: 114 CS on an ADC is pretty bad if the game lasted more than 15 minutes. Support is really hard to get an S unless your kill participation (or kills, or CS for some reason) is extremely high.
My main problem frankly is that my friend got an S- he didn't deserve, and I truly feel like I got a grade I didn't deserve. I'm a good Leona (not pro definitely, but good) and that was a great score. It deserves to be recognized as such. And I'm sorry, my friend was 2/0/1 and while yeah he never died, he didn't do a whole lot. How is that S- worthy?
Rioter Comments
: My only complaint is that it *required* linking with another 3ed party social media service with spotty privacy privacy practices and historically poor security standards. Even though they *already* encourage associating the accounts/services (Riot Girl Tristana).
Rito did address that they don't even check if it has friends, so you could've signed up for Facebook and linked it having never used it and disabled it after you got the champ. It's really quick to sign up for too, so there's that. It's not that much effort considering it's a free champion, and, as I said, you can disable your Facebook right after you got the champion. So a 24 hour period where you have a Facebook to get something for free and you get rid of it afterward. Sounds like an easy thing to me.
: Volibear Acrylic painting
Looks great! I like the texture on the fur and the smoke. :)
: Thats what armor pen is for, a single randuins will not make a champion deal no physical damage. Itemization has always been the most reliable way to counter a champion, and for vayne, the only counter there is is exhaust/wither combo from nasus. Her only valid counterplay is to make sure she can't attack, which is the generic counter for those without legitimate weaknesses. Playing alistar and having the bitch completely ignore your ultimate is anti-fun, at least with cho'gath and darius they had to use an ultimate to counter an ultimate.
Regardless of your opinion on Silver Bolts being OP or not, it needs to exist in the game. Besides, if you think it's so OP, you can just ban her and your problem is solved. Oh but wait, that leaves actually OP champions available for the enemy to choose. Also, Vayne does have counters. Frozen Heart, Randuin's, Thornmail all reduce her damage immensely because of their large amounts of armor (100, 70, 100) which protects from her basic attacks, plus the aura from Frozen Heart lowering her attack speed, plus Randuin's passive further lowering her attack speed. Combine with Exhaust, and a little cc and she's dead almost instantly since she's pretty short range and exclusively single target focused, plus, she's an ADC, she's squishy. She's not OP. Want even more counterplay? 2v1 her outside of the jungle. Best place for this is mid lane as it's wide open with few walls. She ulted and is stealthed? Try walking into the bush right next to you so she can't see you. I'm really not sure what else you want. A champion shouldn't get nerfed for no reason. With the tank meta coming back, yes, Vayne is going to be very strong, but good players will either ban her or pick her themselves. Laning phase Caitlyn counters her hard because of her range and escape. Jinx is strong against her (Fishbones for range, Chompers for disengage/engage). She has counters, you're just crying OP.
: Yea, it could have done that without being true damage, Id be fine if she did % max health phys damage, or flat true damage, the combination is ultimate skill strength and is completely passive. It shouldn't exist.
The reason I disagree is because if Silver Bolts dealt physical damage, and the enemy stacks Warmog's, that's still approximately 6000 hp they have (assuming 5 Warmog's and boots, plus their base health)to get through and if they replaced even just one of those Warmog's with a Randuin's Omen, yeah they've got a little less health, but they've got a lot of armor. There's nothing that can really be done. Vayne is, will always be, and needs to remain as, the perfect counter to health stacking, otherwise all anyone will ever do is stack health and no one can deal with it. It's oppressive, anti-fun, and ridiculous.
: Yea, regen whores are the only tanks that are in any way effective against that champ, not sure why riot thought max health scaling true damage was balanced, as health was the only defense against true damage in the first place.
It was made as a hard counter to the health stacking meta. It needs to stay in the game to avoid the League of Warmog's again.
Renaille (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Laraso,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6VllLXsb,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-04-12T18:24:19.488+0000) > > But you shoot things with shoes right? > {{item:3006}} Well, technically speaking. Sorcerors shoes by themselves do not increase the magic damage you do. If the enemy has 15 magic resist, sure they will make you do more damage. but if somehow they had 0 MR, sorc shoes would not increase your damage. Zerkers will increase your dps regardless of how much armour your opponent has, as long as you have less than 2.5 attack speed when you buy them. I'm not saying I DON'T think sorcs shouldn't be classified as a magic item, I'm just trying to reason the logic behind them not.
Actually if you have more magic pen than your target has MR, then you deal bonus damage.....
: What's wrong with Syndra?
Yes, the E width got messed with, and with the mana regen nerfs in S5, she was in a meh position, then they nerfed her Q early game, and while 20damage doesn't seem like a lot, it is. Honestly, I'm not sure why they nerfed her Q early, it's not like she could spam it and expect to be able to do much after like other champions we know. They fixed her E for the most part, but honestly, I personally would still play her because I always thought of her as a late game champion with her passive and all. Which I love because it fits her concept and it's actually pretty strong once you get it. Makes up for not having one until level 9. It totally does.
