meta. As I said the meta has become something to beat your team over the head with. you arent allowed to play what works for YOU, only what is approved by the pro LCS or else its "Trolling" yup thats how league is....they have 136 champs? 137 soon....annnd you cant play but maybe 30 of them if you do anything else your trolling and thats a report. its very..frustrating....
Yup, and People who deem you "trolling" will go out of their way to prove their point. I.E I play Ziggs Support Ezreal doesnt approve, he wants me to play Blitz (I dont Play Blitzcrank, like...ever) So to punish me, whenever I poke the enemy he will sit off to the side (still close enough that he could help or get XP) but he will not help me. If they 2v1 me and I try and go towards him, he will just back up again and move off to the side. and WHen I DIE from being 2v1'ed. Ezreal uses that as his "validation" "see? see. I told you Ziggs support wouldnt work, and now you are feeding" and then he goes into all chat /all "Report ziggs support for trolling/inting"
: its ok. I'm pretty sure my adc just reported me for playing shaco as support...hes got a nice slow an ult that confuses people and his boxes zone and cc...the moral of the story is..this game is full off jack asses...and you will get reported for not playing meta..constantly...if you don't do this your reported if you don't do that your reported...if you sneeze your reported...if you don't start at the right camp in the jungle? thats a report....do what your told or don't play the game is what league is......thats literally its entire thing...and..riot does nothing about it..they just follow up...because they use an automated system..they cant be bothered with player reports. and lets stop beating around the bush........this is how it is.
I will admit I have a bit of a temper, But I have been playing support sinse season 3. And I find with my play style I do BETTER playing off meta supports, like ziggs and velkoz. But people are so busy berating me for playing a "real" support which will likely just bore me. Rather than playing a champ I can think around. I have My OWN play style, I play My OWN champs in a support role, even if they are off meta. As I said the meta has become something to beat your team over the head with. you arent allowed to play what works for YOU, only what is approved by the pro LCS or else its "Trolling"
: Banned for Not playing Who ADC wants.
Game 1 Damagefox: game over man...GAME OVER!!! Damagefox: Luc instead of maybe chasing kills in the distance you pay attention to whats infront of you Damagefox: Either that or I could just stop supporting you and build AP instead Damagefox: since you are so focused on your kda Damagefox: ok I will take your silence as you not needing a support Damagefox: gg Damagefox: Yolo solo greed kids Damagefox: who cares about a team game as long as these children can go for their "most kills" bragging rights Damagefox: and of course they blame the support Damagefox: Well, Gg, that secured it Damagefox: They run solo, then blame support when they lose. Its too funny for words Damagefox: so congrats on your win Damagefox: it is a loss, You are more interested in stacking your SOLO kda Damagefox: You come onto a team game, then act like your team doesnt exist Damagefox: like its single player Damagefox: How about you drop the caps first Damagefox: I wasnt staying for a kill, I was waiting for mana so I could HEAL. But apparently healing the team is a problem Damagefox: so If its healing you dont need, I wont bother Damagefox: nasus I need the farm for a mission Damagefox: i need to end the match with at leasth 50cs and 8 assists Damagefox: just need another 14cs (36/50) Damagefox: well gg Damagefox: This team too focused on playing league like its "single player" Damagefox: so at least you play as a team Damagefox: this team is more concerned with preserving and stacking thier solo kda Damagefox: you group, this team doesnt Damagefox: They are all spread out g oing after thier solo interests Damagefox: cuz why group up on a team game, that means less kills Damagefox: see? Damagefox: she is "too good" for a team Damagefox: she wants to be the Yolo solo player Damagefox: Kills mean shit all if the math ends in a LOSS Damagefox: right, I cant keep you alive if you fking leave me toe DIE so you can inflate your kda Damagefox: GG Damagefox: I ULTED HER Damagefox: Ahahah right, me? passive ahahahaah Damagefox: they say -I- am being passive. Damagefox: Congrats on your win, I cant deal with this team Damagefox: they leave me to die, then when I am dead and they run off after kills, they tell me how useless I am, how I havent done shit Damagefox: and berate me for how "passive" I am Damagefox: Muting this team Damagefox: I have to mute my whole team Game 2 Damagefox: so where is our jungle? Damagefox: seen enemy jungle gank twice in bot lane Damagefox: seen ou own jungle 0 times Damagefox: get good then yas Damagefox: stop asking for help Damagefox: You think you are good enough, you should be able to 1v4 Damagefox: you expect ME to be able to 1v3 Damagefox: I am just muting all of you Damagefox: welp, congrats on your win Damagefox: this team is too arrogant and full of themselves Damagefox: and yasuo can only sit around calling everyone else "dumbass" like its going out of style