: Nerf more champs on ARAM or bring bans back
Played a lot of ARAM lately. Cant think of a single champ that is broken on it. Some are definitely better than others...but thats to be expected. Its ARAM.. if you have any complaints, you are most likely taking it too seriously.
Salron88 (EUW)
: Petition. Unless RIOT does not start making patches for non-competitive we wont support worlds.
"Unless RIOT does not start making patches for non-competitive we wont support worlds." So you wont support worlds unless they DONT start making non-competitive patches? Well good news.. they already arent making patches for non competitive and they most likely wont start. So you are in the clear. No petition necessary.
Aizo (NA)
: Hey! I'm a Grandmaster Maokai OTP and I have a few ideas how to make this champion more interesting
Just spitballing..and im far from a pro maokai.. but on his ult, It would be pretty cool if allies behind the ult got a movespeed buff while moving towards it. Similar to how Kled's ult works though not as fast. It would be a viable way to initiate a fight and allow Maokai and other teammates with CC to close quickly and apply their own roots, slows, stuns, etc..etc.. so that Maokai's slower moving ult could then come through and catch the enemy for a stacking CC.
GigglesO (NA)
: Does nothing stop onhit builds?
Well if they are spending all their gold on attack speed items.. they should be very susceptible to burst damage and CC right? Dont get me wrong..i hate being disintegrated too.. but every time it happens, I can trace it back to a mistake I made, or a weakness in our team comp.
: Is the new Pantheon rework OP?
The new Pantheon is meh.. old Pantheon was more fun. Sure he was only good "sometimes" but when he was good he was really good. I miss being able to jump on someone and totally shred them. The new shield mechanic is nice, but I dont think it was worth giving up 50% of his damage. Actually if im being honest I preferred the old passive shield too. He better fits his role now. But if I was going to rate him against other bruiser types.. he is somewhere in the middle of the pack, if not below average. There is nothing scary about new pantheon. Needs a buff to his Q, and remove the dang AP from his stun and ult. Its idiotic. The guy struggles to put out good damage as it is.. let him scale off of a useful stat.
lodcea (EUNE)
: What is wrong with yi?
Well.. like every other champion that has a simple and fun kit that people enjoy playing regardless of whether it is meta.. he "needs" a rework. At least, if Riot is consistent (lol) with their standards of champion design, Yi is way overdue for a rework. Everything he has needs to be reverted to a skill shot that depends upon his other abilities to be effective. They need to remove anything that is "passive" and doesnt require constant micromanaging, and give him active abilities. Playing Yi at a high level should give you stress wrinkles. That is what makes a champion Fun™ I see his alpha strike being a skillshot dash that has its range extended if it hits a creep. If it hits a champion it will do AOE damage around them, and slow them for 3 seconds this will scale off of AP. His Wuju Style will do bonus damage on each attack made against a target that has been hit by alpha strike, and will scale off move speed. If he activates Wuju Style it will throw out a tether of pure kung fu mojo, and pull any enemy in an AOE around him into melee range (scaling off armor). His meditate will be removed because..obviously. Instead he will get a flash execute that resets whenever the target dies and provides triple gold (bonus AD). His ult will be a global teleport that gives him 4 seconds of invulnerability and 100% attack speed and crit (somehow scaling off health). Riot will be shocked that he is overpowered.
: What do you seriously enjoy about League of Legends?
The community. It is really great to be part of a community that works together to create a better experience for everyone. I think it is because of how we treat each other, and our open discussions about the game and its strengths and flaws, that the development team listens to us and takes our suggestions seriously.
: Jaggernauts and the Garen lie, Read
"have a tough time closing in on targets due to their low range and extremely limited mobility" Doesnt that answer the question right there?
: The amount of Shyvana in every game is becoming super boring.
Eh.. im gonna agree with the OP. Shyvana has become very prevalent. She is very durable, and once she shifts, her attack can do fairly good damage.. stupid damage with the right items. On top of that.. for the cost of just one other character, Aurelian or Pantheon.. she becomes pretty much magic damage immune. It is extremely easy to do well with Shyvana.