SmknWdl (NA)
: So you're saying play Shyvana? YAY!
Or {{champion:63}} or {{champion:1}} , but yes! :D
: What about when this is the enemy team comp {{champion:115}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:101}}
I've never had much of a problem with Zed personally, but maybe that's just me, idk. In my experience, he wasn't hard to deal with. Then again, I spam play syndra a lot, so that may have a lot to do with it.
SmknWdl (NA)
: cause the 9/2/3 APC will kill us in .5 seconds
Yeah that's why you kill it. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!
: Lesser known URF powerhouses.
{{champion:134}} Dodge ball anyone?
: Yes, that's what I was meaning. And yeah, it's pretty unfortunate that the most common usage of it nowadays refers to that specific context rather than the broader meaning.
Not everything is meant in today's narrow meanings. Old phrases get distorted and more specific or change entirely. A really good example of this is the phrase 'blood is thicker than water' it was originally 'the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb' which really means the exact opposite of what people use it for today. (today, it means family>friends, in the past it meant friends>family) I personally didn't get that being gay was a bad thing from that post at all. I didn't find anything about it offensive, and it wasn't meant as offensive, so I think you need to chill and expand your horizons a little.
: ***
Yeah I took a look at your match history, and I see a huge lack of normals there, so you have an extremely distorted view on rage considering your high rank. So, let me rephrase: IN NORMALS ragers are stupid and can't play at all and blame everything on everyone else on the team even though they're the ones fucking up and making mistakes, and the other players are actually doing pretty decently. They're always the ones to push out when there's no vision, when no one is with them, when the enemy is mia. They're the ones who can't see the glaringly obvious bad engages from the good and just go in constantly and blame their team when they die in a 1v5. They are, almost every time, the single biggest reason a team loses. OP is doing nothing wrong frankly. Literally, he isn't doing anything against the summoners code, he's not being mean spirited, he's not being dumb or intentionally feeding, he's doing nothing wrong. He's doing something FUNNY to confuse ragers in his elo, and it works for him. Just because one person decides to rain on his parade and insist he's wrong DESPITE IT WORKING FOR HIM isn't going to change anything. Clearly, high rank isn't everything and with that comes an extremely limited pool of other players to gain experiences from, positive and negative, and therefore, a severely limited number of ways to deal with situations. Rage doesn't need to be consistent, and it never will be. As was said before, ragers will find SOMETHING to rage about because they're pissed off whether it's a legitimate complaint or not. You can have a perfect score, and have been warding, and pushing towers, and been doing everything right, and a rager WILL STILL RAGE AT YOU because, despite you being top at the time, 'WHY DIDN'T YOU HELP ME BOT NOOB????' or 'OMG WE HAVE NO VISION, WARD YOU STUPID NOOBS!' when they've placed 2 wards all game, and you have the upgraded warding trinket and have actually been using it. Ragers, frankly, are stupid and don't think because they're angry. We all get a little dumb when we're angry. We become irrational. Which is why no matter how well you play, ragers will still rage. THEY'RE IRRATIONAL.
: ***
What they're saying is it doesn't matter if you're a pro player, if someone is raging at you, your actual gameplay skills aren't factored in to their anger. Ragers are generally bad because they never focus on their own game play and therefore make mistakes that can easily be avoided if they were competent and then blame others. You could be 12/0/13, pushing their nexus and it literally wouldn't matter. Ragers will rage no matter what. So no, your own gameplay really doesn't factor in here. All OP is doing is providing people with a funny way of shutting ragers up.
: Well, it was in Texas, so they were pretty big. (joke about the state motto: everything's bigger in Texas).
: Could always work at an animal sanctuary. They get all sorts of animals in there, and most of them are really nice. My uncle co-owns a "Big Cat" sanctuary, and as a kid he would let me play with the baby tigers.
: > [{quoted}](name=Danica1708,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NE8mNxrc,comment-id=00150000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-31T23:40:29.361+0000) > > Crit is only strong against squishy targets because 2.5x200 is better against 2000 hp than 4000 plus damage reduction. Besides, if you're that butthurt over the fact that there's only the IE in that build, you can always replace the Wit's End with PD or SS. Just sayin. It's not like what I say on here is law or anything. I personally just don't think itemizing exclusively against squishy targets is the best route. Which is why I said Wit's End. Chill. Also, TBC gives hp and Wit's End gives MR. IF you want more resistances, fine, you can build more resistances. It's not like builds are set in stone. uh no crit isnt only good against squishy targets. without crit adcs do zero damage. if you dont believe me try building no crit against a tank let me know how that goes. Also not building a defensive item on an adc with no escape is a poor decision.
