: when is ff@15 going to be reduced to 4/1?
I doubt it will ever be changed to 4/1. As someone who used to want to quit when it looks horrible that early, I have been part of too many comebacks these days. It is only five minutes anyway.
: ARAM - Back to Bilgewater!
Thank the lord Urf is soon gone.
: Patch 9.5 Notes
More URF? 🤬
Asterfix (NA)
: Error code 003
Same. I have been able to play games with no ill effect but this is definitely annoying as all hell. The play button eventually comes back and I have queued up and played two or three games. I was thinking the maintenance this morning would fix it but nope.
: Yeh... the timing of 8.1 was a bit confusing and probably set expectations a bit too high for players. Meddler tried to address it in his quick gameplay thoughts - but that particular section didn't get much visibility. The 8.1 patch actually "locked" before Christmas, and was worked on at the same time as 7.24b. We usually would have put more time into the 8.1 patch, but were focused instead on getting some short term wins for top lane and a few other notable areas around the map into 7.24b. To clarify - 7.24b wasn't meant to "solve" top lane, or the rest of the game for that matter, but it felt like there was enough low hanging fruit that getting an additional patch out before Christmas was the right way to go, rather than have a 5 week break between 7.24 and 8.1 At any rate, what this meant for 8.1 was that there was less content than usual, while players were probably looking to it to start hitting on some of the problems that they were feeling - which unfortunately wasn't the case. We have a pretty substantial number of changes going into 8.2 (some have started to hit the PBE), some are still in exploration like a number of new runes/tweaks to current ones. To provide a super high level summary of what our direction for League is - since what you're asking is a super deep question, is to get the game to a point where you feel like you're constantly presented with the opportunity to make nuanced decisions that can help you win a game of League. Whether that's what champion you take, what runes you go with, what items you buy, how you rotate around the map etc etc. It was a large part of why we redid runes and masteries as a system in the first place, the old system provided important decisions, but they weren't particularly meaningful, and very rarely did they ever change (I'm not talking about switching between taking scaling hp vs armor yellows). We have a long way to go yet for runes to be as flexible as we want, but we have a lot of internal focus on adjusting current runes and creating new ones to get it there over the long run. In regards to more in game positions we're also doing some deeper vision/direction setting for where we want to take every position going into the new year and beyond. We're also looking at things like broadening the number of positions a champion can be considered in that are also sustainable to help feed into the idea of being faced with nuanced decision making. Morgana and Zyra could be looked at as the first real foray into this space. While we didn't quite nail it yet, we wanted players to be able to think about taking them in the jungle if they wanted to for a variety of reasons. I would argue that one of the things (and please let me stress the ONE in that statement) that may feed into your perception of the game feeling less tactical, is the fact that the relative skill level of players and their mastery over League seems to be accelerating. When you look at how teams tend to play around the bot side of the map and look to gain a lead from diving a turret with a jungler, or having mid roam down and flank for a 4v2 which then turns into an objective/s. In prior years, if bot turret went down, you'd typically see the adc and support back, buy items, and then head right back down their lane. These days, players have caught onto the idea of rotating that power around the map, moving their top laner to bot, and then taking the top turret further accelerating their lead (this is just one example). As more and more players learn what optimal strategy/tactics they should employ in a game when they want to win, games can feel less tactical/strategic as they become more par for the course. This is a huge reason why we update the game every two weeks, since if left untouched, the game would become more and more about optimizing one or two strategies that are proven to work which would then very quickly become stale. In regards to the comment about fast paced games, I don't have too much for you atm, but we're doing a lot of investigation into general game pacing, game length, bloodiness etc, to find areas where we can tune back some of the more egregious experiences, but I will definitively say that we're not looking at making the average game 45 minutes (right now average game length is 30.5 minutes +/- ~2 minutes based on mmr range and region). The primary things we need to make sure to maintain are the rough lengths of various phases of the game - aka lane phase shouldn't be over at something silly like 4 minutes, you shouldn't be able to close out the game at 15 minutes on one team fight etc. That got more wordy than I intended - please keep in mind this is my personal attempt at summarizing thoughts from a variety of teams though I hope it provides a bit more insight/context. Edit: Oh, and about the Heimer nerf - ask any melee top laner or jungler who's tried to gank a Heimer and you'll probably find their opinion quite different regarding the nerf.
