: Annie is Legal now Comment.
I have not seen the picture so I cannot decide whether or not it is appropriate. DM me so I can give you my take on it.
Bvlgaria (EUNE)
: Hello Danjeng, Good work on this post and report! First of all i will start by saying Thank you, because i was unable to find other detailed description LoLcounters speaks only about the positives of Ryze and i cannot find any reliable data on his weak spots. I just had a match against him (Kayle), very rarely have I seen Ryze, actually my last approach was like 2 years ago. My memory told me i never won a match against experienced Ryze and he literally outplayed me. Since my remaster does not allow me to have ranged until 11... all your recommendations to lock him early or stop his farm were futile. Even though i kept a 10-15 farm count above him, his jungler made sure every time he is in danger or low to come save his arse. He is powerful and cannot be soloed on even farm status. The only one who was able to perform blows on Ryze was Kogmaw as he was sniping him from afar. Midgame, none of my team was even trying to approach him, they pretend they did not see him and kept engaging other targets and he was literally vaporizing anyone when his cd's were down. My ranged attacks merely poked him and even if i caught him offguard during summs he just used flash. I do not know why community is whining about. It is a strong champ, even now March2019, season 9. Your post is legitimately placed here and I see why people complained. Even though there are other brokies (wtf is that word) at mid, they all seem to see have flaws and weak spots, this one does not, he just need to walk around until cd's are down. Even though I learned and gained some insight, by reading this report. His negatives were covered back, if you have a brained jungler to guard you and a support to stick with you later on. Anyway, keep proud of your main and keep breaking bones. Can you give us some insight on which champions are high treat to him? How about assassin types like Zed, Akali, Talon? Thank you.
I'm surprised you found this 3 year old post! Ryze has since then been reworked, and my skill level has also changed (I was likely only silver then), so some things may not be as relevant. But I'm still a proud Ryze main! Ryze generally beats Kayle, because he can take short favorable trades against Kayle, and run away with his EWQ when the trade does not favor him. Ryze is like a shotgun. He quickly casts a bunch of spells, waits a few seconds, then casts another bunch of spells. Meanwhile Kayle is a machine gun, who constantly attacks. If you can survive Ryze's initial burst, there is a small amount of time (13 seconds to 5 seconds depending on Ryze rank and cooldown) when Ryze does not have his W so he loses out on his damage and root. It is during this time that you can fight him and win (unless he is really fed). Merc Treads are a must have VS Ryze. Here are 2 useful gameplay tips: If you are with your team, make sure you are positioned behind your tank. Ryze's damage comes mostly from his Q, which travels in a straight line. A tank in between you and Ryze means that Ryze cannot target you before taking down the tank, this is one of his weaknesses. In lane, instead of hiding behind a tank, use your minion wave as a shield from any Q's from him. But Ryze has ways of dealing with that. Try to stay away from 1) minions low on HP 2) any allies with "flux", because Ryze can spread his flux onto anyone near those targets and deal a lot of damage on them. Ryze is good versus assassins, because he is tanky enough to survive their burst, then can lock them down and burst them himself. However, lots of Ryzers fear the scary blue bird known as Anivia. Vel'Koz and Xerath are also some champions that Ryze has trouble against, because he can't even get into range while they can constantly throw spells at him. In terms of statistics, Ryze always has a very low win rate against Malzahar and Annie (~30%). Both these champions have targeted hard CC. But a good Ryze will always be very hard to beat because they minimize their weaknesses through their skill and knowledge of the game. Good luck. Hope you're enjoying the Kayle rework. Let's not necro this thread, since mods don't like that, if you have NA account you can add me and we can chat. Or you can head to r/Ryzemains.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Why does Teemo get to have free DOT magic damage with no cooldown?
OK Teemo is pretty bonkers OP broken, but did you know that ADC's get FREE 100% AD as damage on a no mana cost, low cooldown point and click??? Did you know that Zed gets FREE AD ratios on his abilities??? WTF. And Ryze also gets FREE mana scaling on his abilities!!! OP! Except that his AP values are lower than most mages to balance around his mana scalings. It's not free, it takes up part of the power budget in Teemo's kit. He is balanced around having it. Edit: Just saw OP saying Teemo has hard CC pretty sure this is troll post.
