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: Permanently Banned For No Reason?
Probably not wise to post your email here. Just contact riot support and talk with them. Good luck.
: **RE: Leaving all modes available in customs:** This would actually be a _huge_ amount of ongoing maintenance to do (we wouldn't even be able to make new modes anymore it would take so much time). Each time a mode comes back, we have to QA it against the current patch, bugfix, update for any new changes, champion reworks, new champs, item tweaks, etc. LoL updating every 2 weeks is great for being able to constantly update and balance the game, but it means the burden of maintaining content is quite high, so we have to be super intentional about what to bring back. **RE: URF vs ARURF:** One of the problems with URF was stagnant champion diversity. We would see the same champs over and over in URF games, and players rightly got fatigued of it (Zed vs Fizz anyone?). ARURF doesn't have this downside anymore. Other players mentioned that they enjoyed being able to pick their champion in URF as a chance to "practice their favourite champs", but we also now have the Practice Tool as an even more robust solution than the old URF mode.
Could we have blind pick URF in custom games? It is very frustrating to have the match be decided by who gets randomed the better champions. I would much rather have the same opportunity to win than have the match be decided randomly. We don't want to play in the practice tool as an alternative to URF. We want to play URF with our champions against other players. I still believe that having both regular URF and ARURF up at the same time would be a very good solution. Players can do regular URF when they want to play a certain champions and if they would like to have a more diverse experience, they can queue up for ARURF.
: RGM brain dump June
What are your thoughts on possibly leaving all game modes available in custom games? Also could we please have regular urf back? I would rather have the choice to pick what I want to play than leaving it up to whoever gets randomed the better champ. Maybe we could have both urf and arurf at the same time as a solution.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 2
How do you feel about the current state of Caitlyn? Personally I feel her traps are too rewarding for the amount of effort she puts into them. Having 3 traps under your tower starting lvl 2 or 3 when she is able to easily push makes her very oppressive to play against. Not to mention she is able to have a escape while slowing + getting a Q and headshot on you which makes all ins harder as well.She feels strong at all stages of the game. A oppressive bully in lane while transitioning into a hypercarry. Her mid game is suppose to be her weak point but her traps can cover that weakness to a extent. The upcoming patch seems like it will help her mid game be better as well.
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: LFM Mid Lane / Top Lane Mains Gold +
Aw i would love to join but the only times i can play are weekends and Friday because of school. Gotta focus on it during weekdays cause high school is serious shit. If you decide to play on weekends ill gladly join

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