I just fear you have made TOO MANY changes that were not fully baked. I don't want to say not thought out all the way but I do think some impacts were not considered, especially with the new Runes. You are right, there is MUCH work to be done on them. Right now there is no variety in builds. You take one thing and that is it. What difference is that from the old runes? I just don't think the new system has changed diversity of builds, just over tuned damage and introduced some RNG while reducing resistances and armor. I love League, but this is not that fun guys. And the Support changes? i am really skeptical, especially with the state the game is in now. Just looks like another thing to break the game. Mage Supports? Oh they are going to love being able to build more AP. I guess it might help Sona, which kind of makes me happy but overall, game is suffering. As for game length, I feel 30 minute averages is about five minutes too short. Just my opinion though. But good luck guys. I love the game so I hope you guys can fix this.
: Snowballing for the enemy team. Nunu does literally nothing in lane besides turn into a punching bag for the enemy bot lane. He isn't like Leona or Ali who can actually punish the enemy for auto attacking so takes hits every second he is in lane. What's he going to do? Rank 1 snowball? Oh nooooooo.
Who said anything about Support Nunu?? LMAO! I am just talking about who giving AP power to with his new steroid on PBE might benefit greatly. Lol. I am talking team comps not bot lane. Ziggs is a mid. But just saying with boost, it could drop towers even faster.
: yes and anecdotes are proof of balance /s
I think you need to watch that video. I will even link because I know how resistant people are to being wrong. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/213860156 5:26:31 Please tell me what time that tower goes down. Thanks. That is not anecdote. That is FACT.
: You're gonna pick Ziggs into Vayne let me lmao at you lmao
Shiphtur beat {{champion:498}} with Ziggs bot and took their tower at 3:59 in the game so yeah. All the enemy ADC has to do is back and they lost tower. And that is EXACTLY what happened in Shiphtur's case too.
: because people realised that he was terrible bot, he needs too much xp also because adcs got buffed, but even before that people stopped playing him and only played varus/jhin/mf
Guess you didn't see Shiphtur's game with Ziggs bot where he shit on the ADC and then proceeded to take tower at 3:59 FROM A BACK... Not a kill, A BACK. And yes, that was patch 7.24b
: Ziggs bot needs to make a comeback, he has 2 answers to Vayne's mobility
Until you see that Ziggs can drop a tower these days in less than 4 minutes into that game. And yes, it has been done. Check out Shiphtur's stream from a week or two ago and weep. Oh god.... Now I am seeing a nightmare of snowballing... {{champion:20}} + {{champion:115}}
: 4:32 is the fastest time they cleared my turret on bot. GG WP 1 time i died > tower is gone. LOL
If you watched Shiphtur's stream a week or two ago, you could have saw him playing Ziggs bot and dropping a tower at 3:59. Literally. It was a joke. The enemy ADC didn't even DIE. They just backed. Tower gone. By the way, if you don't believe me, here is the video. Timestamp 5:26:31 Watch and see. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/213860156
Lakega (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=mrchipopo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qVAaT1n4,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-11T17:34:19.823+0000) > > Preseason rune changes pushed this game so much farther in the wrong direction. Everyone was given too much damage, and resistances were nerfed into oblivion. The result is that this game played more like a sudden death match in super smash brothers than it did a tactical moba game. > > I was looking forward to the first patch after the holidays, knowing that riot had over a month to find solutions to the mess of preseason. What did we get instead? Heimerdinger nerfs..... > > It is apparent that Riot's vision for this game is a fast-paced, non-tactical, fighter game dressed in a moba skin. I wish Riot would clarify this so I could know for sure what their vision was. I hate staying invested in a game only to find out they want to make the game everything I hate about it. > > If Riot sees this and cares, could we get some clarification on what the vision of this season and the future of league of legends actually is? This would help quell the comments that you don't know what you're doing, if you're actually doing exactly what you intend on doing to this game. Just like all posts like this, asking riot what their stance on something is, will result in no response. Because I hardly doubt Riot even knows wtf they want. THey just throw a bunch of shit at the wall and hopes something sticks. Then again, that may be their intention.. which of course they won't ever agree too. How many people do you think would quit if riot came out and told the truth? "Yea our vision for the game has been what it has for the last 4 seasons. We're focusing on the E Sports, and pro scene, catering to the top most played champs in the top 1% of players, and giving random stat changes to a a few random champions we happen to pull out of a hat, we really don't care, or are concerned about anything else, and balance as far as we can see doesn't matter how bad it gets, as people will continue playing our game anyway, and treat us like gods. For proof of our conclusion, please refer to the boards and reddit. Sincerely, The Riot Team"
I would have to say Reddit is more guilty of worshiping Riot than the boards. Just my opinion.
