: Practice Tool is now live!
Are you guys gonna make it so you can add friends in the practice mode in the future or just leave it as a single player mode? I really want to teach my non-level 30 friends how to play certain champs and tricks because it's boring to wait 5 mins for flash and a couple mins for ult when you teach them in custom mode.
: Chromas, Yorick and Champ Mastery in Ask Riot
Why take out Azirs W on turret when you guys keep ziggs W on turret? and why reduce the wall down to 3 secs? Pls. I want to know why you guys did this. And what happened to the Zed chroma? why did it disappear from the pbe.
: Champion and skin sale: 05.27 - 05.30
: /ALL Chat | WTF is that? Items Edition
wtf is this{{item:3084}} and {{item:3104}}
: So Rammus is basically some dude
: Patch 6.10 notes
Riot changes all of Tristana's skins, but doesn't know what to do with the rocket girl skin, so they just gave her even bigger ears. Shoulda just left it alone bro.
: New free champion rotation: Anivia, Draven, Elise and more!
Guys... It's totally {{champion:17}}


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