If you actually read what I said, I said crit is only STRONG against squishy targets. I"m not saying you can't get crit. Where did I ever say that??? And no, ADC's without crit can still deal plenty of damage. I played Caitlyn yesterday and did amazingly well laning phase, so much so that when I finally went to buy for the first time, I had 3400 gold. I bought an Essence Reaver instead of going into the BF Sword, Pickaxe, and Cloak of Agility for Infinity Edge because I wanted the mana sustain. I continued to farm very well throughout the game, and ended with the second most gold in the game (right behind our Katarina) (16k and 16.8k) even though I wasn't able to spend about 3000 of it. All I had for crit was Infinity Edge. Obviously, we won. I dealt 32.2k damage to champions. As a comparison, the enemy ADC, Vayne, dealt 7.8k damage to champions. Even the enemy Orianna, who dealt the most damage on the enemy team, only dealt 28.5k. The enemy team also had a pretty tanky Cho'Gath. RoA, Frozen Heart, Guardian Angel, Spirit Visage, and a Chain Vest. I got a Last Whisper after I finished Infinity Edge and was going for a Blade of the Ruined King. Went pretty well I would say.
: Why ADC's deal the most damage is because they have so many things that scale and amplify each other AD X Attack speed X Crit Armor pen is a bit different in that it reduces the amount of damage you need to deal depending on the targets health 1000 hp and 100 armor = 2000 hp and 0 armor 1000 hp and 200 armor = 3000 hp and 0 armor Like reducing the targets armor her would reduce the damage needed by 10 per armor reduced 2000 hp and 100 armor = 4000 hp and 0 armor 2000 hp and 200 armor = 6000 hp and 0 armor And here it would be twice as much 20 per armor reduced this is because the target has twice as much HP And armor doesn't really matter it is kind of like artificially health though of course it works well against lifesteal... but if you deal 250 DPS it doesn't matter if your target has 1000 hp and 100 armor or if your target has 2000 hp and 0 armor they will both killed in 8 seconds
Yeah go ahead and see how that goes for you in practice. I'll stick to armor pen thanks.
: >The reason people can't connect (I just figured it out) >The server is set to busy because of so many people wanting to log in. you are so smart, sempai
Yeah there's really no need to be so sarcastic and rude. Other people couldn't figure it out, so I took it upon myself to figure it out, and so I posted my findings on the boards. Go troll elsewhere.
: More like "If you want to play tonight, and aren't already logged in.... tough luck, you can't! Go away!"
To be fair, they could just be waiting like, 30 minutes. I'm sure they'll open the server up again once they feel it's safe for the server.
Aurium (NA)
: yup its great for those of us that got DC'ed from the game and cant get back in
That really sucks. Hopefully they'll do a 'Loss Prevented' thing like they did when their servers went wonky a while back. I think it was in like, May last year? I can't remember.
Rioter Comments
: Why would Crit be against squishy targets? Crits increase your damage just as much against squishy targets as it increase your damage against tanky targets? 50% crit will increase your DPS by 50% be it against squishy targets or tanky targets (though it will actually be increased by more if you have IE... though this does not take into account damage from abilities and such which can not crit)
As I said, 2.5x200 is better against 2000 hp than against 4000 hp plus armor. Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. The reason crit was meta up until recently is because assassins were really strong, and assassins are squishy. Tanks were weak up until a couple patches ago when Cinderhulk came out and the Gromp buff got buffed, and now they're pretty strong. You know what's better against tanks? Armor penetration and health shred. (cough cough {{item:3035}} {{item:3153}} cough cough) Crit doesn't increase your dps against tanks much at all because 2.5x0 is still 0. So you need armor penetration to deal real damage to them, and health shred to keep that damage relevant at all points in the game.
: You are giving up quite a bit of auto attack damage by giving up the crit chance on {{item:3046}} or {{item:3087}} there is a reason IE into a crit item is so strong (because IE op and because crits are so strong if and when you have IE) And that build doesn't really have any defensive items to protect against high burst assassins or CC
Crit is only strong against squishy targets because 2.5x200 is better against 2000 hp than 4000 plus damage reduction. Besides, if you're that butthurt over the fact that there's only the IE in that build, you can always replace the Wit's End with PD or SS. Just sayin. It's not like what I say on here is law or anything. I personally just don't think itemizing exclusively against squishy targets is the best route. Which is why I said Wit's End. Chill. Also, TBC gives hp and Wit's End gives MR. IF you want more resistances, fine, you can build more resistances. It's not like builds are set in stone.
: Her mixed damage is also a huge double-edged sword. It's hard to itemize against, but also just as hard for MF to itemize for. The simple fact is, there isn't much of a reason to ever pick MF because she doesn't really do more damage than the top-tier AD Carries while also having no escapes and virtually no CC since E typically needs to be maxed last (though you can max it 2nd, but maxing it 1st won't really save you if you're behind). If you already have a team-fight comp with lots of CC, tanky-engage, etc...why would you actually want MF over someone like Vayne, Graves, or Jinx? Hell if you want mixed damage you can even go Corki or Ez and still have en escape. Poor MF is just another victim of kit overlap.