: WTF is that i have never seen that in league since my 6 years of playing
: I've had so many friends quit over the past couple months. It's kinda sad.
My friend list used to be full at this time. Only four people on right now. A lot of people just are not even bothering on my friend list at least.
: It's just frustrating now. I've legit clocked thousands of games over the years. Used to play 10 games a day at a point. Now if I play 2 it's miracle.
I can barely play once a week where I played every day.... And it is sad. I love League.
: > [{quoted}](name=Inorynn,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVrLIU1n,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-01-10T15:06:21.534+0000) > > Just as much as I love this game ( more like used to*), I hate the company. > The Riot Balance team is a total joke, only provide unnecessary and unhealthy changes, and few hours ago I heard they're removing sightstone too, I guess I'll join you on leaving this game. Sucks to know that back at season 2/3 League was in a better state on the gameplay side. At least tanks didn't have assasin damage. I'm removing their heads if they remove sightstone. You better make april jokes here my dude lol.
: Lool janna is cancer. No skill champ. Ardent, Redemption, Locket, Ancient coin line, all cancer. Rewards you for basically doing nothing. Just standing. Point and click abilities. Peeling that a 5 year old with limited motor skills can even do. Supports need to be given more skillshots and less point and clicks.
Lol, and then when you would go play her I ber you would be one of those Autofilled Jannas that get dumpstered in lane. And yes, you will get dumpstered.
Stupafly (NA)
: i thought tank supports were strong right now. Ali or Leona? Top tanks are pretty mean as well, try maokai if u dont like ornn
Yeah, that has more to do with they have high health AND too high damage.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Interesting because the game runs for more than 6 years and the boards were never so negative. This either means there is a real problem in the game or that the game drove away most of the positive people and remained only with negative ones
Eh, there was the Dynamic Queue debacle and that was probably way worse than now. But now is pretty bad. And I feel the negative criticism is warranted right now. Riot has messed up. They took a risk and fell on their faces unfortunately. Now all we can hope is they fix this mess.
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
Not sure about this. After the broken Rune system, I don't have a lot of faith in Riot changes. We will see.
: He explained why it is not: if you hide behind creeps she can use Q which, even if you dodge it, still clears the wave.
Yeah, but at first he mentions Charm. Charm cannot go through minions. He did not mention Q at first, that yes it does go through everything. But the quote is literally, "Charm, medium hitbox, hiding behind creeps does nothing" So anyone could easily take that he is talking exclusively about her E.
Hibeki (NA)
: Removal of macro play is actually killing this game.
Just a note. Ahri's Charm DOES NOT go through minions. It will damage the first minion it hits.
: Wait. Where is this said? There are no new videos on his channel. Did i miss a stream highlight or something?
And he will be streaming again starting Monday. He tweeted this as well. Tyler1 is back.
KazKaz (OCE)
: Ah, so that's why they're picking Ornn.
: Can we stop pretending that “Runes Reforged” isn’t great?!
Great? Runes Reforged is a half thought through mess. Maybe if they balance this clown fiesta system soon but right now? Good idea, horrible execution. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Eedat (NA)
: I mean it even breaks down average game times at the bottom. It looks like games average slightly longer now than they did then
Actually they are 7 minutes shorter on average. Someone on Reddit did the math and research. It is on front page so easy to find.
: Sona mains whenever Sona's winrate falls below 60%
Aww, you guys get your asses kicked by Sona too much? Salty Lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rexxiee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U2hsT1T9,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-12-29T00:07:38.670+0000) > > Just because for you laning = just farming (probably a tank player LOL) doesnt mean it is just that. > > Laning is fun when you're playing a skillmatchup like irelia vs jax top for example, but you probably just play shit like maokai and dont know what fun laning phase is. Laning for 15 to 20 minutes is boring as shit, you know whats more fun? team fighting, exciting team fights is what is hype. i do not want to be laning for 20 minutes, it gets stale. and not every matchup is a skill matchup, Its not that laning isn't "fun" its that if im stomping my lane or losing hard in my lane I dont want to sit there the whole game and continue stomping/getting stomped. Team fighting gives losing lanes a chance to "catchup" per say. If you make laning 20 minutes long, 2v2 and 1v1 champions get better than team fighting champions that cannot 1v1 as well as their opponents.
Go play Heroes of the Storm or Battlerite then. Right up your alley. Wrong game here, for now...