Damagefox: gg, yolo solo team Damagefox: promoted and demoted again in under an hour Damagefox: because children think they are challenger tier Damagefox: this team really does deserve their loss Damagefox: This team thinks too highly of themselves anyways, Damagefox: Maybe gettiing repeatedly 1-shot will knock them off their "high horse" Damagefox: I am not afk Damagefox: gg wp Damagefox: this team earned its loss Damagefox: they think they are challenger tier Damagefox: so full of themselves Damagefox: Yasuo sits around calling people dumbass and moron the whole match Damagefox: I just got promoted to B4, and now i will get knocked down to b5 again Damagefox: they still saying "We got this, we can win this easy" Damagefox: Not being toxic, they are spreading out, they think they dont need a team Damagefox: gg wp Damagefox: kids had to run solo Damagefox: so this is what happnes Game 3 Damagefox: so I am just gonna go ahead and mute ADC Damagefox: he is gonna spend the entire game flaming me for not playing a "real support", so Nopping it in the bud Damagefox: *nipping Damagefox: Ezreal muted Damagefox: Really ez, just sit there, you see me stun them and just sit and watch Damagefox: fuck it, done with bot lane, Damagefox: Yeah Blitz leaves bot lane, and ez just keeps on going becaue its not HIS problem anymore Damagefox: nice circular logic Damagefox: you went out of your way to make sure it would fail. you want to punish your tema for not playing what YOU want Damagefox: ezreal throwing a fitt Damagefox: I wouldnt play what HE wanted Damagefox: so he goes out of his way to sabotage his team, to prove how much of a fail my choice was Damagefox: Blitz left ezreals lane, so he acts like its no longer HIS problem Damagefox: Talking about yourself, ezreal
Rioter Comments
: Infinite Loop Client Restart
Yeah I Got that as well, I finished a match and fell into the infinity loop. Uninstalled and reinstalled the client, and now it wont even update. So either way I am pooched. Oh well, time to go play Lawbreakers or Splatoon 2 untill riot decides to fix this.
: can refusing to group on purpose actually be punished harder?
I can see why he didnt want to group with someone like you. Just from your statement. You sound like the type who will sit there and degrade your teammates, talking down to them and degrading them, and then expect them to help you on the crack of a whip? Nah, If my teammates spend the entire game degrading and insulting me, I have NO obligation to group with them. Thats not trolling Thats me saying I wont be your little verbal doormat just so you can get your rocks off and feel good about yourself. If you flame and degrade, insult and demean your team, then you deserve to lose. Its the natural consequence. You sit there calling people "Waste of life". Oh but I bet you would have no problems meeting the person face to face and telling them how much of a "Waste of life" they are. Because you are so much better. TL:DR: -You flame and degrade your team, tear them down and degrade them, they are under no obligation to assist you (would you HONESTLY want to help someone who spends the entire game telling you How "Garbage" you are, repeatedly calling you trash, then demanding you come help them ON COMMAND?) You earned your loss, its a natural consequence.
: Stop Forcing Supp Roles
The Que times WOULD be shorter if more people -wanted- to play support. But why DONT people want to play support? The reason is simple. They are treated like shit. Just an abuseable Lane-slave you can abuse and degrade, talk down to, verbally demean for not doing or building what you want. Then if your support does a good job and gets you fed, but you need someone to blame, you can use their kda, the deaths they sacrificed to GET YOU THOSE KILLS, and turn around and tell the slave....sorry...SUPPORT...How useless they are. How they did nothing for the team all game. How they didnt take down any towers, it was all you. How they didnt help you get any kills, all you again. and how All they did was Be complete trash and feed the enemy.. If Riot wants to know why no one WANTS to play support. Its simple, the rest of the DPS and KILL-FOCUSED roles are too busy patting themselves on the back and congradulating each other on how OP they are to care about the support who keeps them alive, or the jungle who provides the neccecary ganks to get the enemy's boot off your neck. But its not like they matter, they are just used as a scapegoat, someone you can blame when you want to say "I played perfect, we lost because of useless/trash/garbage Support/Jungle" THATS why no one wants to play support. and this is coming from someone who has played support sinse season 3. So I am already numb to the insults. If you throw your support under the bus, or toss them to the enemy because its convenient for you, Dont ask why they dont bust their ass to save YOUR ASS later.
Nayeoni (EUW)
: Troll games never ends
They will Intentionally vote no for a reason. They will abuse the surrender and keep you IN the match BECAUSE they know you cant escape and they can squeeze more misery out of you. You are not allowed to leave and they know that. So all they have to do is get people to vote no, or bring in a duo friend and they can keep trolling you.
: Why is everyone so against new ways of playing champions?
