: Ezreal or Vayne
Both are great to drive your support absolutely bonkers.
: Toxic ARAMs
: Please allow at least 1 dodge per promos
I think they should raise the time penalty for dodging but remove the LP penalty. And if they find that people are just queuing up to dodge as often as possible in order to troll people, there should be a system implemented that bans those people. It wouldn't be hard to detect at all.
AdamrCc (EUW)
: Giants would have been an amazing song if..
I wish I could opt out of seeing their music splashed all over my front page all the time... I have never been interested in and will never be interested in their weird pretend bands. I find them cringey as hell. Some of the worlds songs have been cool but this... this is not cool to me.
: real talk when is Lulu getting the VU
... So you don't like her weird tentacle hair?
: {{champion:101}} strong but not unbeatable.
I was just about to leave a comment about my man Xerath. Since he's all skillshots AND cripples his own mobility with half his spells, you really can't complain if you're struggling against him- You just have to get better at dodging.
AdamrCc (EUW)
: I actually can't stand your solo queue.
Silver is not high elo. Keep plugging away at it and you'll eventually climb. You can't complain about bad teammates if you haven't even left silver yet lol
: Double the bans?
I've wanted this for so long. I have my champs who I pretty much need to ban every game and then a skin comes out and brings a champ I hate but isn't played much out of hiding and throws everything off.
Germi09 (EUW)
: So.. when is the balance team gonna be held accountable?
I like that they said if a champ drops below I think 48% winrate they would be put on a list to get buff Then yuumi gets nerfed at 33% winrate and has been continually nerfed when I don't think she's ever been above 45% {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} *Confused cat noises*
: >Do you know how to fix League of Legends? Here: You must submit a valid mailing address and telephone number to sign up to play. Congratulations. You fucking killed League with perhaps the shittiest change possible. It does nothing but piss people off and drive people away from the game. You know what that stops? Literally nothing, because I can just throw a random phone number into google and get an approximate address. Then *trial and error* will give me the actual address. I figured out how to do that when I was ***12***. If a 12 year old can work around it, it's not going to actually stop anyone. What it *will* do is piss off people who had their addresses and/or numbers used for this. "But Dusk what if Riot requires verification?" Not everyone owns a cell phone, so SMS verification isn't viable, and they don't have time to make however many damn calls to verify the number, and, even if they did, you've still fucked over anyone with 2+ players per household. >If your account is permanently banned you can no longer play. Can we also change water to being wet? Since, you know, we're apparently changing things to how they already are, we should probably make sure water is indeed wet.
Firstly, can we lose the condescending attitude? I know it's the standard language in league but we're not playing the game right now, we're just discussing it, so there's no reason to be so snarky. Here's the thing. League would almost certainly lose players if they required sms verification (This is my personal preference for how to solve the problem since I don't think adding an address actually does anything in practice. It's not like riot is gonna send assassins to your house if you say the N word or something.) but the players who stay would generally have a more positive experience. Happy playerbase means people are more willing to spend $$$ on skins. I've significantly cut down my skin purchases over the last few years, and not even because of chests (Which seems to always give shards or skins for champs I don't play) but just because my overall enjoyment of the game has gone down and I don't feel inclined to spend money on it. The "Not all people have phones" thing doesn't really connect because, if you don't have money to pay for a phone- Which is all but essential in modern life these days, much as I dislike it- But if you don't have money for that, then you almost certainly don't have money to buy cosmetics on League. Obviously this is purely a money based argument, and it sucks for poor people I guess, but riot is a company and they're going to make decisions based off of money. They've made that pretty clear at this point. I would definitely love to see them start cleaning up the community in a more proactive way. Just my two cents. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Noc is legit the most broken champ in this game.
His spellshield is actually the most broken part of his kit which makes it so low counterplay. The fact that he can jump you from the other side of the map and put up a spellshield to block any cc you would put on him is kinda nuts. Most champs only have one cc spell, and if you try to hit him with other spells to break the spellshield then he will almost certainly get his fear off on you because it goes off way too fast and its range for staying on you is about five times as far as it should be.
: TFT Set 2: Is it better than Set 1?