: Kled needs a small nerf
I dont know what it is, but once you have him unmounted it feels like he is REALLY hard to kill. I feel like he should be very vulnerable at that point, but (and im basing all of this on "feeling"..not data) it seems like it is easy to dismount him, but extremely hard to kill him. I feel like it should be harder to dismount him, but once he is dismounted..he should ahve to play VERY carefully to avoid death.
Thilmer (EUW)
: Time passes and Spear of Shojin is still one of the most broken items
I think that different ranks have different playstyles that are dominant. I remember back in early gold and late silver that Spear was a big deal. In late gold, You dont see spear making much of a difference. I have a lot of issues with Dragons and red buff in this rank. Problem with spear is that it is very situational.. the champs that make good use of it arent always strong enough to carry you to a win. The only champs I can think of off hthe top of my head that make really good use of it are Lulu, Karthus, Brand, and on a glacial team..Ashe.
Solys (NA)
: TFT games are too dang long
They could shave minutes off of the gameplay if they would get rid of some of the needless visuals and such. Why does it take an extra 5 seconds to load the round after the timer hits zero? Why do we have to wait in the NPC rounds for the NPCs to become "corporeal" before we can fight them? Why does it take so long to do a draft round? You area already most likely going to have whatever item you want end up on the far side of the circle when your turn comes up, and the other guy is going to grab it. If you can get screwed by RNG ANYWAY..then why not cut the amount of time each person has to choose in half? Its not like you can get any MORE screwed. Hey, those NPC rounds at the start are pretty boring anyway.. why dont you just set those to 2x speed so we can get to the important stuff? My point is that if Riot would spend a little time optimizing the game length, they could probably cut a SIGNIFICANT amount of time off of each match, and they wouldnt sacrifice anything by doing it except for possibly a little bit of needless showmanship.
: Any number of times stacking... no. Confirmation.
The new TFT mode is a blast till you get to gold 3/2/1... thats when it starts being complete and total bull****. Ive yo-yo'd back and forth through this area for weeks. I will think that ive figured out what i wasnt doing right, get to gold 1.. then get demolished over and over until im back in gold 3. So ill try again, but lo and behold, what I was doing to get to gold 1 before isnt working anymore. Repeat ad nauseum. Ive come to the conclusion that the big secret to getting past gold is complete blind ****ing luck. The whole game mode can kiss my lily white *ss.
kuzzy47 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Z3Sleepier,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XjivA0nT,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-30T05:39:38.682+0000) > > Most ban quotes are really annoying so I turned them off. > > Pre-several-slaps-on-the-wrist Irelia's "Tyrant!" quote got really annoying. Imagine getting triggered by ban quotes. Snowflake alert.
> [{quoted}](name=kuzzy47,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XjivA0nT,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-30T06:14:46.823+0000) > > Imagine getting triggered by ban quotes. Snowflake alert. You are the opposite of a snowflake.. a sunbeam? Someone who too readily labels people a snowflake because they said they dont like something. I dont like the sound of people chewing with their mouth open. Guess im a snowflake too?
Lugg (NA)
: Galio in dire need of another rework
Remove his AOE taunt. Give him something else. How about a knockup.. or a short range AOE pull..or a slow aura. AOE taunt is obviously too hard to balance correctly, and it has been screwing Galio for years. Get rid of the taunt..then buff the rest of his kit. Make him what he was originally supposed to be..an Anti-AP tank that can farm and push lanes effectively.
: Riot, please actually fulfill what your textbox says. (Urgot)
How do you beat Garen? Im new to Urgot and went up against a garen recently. Biggest issue I had is that my full combo didnt do as much as his.. so I couldnt trade with him toe to toe. I could hang back and farm, but he never has to leave the lane, so he would most likely end up winning a farm off if I cant push him out of lane. In my defense, his Jungle came and ganked a couple times, while mine was stuck protecting our bot lane cause we had a leaver.. ended up FFing at 15. But in those 15 minutes I died a few times just trying to figure out how to beat him.
: Any idea what the next event is?