Its because of Funda-Meta-lists. People who are so stuck on the meta they stop thinking for themselves. Anyone who has an individual strategy and a way of playing that works for THEM, But HASNT BEEN APPROVED by their LCS META BIBLE, is treated as a heretic. Lately I have actually been doing good playing a Static Shiv on Nami. (Electric Eel Build) It may not work for everyone but with my playstyle it works for me. However because it doesnt have prior approval, I am labeled as a troll and my adcs will spend the entire game throwing a temper tantrum because I am not "building meta" Instead of thinking "this is new, How do I adapt and use it to my advantage to win" they would rather throw a tantrum "OMG U TROLL UR NOT BUILDING META!!! REPORT REPORT!" They stop thinking for themselves, adapting strategies, and instead just going back to their meta bible to make the decision for them. and this causes me to lose games. Adc sees me building Non-meta rather than move on, adc throws a complete hissy fit adc afks "Im done, support trolling" leaves support (me) to 2v1 bot lane Match is lost.
: I main Sona, who also is squishy and contribute plenty. You seem to blame your teammates but what about your okay, what can you improve on?
No I put alot of blame on myself, But this is a team based game. one that requires focus on objectives. I cant push my lane when my adc decides to randomly abanon lane and go chase kills in mid because they arent able to secure a kill in their own lane. Or people would rather chase the enemy all over the map or tell me how much of a "Garbage noob" I am for being the one that actually wants to focus on taking towers.
: After looking at your champs on op.gg why aren't you spamming Soraka more, she's your best champ by far.
Best support champ maybe, But she is too squishy early game. If she gets focused, good luck snowballing. I really can play support once I have an adc that wants to win, not spend the entire game chasing kills all over the map while telling everyone else just how "Garbage/they" they are because "I got most kills, noob"
: That is how the JG role is depending on the champion. WW you are not expected to gank until lvl 6. Lee sin/twitch/zac you are basicly expected to gank at lvl 3 or someone on the team will bitch. And god forbid you get the laner will will scream and throw a tantrum that you took the kill from. I once had a friend I used to play with who mained Fizz. It was around 8 minute mark I ganked and took the kill. He spent the next 30 minutes of the game bitching about how he didn't snowball lane, because I took that kill from him. He ended up going 3/11 and blamed himself dying, because he did not snowball off that first kill.
As I said, alot of these people think they are challenger, even in bronze. They will sit there and hold their nose in the air and talk about how garbage their teams are. Of course this also causes them to expect everyone ELSE to play at the "Challenger" level they see themselves as. So They see themselves as challenger tier They expect their teams to play at the same level (expect perfection from bronze) then they proceed to toss their nose in the air and talk about how garbage/trash their teams are when teammates dont perform to the players expectation.
: Supports have it Easy. You only have your ADC to bitch at you. Try maining JG. You have Top/Mid/ADC bitching at you for ganks constantly. Top:"Our trash jungler refuses to gank". after 5 minutes in the game. I go bot lane get a double Mid bitches at me she was ganked and dies. I help mid Bot bitches about being ganked and flames me for them loosing lane. While the ADC and Support have 0 wards in bot too. Supports have it fucking easy compared to JG. If you even try and farm your jungle for more then a minute someone on your team will bitch about the JG being AFK.
As I said many times, its kind of funny that Riot is still so CONFUSED as to what makes the support/jungle roles SO Unappealing to new players. not enough interesting characters? Not enough items? New mechanics? Missions? Nah maybe Riot should look at how roles like support and jungle are treated because they ARENT purely Kill-focused roles. Support is intended to keep the team alive and healthy. But the moment The adc gets fed, any and all contributions the Support made are immediately invalidated and it becomes "I got all these kills myself, you were useless this entire game" Supports are treated like shit whatever they do. Jungle are expected to essentially PLAY ALL LANES. I have tried jungle and I got raged at for not ganking a lane at LVL 2
: And you reported this person correct?
Yes I reported but I doubt anything will happen
: I actually don't see how those words are discriminating. Offensive yes, but considering the majority of players won't know if someone actually is "retarded" (it's a medical term) or an autist they aren't using it to discriminate others. They just want to be an ass.
actions have consequences. So yeah, they want to be an ass on a team game. Good for them. Still think they should be punished for it.. People come onto this game to play a team game, not be told how much of a "trash retard" you are because someone wants to score internet points. "oooh how edgy am I?" He can be an ass, but if thats the case why should we be forced to play with him..Oh wait, we have to or else we get hit with leaverbuster, potentially banned.
Tyrëll (NA)
: Riot Games: Please recognize and disavow hate speech on the basis of disability.
