Entreri1 (NA)
: Esports Spoilers
Ah yeah I just posted that without checking for your post. That shit pissed me off.
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: How do new players stand this game? Almost every mode is filled with botters
I play TT as a gold player once a week to get a free hextech chest. My MMR never gets high enough to not fight bots. I went 37/2/3 on HoB crit Thresh (I think it's still in my match history) not because I'm good, but because TT is guaranteed 5 bots. Honestly, the only reason I don't play TT is because I never find humans. I can't enjoy demolishing turrets for 15 mins (or 25 minutes just farming a stupid kda for an S instead of winning).
: Petition to make Galio grow with the more MR he builds
His wings should grow at the minimum. Post-rework wings are so tiny and useless, they sorta mixed an exaggerated cartoon art style with colossal gargoyle and it's wacky.
: Whats the point of removing niche items?
They didn't say what they were replacing it with yet or how they were re-introducing the names of ZZ'rot and Ohmwrecker. For all we know we could get a summoner spell that disables turrets briefly and Udyr can channel his inner voidling by spamming turtle and the closed-bracket key simaultaneously to become rift herald.
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: Please Show Us Which Order Drakes Will Spawn In During Champ Select Next Season.
It should always show you the dominant dragon and dragon soul yeah. Because if we're gonna have an infernal soul it might be good to have Orianna, where an Ocean soul would be better for a poke comp.
WyrraH (NA)
: SOLUTION: download the client again https://signup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/redownload just overwrite when the client installer asks for it
Found a faster solution in a different thread, hit X on the client before the error pops up and hit "sign out" instead of exit.
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Neeko's health *appears* full, have no idea if shes nearly dead or full hp. Oh and her stats look like shes level 1. The Neeko I fought didn't use passive to transform, likely a part of how to abuse the bug. Live server bug, lost ranked to it. She needs to be disabled immediately because it is reasonably gamebreaking.
VolTery (NA)
: Champion / Skin Owned Choma Shop
This only makes sense. I hate having to individually type champion names one-by-one or scroll through EVERY chroma during blue essence emporium because there's no "sort by BE" or "sort by skin owned"
: Is anyone still not able to get in?
The only explanation I can think of is that the server is experiencing heavy loads (possibly related to the stream) and the new Riot Client doesn't have a resolution to put people in a queue.
eBensWood (EUW)
: I get the exact same issue, but no CPU crash story involved. All I know, is That it worked before going to bed, and now I can't access the game. I will tell you if time fixed it, or if I have to reinstall.
Based on these comments, sounds like my CPU issues happening at the same time were an unfortunate coincidence.
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Noraxis (EUNE)
: Please tell me how to fix this problem! I'm facing it since I've installed the game. There is no ingame problems but there are huge lags while "champion select" - I can't easily ban. I can't change the runes. Sometimes It is even hard to pick a champion with these extreme lags... HELP ME PLEASE {{champion:32}}
This post is months old, I recommend you make a new one because the problem hasn't changed for me.
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: Spot the differences. It's happening to me A LOT when the game is loading female characters.
You try making hundreds of splash arts with individual poses and you'll learn that, naturally, a bunch of the poses will look similar.
: dude i have s o many cool bard ideas but i cant draw ill pay ypu to draw them for me
Dude, I literally cannot draw. My picture is the 2nd one that looks like it was made in MS paint. The good one is by Glow on Oceanic server.
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: Kayles face is GONE now...
Ew no. No helmet, or no face.
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Vehemot (NA)
: Robbed!!!!
Yeah losing to monsters you lose the chance of items, losing hp as well makes it way worse than losing to a player. But yeah you shouldn't have lost to dragon with those kinds of champs.
: Because armor is useless
During an earlier tank meta, armour items had their HP reduced making armour less effective. Now, people build 2 resist items and bruiser because it's genuinely better. The AD don't have much work to kill them, as long as they don't die themselves. To combat this, tanks start buying 1-2 damage items so they're useful that way. It's pretty much been like that since then and tanks are lower on both hp and armour than the other tank meta. They bring sunfire and randuin's back to 500 hp or something and people might think about it.
