: Don't want to be the one to complain, but......this patcher issue....
Mine finally got installed.I was binge watching all of RWBY,and after about 8 episodes i came back.It scanned about 20,000 files. Riot,you really need to fix this issue.This happens to so many people in damn near every single patch.Then again,i have little knowledge of how the game is developed,but you may need to put some more priority on this issue.
darkdill (NA)
: Your favorite female Champion just slapped you. Why?
{{champion:222}} I suggested that she should stop blowing up the town,and perhaps get some ice cream....
: Is now the worst time for game balance?
Perhaps not the worst,but definitely up there in the top 10.
: New free champion rotation: Brand, Kalista, Nautilus and more!
: What mystery skin did you get? :D
Nothing yet...Just gonna wait here...Forever..
Noraver (NA)
: Thank you Riot, really.
Still have not gotten mine.. :(
: Your favorite champion takes you to their house and cooks their favorite meal
Well..My 2 favorite characters are-{{champion:421}} and {{champion:222}} So Rek'Sai can take me to her burrow,and feed me a corspe. And Jinx can take me to her place,ad she can make me..Uh..What do crazy chicks eat? I'm guessing Beef Jerky,and Red Bull.
: Omg, Rito Is Giving Out Free Skins!!!
I never thought i would see the day...
: Is Rek'Sai overpowered?
I would have to say...Slightly.She falls into the category of champions that can be godlike if- A.You are in a premade team,and constantly communicating. B.You are very good with her! (Ashe is also a champion that falls into this category.) Her early game seems a bit..Weak.And you will need a good bit of attack speed to do much,while balancing a good deal of armor,because she is squishy as hell.And while her ult is very underrated in my opinion,those tunnels are very easy to spot,and destroy.I have a few problems with her,but she seems okay in my book. Although,i will be sticking is Vi,thank you.
: Champion and skin sale: 09.30. - 10.03.
Once again,hoping for kat to have a sale next time.
: Champion and skin sale: 09.26. - 09.29.
Still waiting for katarina to go on sale...
: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, revealed
So..Will he be a 6300 champion at release? Or will his price stay the same?
: Feeder Bots
They need to go.They are ruining this mode!
: New free champion rotation: Jax, Rengar, Ziggs and more!
Yay,Fiora is free! {{champion:114}} Because you know I'm all about that bass 'Bout that bass, no treble I'm all about that bass 'Bout that bass, no treble I'm all about that bass 'Bout that bass, no treble I'm all about that bass 'Bout that bass
: Champion and skin sale: 09.23. - 09.26.
Hope Kat goes on sale next time!
: Champion and skin sale: 09.19. - 09.22.
Hope Katarina goes on sale next time.
: Seasonal Minions
I really like this idea,listen to this man (Or woman) RIOT!
: Anyone got tips for a new Ahri Player?
Heys guys just wanted to ask a question.Is spellvamp a good option with Ahri,or should i just stick to ability power along with mana and health sustain items?
: Anyone got tips for a new Ahri Player?
Thanks for the tips guys,you were really helpful.
Rioter Comments
: So... I bought Azir...
He is offline? Christ.Good thing i played three matches of him today...
Rioter Comments
é grill (NA)
: Patcher Stuck at 33% and Calculating differences.
Would you look at that,i tried to reinstall it,and it just got stuck at 29%.Guess i can't trick the system :)
é grill (NA)
: Patcher Stuck at 33% and Calculating differences.
Deftrox (NA)
: Is 10k when it stops? lol {{champion:268}} is wrecking everything.
I guess the player base was right.{{champion:268}} Is literally changing the game...
: YAS IT FINALLY WORKED. all u do is wait mine stopped at around 7200, apparently there is some kind of update
Mine is around 9000 now and still hasn't moved an inch..
: It finally finished, you just nee dot be patient and let it scan all the files
If this is true then..Screw it.I'll just watch all of Hellsing Ultimate,i can stay up for 10 more hours.
é grill (NA)
: Patcher Stuck at 33% and Calculating differences.
Come on Rito.I just wanted to set up a rune and mastery page for Azir...:({{champion:268}}
Deftrox (NA)
: Are you guy's still having the problem?
Cruice (NA)
: It finally loaded after a while, but it is still totally broken. I have frozen 3 times in a row during the same game.
Well at least you got some progress,i am still stuck..:(
é grill (NA)
: Patcher Stuck at 33% and Calculating differences.
I swear to god,if this is not fixed by the time Azir comes out...Okay i wont do anything.But this is annoying as all hell!
: Well mines at 9000 now, I don't know how much longer until it starts to load, hopefully soon.
8000 for me,catching up to ya buddy...
é grill (NA)
: Patcher Stuck at 33% and Calculating differences.
Same thing here,my files have gone over 5000 now.Still waiting rito...
Alextsar (NA)
Oh my god this is happening to me to..The hell is going on? Could really use some help.
Rioter Comments
: New free champion rotation: Blitzcrank, Twitch, Zyra and more!
: Riot, can we get a rain check on this double XP weekend?
I agree with this. Riot can you at least give us something? Hell even an apology will work with me.An update about servers,some clarification that you actually give a damn about this? Something to tell us that you care?
: Love Shyvana's New Splash
Indeed,very nice edition to the game.
: New free champion rotation: Garen, Braum, Hecarim and more!
I will be playing fiddle.Vanye.Malzahar.Lissandra.And Braum.
: I usually respond "love you too bb <3" when anyone starts flaming me. Often times, they either give up or just start to sound really pointless and awkward :)
This does help alot. Sarcasm is a deadly weapon to use against most flamers,just ignore them and report them at the end of the match.
: GD Forums
I can't even reply to a post on there. DAMN YOU ERROR 500!
: Champion and skin sale: 08.22. - 08.25.
Looks like its finally time for me to get Kog!
: New free champion rotation: Draven, Teemo, Volibear and more!
Looks interesting. I'll go,Ahri,Caitlyn,Voli,and Viktor.
: New free champion rotation: Jinx, Thresh, Vi and more!
I will be playing Thresh,Vi,and Twisted Fate.
: Lol. To all of you who think you're cool because you knew code from a young age, think again. Code is just another language, except its written on the basis of your first language... Lol... So its like learning math... Not EVERYONE knows how to do math well, but with just a little guidance you can do pretty good. It isn't special to know how to read code, and people who don't know how to read code aren't "retarded."
and people who don't know how to read code aren't "retarded." *Facepalm*
: Champion and skin sale: 08.01. - 08.04.
: Gnar Reveal
Interesting concept,however i was expecting something a bit better. Don't think i will be dishing out real money for him,or playing him often.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Discovering the Link
Please be a new champ Please be a new champ PLEEAASE BE A NEW CHAMP!!!!
: New free champion rotation: Janna, Lucian, Sejuani and more!
I'll go. Lucian Miss Fortune Sejuani Katarina
: New free champion rotation: Kassadin, Ezreal, Aatrox and more!
I'll play Kassadin,Kha'zix,Syndra,Varus,and Zyra.
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