: That is lowkey hilarious to watch lmao. I'm sure it's super busted and should be fixed asap but it did make me laugh. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
it really isn't funny when you actually go against one of these scripters.. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
R2D20 (NA)
: When you hit 'Play'
I'm assuming it is that way because there's only 2 gamemodes currently available. Riot will likely change it when all the gamemodes are implemented.
: /ALL Chat | WTF is that? Items Edition
: "RIOT PLZ REDUCE PUNISHMENT BECAUSE I WANT TO DO WAHTEVER THE HELL I WANT AND NO ONE ELSE CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!1111!!!" That is all I got from this post. Dude, we don't have to play to your fucking needs. Get a goddamn premade for that.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} A suggestion is a suggestion, a complaint is a complaint. All I'm suggesting is that Unfairness of system should be resolved by Freedom to escape the system. "RIOT DON'T LISTEN TO THIS GUY, I WANNA BE A DICK MORE AND GET MAJORITY BY SIMPLY PLAYING WITH 2 OTHER PEOPLE!" That's all I got from your comment.
: Don't be that guy. Don't be the guy who makes a poll that only has answers that agree with you. And for the record I'd rather they extend the dodge timer further. It's a for fun game mode, so try having fun. Don't like Yorick? Play him AP. Don't like Braum? Go full AD Braum. There is always room for fun if you're not too busy having a bad time.
ahahahah that's funny, first, take a joke. For fun? Play AP yorick 5 times in a row, Play AD Braum 3 times in a row, lose all 8 games, tell me that's how you define "fun". People have different definitions of having fun in a game, "Tryhards" have fun by playing OP Meta champs and winning games, they have fun dominating the other team. "Trolls" have fun by playing off-meta, non-viable champs or picking random champs in games, they have fun by making fun of people, they have fun by making people tilted, or watching people rage. Every person is different, you're the person here who wants to force people into a game that people don't want to play, if you don't want it to be decreased, just don't vote and express your opinions, not criticise others. I'm making a suggestion, and you're the one who came here. The poll isn't "Required". I never invited an asshole. There is never a room for a champ I want if there's a premade of 3 in the team. There's no room for fun if you never get what you want, and always get what you don't want. I'm not an optimistic person, but that doesn't mean it's my fault for not being able to enjoy it, if you cannot understand how other people think, then stop sticking your nose up your ass. Don't be that guy that goes to a complaint and say, "it's your fault for not enjoying it, if you don't want it get out." A complaint is made because the person feels uncomfortable and cannot enjoy it, or thinks it can be better for all of us, if you're against it then don't vote, if you are for it then vote, if you wanna be that guy that sticks his nose up everywhere, at least stop thinking you have the freedom to be a dick. Just because you want attention doesn't mean you have to go and criticise everything.
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: {{champion:150}} I kite U
{{champion:2}} I slow you and deal true damage. And slow you again, and again, forever.
: {{champion:150}} I stun U
: {{champion:75}} and {{champion:14}} can basically just go "COME ON THEN" to Mega Gnar.
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Avios1 (NA)
: No, you're playing {{champion:9}}.
No, you're playing {{champion:28}} you just don't see it yet.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: what about a 5 man gank at 5 minutes?
That's probably because no one wants a Horrifyingly Disgusting Dickmove Riven main.
: I'm Stuck In An Ended Game
I have the same thing going on, rito plz {{item:3070}}
BigT (NA)
: Most Needed Visual Updates {{champion:19}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:39}} At least we know it will be a fabulous year! {{champion:44}}
{{champion:28}} I'm invisiblu
Kwilz (NA)
: OMG, dont be a prude, they are dressed fine, not showing any nipple. :)
{{champion:154}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:61}}
: No one ever really bought 5 mana pots in one back though.
yea, no one did, right? :D {{summoner:13}} {{summoner:13}}
morris1 (EUNE)
: That's not joining the fun, that's them unleashing their fury on the nearest person near them with a lethal weapon conveniently given to them.
Stranger: I'd rather use my fists Me: F**k *Gets beaten* {{item:3070}}
Scuttlez (NA)
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:102}} vs {{champion:127}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:22}}
{{champion:63}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:115}} vs{{champion:34}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:22}}
: {{champion:20}} vs{{champion:63}}
More Like {{champion:34}} vs{{champion:63}}
: It should, totally stolen idea from Smite. The Kraken has been part of Smite for years... lamoRiot, whomever claimed this idea at Riot as original or self created should quit go work at a book store and stop stealing from other games. Nothing original about this one.
It is not a stolen idea, as the name isn't even close to "kraken" or "nerakk" and the human is not a male but a female, Krakenwyrms existed in Runeterra's waters before smite was even a thing. Plus, it's not like smite is the original creator of kraken as it is a norse mythology that has been a thing for ages.
