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Elikain (EUNE)
: There really are no major problems with LCS. 10 bans brought a lot more champion diversity than i ever saw in pro play. Yea, same comps to tend to get picked more over some varied comps but if you're expecting 100% of the champion pool to be viable and that in every single LCS game you should expect a completely different team comp, you're the one being unrealistic. Garen (for example) can never be a viable competitive pick or else he's downright broken for us. What we are seeing in LCS are sure picks. Picks that have been tried and tested over and over, which means top tier picks. Riot balances those out regularly and makes sure that some other champions that should thrive in a particular meta see the light of day. Pros don't play for our entertainment. They play because it's their job to play and they want to win. They get paid to do so. They get paid to be at the top of their game every day. It's up to you if you are watching LCS for pro play specifically or because you want to see more champions engage in clownfiestas. And don't compare DotA to LoL because that game is very different. The way melees are viable picks there is because of the turn speed. That doesn't mean Riot is going to add that here because League was meant to be the game without it. So figuring that part out is going to take some time.
"Pros don't play for our entertainment. They play because it's their job to play and they want to win. They get paid to do so" Um, and would they get paid if no one cared to watch? No. So they do play for our entertainment the way pro athletes play for our entertainment. It might be their job but that job exists because people enjoy watching it. Trying to win means games are exciting and that its entertaining. Get it?
: That's not how companies work.
: What the fuck is the issue with having S4's fight S4's and G1's fighting G1's?
Riot is a trash-tier company masquerading as a top-tier company.
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Serevas (NA)
: That's largely not possible, being that a meta game exists there will always be an "optimal" path that will be the usual one taken on a champion. Jhin is a prime example for this: Before Lethality became massive, the full CDR Crit build was his optimal build path, armor penetration was still a viable option, but crit was the stronger of the two builds, now Lethality is the better option, and the crit build is fully viable, but Lethality functions better in the current meta, it's the most optimal path. Literally every game where options like this exist, there will be optimal build paths that present themselves and become the consistent. Other builds exist, they're not just as strong as the optimal choices. The only way for this to not happen is for all items to be equal in power, at which point you might as well remove them, then you end up with Heroes of the Storm, which is actually the most boring game that I've ever played in my life, and I've been gaming for a long time.
Well I am sorry, but this sounds like very limited thinking. You have wrote it off as not possible because there will always be an "optimal path". Sure, as things are now. Instead of reducing it down to no items like Heroes of the Storm, I would want to A)reduce items down to 1 or 2 things that they help with B)Make the strengths of different items more pronounced More focused and pronounced items would produce a wider range of build paths if different items really did profoundly bring different things to the table.
Elikain (EUNE)
: > Which is why you don't see them in the LCS. Now i have nothing further to discuss with you since you mentioned LCS as a credible meta setter. You can return to being a meta sheep, being told what is good and what isn't, never actually using your head. As we all already know, LCS and our solo queue isn't the same thing. LCS is heavily based on team comps and communication with people you regularly play, on a professional level. Solo queue is based on a few games a day, with random people. Same picks may work in SQ but with no expectation that your team will make your LCS comp even work.
You need to untwist things. The fact that high level of play produces a narrow window of champions shows that there is not a problem with LCS, but a fundamental problem with champion and item balance. If LCS is based on team comps and communications, and that was a huge factor, don't you think you would see MORE variety being extracted at that level instead of LESS?
Serevas (NA)
: Well every AD assassin needs flat penetration to assassinate squishy targets effectively, which is the entire point of the champion as a whole. While every AD bruiser finds Black cleaver to be their option as it provides percentage penetration to cooperate with their base damages, while providing AD and HP, both stats they want. I'm not sure what you're suggesting, should each Penetration item only have penetration on it and nothing else? There's a reason core builds for champions exist, why some items are perceived as better than any other to start your build off. Items like Black Cleaver and Ghostblade fill necessary voids. AD Bruiser needs to build HP, AD, CDR, and preferably some sort of Penetration to help get their damage through the base stats of their opponents. That's why it's still % penetration of all armor and not bonus armor. Nerf cleaver and you effectively plummet all bruisers straight into the ground, simply because some champions abuse the item much more than other champions. Ghostblade is a similar situation, there are a bunch of champions that abuse it, but you don't hear people complaining about Gangplank or full AD Jarvan building the item.