Reiizm (NA)
: Lore facts that sound like bullshit but are actually 100% true
{{champion:13}} Got his tattoos in rune prison.
Dynikus (NA)
: I'm not sure you know what a stat check is if you think either of them are an example of it.
> [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=nRdVJuoo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-28T07:25:09.531+0000) > > I'm not sure you know what a stat check is if you think either of them are an example of it. Veigar isn't stat check, since his abilities are skillshot based, but Nasus is kinda statchecky in that he just wacks at minions with his cane until he can finally start wacking champions.
: Changes to Ryze's R and W
Ryze main degenerate here. It's a bad change since 1) Ryze would be way to OP in this state with a combat ult 2) It solves none of his actual problems which make him strong in pro play 3) seen countless posts that sounded like this and these ryze rework idea posts are getting annoying.
: Why is Ryze such a hard champ to get done right? Is there anything that can be done?
1 million pt Ryze here. It's a common misconception that Ryze is a super complex champion when people read his kit but it's actually quite simple in practice and I would rate his difficulty 7/10. The problem with Ryze is not his targeted CC (0.75 - 1.5 second root) as Annie (1.75 second stun) and TF (2 second stun) are nearly not as problematic as Ryze. The reason Ryze does so poorly is that he functions very well in competitive due to the very nature of his kit. There are multiple factors that make Ryze so good in pro play. He has 1) Excellent waveclear 2) Is a reliable blind pick 3) can coordinate picks well with jungler 4) HIS ULT WHICH NOBODY IN SOLO QUEUE CAN USE WELL. I even wager that the current Ryze was designed to be used in pro play, and is still balanced around pro play. And then they nerfed him. And nerfed him again. And again. And again. The old-old Ryze of 2 reworks ago wasn't nearly as problematic as he was now and he sat mostly around a healthy 48% winrate despite having significantly stronger roots. He was outdated and facerolly though so it makes sense he was reworked. If Ryze is to actually be balanced, he must receive changes to his waveclear and his ultimate. These two things are the biggest reasons he is picked even now by pros. And he has a bad winrate in pro stats. Ryze is supposed to be a battle mage who does DPS as he's always been before this rework. But in reality now he is more of a 24/7 waveclear cancer bot who one shots you with his burst late game. I have seen LoL graphs and streamers calling Ryze a burst champion. This ain't right. This rework was a mistake.
Syte (NA)
Not only is this damage reduction a stupid interaction with Ryze EQ, but he is hands down the lowest performing champion in solo queue consistently for at least the last two and a half years, averaging the lowest winrate by far of any champion in any role. You can look at any credible lol stat history site and see this for yourself. But Ryze is really strong in the right hands, you might say. Well the dude who made this post this is a 3 million mastery point diamond Ryze OTP and he's not happy. I'm at 1 mill only and frankly Ryze feels shit to play after the last 5 nerf batches or so. Yes Ryze works in the right hands, I've heard it over a thousand times by now. But that's the very definition of "right hands" because if it _didn't_ work it wouldn't be the right hands. Anything works in the right hands. I have been a Ryze main for literally over a third of my life thus far and been through every iteration with the exception of alpha Ryze. And I stuck with him in his darkest times of 37% win rate, never ceasing to play him. I simply do not give a damn how weak Ryze is actually. But for all these years playing him, it's never been more unfun playing him in his current state. And it only seems to be getting worse. And I'm not even surprised if Ryze were to get a nerf next patch instead of fixing this bug. WE RYZE MAINS WILL NOT BE SILENCED RYZE UP RYZERS *Syte-like Screech*
Scrai (EUW)
: Human brand skin. with runic tattos
Huh so kinda like Ryze. I would like to see a Blazing Ryze skin.
: One tricks are unhealthy for the game
Ryze OTP here I think Ryze is in a fine state right now but I wouldn't mind if they nerfed his damage since he can be strong in the right circumstances.