I feel the exact same way about it. I feel like items don't synergize with these new champions very well at all, which makes it hard to figure out if you're actually doing good. I almost always win early and mid and then get hard crushed late with very few exceptions. I think a bunch of the origins and classes are junk worthless. It also annoys me what they did with some champions, like making Ashe a crystal champ is weird, and making Zed electric instead of shadow is just confusing as hell.
: Daily Reminder that Rengar has no Counterplay
I really dislike playing against rengar, but the main thing you have to use against him is instinct. Stealth assassin players, at least in plat and under where I've played most of my games, tend to play super predictably and run at you in a straight line because they assume you won't throw your skills out blind. Given the choice between that and just dying the instant he jumps me, I tend to get up against a wall and throw a combo out where I think he's coming from. I have a bunch of saved highlight clips where this catches him out, breaks his ult stealth and gets him very low before he even gets on me. There's one on brand where I just straight up kill him. I've even done it on Nami and it's the funniest thing ever, this badass assassin getting bubbled in stealth by the support and just oneshot by my team before he can do anything. Sweeping lens helps with this a lot because you get that little shimmer where he is and it does slightly outrange his jump.
: About Yuumi
Just make it so that she takes a certain percentage of the damage her anchor takes, and have this value go down as she puts points in W- So she has to choose between having good poke, good heal, or good survive-ability. Have it start at ~20% and go down to ~5.
: Will you help out a nearly dead teammate?
It's super situational. One of the most important values that I learned in league is the ability to let people make mistakes and not lose everything trying to save them. You know how on airplanes if they're going down you're supposed to mask up yourself before trying to help others? It's a bit like that. If I can crush my lane and do well myself, I have a chance of carrying. If I get dragged down trying to help people who have gotten themselves into dumb situations being greedy, all of our chances to win go down. Obviously there are exceptions, and there are games that I've saved people from tilting by going out of my way to save them- But it's on a situation by situation and champ by champ basis. One reason I love xerath so much is that, with a bit of map awareness, I can open up on enemies from the other side of the map and save teammates without endangering myself. {{champion:101}} R {{item:3116}}
: A Thanks to All Twisted Treeline Players
How about we update twisted treeline so that whenever you kill a minion it has a chance to drop a Box and every Box has a chance to drop a bit of gold or a bit of xp and if you're on the enemy team it has a "small" chance to drop a completed item. Maybe champ select could be a carousel too where the best champs always start on the enemy team's side of the wheel, and maybe all your skill level ups could be displayed as little cards on your bench that only allow you to level the most useless ones first. And we could call it Twisted Treeline Tactics. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: League of Legends is
just upload the image somewhere so we don't have to download it what sort of hocus pocus is this
: I'm building a Champion Filter for Champ Select. Any ideas?
I've often tried to do something like this and I respect the idea. Definitely add a column for crowd control. Probably something about early and late game would be good too. Relative ranges would be nice as well, usually you want at least one person who's able to poke from the back and a couple people at mid and frontline to tank for them.
: > [{quoted}](name=DanielTheDecent,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lly9eOdA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-09T12:02:44.996+0000) > > Can confirm as a support main. ESPECIALLY when ezreal doesn't even bother bringing heal and brings (Grimace) teleport instead. Screw that. don't forget the Ezreals that run {{summoner:21}}
how can I forget with the PTSD that I have from it {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Take this advice with a grain of salt as well. It's not as incredibly useful against {{champion:16}} as OP says it is most of the time. I see a lot of ADCs who are losing against a {{champion:16}} in lane waste their gold on {{item:3123}} and then lose even harder. The thing about {{champion:16}} is she can also be a bit of an early game bully against certain match ups. Her heal makes little difference early game. If you're focusing on that early game, then you're probably going to be under tower again soon enough. What you want grievous wounds for is exactly what the first poster pointed out. There's a lot of champions with insane self-healing right now due to items and runes, and we're in a meta where everyone does insane damage so items like {{item:3812}} and {{item:3146}} are so deadly and can make those high damage dealers almost unkillable. It's like they have 2 {{champion:16}} 's on them. That's why you want grievous wounds, but yes it's also good against healers later.
Yeah. I pretty much always find an early slot for morellos (mage support main) whenever I see literally anyone with conqueror on the enemy team.