: Rioters don't take a break from answering. They just don't answer boards. Reddit is so much better, noone complaining everyones just memeing. Heavily censored in what posts come to the top so almost not a single balance or gameplay complain comes through. Isn't that nice, you basically get paid for not working half the year and instead just meme around on reddit.
Exactly. I love how people complain that the boards are a circlejerk and then run off to the Reddit Circlejerk of memes, LCS and fluffy Bullshit. If The Boards are the complain circlejerk, then Reddit is the Kiss Rito's Ass Circlejerk
PyroLux (NA)
: u r so dumb, lmao fucking jellybean
The way you typed that.... I am thinking it is not who you were responding to that is dumb....
Darkeus (NA)
: I can smell that bias a mile away. And I can also smell your TOTAL lack of knowledge about Sona too. No use to continue talking to this one.
Yes, but I actually have knowledge of what I am talking about. Sona. ;-)
Darkeus (NA)
: I can smell that bias a mile away. And I can also smell your TOTAL lack of knowledge about Sona too. No use to continue talking to this one.
I can smell I don't play Ranked. Placed and that was about it. Too toxic. People like you lol.
: But rito fixed the problem. Lategame hypercarries now hypercarry at 2 items instead of 4.
Lol, I don't think that is called fixed. It is called BROKEN lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkeus Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tmI5jvdj,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-12-22T14:41:26.534+0000) > > HotS is pretty fun. I have been playing it too. I think I like Sylvanas too much.... Dude, Alexstraza is mine favorite in that game. They made her thicc and I fucking love it.
And you know what drives me crazy? People complained about her being THICC and wanted the thin, palette swap with Sylvanas that she was in WoW. Lol.
: It still comes up to the fact that now it takes Sona way too long to scale, you need 30 minutes minimum to start being as effective as any other support, it's too much downtime for not enough uptime No other champion in this game needs 30 minutes minimum to scale, and if they did it certainly should not be a goddamn support
Eh, don't waste time with them. Another one without a clue.
: eh warwick was already condemned to this purgatory and that's why i had to stop playing him back in the day. i'm sure sona will be quite alright once people realize you are supposed to run klepto + trans + manaband with cookies now. sona is a squishy poke mageish support and shes supposed to die to shit like leona / ali which is unfortunate for her right now as tank support are meta. honestly a lot of shitty things happened to sona at once and people haven't been able to adapt to it yet while the meta also doesn't favor her but i don't think she needs direct buffs just yet.
I can smell that bias a mile away. And I can also smell your TOTAL lack of knowledge about Sona too. No use to continue talking to this one.
hoyohai (NA)
: ...When does she come up on Free Champion Rotation? I wanna try
Good luck. You will get your ass stomped in. But please let me know when you do. I want to look at your OP.GG and say, "Told you so."
: if 49,5% win ratio was "weak" we have a shitload of weak champions with sona being nowhere near the top of the list : ^)
They are weak. Lol. So you know. Nice try.
: I just made this post as a response to all the butthurt sona "mains" who are QQing about her being weak atm, when she's not, I couldnt careless about her w.r, it just statistics that proves im right.
Except stats prove you wrong Lol... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Muzét (EUW)
: She is outdated, the last time I played her Arcade I felt bad for how sad her textures was.
Yeah Arcade is one of my least favorite Skins.
: As a guy who has ~150k mastery points on Sona, I agree that she needs to be looked at again. In S7, she was fairly strong compared to how easy she was to play. I always wondered why you would pick Karma when Sona does comparable things, but without skillshots. Still, she had weaknesses, and she was overall okay-ish. In pre-season, Sona just got ridiculously strong because of Kleptomancy and how Riot was too incompetent to give champions decent base MR although it had been pointed out by players for a long time. Hell, I had more kills than my ADC half the time without even intending too. Now, after all these nerfs, Sona is really in a weak spot. And all this not because the champion wasn't healthy (it was in S7), but because Riot changed runes and base stats, and instead of fixing their changes, they decided to nerf champs like Sona, Leona, Ezreal etc. Which is an irritatingly bad move, because now we have badly designed runes/base stats AND imbalanced champions at the same time. As someone who started out LoL in S7, I enjoyed that Sona was mechanically easy to play, and I agree that her skill cap is not very high. Then again, the support role itself is not very popular, and if there weren't any easy champs to play, autofilled players would feed even more (no offense, but you get the point). So maybe it IS a good idea to keep a point&click aim support champ around. In my opinion, there is no way around giving Sona her old stats from S7 though. You could then either remove Kleptomancy (which I personally would love, since RNG elements in a competitive game are a cringeworthy thought anyways), and/or buff MR for everyone a bit (we need this anyways). It might also bring a new touch to Sona reworking her just a little bit, maybe one skillshot more, or raising the skill requirement in other ways just a little bit. That would be interesting and shift her balance too, but don't turn her into a clone of an existing champ and keep her unique style.