I had a recent match where our jungler (Nidalee) spent the entire game flaming and degrading the team. near the end the insult was rather disgusting "Nidalee: Did you all get your vaccines recently, you play like you have autism" "Me: I actually DO have autism" "Nidalee: Good" "Nidalee: Kill yourself" But hey, the defenders will say not to be so "sensitive" when a player says to kill yourself for having a particular disability.
: just like how silver isnt NEARLY as toxic as platinum
It goes across the whole game. But The community just kinda...throws their hands up. They arent willing to take the loss to show a player "yeah, this was where you could have won, but you chose to flame your team and set yourself up for a loss. This is YOUR doing, not the "pathetic garbage/trash" players you point to. YOU contributed to your own loss" I am already labeled as the worst player in ranked Repeatedly told how pathetic garbage I am MMR so Low I am never getting out of bronze and likely never will be able to climb out. So may as well at least use it to basically point out to my teams. "you can either win as a team, or set yourself above your team, see yourself as superior to them....and hopefully feel just as "superior" when you see that "Defeat"" People dont care about playing as a team, just how big of a gap they can wedge "Im the best player up HERE. and all of you are pathetic worthless noob trash DOWN THERE!" That sort of mentality is becoming more and more rampant.
: I ended up developing a similar attitude bac when I was a low-silver support main. Only, instead of disengaging with the game I picked a different role to play: Mid lane. I was bad at mid lane; Now I'm low bronze, but I don't care to main support because of how toxic this community is towards supports.
This community has developed a sense of...elitism, arrogance...not sure what the right word is. But There is an attitude of players being "Above" or "Superior" to their teammates. They dont want to fight alongside their team, just talk down to them. And yet they dont seem to get the connection When you flame and degrade your team, insult them and tear them down. That is the moment when you sacrifice the team in order to pat yourself on the back. I am willing to take the losses in order to help them put a pin in that moment. To show them the connection between them flaming and degrading their team and the moment when a won game was tossed away. And as I said, Its kind of funny that there is so many documented examples of just how poorly supports are treated, how they are looked at as less than scum on a boot. How they are the first (or second if you count jungle) to be thrown to the enemy to take the blame for a loss..... and yet Riot is Honestly confused and unable to grasp "why is it no one wants to play support? Is it the gold? The items? the champ? Why dont people want to play support?" #MysteriesoftheRift
: ahhh its been too long since i was in bronze that sounds pretty entertaining lol i might have to get my smurf placed there
I am willing to take the losses. I am not trolling, I am showing a more immediate result. I have had alot of games where we have gotten to the nexus turrets, gotten their inhibs. And then suddenly ONE or TWO players who maybe get a few kills thinks it is their right to tell the rest of their team how "trash" they are. How they are pathetic garbage, etc. And one of the lines they always use is "Ur garbage, I have most/all of our kills" In our most recent game (just finished) Me (Morg) and my adc (Draven) were doing good despite the fact we had no tanks. So the moment pantheon, zed, and yasuo started a 3-way "I'm superior to you" competition, it ended up tilting the rest of the team and...what a shock...we lost! It always becomes about who has the most kills, so focused on "SOLO CARRY" rather than team carry. So yeah I am willing to give them a choice, to make sure they know they can either work as a TEAM on a team game, Or lose any support and contribute to their own lost matches.
: you sound like u just need a couple days of rest you're focusing too much on your team
What a shock, thank you for proving my point I mean league is supposed to be a TEAM based game. But why bother trying to get people to work AS a team. I mean lets just treat it like a free for all, fight over kills, talk down and demean those who dont have as many kills as you? Yeah I am focused on the team because it is a TEAM based game. If one player thinks they are "superior" to their team, that breeds toxicity and results in more losses. You have people coming onto a TEAM based game, they get thier team, then turn around and talk about "u r garbage, ur not as good as me. I got most kills you pathetic noobs only feed"
: then why continue to play support lmao you legit admitted you dont want to play the role so whats the point?
Never said I didnt want to play the role, But why does playing support mean that I have to be the verbal punching bag to my adc and the rest of the team. I simply focus on myself at this point. You want those wards? you want the help of your team? you have to prove you are PART of the team and dont see yourself as "above" them. So many of these players will sit there with their nose in the air "Omg my team such pathetic trash. U all suck so bad" "ur spineless garbage" and then in the same breath turn around "wtf support, get over here and heal me!" Actually I have been having games with LESS toxicity because I tell them In the lobby that I am the result of a community who would rather talk down to thier teammates than play WITH them. That if they want healing or wards, it has to be earned Because I will be doing my own things. I am still focussed on healing. But whether or not I build support items or heal depends on the team. Play as a team and Win, or hold yourself as 'above' your team and embrace the loss. and No I dont see myself as "above" my team. I am simply willing to put my foot down and say "No! You want to trash and degrade your team, your support? you want to rip them down in order to pat yourself on the back and get that "superior to you" high, well then you can embrace the loss when your team doesnt want to work with you and you end up losing"
: Use the /muteall function. I don't say anything in chat but you can't expect your team mates to praise you when you build random shit. Also once again I've been in Bronze 4 and the jungler gets the blame in every elo. It has nothing to do with your role, probably has to do with your play. If player criticism effects you so much just use /muteall, or play better.