: just remember to never complete thornmail because that item sucks
{{champion:33}} sad armadillo noises{{champion:33}}
: Tell it to the ADs of the team especially. It's annoying to see ADCs/Bruisers/Juggernauts/Assassins complain about healing while being unwilling to spend 700g for anti-healing. Bonus points if those same players have the audacity to suggest you build Morello. Worst yet is that mages are suggested to build Morellos far more often than ADs are suggested to build Executioners.
This, this, all of my this. I had an adc trying to tell me that spending the 800 gold for exe into a team with 3 heavy healers would "Screw up my build path" and demanded that I build the 3,000 gold morello on my support budget instead. Drives me nuts. I kind of wish oblivion orb gave the grievous wounds passive instead of pen. Still wouldn't be perfect- Costs twice as much as exe... But it would be a start.
X3N0N (NA)
: I finally understand why people think that the matchmaking is so bad.
If you devote some time to mastering a particular champion and eventually a particular role, you will almost certainly be able to get Gold IV. I know people complain about ELO hell but honestly, the mistakes people make in bronze and silver are so incredibly easy to exploit that even the smurfs you run into will have a hard time carrying the people who actually belong there. Promos are always annoying, and like many people have said I'm pretty sure riot does that intentionally - NO IDEA WHY, it makes the game way less fun... But that's just how it is and we kinda have to suck it up and deal with it. Getting out of gold is a bit trickier, and getting out of platinum is a full fledged nightmare which I have embarrassingly enough never been able to accomplish in over five years of playing this game. At the end of last year I got to two wins in my series from plat 1, at which point I happened to run into TFBlade's smurf account twice in a row. After losing both those games (Super fair for a random pleb like me to be fighting one of the best players in the world, who by the way plays this game for a living . . . glad riot doesn't wanna do anything about their cash cow smurfs) I took a break but was still so tilted that I couldn't carry the usual promos feeders who showed up for my last game, and I quickly fell back into mid plat and have been trying to get back ever since. I've noticed that generally the morons tend to start showing up in force after you go on a win streak longer than three or four games. I really hate the way that it seems like the ladder is designed to punish you for success. It really sucks. Getting a duo kind of helps, but honestly with as screwy as their matchmaking is that can also mess you up because now it's trying to account for two different MMRs at once and the results can be weird. It is just nice to have someone who you can trust, though. In closing... Yeah, matchmaking is bad. idk how you didn't realize that until now but welcome to the world, man. Keep plugging away and you'll reach your goals, some day. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: The most obvious problem with matchmaking is the starting point. There is another thread where everyone is justifying the start point for these MMR systems being in the middle? Which is insane, the average starting player in these systems is typically quite near the bottom of the skill curve. If they aren't at the bottom of the skill curve, _it's because it's not their first account_, not because they are some kind of super genius. LoL has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of players(80 million monthly apparently) playing regularly. Placement should start outside of normal matchmaking, smurf/secondary accounts should be seperated from actual new players in a first round of placement by themselves, and then actual new players should be starting at the bottom of bronze without any fancy lp boosting. Dropping them all into pool assuming any of them can be Gold or better is insanely stupid. This isn't what happens though. Anyone who plays regularly can show many matches where they get matched, in Gold, with accounts that have only won a single ranked match in their entire account history. That's ridiculous, and should not happen.
Or they should just bite the bullet and require SMS verification so that people can't make smurfs without getting new phones. Would also help to prevent people who got banned from simply making a new account.
: As a Jg/ mid player who is also too low elo too see good ezreals often i also hate having them on my team. Seems like their damage is almost always subpar.
Except on the enemy team, where they fire one Q level 1 and do like 200 damage. And get a bag of 150 gold.
: oh hell yeah, playing with an Ezreal is so unfun ganked? he blinks then heals so he can escape but you don't get the heal because he's now out of range want to engage? he'll try spamming q into the wave in some confused manner of "i'll get them one day" its like supporting someone who wants to support himself so frusterating and pyke is like the reverse Carrying someone who wants to carry himself
Can confirm as a support main. ESPECIALLY when ezreal doesn't even bother bringing heal and brings (Grimace) teleport instead. Screw that.
: It's always cute when they think they matter.