Awesome! Thanks. Gotta get me the Rakan skin
5050BS (NA)
: Riot: Why is Voilbear allowed to build tank and out damage everyone?
What exactly are you complaining about? You are making a big deal about him being durable and still dealing high damage.. well that is his W. He autoattacks 3 times and then takes a bite out of you for a percentage of his bonus health in physical damage, and is increased by 1% for every 1% of health the target is missing. Build armor. Get shields. Dont let him bite you when you are low health. This is not an outlier. Garen, Zac, Rammus, Mordekaiser, Swain, Shyvana, Nasus, Renekton, Urgot, Darius, Sion, Malphite, Chogath..etc..etc..etc.. all of these champs are capable of dealing high damage while building for durability. Even so.. they are not nearly as impactful as the slew of assassins teleporting around the map and one shotting everything while stealthing, dodging, shielding, deflecting, and generally being complete ***holes.
Rioter Comments
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Lapis (OCE)
: This may be an unpopular opinion but I think being able to solocarry is bad for the game
Ever play Heroes of the Storm? XP is shared across the team in HOTS, and you dont buy items, so there is no solo carry there. Instead, you do great and your horrible teammates drag you to a loss. No matter how well you do, your worst teammates will make sure you dont win. So.. in LoL..the ability to solo carry means that a good player can salvage a bad situation and pull out a win. While in HoTS..it doesnt matter.. bad teams lose. I would say "pick your poison".. but HoTS is dead. Because Blizzard decided mobile games are the future.
: add a quality of life execute threshold notification for garen
Glîtchy (NA)
: Is it possible to ever put Yi behind?
Lemme play him. I promise he will be behind.
: What Happened to Tahm Kench?
Id like to see a rework on him personally. Though I completely understand why hardcore Tahm players would hate that. Personally I love him from a conceptual point of view. He has an entertaining aesthetic, and I love extremely durable champs that have annoying ways to poke, and ruin the enemy team's plans. Plus any champ that can walk away from a 1v2 gank, possibly even with a kill, is aces in my book. My complaints though are that in team fights he lacks impact. His ult is useful about 1/10th of the time.. and the rest of the time is a liability if you even attempt to use it. I also find his devour to be a little finicky with its targeting. Personally id love it if most of his kit stayed the same.. but they made his devour a little more "restricted" (I.E. you cant devour teammates anymore, and when devouring, it prioritizes eligible enemy champions over creeps), and give him an ult that can be more impactful in team fights. Possibly something that boosts his team, or debuffs the enemy team, so that he can be a bruiser top lane, or a support bottom.
: Why you even play tft?
shorter than a league game. I can watch TV or play on my phone while I do it. It can complete some daily quests.
Laura ß (NA)
: The current pathetic state of league and MOBA games
MOBA games have lost popularity for a number of reason.. most importantly: - TOXIC!!!!! communities. People who play these games have no chill. When you go against someone better than you, it sucks bad enough that you are losing..but you can bet your neckbeard teammates are gonna pick you apart and kick you when you are down too. The community sucks. In every moba. - Stale gameplay. The new champion mechanics can be interesting, but the only MOBA to date that has really successfully instituted different maps is HOTS, and unfortunately that game was run by blizzard. Blizzard is the debil, so HOTS is dead. Its a shame because they had some great ideas, and with some perfecting, I think it could have made for a better MOBA than anything to date. - The toxic freaking community. Yeah im listing it again. A new player is gonna get yelled at, belittled, ridiculed, and told to uninstall and die. How exactly is the community supposed to grow with that kind of atmosphere? - An illogical hatred for simplicity. Hey.. intricate uber skill based champs and strategies are great. But if you want to keep a larger playerbase, you need champions that appeal to people with sloth like reflexes and zero affinity for mental gymnastics. LoL seems to hate champions like this, as they have started a crusade to rework all of them into something "more fun".. and then proceed to remove all targeted abilities, and make every power require some kind of "condition" triggered by the other powers. hot take: The majority of people who play these games really arent that good at it. Bronze, Silver, even gold sometimes..is just a bunch of keyboard smashing nitwits flailing at each other. Simple champions dont just need to exist..they need to be strong enough to make a difference. Or even carry a team. Intricate champions should be versatile and reward good play.. but you shouldnt need to be able speed solve long division and trigonometry to get first blood.