How is she hard to itemize for? {{item:3020}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3091}} is a perfectly viable build on MF. It gives you damage, crit, lifesteal, attack speed, magic pen, armor pen, and on-hit MR shred and on-hit damage. She's a teamfight ADC far more than Vayne could ever hope to be. Graves is the only one similar enough that it might be worth it, but MF also brings a heavier slow and built in Greivous Wounds, and while Jinx can have just as good a team fight she has weaker roaming, and her CC can all be dodged pretty easily. The reason you would want MF over any of them is because she can shred through everyone caught in the rest of her teams CC like a hot knife through butter with one ability. Something few other champions can do. (Katarina, Fiddlesticks, and Graves are the only other ones I can think of who can teamfight like MF can at the moment). And even then, MF's ult deals a lot more damage than Graves' (base of 1000 at max rank) and she can apply the full stacks of TBC to the entire team, and get her own Impure Shots stacks on everyone so she can easily finish off any of the enemy team.
: Why aren't adcs like Miss Fortune, Varus and Ashe getting buffed?
The reason Miss Fortune's Impure Shots will NEVER get changed to physical damage, is because she would WAYYYYY over scale with armor penetration. Riot addressed this when they changed her kit. Same reason they're not changing her R. Honestly, her mixed damage is one reason she's strong. If she had an escape mechanic, she would be really viable. The reason the mixed damage makes her strong is because 'oh ADC, build armor' but she's still dealing a lot of magic damage that they're not protecting against, and if you have the penetration masteries in the offense tree, you're ignoring 6% of their MR anyway, and Sorc Shoes are better on her than Berserker Greaves because of her mixed damage, which means you're also ignoring 15 more MR.... Miss Fortune can be a devastating pick. IN THE RIGHT TEAM COMP. You really have to get a teamfight oriented comp for her to work in this meta because there's so much mobility. Good examples would be J4, Anivia, Leona, MF, Hecarim; Amumu, Sona, MF, Swain, Jax. Team fight oriented comps with a lot of cc is where MF shines. So you basically need a 5 man team to make her work, but that's basically because she needs teamwork to, well, work. Also, Riot has addressed they're reworking Ashe's passive and her Q, as was stated before in this thread with links. Varus is a poke champion. He's in an awkward spot atm because of his lack of escape mechanics, and his almost need to push the lane. Or you can go AP AS Varus and just AA everything to death and ult. His passive is meant for teamfights, it's to help him keep the ball rolling once his team has gotten a kill.
: Yeah, there are some champions that can be picked up by certain players more easily than with other players. However, there is usually a general consensus as to champions that are "difficult to play" or "easy to play". This is usually found by the wide majority of the community to be true, with some exceptions. There are some things that you can't deny, such as mechanical differences. There are many variables in how easily you can pick up a champion. For instance, how long have you been playing? How many similar champions do you play regularly? Do you main the role they usually are played in? There is no denying, in my example, that Graves has less risky mechanics than Jinx. Graves has a move that can function as a straight up escape (his dash) that can be used at will, where Jinx's has to be triggered. Otherwise, Graves does have a defensive move (his smoke bomb) but he doesn't have to exclusively rely on that move that doesn't have a near-100% chance of working. Jinx has all skillshots as her defense that has the possibility of missing. You cannot actually miss a Graves dash; when you hit that button, you will dash, unless you're cc'd or something. You can *misuse* his dash, sure, but you can't straight up fail the dash. I knew opinions on how easy a champion can be picked up would be a factor, that's why I said "now I'm just arguing semantics" as to what it meant for a champion to be "OP"
Well, when I picked up Syndra, I had been playing for maybe a year, and was only just really starting to understand how to play the game. (Farm>kills, warding, map awareness, etc.) I mained top lane and ADC before I picked her up. Her kit just seemed really cool, so I bought her and it was just really easy. I mained her for a couple of months. Now I main support cuz no one else wants to do it. Jinx is actually one of the safer picks right now, right up there with Caitlyn. And while yes, her W and R are skill shots, that's only 2 of 4 abilities, that's not 'most' that's half. Her E is a ground cast and her Q is a toggle. Yes, enemies can go around her E, but you can't completely miss her E, and therefore, it's not a skillshot. Graves can't extend his range, and yes his AA's lower the cooldown on his dash, but let's face it, in laning phase you generally want to freeze the lane, which means you're not AAing much. I'm not saying Jinx isn't more difficult, because I personally find her hard to play, but I don't find her nearly as hard as some of the champions I mentioned in my previous post. To be honest, I'm not the best with Graves either. When I mained ADC, I played Caitlyn and Miss Fortune mostly (This was back in S3, early S4)
: What I'm trying to say is that these statistics are taken in aggregate, and the skill of the player is not an even gradient across the board with this. The most notable examples of this are champions that are "good for soloqueue." Sejuani is a bad example for me to have picked, because Sejuani is a pretty stable champion that doesn't have skills and stats that make her particularly good for pub-stomping bronzies, as opposed to champs like Katarina and Hiemerdinger. Katarina at least has a really inflated ban ratio, showing that players, mainly people in Bronze, don't know how to deal with her, so they ban her. There are just some hidden factors that may change these statistics that don't necessarily show up very well. I really think that Jinx shouldn't be in the top tier, personally. The most OP champions, I find, would be easier to use. Compared to another adc at the top, Graves, Jinx is really hard to play. Like, I picked her up because she was "OP" and I wanted to climb soloqueue, but I learned pretty quickly after a few normal games I was in over my head. I personally find that Graves deserves much more to be in the OP tier than Jinx, because he's a lot easier to play, and has a much higher output per effort put in. But now, I guess I'm just arguing semantics.
