: > [{quoted}](name=IdrakoKagesisbak,realm=NA,application-id=6WpmgL9O,discussion-id=rlVTLzLH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-04-21T23:47:38.615+0000) > > anyone know a solution to my game randomly pauseing for 1-3 seconds and my ping jumping from 50 to 350 then going right back down? I thought it was my internet at first until i was at a friends house with my pc and it was still happening Are you playing on WiFi or wired? It sounds like either something is connecting/disconnecting, or you've got a process/program that's lagging you out occasionally.
Ye this keeps happening to me and my friend. We both live in different areas and we have stable ping playing other games. It seems to be only League that gives us these jumps.
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: Introducing: League Displays desktop app
Everything seems fine, but I have a slight problem. When I have two or more screensavers, my moniters mirrors each other. I can see in the option to turn on/off the mirror, but the screensaver always reverts back to mirror even if the option is off. This a bug? If it is plx fix. if not thats fine, its only a minor setback. Edit: Ok, I've been previewing the screensaver and it seems the mirroring and non mirroring is random. Sometimes it mirrors, sometimes it doesn't. Plz fix.


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