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Damoklese,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RdPUmMWa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-13T04:17:07.933+0000) > All of that.. and his ult.. and his shield. And despite all that he wasnt overpowered. He was barely played..his W/L ratio was even a little low as I recall. The reason they reworked him is because he didnt fit the meta. No, the main reason why he was reworked was his extremely low Play Rate, one of the lowest any champion could ever have. That meant that he was mostly played by a very small, dedicated player base and barely anything else. While you and the other few Galio players definitely see him as "Ok", people saw him as a joke similar to Karma Pre-Rework. "What is a Galio" is a real meme. Riot's decision has been to rework him in order to make him more interesting for the general player and, naturally, increase his popularity. And it really isn't that hard to see how the new one is more liked. Active passive, very impactful long cd abilities vs low impact and spammable spells, mobility, versatility. While old Galio definitely had numbers in his favour, new one has way more potential uses and much more decision making, besides a more fair distribution in power between skills. Citing what other Galio players said, he was incredibly reliant on his Flash-Ult combo, which absorbed most of his power budget. This is the second reason for the rework, since Riot couldn't see how they could balance him without making major changes to his base kit. Overall, there are pretty solid reasons why Galio was reworked. I personally don't like his new version and I doubt they will ever balance him fairly without reworking him again, but neither Old Galio was healthy in their eyes.
I think the biggest issue with old Galio... similarly to new galio.. is that they are trying to make his AOE taunt work. If the would remove taunt from his kit and give him something else, his balance would probably be a lot easier. AOE stuns/taunts are powerful, and difficult to balance around. Also..i swear im not a hipster..but one of my favorite champs of all time in LoL was old Karma. She was so good. She just had ZERO synergy with the meta. If you went off meta with her and took the right lane partner with you bottom, she was a beast. My friend I play with all the time would go Pantheon as our ADC and id go support Karma. Shield bombing with pantheon's combo was HUGE damage. She would get fed in the laning phase because of it, and we would both be beastly in the mid game. Probably wouldnt work in high elo but i was heartbroken when they deleted my favorite champ. Then soon after they did it to Galio who was also a favorite of mine. Luckily I still had nunu...OH WAIT.. they did it to him too. And every time... the general public loves the changes. I am cursed in this game. Incidentally..my favorites at the moment are Trundle, Zac, Renekton, Zilean, Veigar, and Leona.. So look for Riot to delete them and "fix" them next.
: Karma- the unspoken broken
you should try playing her before you say how simple and overpowered she is
PotPye (NA)
: Galio Getting Buffed Because of New Skin?
Varus and Shen would be getting buffed too.
: ***
See...I dont see making his powers less effective and more dependent upon each other to have a similar result to his old powers to be "better". id say that is 100% worse. His old E was effective attacking or supporting.. his old Q was simple damage with a slow. It was a small radius skill shot that wasnt especially fast as well, so it took some skill to use properly. They were a good combo because his Q was easier to hit with the closer you were..so you used his E to close distance quickly, then Q for the big damage, which was harder to avoid.
: Revert galio to his previous kit
His old kit absolutely was better. They should give him back his old kit then tweak his numbers to work with the current items.
: Galio's W grounding him is one of the most hypocritical nerfs ever
I dont understand why people like his new kit over his old one. His old kit..when you hit with his Q and E.. it hurt. You could chunk casters with his Q alone. With a little bit of farm/feed he could take out entire creep waves with just one cast of each. All of that.. and his ult.. and his shield. And despite all that he wasnt overpowered. He was barely played..his W/L ratio was even a little low as I recall. The reason they reworked him is because he didnt fit the meta. What we have now is this limp noodle. He isnt as durable.. he is DEFINITELY not as damaging.. his powers are not nearly as effective in team fights or lane pushing. Yet somehow everyone prefers this version? Im at a total loss. This champ sucks. His kit sucks..his numbers suck.. he still has no place in the meta...why Riot? Why do you do this? Quit fixing shit that aint broken.