Keyru (NA)
: Arcade 2019 Mission List and Dates
Why not put this in the client? How about (during an event) it has a tiny banner at the top of the mission tab that says "More Arade missions coming in 2 days"
: I got a response from Riot support. They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix, but don't have an estimate.
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: Bump I have similar issue. Played 30+ games completely without issues. Since today the game loads and stays frozen for like 15 seconds. The first thing I see after the frozen carousel is a random champion about to fight minions. Rito pls this is a big 1st world problem. Thanks for any help.
Was the difference a little legend or map you got? I noticed the first time I used the runic map I loaded unusually long, the night one had no issues. Edit: When I said "no issues" I mean, no EXTRA issues.
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Zira (NA)
: Client stability is reliably unreliable... gj there riot.
Client is like the small window with shop/profile etc...btw. I agree though, it's weird you gotta close the thing to reconnect. No other game I've played does that, you just wait and it'll come back.
: The amount of time it takes to open token loot is too dang high
Some people argue to wait for the event to finish, which is fine if blue essence emporium wasn't going on right now.
: The answer is "Because they want you to play throughout the event" rather than just spam til you're done.
Why not have consistant gaps, like hopping on every day knowing that more missions are coming? Rather than having a few unannounced missions come out of nowhere. You play for a few days, complete the missions, and then quit because you think you did the event. For some reason, ~7 days after I finished the missions, I get more. If I quit previous to that, how would I know? Apologies for late response.
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Kekii (NA)
: I'm having the exact same problem...happened twice in two different games (back-to-back). Just when I thought I fixed the problem with my client crashing at the 2-minute mark of every game, now I have this
Interesting, I can't give any extra details as this did happen a long time ago (post says 3 years), but I do know it almost never happened again after like 2-3 occurrences.
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: Enki, The Harrowed God(Champion Concept)
This is a beautiful concept, only thing is that the glowing colour seems identical to Riven's which makes him look less unique, the weapons at least. I like the passives though it's like a balanced version of old Aatrox and the face looks neat.
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wolvius (EUW)
: I'll just quote a comment from previous threads on this issue that explain why this happens. > [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n4V0dLys,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-19T16:22:44.716+0000) > > There's another example working against you in your Deadly Flourish example that you didn't replicate in your Curtain Call example: "Low Ground to High Ground" > > As far as the *mechanics* of the game are concerned, League of Legends is a 2D game. The *graphics* portray it as a 3D game. This creates some visual dependencies - particularly in the case of firing skillshots from low ground (the River) to high ground (the lane or the jungle around the river). Skillshot graphics don't curve upwards and continue their path when they're fired out of the river, they continue straight in the direction they had been fired. As a result, the visual and the hit box are desynced *every* time a spell is fired from river to land (or vice versa). > > Fire Curtain Call from the River and you'll likely see similar problems with the hitbox. > > ####from this thread https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/n4V0dLys-artrequires-hitboxes-to-be-fixed Your saying how the hook didn't hit cait's model, as far as the game is concerned cait is a 2D circle on the ground that if intersects with thresh Q will be CC'd and then chain visually snap to a set position on the champ model, which is not the champs hitbox.
