: One day we will see an unpopular opinion in an unpopular opinion thread
> [{quoted}](name=Death by Glamour,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LYgekxLj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T01:44:54.287+0000) > > One day we will see an unpopular opinion in an unpopular opinion thread Just saw the entirety of these boards circle jerking about how Nubrac wasn't trolling. Can't blame me for thinking boards would not agree with me here.
: Oof on you. You are hardstuck silver. I don't care if you win with Shiv in silver. I can win there with Katarina jungle. I mean, in last season I had 70% winrate on Shaco jng in plat, but now I can't fucking play the game. This shitty ass game made jungle the worst role and the higher you get the more team based the game is. In gold the climb begins and there it stops. I can probably hit plat, but I was expecting much more this season. However playing with jungle nerfed to the ground is all team based. Then if enemy has a better pick they win because they get carried better than my champion can. They pick a Pig on a lady .... A lady on a pig xd And they win just because of how easy it is to play tanks in jng and get carried. The only thing I can do to change it and hit plat is to start playing Kha Zix because he would bring me more elo, but I refuse to play something I don't enjoy.
Lmao, it's always the silvers that talk big shit. Yeah jg is fucked I agree.
Bugog (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolfeur,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=liRNrOvR,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-29T21:42:57.300+0000) > > We literally have 2 out of 145 Pyke Darius Urgot Garen?
: > [{quoted}](name=Anatera,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=liRNrOvR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-29T17:38:14.424+0000) > > But...but..but..they look cool! And all 12 year olds love that! Darius ought to have been the first and the last, especially since his kit is the most suited for it.
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Midg3t (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=2 Weezy Baby,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rRATHXEs,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-22T00:18:49.389+0000) > > "if you know how to play him" the general community barely knows how to play the game outside of laning phase And thats exactly why we have this TK hate threads, cuz people dont know how to play.
You say that like Tahm Kench top lane isn't a problem in all elos.
knobblez (NA)
: Taking jungle camps from the jungler
You have a point, but I guarantee you're not behind on gold and XP because your laners are taking your jungle camps. I'm almost positive it is because you don't know how to path.
: That's not roaming nor support that's trolling the guy didn't even step in bot lane , he just straightly stayed afk in mid for 90% of the game
> [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iuQfEbf0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-15T18:25:15.077+0000) > > That's not roaming nor support > that's trolling > the guy didn't even step in bot lane , he just straightly stayed afk in mid for 90% of the game No no no, he was helping irelia by killing Twisted Fate mid! Doesn't matter if Sivir 1v2 losing platings and dying because Teemo was mid taking xp he's not trolling!!1!
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YaraUwU (NA)
: I cannot fucking stand when junglers get to camp top unanswered.
: Nightblue gets a player Falsely banned.
The boards is brainwashed holy fuck. Worse than Reddit.
: > rarely do I ever see anybody get banned Do you...read this board?
Rarely do I ever see the people who I encounter in game get banned.*
: Would you like to be of that 3%? I guess no which is why Riot would never agree to this system.
Yes, actually. If I'm doing so poorly that 4 of my teammates would rather play without me I wouldn't mind being kicked out. If my team thinks it will be easier to win a game without me then they can kick me out in a heartbeat, I don't care.
: How do you feel like this system will affect people who attempt to play off-meta and happen to do poorly in those first 15min?
I'm sure a small minority of players will be affected by that. I believe if 4 individuals do not want to play with you on their team they should have the right to vote you off of it.
: I can bring this up one level higher. You can't give players **any** control over these types of game mechanics, because they get abused. Some threads that are common - - Why can people ban my hover? - Let us vote to kick people from champ select. - Don't match me with people on my block list. You cannot allow players to make choices like this (and the one you're proposing) because they directly affect the experience of other players **and can be abused**, and you know this because you put the possible abuse scenarios in your post. That's exactly why something like this would not be implemented. And before you go "But the Inters 'N' Feeders 'N' Trolls™ affect the game for me," oh well. They're a problem, but punishing them needs to be up to Riot, not other players. Riot is running a business, and if they were to make any choices to allow the inmates to run the asylum, they lose money, bottom line.