: Plot twist: leblanc is actually jarvan I
: lol idk if u play much yorick but ganking a yorick is always risky. i always seem to turn 2v1's around with yorick and after 6 it is a 2v1 if the jungler ganks, yorick has no mobility this might be true but his q makes him run fast and his w slow makes him seem impossible for a 1 dash person to escape him, with point and click massive damange that gives u life back and aoe slow theres too much in his kit, the reason most people dont play him is because he is a boring champion to play lol
If {{champion:83}} is boring, what exactly is {{champion:74}} ? I said he is vulnerable to ganks because all his ghouls can only target one mob/enemy, even his ult. The slow and the speed boost for {{champion:83}} is not very great and any champ with a dash/CC can get him easily such as {{champion:11}} , {{champion:33}} , or {{champion:98}}. There is not really not too much for his kit because of the mana costs on his spells and then need of {{item:3070}} lowering his DMG for early and possibly mid-game. The AoE slow is... well... if you compare it to things like {{champion:122}} E or {{champion:34}} 's R and Q, not very good, is it? IM OUT {{summoner:31}}
: The problem with yorick is no real weakness damanage sustain and u can keep a carry alive longer
Doesn't really seem like a problem to me, just compare it with the {{champion:245}} ult, AoE + High DMG ratio + Heal ultimate. Or the {{champion:254}} ult, High DMG ratio + Knock-up for possibly all enemies + Dash + Unstoppable. Or even the {{champion:74}} 's R+W... Anyways, about the "no weakness" you talked about, I think there are plenty of weaknesses he has which is WHY he is never seen in games, such as no ganking potential, no escapes, low DMG ratio skills, and even the fact his ghouls can be killed for money. IM OUT {{summoner:31}}
CppL (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Whisla,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t28084P4,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-13T07:24:00.427+0000) > > No, no he shouldnt. He should get a numbers tweek and thats about it. The tank item changes hurt him and thats made him need more to keep his identity as a drain tank ghost fighter Riot said they will not buff him.Until they gave a rework.I mean he"s huge lane bully with almost no counterplay.And he"s really unfun to play against.
Does he really not have counterplay? talk about heimerdinger. Besides he has hard counters like {{champion:105}}, {{champion:92}} , {{champion:86}} , and {{champion:75}}. IM OUT {{summoner:31}}
Xonra (NA)
: It would be a waste of time for him to get a skin if they are going to visually rework him anyways (which they have said a billion times they are). This is coming from one of the 4 people in NA that plays Yorick lol (not literally of course). Also he really isn't friendly to those just trying him because while his playstyle is "obvious" actually making it work correctly is NOT obvious. He has to have time to build up, and can really easily be stuffed, and when he gets shut down early, he is likely shut down for the entire game unless it drags on for 45+ minutes.
I'm not sure about {{champion:83}} being "obvious" if you look at {{champion:86}} closely enough. His ultimate is very effective and rlly? a waste of time? tell that to {{champion:26}}. No puns. Just rlly, who plays this champ? And BECAUSE his playstyle is quite predictable, I made the post to lower his IP costs so he would be played in the low ELOs. IM OUT {{summoner:31}}
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Aych Pii (NA)
: Once some time passes and people get used to Ekko, I think you'd be about as likely to land a fully (or very near) channeled Nunu ult on a full team as you would an Ekko ult. All it takes is a little bit of smart play around it.
Hey... the question is: CAN we get used to this BS champ? cuz not only does his AA do such GG damage, with great AP scaling of course, HE GODDAM REGENS HES DAMM HP, Plus with the shield AP scaling being sooooo high there is almost no way to kill Ekko... He has a double dash, a stunning shield(get it?), boomerang of slowness, and a damm HP regen BS damage ulti... his kit is just OP... maybe even more OP than a Delete-machine Tibbers-Girl {{champion:1}}.... like rito wtf fix yo shit!
: master yi's Q isn't meant to make you dodge **targeted** spells, only **skill shots**. pretty sure they say so in his champion spotlight
hmm.. Idk.. but pretty sure they said the same thing for {{champion:238}} 's ult - "He becomes briefly untargetable" which SHOULD mean that they dont get hit by any spells like zhoya's?
Fauxfire (NA)
: I'm dying
Its fine, you won't die in {{champion:67}}
: > [{quoted}](name=DWT12345,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=p2H4U52E,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-05-30T21:51:02.875+0000) > > Remember when people thought {{champion:432}} was op? No I don't. And nobody does because that never happened.
I still think {{champion:432}} is OP...
: Hexakill’s heading back to the Twisted Treeline!


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