: Refer to xSockHeadx's comment. Getting tired of proving the obvious from the last 10000 permaban threads.
You dont have to prove anything its you're choice if you want to or not......
: > You know i would take **you're** comment seriously if you could properly word a sentence. You have got to be kidding me right? Is irony your specialty or something? > And i wasn't sensitive Lmao Your excessive amount of chat logs proved you wrong.
: > So many sensitive kids on this game its really sad Says the sensitive guy who got himself permabanned by getting triggered to constantly talk crap.
You know i would take you're comment seriously if you could properly word a sentence. And i wasn't sensitive Lmao
: Game 1 xSockHeadx: yup xSockHeadx: feeding bot lane vayne xSockHeadx: 2-7 at 14 mins xSockHeadx: mumu no ult xSockHeadx: ur both garbage thats why ur camping xSockHeadx: no xSockHeadx: idgaf xSockHeadx: always feeding bot lane xSockHeadx: wonder why i get toxiz...look at scores on my team xSockHeadx: i dont need them xSockHeadx: yea and look at their score xSockHeadx: 5-16 bot with wards cuz those really helped xSockHeadx: cant help stupid xSockHeadx: its not toxic its truth xSockHeadx: entire team feeds xSockHeadx: 5-11 adc xSockHeadx: 0-7 supp xSockHeadx: 1-4 top xSockHeadx: not in lane and only cuz ur fed cuz of these noobs xSockHeadx: fine by me they do nothing xSockHeadx: it is ez when u have a noob useless team xSockHeadx: 5-14 adc
Did you get Perma banned for this or a 2 week ban
: > Dark Gaming: you think i care about reports Survey says: Yes. Certainly this alone would not result in a permaban and is not deserving of one, but permabans are not handed out just for this. They are the typically the result of multiple prior punishments leading up to it (though extreme behavior may skip steps). I'm going to guess that you've had a 14 day ban already? Now that we discussed why it was a permaban and not something lesser, we can go over what's wrong with the chat itself; simply put, you were being pretty passive-aggressive most of the game. If someone is giving you shit, please just mute them. If you start being condescending or telling them they'll be reported, you're just making things worse. Having multiple accounts doesn't mean you shouldn't care about the repercussions of your attitude. The other players are just trying to enjoy the game the same as you. If you continue your behavior just because it's a smurf, you might like to know that doing so can result in action taken on your main account to stop you. You just yelled out to Riot that you are doing this, so watch yourself.
i got a 14 days ban last year for games like this Lmao So many sensitive kids. Then you have really toxic people that i have met and nothing happens to them when we report them I would say this system is a joke {{champion:35}}
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Dark Gaming: do you think i care Ye i think u do.
Ummm not really...... i just dont think i deserve a perma ban for this
: Next account you make stop fucking buying RP!! Nothing changes when you continue pumping money into a game with systems that you don't agree with.
: I'm sorry man, its extremely sad how overly sensitive people become when they are constantly rewarding for having a victim mentality.
: LMFAO!!! He said he doesn't care about reports, but then is crying about being punished on the boards lolololol.
How am i crying im asking a simple question.......... So many sensitive kids on this game its really sad
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