I agree with you, Riot should be banning the players, but rarely do I ever see anybody get banned. Whether it be a literal AFK or Inter, or somebody saying "get cancer, kys."
: Initially I didn't wanted to argue about why your idea would fail but after seeing your comment I will. *-- You see, people and players aren't fair and your idea would create a lot of problem in this toxic community. I'd argue that a lot of people would just kick my TF adc because he wants to play TF in the bot lane because he isn't playing meta and shit. Your idea doesn't solve the problem of this toxic community. Your idea actually ignites the fire of a more toxic community to be born where they'd kick anyone they just don't like.
4 people need to be mad enough at your pick to kick you. Yes, sometimes you get unfortunate and 4 people vote yes, but I don't think the chances are very high. Hence, the reason we need stats on this type of system if it's ever going to go to live which I highly suggest Riot does. My hypothesis is the amount of cases we see people abusing this thing will be <3%.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DapCutscene,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HAUW7oe6,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-06-13T23:19:17.878+0000) > > I would if the person I was voting to kick is intentionally running it down. I could get clarity in 2 things: > I've decreased my chances of losing just slightly. They might be placed on a high priority list where they're more likely to be seen and get banned for such behavior. That’s nice, but what about that player who is just doing poorly gets kicked? Or that player who gets kicked for picking off meta? Or that player that gets kicked by the four man? I can see the upsides of your idea and system sure, but I see far more negatives.
I'd argue they should still beta test this idea and see how often people who pick troll stuff get kicked from games. If it's like >4% of cases then I could see why it could be a problem. I still think Riot should gather some stats on it first though.
Jamaree (NA)
: No one is going to agree to willingly put themselves into a 4 vs 5, in normals maybe, ranked, hell no
I would if the person I was voting to kick is intentionally running it down. I could get clarity in 2 things: I've decreased my chances of losing just slightly. They might be placed on a high priority list where they're more likely to be seen and get banned for such behavior.
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: You have a decent point with Jax, but even then, you're emphasizing *short* trades. But what surprises me is that you make zero mention of his hands down hardest counter. Fiora can Riposte his W. She can not only COMPLETELY BLOCK his only real damaging ability, but STUN HIM FOR TRYING IT, and then proceed for the next 10s it's on cooldown (leaving 2s to back off), shit all over his face with a bunch of true damage from her passive. She BY FAR can out-trade him. And once he uses his E's active, which he's probably gonna have to do against Fiora quite often, he can't fight again pretty much until he takes a back. Sure, he can bait out the riposte...but considering how atrocious his actual damage is without the W, he's not gonna have a lot of time to wait when getting chunked constantly by %hp true damage.
So what if Tahm just holds W and waits for Fiora to use her W? I don't think Tahm W is reactable tbh. That or he could throw out the stun first to bait the Riposte because Tahm Q is like 4/5 second CD? I don't think Fiora wins the lane either tbh.
OHminus (NA)
: My friend told me he thinks {{champion:26}} top might be a counter - you just waveclear with q and disengage with speed up/slow. You don't necessarily win lane but you're infinitely better late and you can give up cs like a madman because zilean doesn't necessarily need the most gold to be useful. He played around 5 or so games against tk using zilean and won 4 of 5. Of course, my friend and I are both gold so our opinions probably mean jack shit.
Don't ever think your rank invalidates your opinion, but always be prepared to back up your arguments. Your friend is right Zilean is a decent pick into Tahm. Most ranged autoshoving AP lanes are good into him. Malz, Heimer are other good examples. My problem with the argument that "you should play those champions to beat him" is that you're effectively crippling your team by being forced to pick a cheese pick just so you don't lose to him. Not saying that's your argument, but I've seen it used in this thread.
Saezio (EUNE)
: All I am saying is, nerf riven first. Then they can touch tahm. It's bullcrap how busted she is and has been for so long.