I'm an edgelooooooooooooord On a steel horse I ride
Naalith (NA)
: The reason tank supports suck, like the root of many issues League has for normal players, is that they are extremely good in pro play and have all been nerfed down because of it. I want all types of champions to succeed (except Malzahar, fuck that guy), but until Riot stops deleting champions who are only really good in pro 5v5 matches this issue will persist.
The REAL reason tank supports suck is that in solo que you're so reliant on getting not only a good adc, but then once mid and late hits you need a team that follows up your engages. If your adc just sits there farming while you engage as tank support, you're gonna have a bad time. If the team just sits huddled up under the turret while you go in trying to defend... You're gonna have a bad time.
: I'm gonna call bullshit on this right here. I have reported people for being racist in game, and I have kept tabs on them and they have been playing non stop since the report. I have also sent screen shots to Riot and Riot Support on twitter, and yet they are still there. Meanwhile, when the Tribunal was up, I was constantly getting feedback from all the people that I had helped get banned. We have to police ourselves, because the people that should be policing the community are more or less not doing their job all the time.
Same. I remember a garen who spammed N word all game in ally and all chat for literally no reason and me and my duo both reported him and nothing happened. Riot likes to talk a big game about how they're against hate speech, but they don't actually practice it at all.
: The idea that everyone in player support, at riot, and on the forum moderators team, just don't care about anything or the game and are bias or snowflakes, is so tired. Like so freaking TIREDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I've had a chance to get to know some of the mods, and have had nice outcomes with multiple tickets to player support, and these ppl are very decent and not the horrible image people try to make them out to be. No player support isn't perfect, yes Riot can piss ppl off at times, and yes the forum mods aren't perfect, but these are all people who care about the game or their jobs. The overwhelming majority want to do a good job, want to weed out the RIGHT things, and want to revert any REAL injustices. However you getting chat restricted for fighting with people and being toxic isn't a false positive, nor is it unjust or "nothing." Should a chat restriction maybe drop your honor level LESS than a full-on ban? Sure, we can talk about that, but that's not what most ppl want, most ppl just want a free pass to be toxic in chat and not lose their honor.
Gonna guess this is just a riot mod on a shill account. Like, come on dude.
vtboy00 (NA)
: Are you a child? Or just really that sensitive? Just mute them and move on if it makes you that upset. The internet isn't your safe space, and competitive games definitely are no exception. Imagine being so privileged in life that you can cancel a game with 10 people in it just because someone said a bad word.
Why do you have to bring all of your baggage into this with safe spaces and shit like that. The dude's saying he doesn't want to play with people who are already toxic IN THE LOBBY. Really not sure what's wrong with that. Do YOU enjoy playing with toxic people? Jesus.
: Dear Riot.... Matchmaking for the TRILLIONTH time....
Watch out, riot's got their bots out here downvoting you because of their new draconian ruleset for this subforum... {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Dear Riot.... Matchmaking for the TRILLIONTH time....
I agree with a lot of your points, especially performance based rewards AND penalties. You should not get as much LP for getting absolutely hard carried by your team. (You shouldn't lose any, I don't think, but you should only gain like a fourth as much for the worst possible performance.) You should not be losing as much LP if you're the only one playing with a brain. This would incentivize people to actually give a crap about ranked, which is a feeling that right now seems to be at an all time low. The one point that's kinda iffy is when you talked about how you were in favor of that new system they tested at the start of this year. Let me be frank. While the idea of that system was good, the execution was absolutely abysmal. What started happening pretty quickly was that a mid and a support would duo, let's say, but the mid is qued for support and the support is qued for mid. They swap in the lobby and are now playing a full league or two down from where they should be, because neither of them is "On their main" and they just stomp. It sucked. They tried to fix this with a bunch of BS that would penalize your gains if their faulty software detected that you were playing a role other than what you qued for. Since human oversight for such a vast amount of games is legitimately impossible, this system was completely reliant on the aforementioned faulty software and it was awful. I had several support games where, just because my adc kept dying and I had to clear the wave, their system thought I had stolen mid and so my LP gains were cut severely. Total bull. There were other problems, too... Promos had some weird issues from the splashing, as I recall, although it's been so long that I don't exactly remember what the deal was. But to make a long story short, don't be sad they got rid of the positional ranks. They were bad. You're just gonna have to trust me and the other people who did the seemingly impossible and complained to riot about something until they actually changed it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Role queue actually lowers matchmaking quality.