The only problem with the 'shouldn't be in the top tier cuz she's hard to play' logic is that different people find different champions easier to play. I picked up Syndra VERY quickly. It only took me 3 games to figure her out when I first picked her up, so she was easy for me. However, I struggle with other champions who would be considered 'easy' to other people. (Zed, Darius, Akali, Xerath, Twisted Fate, Tristana, Warwick, Garen, Viktor) I could go on but I think you get the point. Just because a champion is easy for YOU doesn't mean they're easy for EVERYONE.
: well, there is a point; making a statement. if the vote fails 4-1, it tells the person who wimped out that nobody thinks they are gonna lose. If it is close, people may consider it next time, but when you see Surrender? Yes-No-No-No-No it lets your team know that you all intend to keep going.
Which is cool and all, but when there's just that one person who's trolling with the surrender votes when you're winning, it gets REALLY irritating. I'm pretty sure we've all had that. Besides, I don't know about anyone else, but I try to actually win my games whether other people think we can win or not. Just cuz 1 or 2 people think we can't win doesn't mean we actually can't. If they would just buckle down and actually try, we might just pull a victory out of our asses.
: you could always drag it to the side lol
The thing is, it's already kinda to the side but still distracting. I mean, honestly, there's no point in anyone else voting once 2 people have said no. I wish it would just go away completely once it was a guaranteed failure to surrender. No one elses votes matter.
: Elise's human Q.
I've killed people with Elise's human Q before, it has a base 40 / 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 so yes, it can totally kill people.
: Yeah, both builds might be viable, and which one exactly might depend on the champion in question. I need to also rectify my previous statement: Using Ashe as an example and the most common runes and masteries (and a 3500 max HP target), both our builds actually are equally efficient - yours has an average DPS of 982.2, while mine has 983.0. However, if you add another source of AD, like a Mercurial Scimitar, the equation changes, to favor the PD-build - which makes sense in the regard that the PD-based build has more effective multipliers. I assume that, if you'd add a Wit's End instead of a Scimitar, your build would come out on top between the two of them with it as defensive, as it gives your build one of the things it lacks - additional AS. While I agree with your notion of tanks being hard to kill in general, they should not be able to kill an attacker just by standing there and not dealing with him. I tend to think that that will be the challenge that has to be faced in balancing in the foreseeable future.
Well of course tanks shouldn't be able to kill someone just standing there. That's ridiculous, which is why I think the Gromp buff with probably get nerfed to 7 or 8% hp instead of the current 10%. Although if the ADC is low (~10% hp), then yes, just standing there should totally be enough to kill them, just sayin. Later on in the game, {{item:3172}} can replace boots because it gives more AS, almost as much MS, and it gives damage, CDR, and tenacity. So there's that. Although on some champions it's core, or it should be anyway. {{champion:236}} (slot efficient ult buff) {{champion:67}} (everything she needs when combined with {{item:3153}} ) But yeah, so I guess if we're calculating maximum efficiency, we should include that.
: It is not a viable build due to the multiplicative nature of the secondary stats Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike damage and attack speed. Effectively, that build contains two times two halves of a coin, but two halves that can't be made to a single whole. Infinity Edge, especially since the nerf, is quite inefficient as a standalone item without additional crit, while BotRK would also profit very much from another source of attack speed. I'd wager that a build of {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3065}} gives you more survivability and better effective damage output than the build above. EDIT: Just ran the numbers: PD instead of IE is a better path, at least for carries with high base AS. With low base AS, I'd wager IE would probably be better.