My point is that there is no decision to make. You build Black Cleaver Ghostblade etc. The game is so static and boring now that there is little variation. I would like to see the game set up so you see a broader range of builds on a given champion for the situation they are in.
Serevas (NA)
: > For example, Armor pen items should be specialty items for when you need to be able to kill a tank(s), but getting that armor pen item should make you less effective against say, squishy champions, that will respond more to raw damage and higher AD, and movement speed that might be associated with those items. The one thing I'll say for that is that there is a difference between bonus armor penetration, percentage armor penetration, and flat armor penetration and they have different/better uses in varying circumstances.
Yeah but, come on, I mean how many champions rush Ghostblade or Black Cleaver regardless of the situation, while being totally correct to do so? Too many!
: EA games proved alot of people that they didn't care with games like Battlefront, Battlefieldhardline... etc. EA games sucks despite them saying they will turn it around I highly doubt that.
Of course they won't, I am already down voted. There are too many drones for them to really care.
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Elikain (EUNE)
: >Basically you just said that in order to play high level you dont really have 126 champions to choose from, you have the select handful that right simply made stronger and better--Lee Sin, Naut....the list goes on. I never said that more complex champions roll over simpler champions. A lot of people have this misconception that if some champion has more things to do in a game, that they are automatically a better pick than some other simpler champion. And it isn't realistic that from an invidual's point of view you're mentioning 126 champions. No player plays or enjoys all 126 champions at any given time or does know how to play each one at a decent level. Everyone has a favorite role and class to play. A dedicated Marksman player might not even enjoy every Marksman in the game - AA VS caster. Or he might not enjoy playing tanks at all. I think that's the point of a very big champion pool. _**There's something for everyone. **_ >If they were clever and creative, all champions could be designed to potentially carry in with the right teammates against certain match ups. And they are. Soraka and Janna can't carry in a traditional "dealing damage" sense. But if they deny the enemy a lot of kills and they play their pick very good, it is considered as these champions carried their teams or that they at least enabled specific champions in their team to start snowballing.
"And they are" No they are not. Which is why you don't see them in the LCS. I can't believe you are even trying to argue this. How much does Riot pay you?
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Elikain (EUNE)
: You have to understand that both ends of the spectrum have to exist - entry level champions and master level champions. Most champions fall into the middle of the spectrum. Aurelion Sol (a relatively new champion) isn't that complicated but he isn't Ashe. The game has to accommodate a wide variety of people - some looking for simple champions, some looking something more complex. What you can't say is "Yasuo should be deleted" because he isn't your type of a champion and that you just don't like to go up against someone that needs a plan to counter. Whatever champions Riot makes are champions that should be in the game.
If they were clever and creative, all champions could be designed to potentially carry in with the right teammates against certain match ups. Basically you just said that in order to play high level you dont really have 126 champions to choose from, you have the select handful that right simply made stronger and better--Lee Sin, Naut....the list goes on.
CmK141 (NA)
: do you have any other reasonable comeback besides posting irrelavant pictures??
Hes basically a troll who gets off on trying to get under my skin
V3GG13S (NA)
: Well, the only time your going to ult is when fighting other champions so I don't really see how this would differ from what we currently have. Unless you activate your ult during a chase to keep Blood Rush which is kind of an awful use since you will miss out on the damage and stop moving for a split second.
Let the players have the option if they want to waste their ult for a chase. But there are many situations team fights where I lose Blood Rush, and if im chasing down a champion using Ghost, I very well might lose Blood Rush before I catch them
Wendin (EUW)
: Stop playing Aatrox. No fun with this" power of window" anyway.
Agreed, but Riot should actually address our complaints.