I like the role queue, but I think it has room for improvement. I've been playing since the end of season 3 so I at least kind of know what I'm talking about. I remember what it was like back when you had to spam "Mid mid mid mid mid" at the start of a lobby, and even if you typed it first someone else would lock mid and just say "haha ur supp"... And what are you gonna do about it. Then there was team builder. lol team builder Then they introduced role queue and it was pretty ok at first. No one queued up for support, but by that point I had just given up and become a support main so it didn't bother me as much. What bothers me now is autofill, which as I recall was introduced about a season later. I would kill for a little check box I could click that says "I am willing to wait an extra 5+ minutes if it means I don't get autofilled or have autofills on my team". It would be well worth the wait. The system is also super weird, too. Like me and my duo both get offroled to stuff we didn't even select as one of our two mains in the lobby... Or when I play 20 games of support in a row, want to change it up again and go mid, and still get offroled to support. Feelsbad. Honestly, I think the requirements to get into ranked at all should be higher. You should have to do 10 or so games in each role to qualify, and you really shouldn't be able to pick a champ you're under mastery 4 with. This would also discourage smurfs since it would take longer to get an account and your favorite champs eligible for ranked. Less smurfs = Very good in my book. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Canavar (NA)
: Why? Riot.. Please explain.
I thought it was cringey as hell. It didn't offend me, just made me kinda scratch my head briefly before moving on with my life. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.21 notes
I'd like confirmation of something I've suspected for a long time... Is there something hidden in the code that makes your people never choose to focus draven first, and always wait for literally his entire team to be dead before anyone goes on him? I swear it doesn't matter where my assassins are in relation to him, or how fast I cut down their frontline, the enemy draven is ALWAYS the last one to die and it's really annoying.
: Perhaps the real reason the damage meta ruins the game.
This is pretty much all true. I for one am sick of the situation I keep finding myself in, where we've killed 2 or 3 of them and I watch my 4 teammates immediately run off into the jungle chasing low health stragglers rather than going for dragon, baron or turrets, depending on how far into the game we are. It's almost never straight into an objective, always chasing kills. That's one of the first things I learned about actually winning games, is to not chase kills over objectives... But no one thinks like that anymore.
1m Uzi (NA)
: Please deleteADC,they are already losing their purpose in the game while you guys are buffing top laner and assassins for years. Really tired to be a bot player.
I wish someone would make an electrical generator that's powered by the tears of ADC mains. I swear I hear this crap all the time and it's pretty tiring tbh. Some of the most popular and highest winrate champs in the game are adcs. Kai sa and ashe come to mind, along with ezreal having an absolute reign of terror for a while even though he's not quite as good now... But for whatever reason people who main adc just bitch and moan all the time. As a support main, I've gotten sick of it.
4zazle (NA)
: i am very surprised at the lack of discussion on how orrn has only 1 skin and they just gave mf another
It's simple MF has bobs vegane {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: **Sona** Follow-up QoL change and passive bugfix for the _adult woman_. lmfaoooo
suuuuper cringe bruh
: Giving your team flat damage reduction for just being near you and then blowing up for damage was a dumb ability.
Great argument. "This is dumb. Why? Because I said it!"
: Imagine buffing Garen while he s still quite tanky while having att speed items dealing constant dmg. Sounds like adc on steroids me. That shows how incompetent RIOT is and arrogant since people say here what they really want and they do the opposite like on purpose to piss people off even more. I also like how they re destroying bot lane next season by cutting off exp and buffing supports even more like they re not able to 1 v 3 the lane already. Small indie company.
I'd love to know about these supports who can supposedly 1v3... As a support main that would be super useful. Not to mention that the nerfs to exp will also gut supports.
: This gross meta...