Honestly, with that build you're really only getting two damage items because you don't pick up {{item:3153}} for the AD, I mean it only gives 25. You pick it up for the health shred, attack speed, and active. So you're really only getting about 200 bonus AD if you take into account runes and masteries (roughly anyway, I don't want to do math right now) So that'd be about 300 AD total, it's really not much, especially taking into account that {{item:3035}} can't penetrate through everything and you can get armor really high. I personally think that champions like {{champion:67}} would benefit more from your proposed build, while champions like {{champion:51}} or {{champion:236}} would benefit more from mine because your proposed build is more AA focused, mine is more suited to AD caster style ADC's. Both obviously viable builds and both good, just more effective on different types of ADC champions. AD caster style ADC's beenfit more from raw damage and penetration, while the AS and crit from {{item:3046}} would benefit AA focused ADC's more. I think we're just gonna have to see where this tank stuff takes us cuz honestly, ADC's shouldn't be able to obliterate tanks in what, 5 hits? 6 hits? The whole point of a tank is to be able to survive, not that I'm saying they should survive everything. Just... a bit more. Like they can now, it's better. Obviously not perfect, but I think it's going in the right direction. ADCs will have a hard time dealing with tanks, DoT mages will become strong, and DoT mages haven't really seen much play lately, so it would be refreshing for a change.
: I main mid, but I play jungle a lot when I can. As mid, I make sure to ward the two river pushes early game, mid game I ward a bit further down the river (incase someone has speed-increase, I'd see them sooner) and late game I ward near the turret (if I pushed that far). As jungle I usually ward red and blue (and now recently dragon), early-mid game, and late game I try to invade to ward the enemy red and blue.
You're definitely on the right track, keep it up :)
: If an ADC has both BT and BotRK, he'll either lack IE or a dedicated MR item. Let's go with the lack of dedicated MR item first: 30 MR + 27 from runes (assuming all per-level MR) = 57 MR for our carry. With a dedicated MR item like Banshee's, that would be 112 MR. Target has, let's say, 150 Armor after penetration (which is feasible between Thornmail, base Armor and another big Armor item like Randuin's). The actual damage each auto does is irrelevant, as both Lifesteal and Thornmail's damage are a direct function of it. So, for the defenseless carry first: Thornmail damage = 0.3 D x (1 - 57/157) = 0.191 D Health return = LS x D x (1 - 150/250) = LS x D x 0.4 For Thornmail damage = Health return: 0.191 D = LS x D x 0.4 LS = 47.75% The defenseless carry needs 47.75% Lifesteal to negate Thornmail's damage alone For the one with the defensive item: Thornmail damage = 0.3 D x (1 - 112/212) = 0.142 D Health return = LS x D x (1 - 150/250) = LS x D x 0.4 For Thornmail damage = Health return: 0.142 D = LS x D x 0.4 LS = 35.38% The carry without IE needs 35.38% Lifesteal to match Thornmail's damage. Even with the build with LS runes, he can only reach 34.5% Lifesteal. And said carry actually gives up his crit potential with this build. ADDENDUM: There's a single possible way with that double Lifesteal build to outheal Thornmail: If the defensive item of the carry in question is Spirit Visage, as that item boosts all sources of healing by 20%, giving our carry effectively 41.4% Lifesteal. But that is only if the target has 150 Armor after penetration and no other form of anti-physical damage (Ninja Tabi, for example).
I don't see why {{item:3006}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3102}} isn't a viable build. I literally don't. It's a bit expensive sure, but I literally can't see why it's not viable with a 21/9/0 mastery set up and the 'traditional' ADC runes. Crit is more effective against squishy targets anyway, health shred and armor pen is better against tanks.
: Probably the Gromp Buff will either see a nerf to its scaling or a hard-cap in the damage value. And actually, one of the counters to high HP targets is the supposed easiness with which you can lifesteal of them, as Lifesteal is calculated of damage done after resistances. Problem with that is when there's more than the strong Thornmail which negates said Lifesteal completely, with Gromp's on-being-hit poison and Cinderhulk's damage aura. If it allows you to ignore your supposed counter without any action on your part, chances are that said mechanic is not particularily healthy for the game.
It could definitely be problematic, but at the same time, if you get {{item:3072}} , {{item:3153}} and {{item:3035}} with the penetration masteries near the bottom of the offense tree and lifesteal quints, you can out heal at the least the Thornmail. The Gromp buff will probably see a bit of a nerf, it'll probably get nerfed to about 7% instead of the current 10%, but I think they're holding off on nerfing it just yet to see how the Sejuani nerfs affect the game because she was the tank that saw the biggest jump in play. But, as is said by Captain Aishi just a bit below, when ADCs can't deal with tanks, that's when DoT mages become meta. {{champion:90}} is an amazing example of a good DoT mage who would benefit from this.
: Your favorite champion gets elected to President of the United States. What happens?
{{champion:134}} Changes the government to a dictatorship and kills anyone who stands in her way, really doesn't do much government running, really just exercises her immense power to get herself stronger, then invades Ionia and murders all of the Elders. Rest of the world declares war on America, and a global nuclear fall out is inevitable.... I think this would be a very bad idea.... {{champion:61}} Everyone would be required to attend at least 3 dance recitals a year, at least one of which is hers, and everyone would be required to love the Ball, and everyone is so creeped out, they have no idea why they elected her in the first place.
: Is this to see when the enemy tries to get drag so we can either engage or push?