Stratixx (NA)
: Idea for Gallo’s W
How about just removing taunt from his kit? How about letting him blow his shield up to stun targets around him for 1 second, and debuffing them so he does big bonus damage to them with his passive, Q, E, and R for the next 5 seconds. Them trying to make the taunt work in his kit is obviously too difficult to balance properly. Galio is not defined by his taunt..he is supposed to be a tank mage that counters heavy AP teams, and can do more damage than the average tank from range, as well as being a better than average lane pusher. His taunt has always been part of his kit..but its always been TOO MUCH a part of his kit. Just get rid of it and make him better at what he is supposed to be doing.
AuronRoo (NA)
: There are 4 synergies in my comp. glad you arent an idiot. But yea, the winner having 6 3 stars had nothing to do with it...Good to see that went right over your tiny head.
I see 2 rangers, 2 wild, 2 demons, 2 brawlers. Basically you did not complete any of your synergies. Nothing wrong with that..just that that isnt going to hold up against the comps that usually win first place. Top two have double guardian. One has pirates with 4 gunslingers, other has 4 imperial with im betting a well equipped draven. Obviously the ridiculously lucky guy with the 6 golds is going to win. But your comp wasnt good enough to beat the much more common comp in second place either. Honestly im sad that 4th and 5th didnt beat you. Shows how far behind Glacial and Wild is in the current meta. I am betting the reason you were able to beat them is because of your silver Gnar and Kayle. Two extremely powerful champs in TFT. Either that or they fell victim to the 1st and 2nd place teams and you never had to face them.
Gall (NA)
: Thoughts on shapeshifters?
For the most part.. yeah. Shapeshifters themselves arent too bad.. but their synergy is crap. Having three of them out there just for the minor heal when you shift is not great. Shyvana is great with Aurelion. Swain and Gnar are great on any team. Elise and Nid are meh. They arent too bad but for the most part they drop off HARD by the 3rd or 4th stage.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Damoklese,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H1oM1Hdq,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-06T21:22:03.142+0000) > > See...crap posts like this is why its so hard to get great ideas from the community implemented in the game. As soon as they do it, people like you jump out of the woodwork and call them shady, and ask where the credit and royalties are. Because it's actually an ethics issue to not give credit to another person's concept?
It really isnt. I can sit here and vomit out 30 or 40 skin ideas right now. Doesnt mean im some kind of visual prodigy that needs to be credited for my ability to sit and think. I dont need the references so that I can get a job sitting and thinking for other companies. If people post suggestions or make custom content, and Riot uses it.. they need to be honored, appreciative, and stfu about being credited. No one cares. You arent gonna get 15 minutes of fame. Having Riot say "this idea comes courtesy of Joe Schmoe" will not get you any more accolades than if you just made a post on the forums and said "Hey everyone! I had this idea a while back and Riot used it!" Suggestion: Trundle needs a skin where he is in spikey armor and a long spiked club. Marauder Trundle. Boom. Cant wait for Riot to use this so I can get credit. /sarcasm
: So uhhh, fuck it, im gonna post these things: Dirty past of riot and a bunch of stolen fan skins
See...crap posts like this is why its so hard to get great ideas from the community implemented in the game. As soon as they do it, people like you jump out of the woodwork and call them shady, and ask where the credit and royalties are.
: Galio has the lowest pickrate in the game and for some reason jax and lux deserves buffs before him?
IMO they never should have reworked him the first time. He was a niche champion that had an effective kit. It may not have been perfect, or "fit for the pros" or whatever, but it was fun and straight forward. I despise his rework, and im not surprised they cant figure out how to make him viable. They tried to turn him into a generic champ while still keeping small bits of his old kit. Id love them to revert him to his old kit, but since that will never happen, I am all for a complete rework. How about bringing back his old wind attack that leaves the move speed buff on the ground? And ya know what...just get rid of the taunt. Screw the taunt. You obviously cant balance around his taunt. Give him a stun or something. Or maybe embrace his whole "wind" aspect and give him a ability that drags people to him.. or slows them if they are running away from him. Whatever they do..they just need to stop trying to smear more lipstick on this pig. It aint working. Throw it out and start over.