: I love the lengths people will go to to justify hardcore bug abuse
Wow OP you're such a righteous good person! If you came upon this in the shop you wouldn't have even considered touching it because you respect Riot Games Incorporated so much. Truly an outstanding member of the community. You should be awarded a free stuff for being such a hypothetically nice individual.
: Its -3 AD per pellet. 4 pellet shots per auto, -12 ad nerf to his auto attacks.
> [{quoted}](name=Quiet Dude,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HIM6TP0h,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-25T20:35:49.730+0000) > > Its -3 AD per pellet. 4 pellet shots per auto, -12 ad nerf to his auto attacks. Graves level 1 AD is 63. With 4 pellets Graves must deal 252 damage per auto then, even after the nerfs. That's actually insane!
: They could make it more 'tank exclusive' by having it scale off bonus armor and magic resist. It'd more exclusive to tanks or champions that do build those bonuses rather than anyone who can tack on a shield. It would even synergize well with the Conditioning rune. It would make even more sense in that aspect since Leona and Braum gain bonus magic resist and armor when they use their W and E respectively. But it is an interesting feature to have I'll say. I know of Slay the Spire, a card for the warrior called bash, which does more or less the same thing. Use 'block' or 'shield' points as a means of attack points. In this case champions that build armor and magic resist can use it offensively periodically, and give their basic attacks that extra 'oomph' and 'thock!' for doing a rotation of abilities rather than champions like {{champion:164}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:59}} who get fat shields for going in, when weaving an auto attack, just gets more blatant damage to their already existing high damage output. And they're not even building tanky, they just have fat shields. Yo let's talk about {{champion:223}} shield bash at 2hp and a lifebar full of shields and full mana {{champion:53}}???
Vuxem (NA)
: because he pushes people out of the way and runs through enemy lines, it wouldn't make much sense if he had anything else.
: Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Bone Plating REMOVED for the sake of Shield Bash?
Bone Plating is a defensive rune. Though Shield Bash has "shield" in its name it actually provides 0 defensive stats and only grants damage.
F Ù Ń (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Elite4Runner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gmMmP6i4,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-10-23T02:10:31.633+0000) > > Then abuse the point and click champions and neglect the skill shot champions until Riot does something about it. > > I'm surprised nobody has pointed this out yet, .. Yes, it would require that A LOT OF PEOPLE do the same, .. but simply complaining about a champion that you don't actually play for yourself (WHICH A LOT OF PEOPLE DO) is not working to change anyone's opinion. > > Most of the time the people complaining about how strong a champion / strategy is, they don't even try doing it themselves, .. and if they did, they would see it often isn't as simple as it seems. Ok. I tried MF, first time ez game, I got fed She is Extremly Oppresive and needs to have her Q nerfed. It’s bs how 1 dmg ability can deal have of their Heath. Ok, I tried Garen, ez game, ez S tier Super Tanky, super regen, súper damage, and easy to play Ok, I tried Warwick, ez game, ez S- Gimmick with low health is fun, but kinda defeats outplay when a wolf runs at you at 90 mph, or 180 kph or something with over 3000 hp, while you’re at 600 hp. Ok, I tried Nasus, ez game, ez S, I did 1.5k dmg with Q and got insanely fed. Most balanced out of all of these. Insane lifesteal tho Ok, I tried Annie, gg ez, cheese mid lane-Point and click stuns. Bs range. Nuff said Ok, I tried Sona, ez af support.-Runs, heals, dmg. Nuff said Ok, I maines Tristana at one point, ez S tiers-Fking bs dmg late game, with tons of mobility and escape. Harder to kill than a fed Caitlyn Ok, I tried Jax-Counter gimmick gives no counterplay, unless AP cc. Ult almost guarentees a victory Ok, I tried Zoe, she’s Garbo, and I still main her. Ok, I tried LeBlanc, pretty easy, point and click, gg, so much dmg. Ok, I tried Irelia, enough said Ok, Aurelion Sol, pretty fine in my opinion, get some cc on dat boi, and he ded. Master Yeet-WUJU LIVES ON IN ME I’ve tried many meta champs, especially the new broke ones. I know when champs are broke, but legit, Point and Click need to be nerfed. MF people say, is exploitable in high elo. In Worlds, an instalock MF won the game In Diamond+, MF is s tier
So basically every champion except for your main is broken. Zoe is cancer lol.