There is a big difference between "you can do better, you need to stay closer to your adc. You are too far away" (criticism, fair 'nuff) and "Omg you are completely pathetic, you are such a retard, you are such garbage you dont deserve to play ranked." (what I normally get from teammates. Or like a Recent match Our jungle (Nidalee) trashed the team, and at one point said "Did you all get your vaccines, because you play like you have autism" and I told her "I actually DO have autism" Her response: "Good. Kill yourself" So please try and tell me again how the above comment can be classified as "player criticism"
MaropaL2 (EUW)
: im done with taking this game seriously. been here for 3 seasons and would rather go back to my old clans to play diablo3 then spend time here. im proud to be bronze 2 cause i never play league sober
I have basicaly started opening by saying "I am B5 trash, Created by the community" I dont troll, But I have NO further interest in the rest of my team. If they act like a team..then I am more inclined to "Wake up" and help out. But if they insist on constantly telling their team "omg ur such pathetic garbage" in order to make themselves feel special. then I respond "Thank you for your contribution, I hope you feel that great when you lose the match" This community is so wrapped up in itself and acts like "my shit dont stink" that they are all too happy to turn thier nose up at the rest of their team and tell the other 4 players ON THIER OWN TEAM just how "useless garbage/Trash" they are in some screwed up attempt to pat themselves on the back. So yeah, I stopped taking ranked seriously, I stopped caring about my team. Because to My team, I (as support) am not even part of the team, just someone to laugh at, degrade, and then dump the blame on when they lose. All for what? so they can have "most kills on the team bro"?
MaropaL2 (EUW)
: Support = underestimated?
I was in a match where I decided to stop being my adcs personal little sacrificial lamb. I Built MY OWN strength, MY OWN path. And as a Support Nami I ended up getting a 4-kill lead on my adc who kept diving in solo. Then Adc flips out and starts calling me a troll, telling me how I am an "idiot" I am Garbage, I am a retard. why? because I wasnt building "Meta" and by meta I mean HIS meta, the items HE dictated to me "WTF Nami, Why u building X idiot! Build Y" "Stop building non-meta" "you retard" We ended up losing because Lucian was too busy throwing a tantrum and telling the team how garbage they were. It was funny though because while lucian was throwing a tantrum at the start of the match because I wouldnt run in and sacrifice myself so he could get a kill, the rest of the team was laughing and saying things like "The nami carry, Nami OP" while lucian was flipping out "U retard, why u building that?! Build X"
: I'm sorry but support is NOT the role that gets thrown under the bus. I've played PLENTY of support on my accounts all around Bronze 4 to Gold 1 and people almost NEVER blame the support unless the support is the CLEAR reason they're losing the game. The Jungler always gets thrown under the bus. I barely play jungle and almost always the jungler will get all the blame because regardless of what THEY DID people focus on what they DIDNT DO. Only ADC can blame their lane on support, while 3 frickin lanes can blame the jungler. Just /muteall every game. If someone flames you it DOES NOT give you the right to build Statik Shiv on Soraka and troll the rest of the game (which is seems like you're doing). If you just stop caring and "effectively troll" the whole game because you can't take any blame or refuse to /muteall then you're just as bad as the flamers.
So you are saying If I bust my ass to get my team fed, and happen to die while bringing down an objective or securing a dragon, that means that I should just shut up when my team tells me how complete garbage I am. I Have had many games where I work to help my team but if they need someone to blame, they throw support and say "we lost because of support" Well I am what this community made. Its all my fault right? I am just horrible garbage. Also just because I build off-meta does not mean I am trolling. I really get sick of people like you who feel that if I dont build according to what YOUR META (not mine) dictates. If I dont build what everyone else builds then I must be trolling. No its not the fact that it works with MY playstyle, MY strategy. I am not trolling, I Just cant be bothered caring about my teammates because the moment It is convenient for them and they need a sacrifice, I get the blame. I played a game as Nami and ended up going 8/10. And as expected, My adc kept flipping out and telling me how pathetic garbage I was, how I was trolling, why? because I wasnt building ACCORDING TO HIS META. I wasnt building what HE WANTED. and our jungler Zac Spent the whole game calling the rest of the team "Retards" and "f*&$@ing trash" So yeah, you do you. But every little contribution helps. Keep telling your team how garbage they are so you can feel superior to them, so you can get that pat on the back "at least I am not that trash"
: I feel you, man. I used to main sup (still wouldn't mind if I was autofilled there), but then it got so toxic that I switched my main to top. If you've been playing for 3+ years, you should most likely have enough mechanical skill to play any other role. If you're that sick of people flaming you, just try some new champs. Sure, people might flame you like before, but in the end you'll get some LP and a wider champ pool.