Elikain (EUNE)
: You didn't really explain what's the particular thing that upsets you about what Riot does. The fact that they have to nerf things (and sometimes revert changes made months or years ago) is because things change. At that time, it was a decent change and at this time, it no longer isn't.
Nearly everything they do. For starters, new champions have overall more complex, harder to understand abilities with super long descriptions and contingencies, that often outclass older champions. I see this as an attempt but the designers to make it look like they are valuable by trying to be creative for the sake of being creative.
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V3GG13S (NA)
: I don't like the idea of adding yet more power locked-up in Blood Rush. I was thinking about the problem of his mobility as well. The idea I came up with was, what if you could use Q just for the dash by holding down the button and right-clicking a location. And since you sacrificed damage and CC you would get half the CD back?
That sounds interesting...but it is like giving him a dash AND a dive in one ability. People might take issue with that
: And the other 50% aren't. Which means it's a fifty-fifty toss up on whether its logic, or shit-posting.
50% of the unreasonable posts are reasonable as well, but its hidden behind rude language and passion
: A reasonable post, surprising. Guess, I'll have to hold off on that Youtube vid till next time. See ya then!
Nearly 50% of my posts are reasonable.
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: While I agree with the point you're trying to make over 50% of criticism for Riot is over nerfs to champions that specifically affects a person's champ pool. I disagree with the validity of the criticism when I do actually spend time disagreeing.
champions are the product. We purchase them with money or time spent. Riot is the company that provides the product which we use for entertainment. When Riot makes changes to the product that will negatively affect our quality of entertainment, we have every right to complain and question their logic. Collectively we have many more hours of experience playing the game, and with many many people having more hours on one champion that anyone at Riot. Our opinions should matter and they should better explain their logic to us. When they got rid of solo que, they didn't really engage in dialogue with we had to complain for a year to get it back. Riot is largely a piece of shit company, hate to break it to you.
Eedat (NA)
: Carrying on like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum and constructive criticism are two entirely separate things
Do you know how many times I make an effort to be very polite and lay out an argument? Still gets down voted if I say the problem fundamentally comes from Riots employees and mindset. So there is no reason to be polite.
: Half of the upvoted threads on the front page are criticizing riot about something Don't really think "riot fans" are an issue here
They are because unless you are infallibility polite, they down vote you. Sometimes Riot does STUPID things, like when the removed solo que. It was stupid and rude harsh language is totally appropriate. And as customers we have every right to call them out and tell them EXACTLY how we feel. We provide their jobs. The players. If players don't play they don't have a job and it feels like the treat us with such contempt. Go read marc merrills blog, hes a colossal douche
Jbels (NA)
: Did you know you were in a Youtube Video? It was really funny
Dont care. The person who spent time making it is pathetic for even doing it.
: If you don't care enough to even edit your own post, you're probably not going to attract much positive attention. Theres no need for a giant copy pasted list of poorly formatted stuff, that doesn't necessarily even benefit your point (as another poster pointed out, thats less than half the champs with bonus MS). Aatrox isn't expected to be balanced really right now, but more he's more in a balanceable state (i.e. they can play with his numbers if he's weak/strong, instead of it being a much more binary OP/UP due to the nature of his kit mechanics). He probably still need more work when they work on divers, and maybe MS will be part of that. Or maybe they feel the gap closer/knock-up/slow are sufficient. Time will tell.
hes not balanceable because the designers who work on him currently do not fundamentally understand what is REAL issues are. They are going to throw stats at him now like a government throwing money at a problem, and it wont fix it.
: Aatrox has a fairly powerful slow in his kit, a dash with a low cool down (once you start building CDR), and a way to enhance his auto-attack range. Giving him a movement speed buff in-kit would just be too much.
No. Other champions have better kits for chasing down, even without the dive.
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: I dont think movement speed will help aatrox since he will get bombarded by are better off slowing and knocking up the enemies instead of trying to outright outrun them.... Although ya bc and triforce will definitely help...but putting movement speed in his kit would be weird.... maybe upon revive if anything.....then it has counterplay but it can possibly punish anyone who kills you then runs away...or atleast help you escape.