: I wish I could forget Urgot :(
RIP Urgod 2010 - 2017.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: tank Viktor toplane 9% pick rate 52% win rate
Viktor functions a lot of Ryze, and both of them are particularly strong against some of the meta toplaners such as Urgot and Aatrox. Also Viktor has recieved a few buffs here and there, which do add up.
Jøker (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUrbanKitsune,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IpMZdl3i,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-21T03:36:26.697+0000) > > Buy qss, ask the support to buy crucible. > Point and click cc is annoying but you can do things about it. I was full build Evelynn, no room for qss. I had banshee's veil but not helping. Our support was uncooperative and basically feeding I don't like the teammates in this elo D:
Evelynn has a point and click 2 second charm.
: An Attempt At: Making Every Summoner Spell Viable.
I'm just confused as to why you buff every summoner spell except Heal. Instead of buffs Heal has its heal amount nerfed, MS nerfed, and range nerfed. The heal changes are a straight up nerf. Your context doesn't make sense either, as your reasoning is that Barrier outclasses Heal. But then you also suggested a Barrier buff, so it's essentially a double dipping. With ignite giving even more healing reduction, it's actually a triple hit to dissuade ever taking heal. A similar analogy is when Riot nerfs a champion strong in the meta, then proceeds to nerf their core items, a double nerf. In addition to all that, they also buff the counters to said champion. In the end, the champion is left lying in the gutter. Anyway, even though I don't agree with your specific changes I still like that you took your time and effort to post this topic.
: Why does Draven need to tell the team how much gold he'll get? It only benefits him, whereas Kai'Sa's ult is useful for coordination and engaging the enemy.
Because it's the League of Draven.
: Irelia, best champion in the game undoubtedly, with an overloaded kit.
What the fuck is wrong with Riot. They keep nerfing mechonically intensive champs such as Irelia, Alistar, and Graves because low elo players whine about them. Fuck Riot. They nerf all my mains. After the -3 AD nerf on Graves he's fucking F tier now and outclassed by every single jungler in the game. Unplayable. And now they gut my Irelia because the bronze crybabies don't even know how to play against her (even though she's incredibly popular, and they should have a lot of experience vs her). Then next patch they're planning to completely remove Alistar from the game, even though he's already one of the worst tank supports in the entire game: Base HP lowered from 613.36 to 573.36. But then ryce gets a free pass with his fucking bullshit instant point and cluck stun. Favoritism much? Worst patch ever, absolutely unplayable. Riot tries to appease the bronze scrubs while punishing skilled players such as meself. I quit this garbage shit. Fuck this game
Srkkk (OCE)
: Allow summoners to trade keys for chest between in-game friend
Keys are like dispensable plastic bottles to me.
GreenLore (EUW)
: The reason why Jayce was turned into a jerk is because that was honestly the most common perception of the character. And tbh,looking at the lore between J4 and Shyvana I'd say that J4 will likely not be a jerk,considering that he went so far to risk his life,fighting a dragon to save Shyvana and even gave her a place in his elite guard,knowing that this might cause problems for him later on.
TBH I don't know much about Jayce's lore, but just judging by his splash art and gameplay he seems like a real asshole.
: > [{quoted}](name=Danjeng,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fUN4fJ0s,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-16T19:01:59.809+0000) > > I like the direction of high scaling and lower base, but your values are a nerf even to full AP mid Brand, only breaking even at 800 AP. considering that the value is really fucking high right now, breaking even at a high ap value makes sense. especially since in the original case with his current scaling, i assumed 800 ap aswell. otherwise it gets absurd, when he does finally stack a lot of ap. maybe put the point to break even at 700 ap, but it shouldnt be too low.