Have to disagree with you there. I'd rather play against Riven for the next 3 days then fight 1 more top lane Tahm Kench.
Saezio (EUNE)
: So, you OK with riven? She still has higher pick and winratios than Tahm. And she's been a problem since conq was created. So, a fuckton of months.
At least I can win trades with Riven and she has weak points in her gameplay. Tahm literally does not lose trades. This isn't even about Riven, stay on topic.
: > [{quoted}](name=Crescent Dusk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HqGtAquA,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2019-06-12T19:18:13.786+0000) > > Plenty of meta top laners who crap on him if played well. Darius stomps him out of lane if he waits for lv3 healthy. Jax can get easy short trades with a jump out, and so can Irelia. Same for Riven. > > Garen is a straight up TK safe pick because you can W his Q slow/stack stun and your QE trade pattern pretty much allows you to poke him constantly and get out before he can stack on you. You rush MR for 435 gold and the his Q poke starts plummeting. By the time you build cleaver and merc boots you can start outdueling him and well, past lv11 it's game over for him. TK beats the shit out of Irelia. What?
And Jax, this guy is misinformed or has never played the matchup.
: The thing is that he isn't actually broken. His play pattern is just so fucking unbelievably toxic that it tilts people off the face of the earth. His one of the worst examples of "win lane, lose game". For a lot of top laners the matchup is realistically unwinnable, but Tahm Kench has an atrociously bad late game and it doesn't get better no mater how hard he snowballs early. His whole purpose as a top laner seems to be to turn the game into a 4v4, where you can't carry because you're playing against Tahm Kench top, and he can't carry because he's playing Tahm Kench top.
Wow, yeah that's actually pretty much exactly why he is awful to play against. I'd argue getting priority top side for jungler is still really useful and your team shouldn't let the game drag to late, but you are right, he does fall off. I wouldn't mind if he actually died when he got ganked too. It's crazy that he can literally 1v2 and go 2 for 0 so consistently.
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: > then they shouldn't be playing ranked Again, you are not the gatekeeper of who gets to play ranked and for what reasons. It's a game mode with a number attached to it as opposed to "normals" where all the numbers are invisible. As long as people are legitimately trying to win and not deliberately trying to ruin the game, there's nothing in the rules that say they can't play any game mode they choose. You are not in charge, you do not get to dictate how people should approach a video game in **their own spare time**. You can take it as seriously as you want, that's **your** right, but not a requirement.
So if I go ghost cleanse Nunu and try my hardest to win it isn't trolling is what you're saying?
: Ruined Someone's Day Because I Wouldn't Surrender?
Tell the moron to have his pissing match with whoever after the game lol. Above all though, probably just ignoring them is best.
: The passive expectation to play therapist to mentally unstable teammates is honestly enraging.
Nobody wants you to play mental therapist. They're looking for attention. Muting and leaving them alone is the easiest way to get them off the so called "ledge," and hopefully nobody responds to them so they just shut up and play or at the worst just leave the game.
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: How to rank down?
The alternative is to get better, if you care that is.
FkValeRly (EUW)
: solo lane pyke is balanced, its much like twitch jungle, its only good against lazy players which I think is good because it punishes the right kind of shit and keeps people honest.
Except Pyke has a 53.25% winrate in mid and a 50% winrate top. While Twitch jungle has a 46.5% winrate. Solo lane Pyke isn't good against "lazy players" it's just good in general.
Rioter Comments
: Welp time to make an we account or buy one gg riot thanks again My pyke went first game pyke in rank and fed his ass of in lane yet i didnt flame but i get punished i cant believe this sht i had just gotten off a 25 game chat restrict but that doesnt warrant this game are you serious. I never attacked anyone crazy. Enemy team was bming me all game yet i ignore them just to get punished team arguing with me when i was 100 percent right
Riot made the right choice. You're clearly being a scumbag in these chat logs.