I chose Support because at the time it was rather simple. But as I learned it I found it allowed me to watch the minimap, to notice movement patterns. I can usually tell when the enemy is getting ready to go for dragon...I can predict where to cast abilities like Nami Or Soraka's Q (meaning I can stop a GANK Dead in its tracks) and yet I just got out of a match where I got 2 kills as nami but my adc spent the entire game telling me how complete garbage I was because I wasnt building "according to the meta". Which was essentially him saying "u r an idiot, u r garbage. build what I want you troll" He spent the whole game telling me how garbage I was and reported me for "Trolling" as an AP Nami (again, wasnt trolling, but for people like him, Not building what HE WANTED = TROOOOOOOOLL) On a side note: Riot still wonders "Why is the support role So UNAPPEALING TO PLAYERS?" This..might be a clue.
youthere (NA)
: I was in the same boat. Support main, very good winrate as support. But every game that bot goes poorly, the ADC uses you as a scapegoat. It's just the nature of the role; If you don't get ADC fed, you're bad. If you die getting ADC fed, you're bad. If you leave to ward jungle, you're bad. It's just too easy to blame support as most non-support mains don't know what the role actually is. Moreover, as some cruel joke, the role of support is paired up with the role most likely to attract angst filled teenage boys who think they are hypercarries. My advice, start maining top or mid. Jungle and support are the easiest for teammates to blame, and just aren't worth the grief. Top lane is basically single player.
I have lost count how many times I could go the whole match with like. 22-28 assists, (0/4/22, 1/2/28, etc) and STILL be told how "completely useless garbage support" I am because I died once. and when I tell them "who do you think kept you alive, who leashed the enemy down to last hit" and would still get told "You didnt do %#!@, I got those kills" SO I can bust my ass to get my team fed. Make a couple sacrifices to bring down a tower (I go down but I stay and make sure I drag that tower down WITH ME) and still get told "you are such trash, you are such garbage. OMG this Bronze troll, report!!" And I am at the point where my Thought is "if you think having a support is such a bad thing, then you dont need one. Nah I am not trolling, I am just completely blocking out the rest of my team. Not like I was part of the team anyways. I have been holding all this in sinse season 3 as I said. My rule is " Dont throw your support under the bus when you need a quick ego boost and then wonder why they arent there to save you later" I am at the point where I dont play support, I just play my way. Because I am damned if I do and damned if I dont anyways. Regardless of the outcome, its ALL SUPPORT"S FAULT"
: Try and stay positive man, I know it must be hard in such a toxic elo but that's the secret to getting out
Nah I have been trying to stay positive sinse season 3, and I finally reached my breaking point. All people can do is feel superior by telling thier teammates how garbage they are. Yeah You can mute them, but the damage is already done and with no way to actually defend yourself, all I was able to do was hold it in. SOrry I tried....for 4 seasons. Tired of getting up just to get kicked in the face again so one of my teammates can feel a sense of "Im better than you" But hey, its not like supports are actually part of the team anyways, just there to be abused and take the blame when its convenient for the rest of the team. and again, Riot wonders why no one wants to play support....
Rioter Comments
: What exactly will flaming the person thats just having a bad game do?
I am a support main, but I have a simple rule. Dont throw your support under the bus when its convenient for you, then get mad when they arent there to help you later. You Flame your teammates you degrade your teammates you pick them apart over the slightest mistakes constantly remind them how garbage/trash they are if they get outplayed, You will label them a feeder and make sure they never live it down. And even more so, you will go over /all chat and make sure the OTHER team knows just how much of a horrible feeder your garbage teammate is as well "make sure to report our troll, kay? they feed" Instead of helping teammates, this community would rather get on a high horse and feel some smug sense of superiority by rallying behind the banner of "at least we arent as bad as THIS trash player" I am at the point where Though I am a support, I have no care about supporting my team. Why? Not to troll,but because I KNOW FOR A FACT that the moment it is convenient, support will be abandoned, thrown under the bus and used as some sort of scapegoat when the team needs it. So they can have this sense of "We all played perfect, we lost because of...." and I can tell them "I am what this community made me. I am B5 Trash. I am Garbage. And I am your teammate" I am Community made, Beaten down to the point where I believe it. But thats not gonna stop me from playing ranked. I am A result of this community. You feel superior by telling your teammates how trash they are? By all means keep telling me. Wont change the outcome when you lose the match. Want to know what flaming a person over a mistake or a simple bad game does? It creates people like me who eventually just stop giving a #!@%. So please, keep those insults and degrading comments coming. Tell me how complete garbage I am for missing an ult, Or not coming just a little late on an ability.
