: Welp I'm not sleeping
omfg that voice is amazing
: When you kill steal your girlfriend.
A majority of my friends are girls yet no girlfriend
: Hextech Crafting
I got mecha sion so that saves me 1820 rp that I can spend on infernal nasus and gifting some friends
Aír (NA)
: Ouch. Never knew you had cass as your mother.
Still grounded the loneliness is getting worse about to break {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Aír (NA)
: Why can't you play?
grounded from the computer {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: When sports fans get their jimmies rustled by the existence of eSports
They just need to face the truth if a sport is a sport I mean chess and darts are sports why naut league {{champion:111}} pun intended
: Looks like Morde captured another dragon..
: I thought it said "perma penis in urf" for wukong.... hm. Anyway - in case this isn't a purely joking thread: {{champion:136}} stun has a max range (width/range) and it can only get so big {{champion:74}} They're only OP if you're playing a melee champion at which point you're screwed sorry lol {{champion:14}} Infinite health isn't that bad in this case cause lets be real he only gets 1 health at a time {{champion:33}} Yea I got nothing on this the armor = damage thing is bullshit {{champion:421}} There's nothing broken about that {{champion:28}} Who cares its urf just ban her
sion gets 2 health at a time for minions and in jg he gets 10 for every large creep and 2 for every small one so that's why he gets so tanky in the jg
: Season 6 Graves Top Lane
pls id destroy graves as naut I don't have 116k mastery on him for nothing
Aír (NA)
: After not playing LoL for 3 days because I was at a competition
Been off of league for 4 days now and counting been like this for a while idk when I will be back on league I am close to breaking I miss {{champion:111}} and {{champion:102}} and {{champion:103}} and{{champion:75}}
Surge06 (EUW)
: When you somehow feed a Sona
My friend mains sona she is able to take out half of your adc health with an empowered q alone if she uses her full combo they're dead
Kadavik (NA)
: When you tell people in boards you're a ________ main.
Fritterz (NA)
: What it's like to face a fed (insert OP Champ here)
it might just be me but if I get fed on {{champion:111}} its GG
: Dear LaughingFish
ive played league for about 9 months on my main and the very first game I played with him was 2 days ago I went 15/1/6 I was unkillable
: Ahri gives you and your main this look at the pool
she wouldn't be giving me and my main that look because she is my main and id just be next to her
Andbal (EUNE)
: URF 2016
would you all stop complaining on not getting urf on april 1st this year were getting a rotating gamemodes queue isn't that enough riot even said were getting urf twice this year along with asencion and one for all and others
: Shyvana just burned Noxus to the ground and she gives you/your main this look
well I would probably be right next to her because she is my main and id just be staring at her with a blank face because of how hot she looks at the moment
: Alright now who's next?
: My first game with {{champion:136}} I went 4/2/19 I was jg but still that's pretty good first time
you can sol jg his ganks are amazing its just the matter of hitting his e q combo
: Every zed main when someone says zed is to safe
I was playing {{champion:111}} and I was like 7/3 their {{champion:238}} was 7/0 so since we were both the most fed I asked him for a 1v1 which he replied you have more cc than me you win my thought was we have the same amount of health (I was building full ap)
: Every solo support and ADC in Dynamic Q
Yup that happened to me last night I was {{champion:236}} with {{champion:89}} supp we were a duo premade there mid and jg was in our lane every other minute
Kuzja1 (NA)
: Your last played Champion stole the slab
{{champion:111}} would probably fight by just drowning them in rip tides
: How would a fight between your two highest mastery champions go?
{{champion:111}} vs {{champion:102}} I thin naut would win if were going of his actual size he could just step on her I mean he's 36 feet tall so
Dylar (NA)
: How the hell do you guys use LAPTOPS?
I play on a laptop and really just go and get a cheap 5-10$ mouse and your problem is solved really you cant play league on the trackpad its just not designed to be played like that so just go out and get a mouse and as for your keyboard I don't know how to fix that. any just take our advice and get a mouse{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Do you want to know how to get out of elo hell?
I just have to play {{champion:111}} or {{champion:14}} and I win pretty much every game
Asudurga (NA)
: Sol gives me Jhin/Kindred/Illaoi release week flashbacks.
My first game with {{champion:136}} I went 4/2/19 I was jg but still that's pretty good first time
: > [{quoted}](name=FREE DOUBLEBUFFS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cfEdVAJd,comment-id=0079,timestamp=2016-03-17T18:34:55.797+0000) > > Lore question: Are all dragons descendants of Aurelion Sol? Would that make him the progenitor of all dragons? They way that I've thought about it is that matter imitates the shape of greater energies, similar to how a logarithmic spiral is found in a nautilus shell and a galaxy.
Wait Nautilus as in something different or nautilus as in {{champion:111}}
: You must form a 5 member cooking team from your current champ roster
top: {{champion:92}} cutting meat jungle:{{champion:79}} fresh drinks Mid:{{champion:84}} slices the fruits and vegtables ADC:{{champion:22}} Ice for the drinks Support: {{champion:111}} Fresh seafood from the abyss
: Me watching our Ashe kill the enemy Yasuo. . . .
One time I was playing {{champion:111}} and I was on full health then I found {{champion:55}} she did her full combo on me and the full ult channel I just stood there and thought w so I put my shield on and only lost about 300 health then I just walked to my turret and /all chat so your the one whos been going 13/2/4 you don't hurt much
: that moment when your opponent says your screwed after you flash for a kill
who needs flash when you have and anchor {{champion:111}}
: When the utility support tries to deal damage
o nce I was doing supp {{champion:111}} and me adc was doing so bad I just took all the kills and became the carry I mean you get {{item:3027}} and{{item:3116}} on him early and its basically gg
: Welp, Time to Main the Train
{{champion:14}} I don't need to start maining the train because I already do {{champion:14}}
: Your Main's Birthday is coming up
{{champion:111}} Revenge and some anchor/diving suit polish
: 1. Everyone hates % max HP true damage 2. I have no equal 3. Oui oui hon hon baguette I gave 3 (It's Draven)
I had to login onto my smurf to comment it says im lvl 6 on my main even though im 30 and this one im only lvl 21
Zacster (NA)
: What Describes Your Main
1: When Consumed by utter darkness nothing is left but forward{{champion:111}} 2. Gnar kada{{champion:150}} 3.all shall fear the power of a dragon{{champion:102}}

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