I think the missing MR and Armor people took with the old Rune system is a MAJOR contributor to the issues Preseason is having right now.
: none of the above I like 15-20 minute games I wish they would keep this fast pace system reduce kill gold but increase gold from lane --- and make it player casual outside of rank like mobile legends does it like even if you miss the CS u get 50% of the gold but hey thats my opinion.
I think you would REALLY like Heroes of the Storm. But this game is not really made to be quick like that. But Heroes? No Items, no real laning, balanced around Abilities and Talents. It is different but a good game. Or maybe Battlerite. Because if you like those short games, you are probably in the wrong game.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkeus Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Rs1Et6Qf,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2017-12-22T16:27:41.755+0000) > > https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/current/platinum/plus/champion/Sona/Support/ > > Use a proper website. http://na.op.gg/champion/sona/statistics/support 48.17%
Gets worse every day.
: Because what we are disagreeing on is the reasons why her early game is tough, and why her win rate tanks the higher up the ladder you go. When I was climbing last season I played Sona a number of games in high silver and low gold and I crushed with her specifically because those players did not know how or where not willing to hard engage on me. Soon as I got to mid gold though I would see a Tristana jump on me as soon as I was in jump range just to hit me with her E 2 AAs and then ult me away and watch me die as she jumped away from my carry at around half HP. It wasn't that my poke was irrelevant or not strong enough, it's that I had zero way to keep Trist from jumping on my face and blowing me up, BTW this was through W power chord just to emphasize how squishy Sona really is. The biggest reason she falls off so hard isn't because her poke doesn't do enough damage it's because there is literally nothing she can do when hard engaged on. Sona isn't a champion with individual agency really, outside of her ult, pre-6 she literally just had to hope opponents don't know what they are doing and exploit that fact, but if they do she is 100% defenseless with little to nor recourse. It isn't that she lacks damage she lacks it's that she lacks everything else, survivability/CC/relevant defenses/peel/etc. My point is if you where going to fix what is wrong with Sona damage is the wrong place to focus because her damage is literally the only part of her kit that isn't massively under tuned.
Yeah, In actuality I agree with you. I know how other champs that have been dumpstered.... I know how their mains feel now. It sucks to have a champ you love become worthless. I am of the opinion now she needs a full rework on the lines of Evelynn, Galio and Warwick....
ampheon (NA)
: Once you start using {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:44}} and {{champion:267}} there is no nerf or meta you can't overcome
You know. I am good with Soraka. But man my win rate with her is not as good as I thought it was in my end of the year review. It was a bit disheartening. And I never got into Janna. Maybe if I use her more. And I for as much as I like Sona and people say Nami is similar, I am not a fan of her. She doesn't feel "right" to me. I really like {{champion:43}} actually. I have been using her more support and mid as well.
: I Got This to Say to Everyone About Sona's Current State
Yeah, I am starting to come to the conclusion that a re-work is the only way to solve all this. The past started it and the Runes broke it...
: .... . . . . . . . . . . Oh I have a solution for {{champion:37}}, in fact I have a solution for ALL ENCHANTERS! Lets NERF the heals and shield % value on items such as {{item:3114}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} Hurrr Durrr {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
They reverted that nerf fortunately.
: Good, fuck Sona. Skilless button mashing trash champion needs to be dumpstered.
Ahh, the Telepathic Musician kick your ass even while she has been trashed? Lol, too bad man...
: You spend more time telling everyone else how to play, than playing yourself.
Yep, this is one of the things that help being toxic. Less typing, more playing. You could be doing so much more than concentrating on that chat box, saying jack shit....
: They all mean the same thing, and your alternatives aren't constructive nor display my emotion and irritation. Not liking it doesn't make it less constructive.
Yes. That is what we are trying to get rid of. Your irritation is a problem and why your criticism is not seen as such my friend. No one cares about your emotion or irritation in the game, fact. They are just trying to play the game. If they are trolling, different. Just bad? Your being an ass. And they are very constructive. It tells them to pay attention while not being an ass my replies do. You want to be an ass. Lol.
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