: I barely see any toxic ADCs. Let alone anyone whos just plain whiny in my games. Usually when i do encounter one, its a different role. Every roles is going to have toxic players, as each role has its own incentives, which will attract the good and toxic players alike.
I am a support main, and I get them ALL THE TIME. I responded above. But most if not all my adcs seem to think the whole game revolves around them. If I get a kill they werent able to secure (because they dived into 3v1 and died with the enemy at last hit) they will immediately throw a fit. They will rage if I , as soraka, happen to execute a minion that is next to an enemy champ. They will drop everything and start kicking and screaming about "stop stealing My CS/Kills!" when sorakas Q is an AOE, meaning I have no controll over who it does/doesnt hit!. But still they will kick and scream about me KSing or Stealing their CS. But I could get 30 assists and will still get told "My useless Support did nothing to help me all game (as I exhaust myself to keep them healthy and get them fed. But apparently that still counts NOTHING towards helping the adc) You want to know why no one wants to play support? Its because supports are treated like shit, and are only really aknowledged when the team needs some scapegoat to dump blame on because the adc didnt get fed. Its because we bend over backward to keep our team alive but get thrown to the enemy when its convenient for adc (I have been told by my adcs "you are support, Your job is to die to the enemy so I can get kills and get fed". And then they turn around and call to report me because I wasnt a good little sacrifice to their ego) I have been playing support sinse Season 3. And personally I really hate Adcs because of how completely Full of themselves they have gotten. Adcs act like the whole game revolves around them, and the rest of the team is happy to feed into that idea and give them a pass as they treat thier support like garbage. There is a reason why one of the nicknames for the "support role"....is "LANE SLAVE!" Supports arent actually part of the team, arent actually treated with respect, they are just there to kick around, degrade, insult,and then call for reports when they try and stand up for themselves because they arent "playing their role"
: Dont even know what PUBG is
Player Unknown Battle Grounds
Miror B (NA)
: The difference of course being that people kinda think it's ok to do that in norms as it's not ranked (because you're apparently allowed to ruin peoples' experience if it doesn't cost them LP). I somewhat sympathize with your struggles in this game, even though going to HotS isn't exactly an upgrade (played it for 6 months, and found the community about equal to this one). Would reccomend PUBG as a potential other game to try, as since I quit league I've devoted a decent chunk of time to it and find the overall skill/community far better than league's is currently.
I am waiting for "Lawbreakers" Myself. Looks like a good game
Aptest (EUW)
: Lets Talk ADCs
I have so many bad adcs that I HAVE to play adc supports I am a support main Mastery 7 Sona/Soraka Mastery 6 Bard/Braum I have been playing support sinse season 3, it allows me to observe both teams. to notice movement patterns. But I am forced to play more aggressive adc supports, Cait, Jhin, Gnar, Kled. More and more of my adcs are either as fragile as a snowflake and throw a fit when I accidentally execute a minion Qing an enemy champ as Soraka (OMG u killed a minion! ur stealing my CS. GG I am afk). Or they are so entitled they think they are the best player ever and "dont need any useless/garbage support" Then die instantly after i call thier bluff (Yeah if you think you dont need a support, if you think you are that good, prove it) I can do my best to get my adc fed, go 0/2/28 and still get told how completely worthless I am because "u got no kills, you did nothing the whole game" And yet if the game is lost, even with all those assists "we lost because of the trash support" So adcs wont aknowledge any support contribution, but are happy to dump ALL the blame on a support in the event of a loss. While its not all there is a sharp rise in the level of overall "narcissism" and general arrogance in ADCs. ADCs are the damage dealers, Yeah they are focused on kills. But they seem to completely discount any contribution of thier team. More and more they seem to think the WHOLE game is all about THEM. Teammates dont exist (unless they need someone to blame), and seem happy to dump the blame for any death/loss on the support. They seem to feel like all kills are theirs by default and are happy to throw a tantrum and afk if anyone other than them gets a kill. (U KSed me, I am afk) of course they will act like its fair game if they ks the rest of thier team ( Heres a hint, its a team game, KS doesnt exist. KIll secured,not Kill steal) Adcs will also expect thier supports to follow right behind when they decide to Kamikaze the enemy bot/supp. Example from a game played: ADC went in with support (Me) and fought enemy Adc/Support. Enemy support kept ADC healed and I was forced to Back due to Low health/OOM. WHile I was at base, Adc decided to dive in (he was at last hit..100-200hp) and was promptly killed. ADC blamed me because "Useless support got me killed" I told him I was backing and he still decided to go in, but somehow its MY fault he died He then threw a tantrum and afked. A bit anecdotal but its one of the more noticable examples that stuckout on my mind.
