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: Learn to ward. Play support. Peels OP. Seriously, I mean it. ADCs are often stupid, but that doesn't mean they can't shoot. I suggest trying Janna.
Support is ok but I prefer to carry, don't get me wrong support is a great role. True about the ADCs though. I'll try out some more supports. My favorite is Thresh.
: > The most important thing, in my opinion: > > Do NOT argue with your teammates. No matter how stupid, how vocal or how convincing their arguments may be, do NOT even speak to them. The MOMENT you give them something to reply to, the moment you insult them or the moment you fuel them in any way, shape or form by attempting to get back at them, is the moment you decrease your chances at winning the game. You make them go from concentrating on the game at hand, to simply rage-replying and trying to troll in turn. This applies to all levels of ranked. Whenever someone gets a kill say "gj". Your team's morale matters more than skill.
Alright thanks, I usually just say that when they make a play but I'll do it more often
: Laning as Twisted Fate
TF doesnt need to win lane. He just needs to gank with his ult and apply pressure. You just need to cs and survive
Acioo (NA)
: Zed build
It really depends on the match up. I start longsword 3 pots if its an average lane. Poke I go dorans shield 1 pot. I then go from there Cutlass>Brutalizer>Bork> LW>Youmoo's. You can buy boots anytime between then and after Youmoo's anything really like IE, GA, Randuin's, etc. Hexdrinker is a really good buy against AP mids too.
: I am really sad that my birthday is in two days
: Does Riot crack down harder on people who say "I don't care if I get banned"?
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
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