That thread seems unrelated. Talking about vertical changes on a 2D plane, not hitboxes or anything. EG abilities going up the stairs of base or out of river. And your response doesn't fully explain it. Hooks and abilities that extend from a character while remaining attached to the champion throwing (eg, amumu q, sylas e, naut q, tahm q) actually seek out the nearest target at max range. They will create a small circle and attach to it. It's basically 2D aim assist. Here is a picture I drew in 60 seconds showing what a Tahm Q hitbox actually looks like (same applies to other abilities): https://i.gyazo.com/82d6acc3d7e734da03d669b33fd9b69a.png The arrows represent where the detection will start to seek out the priority target. It's slightly exaggerated because the picture I took from google was a tad small and hard to draw on. Edit: I'm not actually sure it applies to Tahm Q, but 100% applies to Thresh Q and Blitz Q I know for a fact. Vandiril made a video on it, I just can't find it.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Fix your broken game, Riot
Everybody knows why it happens at this point, it's just a clarity issue on why some champions get this aim-assist and some champions don't. Thresh, Blitz, Nautilus, Amumu, Sylas, when their visuals don't show why and their smart cast indicator does not show this. Some hitboxes are awful though, Morg Q, Fizz ult, Akali Q (absurdly tight compared to other cones, where the knives land visually), Mao ult, Tahm Q, Aatrox W, Shen E/Q, Liss Q (tight W) just to name a few from my roster. That's like 1/6th of abilities that have hitboxes that feel wrong from their visuals. We get used to it (as I have with Morg) but at face value it's a problem.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pi Xel Moloto V,realm=NA,application-id=GgNYATV4,discussion-id=v7soN3wJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-13T21:32:09.079+0000) > > I agree, he went from the best sustain/auto-based champion (imo, only matched by Olaf) to a spell-based AD mage. > > The visuals are completely different, he went from a slim, imp-like demon to large and with a wide sword. The new sword barely seems alive, in fact, if I wasn't into lore I'd have no idea the sword is magical. His visuals are not the best, but I could get over that. However, his gameplay is too different. > > I bought Justicar Aatrox because I love lifesteal splitpushers so much. He was reworked ~6 months later and I played him <10 times since. He's not even remotely close to what he was. I think his W was a big identifying factor for his gameplay, and his new Q made his playstyle too clunky. Imagine if Master Yi was reworked to make his Q a skillshot and his ult a dash. It's so different it's not even right, and I'd feel sorry for all Master Yi mains. > > I honestly wish I had a refund left, Justicar Aatrox was such a waste so quick. I can't do anything Aatrox used to do. Akali Rework is a good example of adding skill without completely changing gameplay to the point where her kit is unrecognizable from her old self. Some times, I just want to do Aatrox things but there's no champion that'll do it. My rageblade-ravenous boi remains in the void of deletion, and no other champion fulfills what he was. > > On top of that, they added demolish so many, many champions can do what he did without even needing to 1v3. Just walk up, auto the turret, and skidaddle. you should have 1 refund btw, they added 1 refund per season now, maxing out at 3, But you can only refund something that has been obtained in the last 30 items you got (whether that be champions, wards, emotes, etc)
Yeah but I can't refund something I bought 1.5 years ago. My purchase history is 80% icons that you get for free so I can't go back that far. Thanks though, didn't know.
Infernape (EUW)
: He was seen in pro play. Old Aatrox was pick or ban before he got reworked.
After reworking blood well and making him a problem, yes. Only because they gave him absurd numbers, his kit was still bad for pro play. He got all of his damage buffed, his Q had the unstoppable buff added, his ult attack range increased. They didn't do anything to his kit for pro play, they just made his win rate go insane while keeping the underlying simplicity issue for pro play and kept the sustain problem. They created the "balancing issues" themselves. They made him unkillable in lane but still not a healthy pick. They basically turned him in to the jungle version of Zoe because of their balance team just being a sack of monkeys for 2 patches because they said "fuck it, he's being reworked in a month anyways". He was not good in pro play the rest of his time aside from when he was released. So basically years of not being seen in pro play -> overbuff him -> seen in pro play for 2 weeks -> rework.
Infernape (EUW)
: Gnar is two champions in one. Mini Gnar has a small health pool because he's a marksman. Riot is purposefully avoiding giving him a large buff because of how easily Gnar can warp top lane.
And how he used to dominate top in pro-play, the last thing they want is to overbuff. If this buff doesn't do it, wait 2 more patches. He's still not bad in his current state anyway, which is why it's such a short buff. Also, what he's complaining about is damage and hp, since he's ranged it's fine. He can kite. Also, CDR is is a DPS and CC buff which is good.
: Banned for Scripting but have never scripted
I look at this account, I see the match history. This person has never one-tricked in their life, suddenly after barely playing for 3 weeks (letalone months, they rarely play multiple games, and played under 50 games in 2018) suddenly, they hop on Vayne/Jinx, spam it for 19 games with absurd KDAs. Nah. This doesn't look like the same person, if it is, they definitely changed for 1 day somehow. If you look at my match history, you'll see I have absurd Skarner top lane games, but you'd also notice I consistently spam a champion for 10-20 games in a row. Did it with Ornn, Skarner, Nami, and Tahm Kench recently. That person, RARELY played a champ 2 games in a row. rarely played in 2018/2019 suddenly play a shitload in 2 days with an extremely high win rate. I'm no marine biologist, but I think that behaviour is pretty fishy. If it's not scripting, it's a bought account.