I agree with all of this. Yuumi's current fate is particularly ironic since the very same patch she came out in, they released that "Balance team behind the scenes" PSA where they talked about how if ANYONE falls below 50% winrate, they go on the list to get a buff. Well, at that time, Yuumi was sitting somewhere around 33% WR... Guess who got nerfed the next 10 patches in a row? She's furry, four-pawed and starts with the same sound as "Useless". Now, I hate playing against a good Yuumi just as much as the next man... That's the problem. 100% agree with OP that the very concept of the champion is impossible to balance and she should just be reworked in her entirety. One suggestion I've bounced around with my friends is that a percentage of the damage to her anchor transfers to her, say starting at like 10 or 20% and getting lower as she puts points in W. Ashe is simply not fun to lane against, W cone is way too wide and spammable- The fact that if she basic attacks you once you can't get away is kind of annoying... And yes, the R coming onto screen out of a bush from the other side of the map and stunning you for roughly 8 years while her entire team jumps you from a mile away is a bit frustrating, to say the least. Really, as many people have mentioned before, this entire meta is just way too damage heavy. It's a bit like a moba version of CS Go, where it's just a battle to see who can oneshot the other person first. Super binary, not very interesting. I think there's also too much prevalence of champs with no discernible weakness, with Garen being a prime example. He's supposedly easy to kite, but the combination of his tenacity W and his slow-cleanse/move speed Q begs to differ. His silence is obnoxious, his durability and damage combination is insane... Riot f'd up, and I hope they fix it instead of making it worse. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Slave-supports? You do realize you don’t have to play support, right? If you really think support is nothing but buying control wards, go play an assassin toplane or something because according to you they’ll be broken in sidelanes. Bottom lane is two people, if you think you need to be able to win every single game off of your own skill, then please play a solo lane.
Yeah, you should be willing to just totally learn an entirely different role or else you don't get to complain if you feel your role in underpowered... ok dude
: Yuumi does not take coin lmao. She can't even get coins while mounted. Yuumi always takes spellthief's.
What world are you living in? She totally can pick up coins while mounted and its way more reliable for income than spellthiefs. Coin is perfectly viable on her. Don't come out here with that attitude if you don't know what you're talking about...
: Please explain how this is rng? Because its not.
I mean it's hooked into the elemental dragon system which is definitely RNG. RNG does not necessarily mean bad but it is undebatably decided by a random number generator...
Zac x Me (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Reaper,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=5VAbPOzR,comment-id=0061,timestamp=2019-10-16T03:07:15.377+0000) > > Thank you so much for having support items getting reworked! It feels awful playing Enchanter support when Hook and Mage supports are the strongest/meta. > > Is there a chance of having new items? > > I would LOVE to have an item that can buff the utility of a chosen spell for support players. > > Ex: Upon completion "upgrade" ONE non-ultimate ability. > Nami Q - Larger Bubble Size > Nami W - 1 Extra Bounce > Nami E - AoE Slow > > Bard Q - Longer Range > Bard W - Restores % Missing Health > Bard E - Now causes a secondary portal to open after the first one if the terrain allows it. > > So on and etc. Do not touch Bard, the most recent stat change he got was already awful. His Q is perfect. W is debatable, my personal take would be to allow 4 up to 5 shrines depending on the level of W. E no change, same for R. For Nami, I feel like her W could just use a faster bounce and her E should become a more realiable cast. (at least I seem to somehow have problems casting E consistently on others) Even if you get the entire enemy team into your ult and after that into your Q Bubble, that won't be long enough for W to fully bounce back and forth. So a little speed buff on the W animation would certainly not hurt.
Some sort of support item that fully upgrades into something that buffs the DURATION of CC could be interesting, sort of an "Anti-Tenacity" item. (Ornn has or used to have something similar with Brittle, I believe) Would probably be too OP tho.
: Good, anything to kill Funnel once and for all.
weedwicc (NA)
: Yeah this is cool and all but wheres the voice com's. And don't be telling me that you already have it cuz you don't. Pre qeue voice com's is a meme.
I'm one of the people who would permanently opt out of that feature. I've already had way too many people tell me to kill myself/fantasize about abusing my mother in text. Don't need to hear it in voice, lmao.
Cdore (NA)
: The only thing that would salvage the horrible rng aspect of drakes is if Runes and damage get toned down considerably. But after seeing the dragon buffs like damage increases and ult cdr and the souls basically reducing cdr of abilities with each attack, this game is about to become more chaotic and high damage than ever before. There's hardly any skill left. I don't want to play a slot machine anymore.
Hopefully teams start actually accepting the 15 minute FF vote since it seems things are about to get WAY more snowball-y.
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