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: >Manaflow Band nerf (still reducing need to manage mana too much) I feel like a few of my favorite champions are barely decent right now largely thanks to manaflow band and I'm worried this will push them back into the territory of 'just bad enough it's a lot less fun to play them atm.' Any chance individual champions get looked at mana wise? Main one I'm worried about right now is Jhin. Also concerned about Illaoi but it seems most aren't even using sorcery on her atm anyways and I'm just weird. Speaking of Illaoi... What does Riot think of people maxing E on her and some even maxing Q last?
Tbh, I don’t think a manaflow nerf will really hurt Jhin too much. You generally should be above 50% mana unless you're spamming spells, which you really don’t do on Jhin unless you’re fighting or shoving lane. The way it is now, manaflow band is practically two runes for one slot, you get to cast a free spell, and restore some of your missing mana. I think if they lower or even remove the mana restoration, it’ll still be good, and will not affect Jhin all that much.
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: well i understand if you are upset over that but a pirate is really isnt meant to be a goof ball unless it's in the movies or cartoons XD i will admit i did like some parts from gps old quotes and i did like his old look but his new look makes him a total badass he's that person you really don't want to with
A hundred points to GhastlyPompano for that amazing reference!
: Battle and Brawl: Black Market Brawlers Showmatch
GANK vs IKS. I always enjoy that the acronyms turn out to have another meaning.
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: Pencils down: Party Rewards test concludes
I think a good idea would be to take most or all of the random chance out of the reward system. Instead, you could have a bonus system that starts at a lower value, but increases based on consecutive games played, as well as party size. Let's say for example, a player earns 10 bonus IP on their first game of the day, regardless of win/loss. this number could increase to 15 for their second game in a row, 20 for third, and so on, maybe to a cap of 30 bonus IP for a solo player playing 5 or more games in a row. This bonus could then be multiplied based on how many friends he is queuing with (x1.25 bonus for 1 friend, x1.5 for 2 friends, x1.75 for 3, and a double bonus for a full party). This would lead to a maximum bonus of 60 IP if a player is in a full party and has played 5 games in a row. Overall, this would mean a minimum bonus of 100 IP over 5 games (for a solo player), and a maximum bonus of 200 IP over 5 games (for a full party). This is a decent balance between giving a noticeable bonus for the player, while not simply giving away tons of free IP either. I hope to see the system re-implemented in some way, and this is just one example of how it could be done.
: There isn't much of a problem climbing from bronze to be honest. If your skill is at a level that you belong in silver, then you're gonna get to silver. It might take a little if you've got a bunch of uncooperative teams, but you will get there if you stick with it.
I can confirm this. My main is in Plat 5, my smurf account placed in Bronze 1, and I climbed it to Silver 1 in about 50 games, going through each tier along the way. If you are good enough that you should be in a higher tier, you can easily climb out of bronze, or any tier for that matter. If you are having trouble getting out of a certain tier, that is probably because it's where you belong.
: More runes!!! :D Ex{{champion:154}} what i needed. ;P
I believe you mean Ex{{champion:154}}{{champion:64}} what you needed ;)
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: Rewards for positive play
I don't always talk a whole lot in chat, but when I do, I usually try to be positive and contribute. Usually I use pings a lot more than chat though. The ping system has been a great addition, in my opinion. But I'd certainly be willing to share my logs, even some of the more ridiculous or frustrating ones. We all get mad sometimes, but it's about handling it properly.
: World Championship 2014 Preliminary Schedule
As someone who lives on the US east coast, I'm pretty disappointed that most of the live games will be happening while I'm asleep (5am-11am EST; 4am-10am EST; 3am-8am EST). Any chance we might get to have full replays stream the following afternoon? They could start at 1pm PDT (4pm EST), which would allow most of us in NA/SA to watch all the matches without having to sacrifice sleep to do so, and without interfering with the live schedule. Hopefully Riot will consider this as a possibility, because I'd love to be able to see these matches.
: Ok sorry League fanatics, downvote this as much as you want, but isn't it KIND OF sad that a college is recruiting League of Legends players? There's no future there. YES, it's a great past time to play when you aren't busy, but a college team?
> Ok sorry League fanatics, downvote this as much as you want, but isn't it KIND OF sad that a college is recruiting League of Legends players? There's no future there. YES, it's a great past time to play when you aren't busy, but a college team? Sorry, but I'm not surprised that you would say there's no future in playing on a college League team, considering you are only Bronze IV, and probably only play League recreationally. But for players who are Diamond elo, who aspire to play professionally, it's a fantastic opportunity, and I don't think you or anyone else has the right to criticize someone who would want to take this route. I'm sure if you were that good and wanted to play professionally, you would jump at an opportunity like this. I know I would.
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: Am i the only one sad that you won't be able to have the oddone as their jungler?
There are better junglers than OddOne. I would put Meteos and Amazing at the top of my list for NA/EU.
: Captain America Braum please

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