Hexocide (NA)
: i acutally just got unbanned
: Good rework overall made him have more counter play and takes a lot more skill and it increased his playrate by a lot even after the nerfs meaning a more players are staying with him. Now the current state is not great losing the 2nd q hurt him since a lot of power was in his ability to hit q and losing his healing on minions a lot hurt him a good bit but his q does a lot of damage and his healing is still good riot should probably put more power in his w since all it does right now is set up for q and a lot of champions can just ignore it.
Yes he has more counterplay, but why change his playstyle from AA to caster? His playrate was increasing after blood well rework anyway. The problem was that he wasn't seen in pro play at all. They reworked him for that and basically all Aatrox mains got fucked. Imagine if they made Master Yi Q a skillshot-dash, his W only work in combat, and his E a skillshot. Since it's a full visual-gameplay rework, his playrate goes up, counterplay goes up, players rejoice, Master Yi mains are pissed and never play Yi again because they changed his core gameplay completely on its head. His identity is gone, players who want that niche are left empty handed. Where's my heavy sustain, reviving, duelist who's based on AA damage? Nobody left unless you play Olaf ADC with Zilean support?
: What are your thoughts on the Aatrox Rework and the current state of Aatrox?
They definitely did all the wrong things. When I think of old Aatrox, I think of his blood well, his revive, and his absurd 3 hit sustain. What did they do? They made his Q a 3-hit semi-ranged ability and they made it his only ability. His new W is borderline useless. His E is definitely garbage after the nerf. His passive I honestly forget exists. His new ult is fine. The problem is that it attracts 2 ENTIRELY different sides of the playerbase. On one hand, old Aatrox was the sustain, 1 AOE knockup champ. Attracted players who liked Nocturne, Olaf, Udyr, Master Yi, etc... The rework is a spell-based AD caster that attracts Riven players, mid laners, and people who like one-shotting rather than splitpushing and 1v3ing. It's a horrid difference, and possibly the worst rework. His sustain is gone, his dash is gone, his bloodwell doesn't even matter, his E was unimportant before and was what needed to be reworked. The rework should have been an entirely different Darkin, rather than Aatrox. What I think they should have done: What he really needed was more sacrifice, like baiting a Vlad W, he loses IIRC 20% of his max HP. The slow was nice but he didn't need that ability at all. This could have been a dash, but that would be overpowered on old Aatrox. So I'd say something like a Darius W on his E that costs a decent amount of HP to cast (10%). Or, they could leave his old E alone, and make it so his W 3rd proc only worked on champions, but you could stack it up on minions. Then change it to be every 4 or 5 autos. His new ultimate works, which now leaves his passive open to be anything. Unfortunately, they basically made his passive into Riven's passive. What they should do is some sort of MS. He had enough damage, sustain, sacrifice, and squish. He doesn't need tank and doesn't need a dash or anything. So what they could do is something weird like MS that scales with lifesteal, cc. He could auto, and if he healed for 10 he'd gain 10 ms for 0.5 seconds. If he healed for 100 he'd gain 100 ms for 0.5 seconds. That's a simple scaling passive that adds skill in some aspects, removes skill in others. Should be counted before grevious wounds, so you can still stack sustain against grevious wounds. His passive could also be CC. Since I'm unsure they want to double down on him being an auto-attack champion, they could make his passive based on abilities. Something something cc I'm not going to think of a reasonable passive on the spot that comes with cc.
: Buff Gnar
They're reducing his Mega Gnar W cooldown to 7 at all ranks in 9.6
: Brush is a term for bush or a bushy type of area, is not a typo
Since when? And why not use the word bush, which is more clear than brush (which could seemingly mean jungle). Google finds no definition of brush that means this, but ok.
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