: Ethernet vs. WiFi: Ping, Packets, & Playing Better
100% true. I play with my wife, me on ethernet, her on the wifi She gets spikes all the time, with the same connection/router/modem that i simply dont get.
: That mindset of wanting those boxes so bad that winning doesn't matter is exactly what they're worried about :I They don't want people going out and losing games because they're too focused on getting that S, instead of trying their best to win and hoping to get that S for it.
People are already worried about that S and throwing games.
: I agree. The more deaths you have as a support seem to take away the ability to get an S.
This is stupid, ive literally died on purpose so someone else doesnt have to, and they can go on to ace. its the supports job to step infront of that ult, or take that hook so your adc can ult and clean up after your death. Or to save zed, or a yasuo, or a yi... well you get the idea.
Sejeo (NA)
: Okay lets say the way to get an s is by getting tons of farm. Dont you see how this could turn into a fuck fest? You want to end the game but the 5/2 vayne will not stop split farming in bot lane because she wants to get an s. Or lets say its about kills then ksing will make tons of people mad. you can see how it can turn into a shit show. Just do better then you normaly do.
no he is right, if it can be min maxed in a way that doesnt lead to the team benefiting or winning, then its a bad formula.
Vfresz (NA)
: Also it seems to me as though riots formula for rating supports isn't optimized. It seems to weigh kills much heavier than assists which is not how a support should usually be played. It encourages supports to KS their carries which is actually detrimental to their chances of winning.
This.... before the "ranks" i always had 0 kills, with the exception of here and there where i had 1 or 2. but now it seems im being forced to take kills. the assists and deaths should matter, kills SHOULDNT EVEN BE IN THE EQUATION RIOT. CS should NOT matter either, not all supports buy relic, or have ability to clear minions. Im tired of feeling like i have to fk over the team for an S. And make wards matter, FOR EVERY ROLE. then people will start warding. 35+ for supports, at least 15 for everyone else.
: I meant Jinx. They feel a bit similar to play with/against imo
No, he feels more like Graves. nothing like jinx.
: 5 Faces of new champ select
You forgot The Idiot: Primary: Fill Secondary: Feed.


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