Yeah, it's also really helpful if you're right near there and they attempt to set up an ambush, cuz then you can see it coming from a mile away. It's one of the most commonly contested brushes in higher elo for wards. If for nothing else, watching the LCS is good for learning good places to ward. I personally like warding dragon, bot tri brush by blue turret, and that little river bush during laning phase. (I main support) And if I'm top lane, I ward the little bush in river, and the red side tri bush. That's just me though.
: Or mid mains that have played enough support to know that vision can often win a game.
Or ~~mid mains~~ an player that have played enough support to know that vision can often win a game. Fixed that for youy.
: Someone usually wards drag before me, if not I do. I leave river warding to the laners, though. I still dunno where to put the pink ward though, I am still learning warding.
Try warding the tiny brush near dragon, if you put a pink in there, it usually lasts a while, especially if you or your mid laner/support wards too the nearby brush and dragon.
: I kinda think they need to make her 100% ad, kind of the "Darius" of Marksman. You build Darius ad, but he still gets magic and true damage. But that's me. The ult change would nice.
: no offense, but ur ults gonna do damage if you are in bronze lol. i remember when i was in that elo nobody touched me as adc. And the correct way would be AP. which mf shouldnt be going ap in the first place
Actually, you don't need to build any AP on her at all for her to be effective. Just build Sorc Shoes and get the penetration mastery near the bottom of the offense tree, and hybrid pen runes if you really want to go that far. After that, just focus on mostly damage in your build. (Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver, Last Whisper, situational) She's really not hard to build for if you know what you're doing. Her mixed damage is actually a huge strength anyway because she's still doing damage if they're getting armor. She's not hard to figure out.
Zach xD (NA)
: Using the argument that there are bad players on a champion to disprove credibility of his win rate is fallacious. It's easy to say that when Lee Sin loses a game, that his statistic doesn't count because he was just "a bad Lee Sin player." Which losses count, and which ones don't? My thought is that if Lee Sin were strong enough to be pushing 55-60% win rate consistently, he would be. You know, because people would be picking him up and winning with him instead of Vi or J4.
> [{quoted}](name=BestAnnieUganda,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yy02Lb9d,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-18T05:36:10.161+0000) > > Using the argument that there are bad players on a champion to disprove credibility of his win rate is fallacious. > > It's easy to say that when Lee Sin loses a game, that his statistic doesn't count because he was just "a bad Lee Sin player." > > Which losses count, and which ones don't? > > My thought is that if Lee Sin were strong enough to be pushing 55-60% win rate consistently, he would be. You know, because people would be picking him up and winning with him instead of Vi or J4. Actually that's not what anyone is saying at all. What they're saying is that there is a huge difference in the number of games where Lee Sin is played versus any other given jungler (in this case, they're comparing Sejuani, Jarvan, and Vi), and so the 'bell curve' of how well Lee Sin does in games is thrown off because 'oh, Lee Sin is OP and gives freelo, I'll play him!' when they have no idea what they're doing. But also at the opposite extreme, there are players who have been playing Lee Sin for a very long time and know very well what they're doing. Ideally, each champion has approximately the same win rate, but we all know that just doesn't happen, for may reasons. FotM champions' win rates always go down, right? Because people are picking them a lot even if they don't necessarily know what they're doing with them. Nothing had changed about the champion who has suddenly become FotM except their pick rate, which then throws off their win rate because of some small change in some other champion that made the FotM change. The whole point of looking at win rates is to have a 'universal comparison' where 'all champions are equal' but it doesn't actually work that way. Which is why win rate are a bad representation of who is OP and who isn't. What IS an accurate representation is pick and ban rates. Win rates really don't tell you anything at all for a champion. Ideally, each champions has a few people who are just terrible with them, a few people who are amazing with them, and a lot of people who are average with them, resulting in the rough shape of a bell. However, pick rates throw this off with FotM champions, and champions who are consistently stronger than the others at a given role. Because more people pick the champion, the average skill of the player goes down because they're trying out a new champion. TL;DR, Bloated numbers lead to inaccurate information about win rates, and win rates don't actually tell us anything at all.
