: Nice tutorial... But this has nothing to do with what the guy was talking about. Not the ease of landing the abilities but that they don't feel as fun and as impactful. On the point of it being one of the easiest ults to land is just wrong. All of that is because although Zac is immune to cc while ulting he is not when he is in his E. Zac's E is extremely easy to dodge when cast at max range and can be knocked out of his r by any Root, stun, knock back and knock up. In my entire time of playing the game when teams start grouping Zac's more often die when they E in cause its not hard to deal with. That being said his old ult could disrupt the enemy even if his E was negated. I have played Zac since release and his old ult although not fancy did a much better job at disrupting the team which seems to be the whole point of playing Zac.
I was replying to Duff McWhalen about his concerns of the effectiveness of Zac's ult. Not the main thread. Also, as KrakdnKnight mentioned, Zac is unstoppable during his ult, so you couldn't interrupt that anymore than you could interrupt Malphite's ult. I do get his E is super easy to dodge or stop, but that and his W were the two abilities that weren't changed (along with his passive) so that isn't something new to complain about. I think there are some pros and some cons to both his rework and his current state. I personally think that his rework is better. If the majority of the community wants him to be changed back I certainly won't try to stop them, I enjoy Zac just as much either way
: Zac Should be Reverted. Riot Please Read!
I find that Zac is still an exceptional top flex. He has amazing gank assist with his E and Q, and both let him Duel surprisingly well. Plus your ult is a game changer in ganks since you can become immune to crowd control and just jump away in a second. It's also amazing for ally ganks if you time it right. In the jungle, his Q is much better than it was before, especially when ganking bot lane. If you land his Q before they flash, and save your empowered auto, you can pull them back and negate their flash. Bot lane it's actually a pretty good damage source as well. I was with you for about the first two weeks of the Zac rework, but I think he is overall stronger than he was before. There's a reason he had over 100% ban rate for a while after his rework. He is still my main, and pocket pick, whenever I need a win, and I don't think that's ever going to change. Zac is the only tank I can carry a game, dealing more damage than my carries, with.
: My problem with his ult is its too easily disrupted or walked out of even in the chaos of a team fight. Rakan ult does what Zac used to do, and it's bullshit. I want to disrupt the enemy not maybe snag them and place them onto my team if I get lucky.
I was a huge fan of Zac before his rework. He was the third champion I ever played, and the first champion I got to Mastery 7. I've played a lot with his ult and I know how he works. The longer his slingshot charges, the long he stuns the enemies he hits. At Max this stun one second. The charge for his ult (which also makes him immune to crowd control) is barely over one second, and not only that but his ult slows the enemy. All these things combined mean that, if you land a fully charged slingshot, and use your ult as soon as you land, the only possible way for the enemy to espace it is if they have a hyper mobility spell (which you get lucky with and catch them anyways most of the time), or they have really good reactions with their flash. I find that his ult is one of the easiest ults to hit in the game if you know what you're doing.


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