Anyone can buy those items, that still leaves Aatrox at a disadvantage when opponents have similar items. Put some of those on Gangplank with his build in burst of movement speed and I can't catch him....even with a knock up and a slow, he will be about to out run me.
Ralanr (NA)
: Buy BC?
But other people can buy it too, plus they have their own bonus mobility. That is not a solution to this issue.
: Riot discriminates against Aatrox with lack of movement speed
How is my post being down voted. On what grounds? Aatrox is one of hte only champions without a way in his kit to boost is movement speed. This is a fact.
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Elikain (EUNE)
: So Riot should never nerf anything, only buff more and more, until we end up with only two options: all skills deal nuclear damage and defensive items/abilities make you invulnerable?
No its that their judgement is so bad sometimes it makes me question the analytical process they use.
: It's not a new voice actress, it's the same person, and the lines are getting added not replaced
Oh. Well, gotta say it sounds different.
Haha how utterly pathetic. You made a video just for me and tried to use the rank on this account that I don't use for serious play as an insult? Haha, thank you for making realize how pathetic some people are.
: What is your point? Or are you just here to bitch about changes you don't understand?
Haha. Yeah, that I don't understand, after 5k ranked matches with him over several account. If you check my other posts I most certainly understand him better than you will ever understand champion. Now fuck off with your useless comment.
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: I mean they ahven't been shy about saying that his problems revolve around the passive revive... which if I recall (and I could be wrong), that Warwick does not have.
That too, but they don't like old Aatrox feast or famine snowball healing game play. Meanwhile even with the old Aatrox I watch in amazement as a same level near equal build WW outtrades me 1v1 as Aatrox. But hey its okay for WW to do that. Just not for Aatrox. And meanwhile WW is doing all sorts of mixed damage, not just AD like Aatrox.
: {{champion:64}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} will never see gameplay in ranked again.
Good. Fuck them and Fuck Riot and their shitty way of doing things.
: Cant wait for 10man bans to hit lrank game!
Champion pool is big enough considering most of it is hardly played currently
Kaioko (NA)
: You're not comparing like for like. The problem with ninja tabis is that it's currently so much more useful than the other boots in comparison. It's the same deal with swiftness back last season. It's going to take a slight nerf. I agree that it's most likely a symptom of how strong AD currently is in the game but fact of the matter, boots need to be balanced against each other so that there is no clear favorite. My opinion - it'll go back to 10% like it was last season.
My question is why is Riot so fucking short sighted and incompetent that they constantly have to do 180 degree turns on changes every month?
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: Aatrox is better and more balanced than he was. He started off a bit weak but he is able to balanced without fear of overpowering him.
Only non aatrox mains would hold such a position
: Could you guys change Aatrox's recommended items? A big contributor to his low win rate is people still trying to go glass cannon on him. They don't know to get things like Titanic and Cleaver. It would really go a long way in getting better data on him.
"people still trying to go glass cannon on him." Like the mains? They never build him glass cannon. The new people trying him? They have brains, they can google and crunch numbers. They don't need Riot holding their hands. Aatrox win rate is low because he still has too many weaknesses. He is too easy to shut down, even easier now actually
: I was thinking Warmog because his heal is now % missing so the more HP he has, the more he can be missing and thus the more he recovers from it. And if people do go {{item:3748}} (for waveclear) Warmog can boost it damage. So what would you think of: {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:2140}}
I mean, it looks potent in the right situations! Depends on your play style. Try it in normals see what happens.
: adc are full damage glass canon carries... they are under lvled and under gold in lane and usually hit power spikes around 2-3 items... if an adc gets a few kills early and gains a lvl or two ... gets those 2-3 items ( that typically arent completed til mid game or later ) are very very strong and powerful because no one yet have been able to itemize and build against the adc in bot lane... the mid dont have their full burst yet or their zhonya's , top hasnt quit got enough tank items yet and so on... so basically they get an accelerated boost to their mid/late game power spikes earlier
Change that power spike from 2-3 items to 4-5 and there might be more margin for error at bot lane.
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