: Who should a wood tier play?
Any spot except ADC.. unless you think a player like that could manage the ADC role, in which case ADC suggestions would also be welcome. Basically this...friend..of mine, just wants to have some success and get these 16 year old jackholes to quit critiquing him in EVERY MATCH. Doesnt matter what role he plays in.
Rioter Comments
: Can Zilean please get nerfed?
You play one champion..and then complain that a champion that is countering you needs to be nerfed? Dude.. you need to back up and get some perspective. Have you ever heard of counter picking? Drafting? There is a very large portion of this game's strategy that is entirely dedicated to champions countering other champions. If you eliminated every champion that countered your favorite champion..guess who would be the next one nerfed? Yeah..your champion..because other people would complain that your champion is countering theirs. Free advice: Stop playing just one champion. More free advice: Stop asking for nerfs. Nerfs suck. Do you want to get nerfed? Neither does anyone else. Sometimes its necessary.. but if you cant back up your nerf request with hard data on the champ's win rates and overall performance, then you should NOT be asking for a nerf.
: Items Shouldn't Be Allowed To Lifesteal Off Champions
isnt that countered by items like Morellonomicon and thornmail though?
: Is it completely safe to flame my arse off with the allied chat disabled?
Riot prefers you buy their $125 tibbers XL plush and scream your obscenities into that.
: Any plans to roll back Shen?
Ive said it multiple times.. might as well say it again. Doing reworks of champions is a waste of resources, and inevitably angers part of the player base. If they want to make a completely different champion, then make a completely different champion and leave the old champion in the game. They may not be meta, and 99% of the player base may not like them or understand their kit, but every champion has players that love how they play. When you delete a champ and replace them, you are basically throwing away all the work you already did on that champion, and pissing off that champs player base. For me, it was Karma. I loved the old Karma even though she didnt fit the meta. Ive talked to people who feel the same way about Nunu, and Twitch, and Shen, and Sion.. and others. It sucks. Riot doesnt seem interested in fixing it though. I stopped complaining a long time ago. Pissing in the wind.
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Verixs (NA)
: Locket is a serious issue in TFT
no item is 'easy to get'. It is all luck based. That guy managed to get 4 rods and 4 chain vests. The chain vests might be "easier" to get, because they dont get picked in champ select all that often, but to say it is easy to get 4 complete mirrored items is just straight up false. Also the counter is the same as every other strategy in tft. Build pyke.
Sëtíer (NA)
: Talk About "Elemental Class" Golem
I feel like a lot of the people complaining about the golem have never actually spent much time building elementalist. Its a nice combo.. if you can build it. But it isnt exactly an easy thing to build, or one that easily fits into other builds. The only times ive dominated with elementals is when I combined them with another synergy like Blademaster or glacial, and was also lucky enough to find some spatulas so that I could make one or more of my elementalists into a blademaster/glacial as well. Essentially what im saying is that the golem is great.. elemental is great.. but to say either is overpowered is, imo, ignorant. I find well equipped dravens and aurelions to be stronger, or all yordle teams, or all noble teams, or all assassin teams. A lot of things are just as strong or stronger than elementalists.
: Look, either make Pyke a 4 star unit or *actually make him a 2 star unit*
Its so difficult to have a conversation in this community, as any statement you make about any aspect of the game will IMMEDIATELY be shot down, no matter how true it is. I could say "LoL is a game" and some 500 pound neckbeard would immediately reply "ACK-CHEWALEE, it is a competitive e-sport" Assassins are strong.. of all the assassins id say Pyke is probably somewhere around the 3rd strongest? Thats just with his base kit. When you put a spear on him he immediately becomes the most useful.. put a couple of spears and some durability or attack speed and he can carry your team to the final rounds. Is he the absolute best assassin? No i dont think so.. but he is USUALLY the best assassin that you can get to gold, and fully equipped. The better assassins..like Akali for example.. are late game and arent usually gonna make as much difference because of that.
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