: Let's talk about Elise
Well, I haven't really played much Elise recently, but she used to be my main, and while this was back in season 3, her ratios haven't been changed much, so I mean, my build might still be decent if not ideal. (Keep in mind I was new when I built this, so I know it's not perfect) Start {{item:1056}} , go into {{item:3010}} , get {{item:3020}} , then finish {{item:3027}} , depending on what you need go into either {{item:3001}} or {{item:3068}} then go for the other, {{item:3135}} and {{item:3089}} or {{item:3157}} . So final build would look like {{item:3020}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} , obviously switchign things out as needed depending on the situation. I would sometimes go for a {{item:3143}} or {{item:3065}} or {{item:3102}} if I needed more defenses, but I would get {{item:3151}} if I could use the damage. {{item:3027}} helps with her mana problems early, and it's just a good item anyway because of the health, mana, and AP, plus the passive heal on level up is always nice. She likes penetration a lot for obvious reasons, and {{item:3001}} synergizes well with {{item:3068}} , plus it gets benefits from all the other penetration in the build. I didn't really have runes set up at the time cuz I was really new to the game, same with masteries, I mained Elise before I hit level 30, and the masteries have changed a lot. Also, I would play her top lane just a note. Which is why I didn't have any jungler items on there. Currently, I would run one of two rune pages on her depending on my teams needs, my AP with armor page (M Pen marks, armor seals, AP glyphs, and AP Quints) or my tank page (M Pen marks, armor seals, MR/ level glyphs, and % max health Quints), and either my AP masteries or tank masteries depending on what was needed (21/0/9 for AP or 9/21/0 for tank). I max Q>R>W>E, taking W first because of the lower mana cost early. I'm not really sure if this would still be viable, but hey. It's what I used to do and I was really good at Elise top lane. I won lane about 80% of the time. The other 20% I was getting camped and was a noob so I didn't know how to deal with it lol. Then again I was about the only good Elise in my elo at the time so there's that.... Anyway, hope this helps someone, even if it's just to know what not to do XD
Eedat (NA)
: Who are you trying to kid? Sivir is picked only for her ult. Jinx's range is 700 with rockets. Kog's is 710 with max W active
> [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FHg1qzxu,comment-id=000000010002000000010000,timestamp=2015-03-10T09:00:44.239+0000) > > Who are you trying to kid? Sivir is picked only for her ult. Jinx's range is 700 with rockets. Kog's is 710 with max W active Yeah Jinx's rockets cost mana, and Kog can't keep his W up forever. They still have to use base range at SOME point. Also, no, Sivir is not only picked for her ult. She's picked in part because of her ult, but more than that she's a good defensive ADC pick. She can farm well (and harass) even under turret, she has her spell shield, and she has a team wide escape/chase. She's a solid pick not only for her ult.
Eedat (NA)
: What are you talking about? Lucian got nerfed every patch for like 8 months straight. Why would you pick an ADC caster when Graves and Corki are so much better? I mean FFS **500 range**. RIP. Lane Lulu was killed and is relegated to protect the hypercarry comps or to deal with assasins like LB or Zed in the LCS. With a normal pickrate of under 5% and a winrate of 47% I wouldn't say she is "LARGELY" used anywhere. How is being the 73rd most picked champ make her "LARGELY played"?
> [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FHg1qzxu,comment-id=0000000100020000,timestamp=2015-03-09T19:44:33.995+0000) > > What are you talking about? Lucian got nerfed every patch for like 8 months straight. Why would you pick an ADC caster when Graves and Corki are so much better? I mean FFS **500 range**. RIP. Lane Lulu was killed and is relegated to protect the hypercarry comps or to deal with assasins like LB or Zed in the LCS. With a normal pickrate of under 5% and a winrate of 47% I wouldn't say she is "LARGELY" used anywhere. How is being the 73rd most picked champ make her "LARGELY played"? {{champion:15}} 500 {{champion:222}} 525 {{champion:96}} 500 All still perfectly viable picks.
: Who was your first main champion?
My first main was Elise because I love her concept. My favorite evil goddess, Lolth, is the Spider Queen, and she just reminded me so much of her that I was obsessed. I used to take her top lane. I unfortunately had to save up all my IP for her after I bought Kayle (just to have one champion I owned). But hey. I had a lot of fun with her. I usually built {{item:3027}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} or sometimes I'd switch out the {{item:3157}} for a {{item:3068}} sometimes a {{item:3143}} I played that a lot. It was fun. :3
: > [{quoted}](name=Danica1708,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JgKEElOR,comment-id=00010000000000000001000200000000,timestamp=2015-03-02T06:50:05.190+0000) > > Actually, I literally JUST tested it out. Yes. You CAN rebind someone new. It just has to be before 5 minutes. Possibly before 3 minutes. I only tested it at about 5:30. So no I'm not spreading false information. Maybe get your facts straight before accusing others of lying. So Riot implemented it without mentioning it in the patch notes? Cool. Rito strikes again with its ninja patches. I tested it like 2 or 3 patches ago when people were complaining that Kalista could troll people by walking into lane and cc-ing her allies by rebinding them. I was unable to kill my allies.
> [{quoted}](name=UdyrWwYi Jg ONLY,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JgKEElOR,comment-id=000100000000000000010002000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-02T11:09:14.977+0000) > > So Riot implemented it without mentioning it in the patch notes? Cool. Rito strikes again with its ninja patches. > > I tested it like 2 or 3 patches ago when people were complaining that Kalista could troll people by walking into lane and cc-ing her allies by rebinding them. I was unable to kill my allies. Actually, if you REALLY read the patch notes, then you would know that it WAS mentioned a couple patches back. The change was titled 'I think we should see other people'. It was in patch 4.21 here's the link if you want to check: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-421-notes
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