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: Stuck in pre game lobby game wont start
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: A fellow Psych fan?[/img]
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=lacJEcrr,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2017-09-19T00:30:11.104+0000) > > A fellow Psych fan? > >[/img] "C'mon son!"
: It better be, or else I have a serious problem....
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=lacJEcrr,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-09-18T16:52:45.555+0000) > > > > It better be, or else I have a serious problem.... I see a Psych gif, i upvote
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: Just pased 60 Sejuani skins
Clown Fiesta XD that should 100% be a skin line!! Clown Fiesta Sej Clown Fiesta Shaco (obviously) Clown Fiesta Ezreal
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Áery (NA)
: Are Tier 3 boots ever going to return?
I think they should make them actual "boots" first, not just one shoe.
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: Will the revive passive when active cause Aatrox to gain an aura when he get updated?
Perhaps a fear when he revives, similar to how Urgot fears when he ults. Could give him some true diver qualities.
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: Who counters your main
{{champion:412}} {{champion:40}} If they're really good.
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: Black Market Braulers
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: PETITION: Four Different Dragons, Four Different Roars
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: Your top 3 mastery champions create one super-champion...
{{champion:412}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} Caithreshian, The Purifying Warden Sheriff I'm the one man army bot-lane. Passive- Damnheadslinger: As minions die, i collect headshots that crit twice! Q- Piercing Piltover Sentence: A target line skillshot that widens when hit and pulls the last enemy champion in the line. W- DarkSnapBlaze: A Trap that when stepped on, burst into a cross section that, speedong allies. An ally can click this trap to warp to you. E- Relentless 90 Caliber Flay: You speed up and flay your weapon to push you back and flay them wherever. R-Ace In The Culling Box: Target an enemy champion, after a short delay you shoot out a wave of 90% slowing shots.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dragonzzilla,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zPETpa5a,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-02-21T22:52:39.584+0000) > > * Adamant > * Juggernaut > * Titan > * Vanguard Titan and Vanguard are really good ones.
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: I just got Jhin, time to try him out!
You know who else has been doing this? ...MY MOM!
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: Who Are Your Top 5 Most Satisfying Champs to Play?
{{champion:51}} Boom Head-Shot {{champion:78}} Ult is too much fun. {{champion:412}} Madlife training. {{champion:103}} *enter strange sound here* {{champion:150}} Combo to death.
: What's your Main's favorite Game?
{{champion:51}} Sniper Elite 3 {{champion:412}} Rapala Tournament Fishing {{champion:150}} Ark Survival
MKDkilla (NA)
: You have 10000 Clones of 3 Champions to Create an Army
{{champion:14}} To rush the front line. {{champion:35}} So now there are 20,000 {{champion:21}} Because Ults
: Mysterious Zed Teaser, Is It Ao Shin?
Peanut Butter 100% Confirmed
: ***
How about we delete him, and Akali too? Maybe delete Diana, Cass, Fizz and Talon too!?!
: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
: Rammus
Shen too! *enter shen gif here*
: Vel'Koz skin idea!
Deep Terror Vel'koz{{champion:161}}
LaurCraiova (EUNE)
: I have an ideea for a syndra skin
: A skin idea for bard
I would buy bard for this skin, very good idea m8.
salvaro (NA)
: Satyr Varus
That's actually a very good idea. (Insert Upvote gif here)
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: Have there been ideas on skins that replace the champ but have the same skills, Lucian and Senna?
I honestly think this would be a great idea, make it a legendary skin, slap a price of 1350 over it and boom, instant money. They could also make a line of Shurima ones with Pre-Assension Susan{{champion:75}} , Azir{{champion:268}} , and maybe Renekton{{champion:58}} , but i dont think that would very well. But i like the Senna idea the most, rito please!!!
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: Kindred delayed until 5.20
This makes me sadboyz, rito, plz make me feel better! #babyme
: Your favorite champion is now your roommate
{{champion:157}} :Well there's always a breeze going through my house. It's okay in the summer, but sucks in the winter. I often find myself waking up and hearing him screaming "Hasagi!" in his sleep. He says its nightmares about some brother of his, I don't know.
Azteryz (NA)
: Can we make this braum concept an actual skin?
Name it Traditional {{champion:201}} , like all the other traditional skins.
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