: its a form of trolling. a lot of times the players are trying to make their teammates suffer
Yeah I have had that happen. A player thinks they are so good. and when surrender vote came up, they said "I am gonna vote no so tryndamere and ezreal can sit and think about how much they suck" I have also had matches where people will Go on and on, they will ADMIT the match is over. "This team sucks so bad. This team is garbage. GG we lost. OMG U ALL SO TRASH. YOU Lost this match. Its all your fault" and then when surrender vote comes up, they vote no "I am not surrendering" Like...you just admitted that the match was over. So you are intentionally voting No to intentionally "punish" your team alot of players are not afraid to actually come out and say it too "No you fed X so now you can sit here and suffer with it" and then when the match is over they will turn around "report my team for Feeding X" even if it was unintentional and the one being fed just happened to snowball.
Rioter Comments
: Sometimes you get that team that is so much garbage and feed so uncontrollably that you'd have preferred bots for team mates. Getting trash teams is something we should all expect. What makes my blood boil is when they don't want to surrender while still playing like utter retarded garbage. In this case, I'd do what the OP suggests and passively throw the game, if only to make the enemy team close out faster. Thankfully, these kinds of teams get more rare the higher you climb. Since mid Silver 5, I have only gotten one team like this. I'm currently sitting at Silver 3 and still climbing. Compare this to Bronze where every other game I got a team like this.
Sad thing is, most of these players think they are "Challenger tier". I lost count how many times my teammates would walk past a tower...so low... < 100hp...just....sneeze on it! take it down. but no.. they would rather walk by it repeatedly, chasing a kill that ends up killing them in the end. Because who cares about objectives in a team based game. and then they turn around and tell you how much you suck because you arent 14/2 like them .....but that <100hp tower still stands...they just had to turn and AA it ONCE. ....but thier kda "solo carry" mentality is more important. I am a support main, sadly I still cant bring myself to support stupidity, or arrogance (the "Im the best player on this team, ur all just trash" types...usually adcs)
: How do I deal with teammates who give up at winning?
Let me put it this way. I DO give up, because I strive to win. BUT It ends up being where my desire to win and destroy the nexus, and win the match, is beat out by 9 players who want to sit around, farm to 500cs, Do Nothing for 20 minutes. They want to ignore towers in favor of chasing kills from one end of the map to the other (Kills they often FAIL to get anyways..and end up dying in the process). But they will ignore my pings (as support) of incoming ganks, or enemy taking dragon because "you have no kills, you dont get to talk" So Yeah, I do give up. because people on this game are so full of themselves, they see themselves as challenger tier, and rather than Help their team, they would rather sit there and talk down to the rest of their team. "You are pure trash, AHAHA Look at this garbage!. Now Shut up and get with the group" This is why people give up. Because The community DOESNT forgive ANY mistake, Or forget them. The game SHOULD be about having fun, but people are too busy lording thier self-declared "superiority" over the rest of thier team. When that happens, Teamwork breaks down, Toxicity breeds, The team divides and eventually Nukes itself. And then after the match is lost, often these players are too full of themselves to admit they played ANY part in the loss, So will often dump the blame on the rest of the team. When I screw up, yeah, I can fess up to it "I screwed up there, my bad" But its gotten to the point where I just see my own team as an extension of the enemy team. I hate my teams, the greed..the arrogance. They dont want to win, just brag "how great am I?! the rest of this team should be permabanned for unskilled" The player base in this community makes me sick, ashamed to be the same species as these entitled toddlers who see -themselves- as challenger tier, and want to ban anyone who doesnt play at thier level of 'perfection' The level of "I am above you" is sickening in this community. So yeah, If I see the team nuking itself due to a player's greed and desire to throw the rest of the team to the enemy for thier own self-benefit, I stop trying. People Who cant grasp what a team game is and see thier own team as just expendable pawns, do not deserve a win. TL:DR: People give up because this community is too busy kicking players down in order to stand a little higher, rather then helping thier team win. Win as a Team, Lose as individuals. This community would rather choose the latter option if it means they get the "most kills/damage" bragging rights "I got most kills/did the most damage. So what if we lost"
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