Woops made a calculation error, so I corrected it. Brand needs a bit more AP to reach live values.
: when are you going to make brands passive scale with ap again?
I like the direction of higher scaling and lower base, but your values are a nerf even to full AP mid Brand, ~~only breaking even at 800 AP~~. Assuming full build Brand has 500 raw AP (high estimate, it's actually lower) from items, plus Rabadon's passive, he still only has 700 AP. Edit: Brand would actually need 1100 AP to break even, which is not possible unless he builds Seraph's + RoA + Rabadon's + Spellbinder, two other high AP items, Infernal Drakes, and Baron buff. Brand supp is cancer but your values are absolutely wack. --------- _**MATHS**_ Live Values: 16% base (+1.5% per 100 AP) Post Values: 5% base (+2.5% per 100 AP) Where x = AP .16 + (.015x) = .05 + (.025x) .11 + (.015x) = (.025x) .11 = .01x 1100 = x It would take 540 AP to just _match_ a live value Brand with 0 AP. --------- Do I think Brand supp is cancer? Yes. However I am a man of maths and won't let that cloud my judgement.
: I just do not understand Ryze
> I am sitting here playing against this champ thinking to myself all I hear on the boards is how "gutted" this champion was and here he is shitting on me I know it's hard to admit, but maybe it's not the champion, it's the player. Perhaps he's simply better than you. I mean, I've heard a lot of complaints about Ekko too, but when you win, it's because you did well, not just because of your champion pick right? So the same should apply to the Ryze player. Anyway, I recommend hardshoving your lane, and using the opportunity to roam. Ryze's mana costs are actually really high, and you can spam q's 24/7 while he scrambles to match your clear. He'll run oom and can't do much.
: Unpopular opinion: Popular opinion.
Agreement with popular opinion. Complaint about nonexistent downvotes.
: Ryze E cooldown
Ryze actually had a rework WIP (currently abandoned) that had his E scale down to 1.5 secs, which is pretty nutty.
: I hate Master Yi
Master Yi is a mechanically intensive champion and has a very high skill ceiling.
crispy66 (NA)
: you had your chance when it was up and no one really played it, just like when you promise your parents you will take care of the puppy if they buy you one and you end up not taking care of it and then it dies.
No, it's more like parents seeing that the puppy wasn't in tip-top health so they went and shot it in the back of the shed, even though it was their fault for not providing the proper care for it.
Tegash (NA)
: Ryze has also never been reworked. He's had countless "reworks" where they just give him the same 3 basic abilities with new and improved features, plus a new ult that's basically completely worthless because all of his power budget is centred around Rune Prison. But, no. He has never once been changed from the "original vision" that was set out for him. Compare and contrast Irelia, Warwick, Nunu, and the upcoming Kayle rework to their original incarnations. Need I bring up Ezreal, who was just "updated?" Once again, only a single spell was changed. What a coincidence.
Leto GT (EUW)
: Blaming kaisa when xayah rakan urgot and aatrox are priority picks lol.
Kinda weird how all those champs are relatively recently released/reworked.
: Make Ahri's Thigh highs a bit more apparent
That little slit is what I live for. God bless grade S Zettai Ryouiki.
: If you nerf jax, you can kill two birds with one stone
Jax is a mechanically difficult champion with a great deal of depth and strategic elements. Did I make you proud Papa Colton147?
: {{champion:39}} has received nothing but nerfs since her rework and is badly in need of compensation buffs.
Your posts keep me from ending it all god bless your soul.
: Character ability description problems
The main lol site's game info isn't maintained very well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy Jack Rabbit,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MRp9AAKz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-05T13:12:53.810+0000) > > Not much of one really. I made it subtle. I don't want him looking Kai'sa. Just a little bit bigger. And why not? We need more bubble booty boys in the game. And if there's anyone who could get away with it, it's Ezreal.
Brand actually has a pretty nice ass.