: I'm fuming
I was at least hoping his W/L ratio would be high, but it's not. He ended D5 in S8 and on top of that he has a 25% winrate. That's pretty fucked up.
cTJay (EUW)
: good enough for? Hacking the jungler's pc to force him gank a lane that has been pushed for 6 minutes? xD
Good enough to climb even if you get unwinnable games sometimes.
Lioxim (NA)
: My minor positioning mistakes (I do this more often then I'd like to admit) and the occasional geedy vision placement (maybe once every 3 or 4 games I'll do this) is NOTHING compared to the ignorance of the players in Silver. I can secure baron vision and tell them what to do as much as a please, but if they want to sit in a lane and afk farm until 40 minutes theres nothing I can do to stop them - and thats my problem
https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=9rckabz2xc Ping spam helps. Also showing you're good enough to carry will make people listen to you, albeit not all the time, but you should be winning the majority of your games in Silver if you play well (even if they don't know what macro is).
: I dont know what you play but: {{champion:267}} {{champion:412}} are two of the best supps to carry games on your own
{{champion:40}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrsTE1vpoXM
Lioxim (NA)
: How do I get out of Silver? Any and all input welcome.
That one game is unwinnable, but if you can't climb out with support it's your own fault. Might be playing too passive or too aggressive. Might not be making correct macro calls or placing wards where the macro should be happening. Could be getting caught out when it could be avoided. It's generally a combination of mistakes. Recently, I have personally climbed out of Bronze and Silver playing exclusively support.
cTJay (EUW)
: what's wrong with ranked lately?
Pretty sure this is just you. It's harder than it used to be to climb in low elo as a smurf, but if you're good enough you will still climb. You're playing with bronze and silvers, of course they're going to feed.
: Is Lee Sin worth it?
Sure? How are we supposed to know what you like and don't like? If you like flashy combos and putting a lot of time and effort for high reward then Lee Sin is a good champ.
: The Rainbow Fluft Icon Returns!
When do we get the "against sexual harassment in the workplace" poro icon?
: Just got a 14-Day Ban recently, any tips on how to avoid the permanent ban?
Ignore the advice of "wait until they say something toxic." I've tried that route and it personally doesn't work for me. As soon as I see one toxic thing in chat I get tilted. I literally can't help it, it bothers me so much that I can't focus on the game and I'd rather focus on whatever the statement was directed at. Whether it be not following the team call or making a wrong call. "/ignore all" is going to be your best friend. You seriously don't need anybody's pings to climb and it won't take away your teams ability to see what you want to do. The downside of this is that it makes you less likely to win. However, honestly not by much. I rarely lose games because I didn't see somebody's pings it's almost always because I didn't look at the mini map or make correct macro play. The positive side of this is that doing this will actually make you better at critical thinking and macro decisions. All decisions you make are solely influenced by yourself. You have nobody else telling you what to do and can't see anything your team is pinging. The best play is all left up to your decision. Hopefully this helps, honestly if you're able to deal with pings keep them. I personally ignore them most of the time because low Elo has terrible macro anyways and I can figure out the best winning move by looking at the mini map myself.
: Minimap?
https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/comments/bll81t/underestimated_tip_increase_your_minimap_scale_to/ This thread might be of help. I'm not sure I quite understand what you're saying.
Salron (NA)
: I can understand why Riot wants creepblock, but why can people on the same team block each other?
So allies can't sit on top of you and make you untargetable. It's the same reason ally creep block exists. Creepblock/pathing do need to get fixed. They shouldn't remove them though.
: Kindred is (are?) the worst champion in the game: Change My Mind
Kindred is actually insane right now in high elo solo queue.
: Is it time to delete glacial augment
You can't balance glacial augment, it should have never been a rune in the first place.
: Sorry riot games but most players that are improving at lol are not anime fanatics. Plat+ > Silver
Do you have any data to back up your claim? Plenty of high elo people I know are fucking weebs and would buy these skins in a heartbeat. lmao
: This is how corrupt Riots algorithms are.............
You have to leave multiple times for leaver buster to trigger and ban you.
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