: Top 10 Anime Betrayals
throw big ~~stone~~ axe
reba042 (NA)
: What if there was a child from Bilgewater that was taken to the Shadow Isles as a sacrifice and is now infused with a demon of some type so their half _OMGGG IM SO SORRY!!! ARE YOU OK?!?!?_ and half _SLAUGTER THEM ALL!_
> [{quoted}](name=reba042,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=boB3iw1h,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-05T01:36:35.788+0000) > > What if there was a child from Bilgewater that was taken to the Shadow Isles as a sacrifice and is now infused with a demon of some type so their half _OMGGG IM SO SORRY!!! ARE YOU OK?!?!?_ and half _SLAUGTER THEM ALL!_ Hm a half demon, half not demon champ. What if it the character was edgy too, like with anime hair and a scythe and everything.
: This might fit MVP systems, but not League's honor system. The system isn't meant to reward players who played well, it's meant to reward players who acted sportsmanlike. That's why the honor categories are _GG <3_, _Stayed Cool_ and _Great Shotcaller_, not _Most Damage_, _Best KDA_ or something similar. It's about behavior, not skill, and that's what I like about it. Apart from showing the chatlog from each player, there isn't really a way to display the behavior of your teammates on the honor screen.
> [{quoted}](name=DerMangoJoghurt,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=G9ibwfUi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-05T00:12:35.728+0000) > > This might fit MVP systems, but not League's honor system. > The system isn't meant to reward players who played well, it's meant to reward players who acted sportsmanlike. That's why the honor categories are _GG <3_, _Stayed Cool_ and _Great Shotcaller_, not _Most Damage_, _Best KDA_ or something similar. It's about behavior, not skill, and that's what I like about it. > > Apart from showing the chatlog from each player, there isn't really a way to display the behavior of your teammates on the honor screen. It's *meant* to reward sportsmanlike players, but for the most part, the ally who carries will receive honors even if they weren't particularly positive.
: Losing a 4v5 feels so fucking shitty
Losing a 5v4 is even shittier.
Hayaishi (NA)
: Don't blame people for playing what's good, when Riot dumps your favorite champion it becomes hard to enjoy playing him so you gotta find an alternative.
> [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f6P7wM8q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-30T01:16:20.970+0000) > > Don't blame people for playing what's good, when Riot dumps your favorite champion it becomes hard to enjoy playing him so you gotta find an alternative. TFW otp Ryze for 6 seasons.
: > [{quoted}](name=Trolosaurus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5tV6gOtR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-30T00:45:04.235+0000) > > You do not sound like a very enjoyable person to be around I'm not.
> [{quoted}](name=L Psy Congroo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5tV6gOtR,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-30T00:51:23.566+0000) > > I'm not. I enjoy you.
: If were going by real world metal strength and value it should be: Bronze- Iron- Silver- Gold- Platinum- Diamond +master grandmaster and challenger
> [{quoted}](name=Necro Warrior87,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KO3rss5u,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-09-29T20:11:12.128+0000) > > If were going by real world metal strength and value it should be: > Bronze- Iron- Silver- Gold- Platinum- Diamond +master grandmaster and challenger Ah yes the Challenger metal is very high up on Mohs scale.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: So sad that Faker and other pro players don't play Zed anymore
LMAOOOO. You WANT your champ to be picked in pro play? {{champion:13}} {{champion:113}} Oh how cute, he doesn't even know what it's actually like.
Rioter Comments
: We need more assassin shitters
There's this guy {{champion:13}}
: Riot is nerfing 3 of the lowest win rate champs in the game this patch, while buffing Vayne + Lucian
Ryze's Rune Prison is more like Rune briefly-inconvenienced-mobility now that it lasts only .75 - 1.5 seconds, or .525 - 1.05 seconds if the target has mercury treads. Imagine that, a 1 second root when "empowered".
: don't talk to me
Hey why are you so mean to me? I've been nothing but trying to be friends with you. I don't know what I've done to make you dislike me so much. I considered you a good Ryze player and want to learn from you but you constantly insult me. Whatever it is that I've done, I'm sorry. Just know that I looked up to you and it honestly hurt me a lot when you said things like "get out of my face".
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